abandoning the Sunna

الأربعاء ٠٨ - يوليو - ٢٠٠٩ ١٢:٠٠ صباحاً

نص السؤال:
- When did you first encounter the idea of abandoning the Sunna?
آحمد صبحي منصور :
- In 1987.
- Through 1970’s I was the leader in criticizing the Sufi human religion, which is upheld by the majority of Muslims in Egypt and Muslim World. My Ph,D in Al Azhar was under the title ( The effect of the Sufism in Egypt in the Mameluke era : 1250 : 1517 ). It proves the contradiction between Islam and the human made religion along with the corruption made by the Sufi Saints in every aspect of the Egyptian life in that time. Al Azhar Grand Sheikh in that time ( Abdel Haleem Mahmoud ) was the famous leader of the Sufi Muslims. So, I had three years of persecution inside Al Azhar University. During (1977: 1980) they tried to force me to change my writings. I refused. By 1980 we reached a compromise: not to change but to delete and omit two thirds of my Ph,D thesis, especially in the religious parts. I got my Ph,D in a great honor in 1980.
- In 1980‘s I had begun searching the Sunni human made religion in many researches and books. In 1985 : 1987, I have come to the conclusion that all these Hadeethes are false , have nothing to do with the Prophet Mohammed.
- Because of my last five books inside Al Azhar university in 1985, I was suspended from Work , prevented from promotion , and from traveling out of Egypt , and was interrogated inside Al Azhar by Shekh M.Sayed Tantawi, who was the dean of a college in upper Egypt in that time.
- By the Saudi influence , Sheikh Tantawi was promoted to be the ( Mufti ) of Egypt , then has become the Grand Sheikh of Al Azhar and the Imam of the Sunni Muslim World , while I was fired from Al Azhar in March 1987 , and thrown in prison with 60 of my early Quranist colleges in November 1987.

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