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Asslamo alaikom brothers and sisters It's really great honor for being one of the members of this Nobel site, and so pride to be one of this little group who are seeking for the absolute truth of this great religion. I'm Ph. D student and my major is education so you can see what makes me join automatically to this site. Like any other Muslims I grew up in the environment of the fake Islam that dominates the Arab world and I still remember the day when the guard of one of the graves that worshipped by most people asked me to kiss that grave. I was just five years old and like other boys who start kissing the grave I put my lips fastly on the stones which hurt my upper lip and the blood started bleeding. I looked at the guard contemptuously and I shouted this is not good grave. I had no faith in graves since then. Sofi method was so silly for me and Salafi method as well. They focus on the outer practice rather than the core of the religion so I decided to quit all these rubish. On the one hand, I always find a lot of contradictions between the holly Quran and all these methods, and these people pretend they own the absolute truth of Islam on the other hand.However, I noticed that all the members of these groups do not use there mind to critically read and review the Quran and they couldn't attempt to ask any further questions to their Skikhes. I realize that they actually can't do so, because doing this according to their Mashaikh, means that the devil captures their minds. I decided to stick to the holly Quran which I found very easy and accessible to understand and comprehend. Few weeks ago I met one of my friends who highly recommended me to visit this site which I have to say I find myself in it. I'm so pleased to be one of your group and I'm ready to communicate with any member all over the world to discuss and chat about any issue in Islam. I have my own understanding for manny issues mentioned in Quran and I will be very happy to share my opinions and analysis with anyone of you. Very respectfully, Nuri Adam
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