The Koran vs. Sharia at a glance

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The Koran vs. Sharia at a glance

1. Unrelated kalima: La Ilaha Illallah, means: There is no god except God.
[Ref: 37: 35;  2: 255; 3: 18; 47: 19]
All praises be to God only. [1: 1]
1. Related kalima: la Illaha Illallah+ Muhammadur rasulallah, means: There is no god except God + Muhammad is the messenger of God.
[Ref: Miskatul masabi; vol. 1, Chap. 1, hadith no. 27 (English version) by: M. Fazlul karim; Publisher: The Book House, Lahore, Pakistan]
All praises be to Allah + Messengers -Prophets+ Islamic leaders.
2. God is unrelated, eternal & beyond the imagination of human beings. The word
`God’ based on Ego or personality, Energy, Will & Wisdom. He can never be seen or ever be found. His existence can be realized through human soul. [Ref: 2: 255; 6:103; 7: 143; 8: 24; 57: 3; 42: 51
2. God lives in a certain place above of 7th stair in the sky. Every year in a certain night He comes in the 1 /2nd stair in the sky & cries & ferries His pardons only to the Muslims. God can be found or seen. To prove His identity, once He opened His legs & showed the Prophet His thigh. ( Ref: Bokhari (Arabic); hadit no. 97/24; 10/129) c/o.
3. The followers of the Koran are called Muslim in Arabic language; in other language may be called Noblemen. It means in respect of casts & creed all the noblemen are called Muslim except idolaters. [Ref: 2: 3-5, 62, 177; 5: 69]
3. The followers of Shariah are called Siah, Sunni, Kharejee, Rafejee, Ohabi, Hanafi, Shafaie, Hunbelee, Malekee, Ahmadi Muslim & so on. Needless to say that they are declared as non Muslim, non believer & hostile each other groups & sub-groups.
4. Muslims read the Koran & follow only the Koran. Any other 2nd grade books like hadit, fekha etc. are strictly prohibited (Haram) to them.[Ref: 5: 44-49; 6: 1945: 6; 50: 45;77: 50]
4. Shariah considers the Koran only for reading. But they are to follow the 2nd grade books like hadit, fekha, fatoa etc. written by the groups & sub-groups.
5. The Koran is nothing new but the repetition, preservation of all the previous scriptures. It means the savior of the past scriptures.
[Ref: 2: 53, 89, 91,97, 136; 5: 44-49; 10: 37; 12: 38, 111; 16:123; 41: 43]
5. Shariah recognizes all the previous scriptures are true but denies to accept them, they declared those are null & void.
6. Who ever may be, to err is human. The book Koran is also may not free of mistakes in compilation. Even 2 types of compilation are available in the market. [Ref: 2: 106; 35: 45]
6. Prophet Muhammad was above any error. The Koran is free of all types of mistake, doubt in compilation.
7. The Koran belongs 6, 236 sentences. [Ref: see any copy of the Koran]
7. The Koran belongs 6,666 sentences, although they cannot prove it & also do not recognize the missing of 430 sentences.
8. In respect of time & place all God gifted scriptures were completed & international & for human beings in general. [ Ref: 6: 154; 7: 52]
8. Except the Koran all other revealed
books of the past are uncompleted, national & only for a certain & single caste.
9. All Prophets are international & from same God & for same objectives & equally honorable & respectable. It is strictly prohibited to make any distinction among them. [Ref: 2: 124, 136; 6: 84-87, 154; 7; 144; 50: 45;  38: 126; 4: 150-152; 3: 33,45]
9. Only Mohammed is the greatest,
International, prophet of the prophets & the rest are lower grade.
10. As long as life & death exists in the universe, then there must be continuation of the prophets as before. There is no logic & proof that divine guidance has stopped coming.  [Ref: 2: 4, 5, 38, 39, 124, 127, 129, 151, 152; 6: 83, 89; 40:15, 34; 3: 81, 179; 16: 2; 28: 68; 7: 35, 36; 47: 38; 97: 1]
10. Mohammed is the last prophet.
Prophet hood is stopped by him. God will never appoint any more prophets.
11. No Prophet even Mohammed did not know the future even he did not know how God would entertain him after his death.
[Ref:6: 50; 7: 187, 188; 10: 20, 49; 11: 31; 46: 9]
11. Mohammed knew the past, present & future. Lots of hadits can be seen in this respect.
12. Mohammed did nothing or said anything even a word against or beyond the Koran. If he had invented anything other than the Koran, then God would surely cut-off the artery of his heart. [Ref: 69: 44-47; 5: 44-49; 6: 19, 50; 43: 43, 44; 7; 203; 33: 2]
12. Mohammed did & said, edited thousands of sayings & deeds. Which are called hadit & sunnah and those are incumbent to follow. The so-called shariah are based on such beliefs.
13. All the religious sects belong believer & nonbeliever, noble & ignoble & according to one’s deeds & activities all races deserves equal rights & obligations in heaven & hell. [Ref: 2: 62, 111, 113; 3: 72, 75; 5: 69, 82; 7: 159]
13. Except Muslims/particular group, no other casts have right to enter in the heaven but only and surely in hell.
14. Every individual human being will have to account for even hair splitting deeds & performance & will be judged accordingly.  [Ref: 4: 49; 99: 7, 8; 29: 2, 3; 6: 132; 10:4]
14. Except the sin of share in God, any kinds of illegal & offensive deeds even rape or illegal murder will be excused if he can recite `There is no God but one & Mohammed is the prophet of God’ just before the death.
15. The Koran says, only the Christians are the nearest friends of the Muslim among the other cast. [Ref: 5: 82]
15. The Christians are declared as non believers & ever lasting enemies & due or undue cause if they could be killed in the name of so-called holy war, heaven will be rewarded.
16. Except democracy nationalism, capitalism, monarchism,   communalism or dictatorship are prohibited. [Ref: 42: 38; basic concept of the Koran
16. No real democracy is found in the Muslim world. Even the birth place of Islam, the whole Arabian countries are under hated dictatorship in the name of so-called Shariah
17. Neutrality, Just & impartiality, i.e. secularism or humanism are the main & basic foundation of the Koran.
[Ref: 90: 10; 73: 3; 2: 256; 92: 12; 6: 52, 69, 108; 4: 171; 109: 6; 22: 78]
17. Communalism is the main & basic principle foundation of Shariah.
18. All the languages even the animal’s languages are the languages of God & heaven.
[Ref: 14:4; 26: 198, 199; 30: 22; 41: 44]
18. Only the Arabic language is the
language of God & angels, language of paradise.
19. Marry, the mother of Prophet Jesus is the greatest honorable woman among the women being. [Ref: 3: 42]
19. Fatema, the first daughter of the Prophet Mohammed is the highest honorable among the women being.
20. Men or women, any one who is honest, pious & social welfare oriented & steady worker will be rewarded equally.
[Ref: 3: 195; 4: 32, 124; 9: 71; 16: 97; 18: 30;  40:40]
20. Women are strictly restricted to join any social welfare oriented works. Generally they mean 2 women equal to 1 man.
21.       The Koran strongly allows marriage with any other religious casts, except idolaters & those who make share in God. Those who deny this order are declared as non believers & hostiles. [Ref: 5: 5; 24: 3, 26; 2: 62]
21. Except among the Muslims, marriage with other casts are strictly prohibited. Even among other sub-groups of the Muslims are also declared to be illegal (haram).
22. It is strongly prohibited to marry with deferred dowry. [Ref: 4: 4]
22. 99.09% of Muslim marriages are to be performed with deferred dowry.
23. The Koran declares that both husband & wife have equal rights in divorce. Consent of marriage should sincerely & equally be honored. [Ref: 2: 226- 232]
23. Generally, in Shariah, wives have no rights in divorce, even no opinion of marriage are recognized.
24. The implementation of one divorce needs not less than 3/4 months. Three times divorces one wife requires 2 to 10 years or more.  [Ref: 2: 225-230]
24. It takes less than 3 seconds for a man to divorce his wife.
25. To enforce human hated marriage of `Hilla’ needs 2 to 10 years or more in respect of terms & condition. [Ref: 2: 225-230]
25. It needs one illegal & nude rape night with an unknown person.
26. The adulteress/adulterer shall whip openly each of them a hundred lashes. They must not be swayed by pity from carrying out God's law-[Ref: 24:2]
26. They are openly stoned to death, Hadith claimed, ` The verse of` stoning to death’ was written in the Koran at the time of Rasul, but after his death a goat entered Aysha’s house and ate the page on which that verse was inscribed. (Ibn Majah-36/1944’ Hambal;” 3/61; 5/131, 132, 183; 6/269)
27. Except special & uncommon causes, more than one wife is strictly Prohibited. [Ref: 4: 3 ]
27. Without any reason one Muslim can
enjoy 4 wives at a time, even they consider it as incumbent.
28. Except the Prophet Mohammed the marriage among the first cousins are prohibited (haram) for the general Muslims. [Ref: 33: 50]
28. Shariah declares that the marriage among the first cousins are legal. To day there is not a single family in the Muslim world, among whom some one in two or three generation have not married among first cousins. Consequently, in due course of time 80 to 90% Muslims are born illegally.
29. During the time of ministration sexual intercourse and all other related enjoyment are stone steel prohibited. In this period wife will be treated as treated with sisters or mothers.  [Ref: 2: 222]
29.Under such situation except intercourse all other sexual games & funs etc. are allowed. More over, if any body intercourses unmindfully it can be excused or overlooked paying some fines or paying nothing.
30. God has strictly prohibited to stand for prayer until & unless understood it’s inner meaning of recitation. [Ref: 4: 43]
30. Needless to understand what one recites in the prayer. Only memorize & recitation are enough for the prayer.
31. At any prayer times sounds of recitation should be normal & equal. Some times louder some times by memory are forbidden.  [Ref: 17: 110]
31. The morning & afternoon prayer’s time, voice be louder & the rest of the times should be in memory.
32. In comparison of all other months the best welfare oriented month is the month of fasting, followed by one’s national solar calendar, which cannot be moved back year to year.  [Ref: 2: 183-187]
32. The day of fasting is followed by solar system, the month of fasting is followed by lunar system. They keep fasting in different weather & climate i.e. winter, summer, Autumn, spring etc. The name of the month is fixed but the time & weather move back 11 days in a year.
33. The weekly assemblage of prayer’s day should be performed on Saturday the 7th day of the week. [Ref: 2: 65, 66, 7: 163]
33. Saturday, the 7th day of the week is to be considered as the day of Jews. So they rejected it and follow 6th day of the week, i.e. Friday.
34. The Koran says 3 times prayer in a day.
[Ref: 17: 78, 79; 11: 114; 20: 130; 30: 17, 18; 33: 42; 50: 39, 40; 76: 25, 26]
34. Shariah declares mainly 5 times prayer +1 times Beter = 6 times in a day. More over they have invented more 5 times as sunnah & so on.
35. During fasting day time eating, drinking & intercourse are strictly prohibited. [Ref: 2: 185- 187]
35. Anything less than a pea can be eaten at the time of fasting, even if anybody eats a lot repeatedly by mistake, it does not break the fasting. Unwilling intercourse is also be excused by paying some fine or paying nothing.
36. Pilgrimage should be performed on the Ist day of the month of Hajj. [Ref: 2: 189]
36. Their date of pilgrimage are on 9th to 12th day of the month of Hajj. More over the king of Saudi Arabia reserves the right to stop or change the date of pilgrimage. At the time of king Ibn Saud pilgrimage were suspended since 1906 to 1911.
37. In the name of religion random slaughtering of animals are illegal. Those spend for nothing are designated as devil. [Ref: 17:27; 22: 37]
37. Considering no legal or illegal income the riches are bound to kill animals. Arabian countries killed millions of animals & wasted them.
38. One Muslim is not allowed to hold excessive movable or immovable wealth except his marginal requirements. Excessive wealth must be surrendered to the Government welfare fund or distributed among the nearest distresses.
[Ref: 2; 219, 261; 51; 19; chapter; 102]
38. Matters not if it’s legal or illegal income they are allowed to make mountain of wealth even through religious trade. If they pay 2.50% taxes (Jakat) then all the rest 97.50% illegal wealth becomes sacred.
39. Before death all properties must be willed as per own will. If anything left excessive or accidentally that will be divided as per ratio: man 2 & woman 1. At the time of distribution, some portion should be given to the orphan & unfortunates. [Ref: 2: 180; 4: 5-11]
39. 99% of the Muslims do not make will
before death & even do not pay a single penny to them.
40. Until & unless attacked by some one and some way, no Muslim is allowed to attack anybody or group, due or undue causes. They are only allowed to attack for self defense & as the same way. Among own cast killing is extremely forbidden. [Ref: 4: 29, 30, 92; 16: 126; 42: 39, 40; 2: 178, 190; 5: 32, 45]
40. In order to establish so called shariah, they are allowed to attack non Muslims in any way in the name of holey war (Jihad) & kill the non Muslims confirming paradise. Even among their groups & sub-groups they declared each other as non Muslim and fighting, killing since 15 hundred years.
41. Religious beliefs & faiths should not be imposed by influence, force, torture & indulgence etc. [Ref: 2: 191, 217, 256; 4: 171; 39: 41; 50: 45; 92: 12; 16: 125; 5: 64]
41. To establish shariah force, killing, murder, kidnap, threat, fear, greed even conspiracy etc. are to be considered as legal & this is always happening in shariah world.
42. By any circumstances, beyond any causes peace, tranquility should be established, hold, preserved in the human society is called Islam in Arabic language. [Ref: 2:11, 191, 217; 3: 19, 85; 5: 3; 16; 90; 4: 171]
42. Let the country or society go to astray,
in order to establish God’s religion (God has no religion like human being) it is needles to maintain peace (Islam).
43.To accept money or any remuneration in
exchange of religious work or duty is strictly prohibited (Haram) even forbidden than wine & pork. [Ref: 2: 41, 79, 174-176; 11: 29, 51; 26: 145, 164, 180; 12: 104; 42: 23]
43. Without remuneration shariah’s religious work becomes deadlock. All the saviors of shariah are engaged in national & international religious trade. Even Imams do not lead prayer without money.
44. As per local environmental situation, weather & climate all types of suitable & noble dresses are considered as Islamic dresses.
[Ref: 7: 26 to 31; 16: 81]
44. In the name of Islamic dress shariah
has imposed women dresses. Now a days most of the top shariah leaders are wearing women hezab or Orna under their cap or around neck. Funny thing is that they forget their Islamic dresses when they stay/visit winter country.
45. Hair, Beard, moustache or any other far of the body have nothing role to become a pious man or to establish peace (Islam). But it advices to wear noble dress at the time of prayer. [Ref: 7: 31]
45. They believe that to keep beard, clean mustache, short hair style, to put on a cap are the nearest to incumbent religious duty. They try to copy or mimic the prophet’s shape & appearance.
46. Male/Female should keep their body covered. For female extra an Orna (Hezab) will bend or hang around their head/ neck, so that they can be identified easily to see their faces.
[Ref: 24: 31; 33: 59]
46. In the name of covering body, shariah has imposed a curtain over their dressed body, face cannot be seen except 2 eyes, so it is very difficult to identify them whether she is own wife, mother or any prostitute. This sorts of curtain (Hezab) witnesses all the Muslims even Imams are uncivilized, ignoble & loose character.
47. Just before death angels come and take the account of one’s activities. [Ref: 4: 97]
47. Just after putting the dead body in the grave, an angel comes and bring him to life again for asking 3 to 4 questions & kills him again.
48. Except naturally dead animal, fresh blood, wine, pork & the animals that has not taken God’s name before killing all other foods are legal to Muslims. Non Muslims foods are also legal to Muslims & vice-versa. Those who deny this injunction, they are declared as non believers. [Ref: 5: 3-5]
48. Certain things & animals which can be counted by tips of fingers & all other God gifted foods & non Muslim’s foods are verdict as illegal & semi-illegal. But to live in non Muslim country, they feel as paradise. Their dollars are considered as heavenly gifts.
49. By usual needs, trade or will, drawing picture, making statue, snapping photographs are legal but to worship them are forbidden.
[Ref: 34: 13]
49. Drawing pictures of any lives will surely lead to hell. Factually 99% savior of shariah lenders are making photographs, enjoying TV, camera. Even most of the foreign country’s Mosques have TVs.
50. To claim or sharing in God is unpardonable sin (Sherik). [Ref: 4: 36, 48, 116; 2: 286; 3: 150; 6: 62; 8: 40; 9: 51; 66: 2; 47; 11]
50. `Maolana’ means we or our God. Whereas most of the so-called religious leaders are using those before their names & thus sharing in God directly.
51. The Koran declares: Scientists, Saints, Philosophers, Technologists, those who are engaged in research & invention for the welfare of human being are the best creature of the creatures. [Ref: 98:7; 2: 44; 29: 51; 47; 24; 38: 29; The Koran]
51. All of them are declared as non believers, hostile & irreligious being. New discovery & invention are considered to be illegal & semi-illegal (Bedat).
52. The Koran declares again & again, over & over the theory of rotation of life & death. It means that the evolution theory of Darwin is recognized. [Ref: 3: 27; 6: 95: 2; 28]
52. They denied re-life & death while they believe on 2 times re-life & death. First: In the Grave. 2nd: in the day of resurrection. Darwin’s evolution theory does not recognize.
53. The Koran says the natural death of the
Prophet Jesus. [Ref: 43: 41; 29; 19; 33, 34]
53. They does not recognize the natural
death of Jesus, they believe that God had held him up the sky. Mean while they believe the natural death of the greatest (!) prophet Mohammed.
54. Human welfare oriented works are the basic foundation & principle religious jobs i.e. noble works means religion. [Ref: 32; 12; 30: 41; 29: 58; 98: 7; 34: 25; The Koran]
54. Five times prayer, one month fasting, one time pilgrimage, one day animal killing, 2.50% Jakat (Taxes) & by mimicking the appearance of prophet are the principle duty of religion. They consider all other works disgusting.
55. Begging alms, giving alms & idle life are rigorously hated. [Ref: 62: 9, 10; The Koran]
55. Giving alms, begging alms are the sacred duty of religion.10-70 virtuous comes from God by giving one penny.
56. Under any circumstances, lies should not be tolerated. [Ref: 2:42, 159, 174; 3: 71; 17: 81]
56. In order to establish truth, lies must be considered.
57. The laws of God (Sunnah) are universally unchanged & unbiased. [Ref: 17: 77; 35: 43; 33: 62]
57. God has no law (Sunnah) but the prophet had laws (Sunnah) & were always changeable.
58. Without understanding the inner meaning of the verses, only reading, hearing, reciting have no values, rather they are declared to be non believers, dumb, deaf & blind. They are donkeys, who do not know what he carries on his back. [Ref: 2: 171; 7: 179; 10; 100; 8: 22; 62; 5]
58. Without understanding any thing, only reading, hearing, reciting & memorizing the verses can be expected 10 times reward from God per Arabic alphabet of the Koran.
59. The origin of existing human generation has derived from Adam & Eve. But the Koran hints that there were similar beings before them.
[Ref: 2: 30; 10: 14]
59. Shariah’s theory based on trinity system: 1. Adam was the first creation of human being. 2. Mohammed was the first of the first creation & the universe has been created by his soul. 3. Even before those God had created a peacock & the prophet, his first daughter Fatima, son-in-law Ali & the grand sons Hassan & Hossain were put in that peacock No. 3 is mainly based in Siaism
60. They will enter the honorable gardens, where they will be adorned with bracelets of gold and pearls, and their garments in it will be made of silk. [Ref: 35:33]
60. Shariah forbade to wear rings or gold rings, to use the saddle cloth made of red silk, and to wear garments made of Oasis material, or garments made of silk or brocade and velvet.
61. Dogs are domestic animal. [Ref: 18:18]
They are most helpful & obedient to his lord.
61. Paradise forbade to touch the dogs. Black dogs must be killed, because they are devils.
62. Those who divided themselves in to groups & sub-groups, they are not Muslims & the prophet has no responsibilities upon them. [Ref: 3: 103, 105; 6: 159]
62. They have divided themselves into several groups & sub-groups, behind so-called Imams.
63. Allah is the owner of the `Kaba.’ That means world Muslims have equal rights & liabilities to it. [Ref: 3: 96; 9: 17, 19; 22: 25]
63. The king himself is the owner of Kaba and all earnings belong to the king alone. Except the king no one is allowed to enter in it.

NB: Shariah’s references are not given, because those are well-known to all & those can be found in in the book `The Koran vs. Shariah’ (Bengali); Published in 2007, containing more than 100 reformative articles in the light of the Koran. Soft copy is available by e-mail on request, free of cost.
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