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نص السؤال:
What you are saying in your articles about a pure message sent from God that is preserved in the Quran, is something pretty attractive to believe in, that I am considering to believe in it. However two things prevents me from holding that the Quran is really the word of God. 1) Clear scientific errors are present in the Quran, like for example, the Quran mentions birds that speak and ants that speak, and we know for sure that these beliefs are middle age beliefs that science falsified them all together long time ago. 2) The concept of burning in hell FOREVER. This concept is present in the Quran clearly. And from the philosophical point of view this concept is rejected, since it makes no sense at all to believe in such a thing. Perhpas I am misinterpretating the Quran. Can you clearify these matters to me. Best regards
آحمد صبحي منصور :
To believe in the Quran you have to believe in the unseen issues mention in the Quran.
In our time, human becomes more aware of what he does not know, or what he could not see while it is exists for real. Electricity is exists but we can not see it although we use it. Fire is unknown to us; we do not know its source or where its whereabouts. The same you can say about light, magnetism, gravity and the life itself. Going beyond these things is totally unknown to us. Allah, The Almighty God, know what he has owned and created (67 : 14 ).
In His Book , The Holy Quran. Allah mentioned some indications about these unknown scientific facts. We discover some of them in our recent time but there are some awaiting the coming generations.
However, it is up to any one to believe or not to believe in the Quran. ( 17 : 107)

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Not so clear

Sorry Dr Ahmad but you did not completely answer the questions.
First of all, there are and can be no scientific errors in the Qur'an and the examples you brought are simply erroneous since it is clearly established that every being has its own means of communication or, if you prefer, language. Birds, ants and even bacteria communicate!
Concerning burning forever in hell, I don't see any problem with philosophy! Since Einstein, our conception of time became very relative. Time, life and every act in the herafter can not be imagined. All that we can say is what Qur'an says, that the earth will be another earth, like the sky will be transformed. We will be in another dimension of time and space. Forever used in the context of the yawm al qiyama means certainly something else than Forever in our context.

Wallahou a3lam

2   تعليق بواسطة   عصام عمر     في   الخميس ٠٦ - سبتمبر - ٢٠٠٧ ١٢:٠٠ صباحاً

Concerning Burning Forever in Hell

I think that the infidels will be burnt forever in Hell because they have infinite chances of repentance in thier lives.

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