Issued by: Dr. Ahmed Subhy Mansour, translated by: Ahmed Fathy:
Fatwas Part One-Hundred-and-Seventy-Eight

آحمد صبحي منصور Ýí 2022-09-07

Fatwas Part One-Hundred-and-Seventy-Eight
Issued by: Dr. Ahmed Subhy Mansour, translated by: Ahmed Fathy

May the Lord God Have Mercy on their Souls
Published in May 12, 2022

Question: … Dear Sir, … As a devout Muslim, I do not approve of your writing the phrase (may the Lord God have mercy on her soul) about the murdered Christian Palestinian journalist Shireen Abou Akleh and previously about the feminist, atheist, Quran-hating writer Nawal El-Saadawi……………… … Thank you …
You will find a logical justification for our stance in both cases if you read the following two articles of ours, in English, found within the following links:


YouTube Money
Published in July 31, 2022

Question: … Dear Sir, … Is it OK within Quranism to earn money by launching a YouTube Channel and making videos which include paid promotions/ads? Some clergymen say this is prohibited and this is ill-gotten money since some ads contain semi-naked women in revealing outfits……… What do you think? … Thank you …
The Sunnite Wahabi religion of Satan is based on following whims of devilish clergymen who own such man-made religion of fanaticism/extremism which is based on prohibiting the permissible and allowing the forbidden. The Sunnite religion is against the Quranic sharia legislations of Islam. Everything which is not mentioned in the Quranic text as prohibited is legal, lawful, and permissible. Prohibited items in the Quranic Law comprise a limited list to which a pious person should never add anything. Hence, within Quranism which is True Islam, it is absolutely forbidden to prohibit something which is not mentioned as prohibited/unlawful in the Quranic text. Therefore, it is OK to make money using YouTube or any other site within cyberspace, even if Sunnite clergymen would hate it.


YouTube Money, Again!
Published in August 1, 2022

Question: … Dear Sir, … I am the same man who asked you about making money through YouTube videos and channels; thank you for answering my question, but you have not told me anything about ads which include women in revealing outfits; such ads may be imposed in my videos and Sunnite clergymen make this possibility the basis of their corrupt fatwa…………. What do you think? … Thank you …
Tools of any kind are not to blame for committing sins. Buying, using, and owning knives are not prohibited deeds but stabbing others with a knife is a grave sin/crime. Likewise, the internet and YouTube…etc. are mere tools that can be used wisely or unwisely; some sinners use the cyberspace to promote lewdness and immorality/promiscuity; this means those who spread/watch pornographic material are sinful people. Yet, this is hardly an excuse to prohibit the internet or YouTube. You are not responsible for ads imposed on your videos; this is beyond your control. You are not to blame. Of course, in this fatwa, we repeat what we have mentioned several times in previous fatwas.


About Yoga
Published in July 14, 2022

Question: … Dear Sir, … Of course, I think Yoga and meditation are not prohibited within Quranism; they are very beneficial activities. Yet, some social-media and YouTube videos show female yogis semi-naked or in the nude! What is your own view? … Thank you …
Of course, no pious people should prohibit something not mentioned in the Quranic text as prohibited. Yoga itself is not prohibited; yet, public nudity or nudity on camera is against Islam: "…do not come near indecencies, whether outward or inward…We do not burden any soul beyond its capacity…" (6:151-152); "Say, “My Lord has forbidden immoralities - both open and secret…" (7:33). A woman can perform Yoga activities (or any sports) in the nude or in scanty clothes provided she is alone and no one is seeing her (and she is not videotaping herself). It is a sin to purposefully show (fe)male nudity or genitalia for onlookers/viewers. Yet, small sins like lustful looks, touching, public nudity, or masturbation are not like grave sins such as fornication and homosexual practices. The Lord God will forgive us small sins as long as one avoids grave sins: extramarital sex, murder, theft, consuming ill-gotten money…etc. "Those who avoid gross sins and indecencies - except for minor lapses - your Lord is of Vast Forgiveness…" (53:32); "If you avoid the worst of what you are forbidden, We will remit your sins…" (4:31).


Published in July 13, 2022

Question: … Dear Sir, … I am a vegetarian and I spread awareness about the benefits of vegetarianism; yet, some of my acquaintances accuse me of committing a sin by prohibiting permissible food items (i.e., meat) by not consuming certain food items and encouraging others to follow my example. What do you think? … Thank you …
Of course, you can adopt a vegetarian diet if you like if you think it is healthy; yet, you do not have the right to consider vegetarianism, or even being a carnivore, as part of Islam or as against Islam. Such life choices have nothing to do with religion. Of course, it is absolutely forbidden within Islam to prohibit permissible practices and food items; only transgressors commit such a grave sin. The only Quranic list of forbidden food items, to which the pious ones cannot add anything, comprises dead animals' meat, blood of animals, flesh of swines/hogs/pigs, and any food items offered to the gods/mausoleums. The Lord God says the following in the Holy Quran: "O you who believe! Do not prohibit the good things God has permitted for you, and do not commit aggression. God does not love the aggressors. And eat of the lawful and good things God has provided for you; and be conscious of God within piety, in Whom you are believers." (5:87-88); "Say, “Who forbade God’s finery which He has produced for His servants, and the delights of livelihood?” Say, “They are for those who believe, in this present world, but exclusively theirs on the Day of Resurrection.” We thus detail the verses for people who know." (7:32); "Eat of the lawful and good things God has provided for you, and be thankful for God’s blessings, if it is Him that you serve. He has forbidden you carrion, and blood, and the flesh of swine, and anything consecrated to other than God. But if anyone is compelled by necessity, without being deliberate or malicious, then God is Forgiving and Merciful. And do not say of falsehood asserted by your tongues, “This is lawful, and this is unlawful,” in order to invent lies and attribute them to God. Those who invent lies and attribute them to God will not succeed." (16:114-116).


Harmful Mosques, Again
Published in September 4, 2022

Question: … Dear Sir, … As per your view, all mosques on earth are harmful mosques of polytheism since they urge the deification of the dead such as Muhammad; yet, am I to perform the Friday noon prayers at home on my own (four Raqas)? Any ideas? … Thank you …
We have provided the fatwa about this topic several times; we repeat it here for the last time as a reminder so that the pious ones may take heed. Harmful mosques in our era are the ones whose imams propagate and call for notions/tenets which contradict True Islam (i.e., the Holy Quran); their polytheistic notions which contradict Quranic teachings include the deification of dead persons and items/mausoleums; they ascribe lies/hadiths to the Religion of Allah while assuming that Allah and/or Muhammad uttered such hadiths! This means such imams/preachers in such harmful mosques repel others away from the True Path which is the Holy Quran itself; they urge others to follow crooked paths and they declare those who never follow their ways as 'apostates', 'heretics', or 'infidels'; they hate Quranist who spread Quranic facts; such imams terrorize others: "Who is more unjust than him who forbids the remembrance of God’s name in places of worship, and contributes to their ruin? These ought not to enter them except in fear. For them is disgrace in this world, and for them is a terrible torment in the Hereafter." (2:114). The Lord God commands us to avoid such harmful mosques while respecting the religious freedom of others: "And say to those who do not believe, “Act according to your ability; and so will we.” “And wait; we too are waiting.”" (11:121-122). Muhammad has been told in the Holy Quran to avoid the harmful mosque erected by the Quran-hating hypocrites of Yathreb: "Then there are those who establish a mosque to cause harm…Do not stand in it, ever…" (9:107-108); "When you encounter those who ridicule Our Verses, turn away from them, until they engage in another topic. But should Satan make you forget, do not sit after the recollection with the unjust people." (6:68); "He has revealed to you in the Book that when you hear God’s Verses being rejected, or ridiculed, do not sit with them until they engage in some other subject. Otherwise, you would be like them. God will gather the hypocrites and the disbelievers, into Hell, altogether." (4:140).
Of course, some harmful mosques (e.g., in Iraq, Somalia, Afghanistan, and Pakistan) house terrorists who massacre the innocent and urge such grave crimes (and maybe civil wars) unjustly in the name of Islam; this is the worst type of spreading corruption on earth. Such mosques are like military barracks and they are, in their turn, targeted by other armed terrorists. This is an endless vicious circle of committing bloodshed. Mosques of harm are owned by polytheists whose sermons urge the gullible congregations to deify Muhammad and other historical figures; this violates the following Quranic verse: "The places of worship are for God. So do not call, besides God, upon anyone else." (72:18); if a Quranist man would preach the meaning of 72:18 to Sunnite congregations in any harmful mosques, they would readily beat him (to death!). This is about Muhammad in the same context of 72:18 with its teaching: "And when the servant of God got up calling on Him, they almost fell on him in a mass. Say, “I pray only to my Lord, and I never associate anyone with Him.” Say, “It is not in my power to harm you, nor to bring you to right conduct.” Say, “No one can protect me from God, and I will not find any refuge except with Him." (72:19-22).
As for the male sender of the question, he can perform the congregational Friday noon prayers at home along with other Quranists (if he knows any). If this cannot be realized, he can perform the Friday noon prayers on his own (4 Raqas) in the same way like the noon prayers in other days (without a sermon).
These links contain articles of ours, in English, about harmful mosques:


Divorce for Differences in Religion
Published in August 28, 2022

Question: … Dear Sir, … I live in the USA with my husband and small kids; I seek divorce now because my husband suddenly declared to me his following Al-Mu'tazala philosophers; his testimony of Islam is (There is no God but Allah); he never adds to it the name of Muhammad; this means he is a secular man who never believes in Muhammad the Messenger; by the way, he does not perform the five daily prayers; I fear for my kids lest they may imitate his ways! Such a dispute in religion between my husband and myself drove me to seek divorce; I consulted some clergymen of Arab origin who live inside the USA; yet, my husband urged me to consult you as well. What pieces of advice can you offer me? What am I to do? … Thank you …
Differences in doctrines/religions should never be a cause for divorce and misery for the kids which will be the result of such divorce. Your husband is a peaceful person and so are you; this means both of you are Muslims in terms of behavior. This means a Muslim woman within mutual agreement, can marry a peaceful man even if this man is an atheist, a Christian, a Jew, a Buddhist…etc. The opposite of peaceful demeanor is terrorism, compulsion in religion (i.e., religious persecution), and violence/aggression which pertain to polytheism in terms of behavior; this is typical of all extremists and terrorists of our era. As per the Holy Quran, one cannot marry such violent polytheistic terrorists until they repent sincerely and adhere to peace. Faith within one's heart is not to be judged by others; it is judged by the Lord God, exclusively, on the Last Day. Quranic sharia laws of Islam are applied on outward behavior, and therefore, you have no right to judge your husband's choices in religion and acts of worship. By the way, the hypocrites of Yathreb who never believed in the Holy Quran were never punished by Muhammad and they were rich ones who enjoyed freedom of political opposition and religious freedom within the Yathreb city-state since they never raise arms against believers and they adhered to peace (and in many cases thy were married to Quran-believing monotheists) though the Quranic text have warned them against Hell in case of non-repentance (see 4:145). They worshiped mausoleums and drank wine and no one punished them even when they disregarded the Quranic warning against their practices in 5:90-93, 8:20-29, and 66:6-8. The hypocrites were never forbidden in the Quranic text to marry Quran-believing monotheists; rather, the Lord God has urged them in 4:136 to combine true faith with their peaceful behavior. Punishment is for terrorists/aggressors who commit violence against peaceful ones and never repent as per 5:33-34. As for kids and their upbringing, you should teach them the higher values: truthfulness, honesty, generosity, integrity…etc. while teaching them how to fast, to pray…etc. within the monotheism of (There is no God but Allah). When they come of age, they will choose for themselves. By the way, one of Noah's sons was a polytheist and his story is mentioned in the Quranic text and so was the father of Abraham; one's relatives will be of no avail to one on the Last Day; see 80:34-37 & 31:33. You should ponder deeply on the following Quranic fact: "Whoever is guided - is guided for his own soul, and whoever goes astray - goes astray to its detriment. No burdened soul carries the burdens of another…" (17:15).
We, ourselves, have a license in VA, the USA, to draw marriage contracts between Muslim women and non-Muslim men. We have talked about this in subtitled-into-English our YouTube videos and in our Ibn Rushed Media company. We have drawn many marriage contracts of mixed marriages (Muslim women who married non-Muslim men) and they are successful marriages; many of such couples call our person from time to time, and we are happy for their remaining in contact with us. In our view, the husband of the female sender of the above message is better than his wife; she has no real accusations to level against him; at least he does not deify things/tombs or persons (esp. Muhammad), whereas the wife is a Sunnite fanatic whose extremism drives her to hate her husband for the religious choices he has made; this is akin to supporting religious persecution.


Seeing Muhammad in Visions/Dreams!
Published in July 10, 2020

Question: … Dear Sir, … What is your own view about those who claim seeing Muhammad (or Jesus, Mary…etc.) during sleep in a vision/dream? My wife claims her seeing Muhammad in a dream twice; she began to pray regularly from now on. She feels ecstatic and tells everyone that Muhammad the Prophet cares personally for her! Any ideas? … Thank you …
This is utter nonsense; dreams (or jumbles of dreams) never count; besides, no one knows how Muhammad (or Jesus, Marry…etc.) looked like. In the devilish, man-made religions, especially the Sufi religion, dreams pertain to sources of religious legislation! It is a way of 'legalizing' one's whims/desires. The polytheistic Sufis in their books claim seeing God and Muhammad in dreams with commands to them to follow! This is exemplified in books of the Hanbali Sunnite scholars (of the middle-ages) Ibn Al-Jawzy and Al-Siyouty who were influenced by Sufism. They claimed seeing Muhammad during their being awake (not during sleep/dreams) and that he told them to do/write such and such thing! This pertains to blasphemy against the Lord God; Muhammad is dead and he is not an immortal deity who would readily appear in dreams to control his worshipers. Such lies/falsehoods about visions are still being propagated by backward clergymen of Satan who are believed by the ignoramuses herd among the Muhammadans; we do not want the male sender of the above question to be among such herd of polytheists.


About Awra and Dressing Code
Published in June 22, 2022

Question: … Dear Sir, … What is meant by the term Awra in the Quranic text? Can women dress in garments of men and can men dress in women's clothes? What about the so-called unisex clothes? … Thank you …
As for the second question, it is OK to dress in any way one likes; stop being influenced by the Sunnite fiqh and hadiths of Satan authored by scholars (of the Abbasid and Mameluke eras) obsessed by heterosexual and homosexual carnal lusts. As for the first question, we refer you to our article, in English, about the Quranic term (Awra), which is found on the following link:


Two Questions
Published in September 5, 2022

Question: … Dear Sir, … (1) Which is worse in your own view: the year of the MB rule in Egypt or Al-Sisi era now? I know you hate and oppose the terrorist Mb organization but you also oppose Al-Sisi regime there … (2) A merchant used to pay in advance annually for fruits of an orchard before the harvest and agricultural processes; this is based on mutual agreement (a verbal one; not written); yet, his son disagrees since one must buy goods one can see and check/examine for quality and quantity…etc. An Azharite clergyman issued a fatwa for the son that he is right and his father the merchant is in the wrong; what is your own view of that case? … Thank you …
As for the first question, we tend to think that Al-Sisi is the worst ruler of Egypt in its seven-millennia-old history; we tend to think that the Lord God will punish him for his crimes sooner than we expect. The terrorist MB members are theocrats who are unjust towards Egypt and also towards the Lord God; they spent more than 80 years (since 1928) to plan how to reach power in Egypt while never spending 80 minutes in learning how to rule such a great country when they reached power through rigged elections. They are too arrogant to admit being ignoramuses; it was very easy for Al-Sisi to remove them from power after the 30th of June 2013 revolt which included millions of Egyptian demonstrators in Greater Cairo and other major Egyptian cities from Alexandria to Aswan. We felt overjoyed when the MB president was deposed/ousted. Yet, the MB members are the ones who brought Al-Sisi to his post as the defense minister in 2013; he was pretty unknown before this. Al-Sis proved to the world that the terrorist MB cannot control a supermarket, let alone a great country like our beloved homeland Egypt. We leave you to choose if Al-Sisi is worse than the MB president or the opposite is true. As for the second question, mutual agreement between the merchant and the orchard owner is valid and OK; all Azharite clergymen of Satan are ignoramuses; they never know anything about Islam (i.e., the Holy Quran) or even about their Sunnite fiqh of Satan; this applies to all graduates of Al-Azhar University in such bleak times.


Caliphs and Muhammad's Companions
Published in July 8, 2022

Question: … Dear Sir, … In Egyptian (and Arab) literature and theater, the four pre-Umayyad caliphs who were companions/contemporaries of Muhammad are shown as infallible gods, whereas you advise us to never idolize/deify historical figures and that such persons were mere thieves and killers since they invaded Egypt and other regions; I am confused and cannot know what to think! Such history about their crimes cannot be true, can it?! Any ideas? … Thank you …
No one can deny history; admittedly, history books are not authored by omniscient men; yet, Egyptians now speak in Arabic due to the Arab conquest; history books are studied and examined by specialized scholars of history like our person. Regardless of history, it pertains to polytheism to deify dead persons (messengers and non-messengers) whether they were good or bad people. Besides, the grave injustices and heinous crimes of the so-called companions of Muhammad form the basis of the Sunnite religion of Satan. We refer you to our book, in English, about the four pre-Umayyad caliphs found on the following link:


About the Verses 46:5-6
Published in March 5, 2022

Question: … Dear Sir, … I do not understand the link between the two words (heedless) and (enemies) in the Quranic context 47:5-6. Please briefly explain the meaning of this Quranic context to me … Thank you …
The Lord God says the following in the Holy Quran: "Who is more misguided than him who invokes, besides God, those who will not answer him until the Day of Resurrection, and are heedless of their prayers? And when humanity is gathered, they will be enemies to them, and will renounce their worship of them." (47:5-6). For instance, those who worship (at the mausoleums of) Hussein (grandson of Muhammad deified by Shiites, Sufis, and Sunnites) never realize that the soul of Hussein is in a Barsakh level heedless of their worshiping him; his soul never listens to their praying to him; dead souls in Barsakh are heedless of the worldly existence and are in a static state of unconsciousness and timelessness. On the Last Day, Hussein will be an enemy of those who deified and worshiped him and he will deny his knowing about their sanctifying and worshipping him.


Prophet & Messenger, Again!
Published in May 21, 2022

Question: … Dear Sir, … What is the difference between the Quranic terms (prophet) & (messenger) in relation to Muhammad? … Thank you …
We have answered this question many times before; you will find a detailed answer to your question in our book, in English, titled (The Quran: Sufficient as a Source of Islamic Legislation) found on this link:


Divorcing a Quranist Man!
Published in May 29, 2022

Question: … Dear Sir, … I live in Cairo, Egypt. When I declared to my wife that I've converted to Quranism, she left my house and went to live at her parents'. Her parents incited her to demand divorce since they believe I've embraced atheism and a Muslim woman cannot remain the wife of a man who rejected her faith! Her parents obtained a fatwa from Al-Azhar that I am an infidel who must divorce his 'Muslim' wife! What is your own view? What am I to do to convince my wife to return to me?! … Thank you …
The solution to your problem is in the hands of your wife only. It is not mandatory that a husband and a wife share the same religion; she does not love you since she obeyed her parents and demanded divorce to leave you; we think she has found an excuse or a pretext to get rid of you. Her parents' view and the corrupt fatwa serve her purposes. We advise you to deal with her firmly within the law bearing in mind your rights and hers; if you could not convince her and prove to her how much you love her, get rid of her by divorce.


For the Love of the Prophet!
Published in June 4, 2022

Question: … Dear Sir, … In our dialect of Egyptian Arabic, we use the phrase (for the love of the prophet! To coax anyone to do anything; is this phrase OK within Quranism or not? … Thank you …
Of course not. Such a phrase is intended to deify Muhammad; such a phrase pertains to polytheism. The ones who utter such a phrase forget that Muhammad is dead (see 39:30-31); they assume that he is an immortal, omniscient, omnipotent deity at their service! Shame on the Muhammadans!


My Kids' Education
Published in June 10, 2022

Question: … Dear Sir, … I am a Muslim who married a Christian woman; I do not know how I should teach them Islam when they grow up; should I prevent my wife from telling them about her faith?! Should I teach them Islam and allow her to teach them Christianity and let them choose when they come of age?! Is it OK to accompany my wife to church? Is it OK to allow her to take our kids to church? Is it OK to allow my wife to consume wine and pork under my roof? What if my kids would consume pork with her without my knowing it?! Would you please give me any pieces of advice?! … Thank you …
Firstly, you should teach your kids morals and higher values: truthfulness, honesty, charity, justice, respect, mercy, equality…etc. You should teach them to use their minds to understand religion so that they may choose the True Islam (i.e., Quranism) when they come of age. Secondly, as they grow up, your kids must see you performing the five daily prayers, reading the Holy Quran, fasting during Ramadan…etc. Lastly, you must be a role-model for your kids regarding morals and higher Quranic values; this will make them follow your footsteps regardless of their going to church or to a mosque; your good influence on them will be stronger.


Shiite & Sunnite Scholars
Published in June 11, 2022

Question: … Dear Sir, … I strongly advise you to watch (and tell us your opinion about) the YouTube videos of the London-based Shiite scholar named:…since he ridicules and undermines Sunnite fiqh and hadiths in an excellent manner; I admire him very much … Thank you …
We have no time for such clergymen of the Muhammadans. Besides, the books of the Shiite religion of Satan are as equally filled to the brim with mythology as the books of the Sunnite and Sufi religions of Satan. The apparent 'cleverness' or 'wit' of some Shiite scholars within the cyberspace is due to the long history of Shiites being in the defensive mode within all the previous centuries; they excel in apologia (i.e., defending their Shiite notions) and in ridiculing Sunnite notions and hadiths. Salafist/Sunnite scholars equally excel in ridiculing Sufi notions and practices. For Quranists, all Sunnites, Shiites, and Sufis are polytheistic Muhammadans.


A Christian who Admires Islam?
Published in November 7, 2020

Question: … Dear Sir, … I've been friends with him while we worked together in one of the Gulf monarchies; he is a Christian Egyptian man; he told me he considers Jesus as a mortal prophet and he adopts the same attitude towards Muhammad; yet, he is a self-professed Christian; I gave him a copy of the Holy Quran before his return to Egypt and he promised to read it; do you think that this Christian man who admires Islam might convert one day to True Islam (i.e., Quranism)? Any ideas? … Thank you …
Of course, you should never care about faiths within hearts of others; your focus should be on your own good deeds and monotheism as a Quranist man. Your friend is, of course, a Muslim in terms of his adherence to peaceful behavior. Yet, this is of no avail on the Last Day if he does not perform the five daily prayers, pay Zakat, fast during Ramadan…etc. within piety and monotheism. Of course, the People of the Book are mentioned here within facts that apply to all eras: "…Among the People of the Book is a community that is upright; they read God’s Verses throughout the night, and they prostrate themselves. They believe in God and the Last Day, and advocate righteousness and forbid evil, and are quick to do good deeds. These are among the righteous ones. Whatever good they do, they will not be denied it. God knows the pious ones." (3:113-115); "Among the People of the Book are those who believe in God, and in what was revealed to you, and in what was revealed to them. They are humble before God, and they do not sell God’s Verses for a cheap price. These will have their reward with their Lord. God is swift in judgment." (3:199); "Had the People of the Book believed and been righteous, We would have remitted their sins, and admitted them into the Gardens of Bliss. Had they observed the Torah, and the Gospel, and what was revealed to them from their Lord, they would have consumed amply from above them, and from beneath their feet. Among them is a moderate community, but evil is what many of them are doing." (5:65-66). The same division into three groups also applies to Quran-believing people in all eras until the end of times: "Then We passed the Book to those of Our servants whom We chose. Some of them wrong their souls, and some follow a middle course, and some are in the foremost in good deeds by God’s leave; that is the greatest blessing." (35:32).


Marriage in Russia
Published in October 22, 2020

Question: … Dear Sir, … I am an Egyptian student of medicine inside Russia; I desire to marry my female Russian friend; yet, she refused to permit me to draw the marriage contract in the Islamic Center in Moscow since she fears her family members; her father told me that he refuses to allow his daughter to marry in the 'Islamic' way but he has no objection that I sleep with his daughter as her boyfriend (!) Of course, I refuse to commit the sin of fornication; I desire to marry my beloved; my question is as follows: Can I draw the marriage contract myself (like civil marriages) in the Russian tongue and she would declare before a party of friends that she agrees to marry me and I would pay her dowry? What do you think? … Thank you …
Your proposal is OK provided that (some of) the mutual friends/attendees will be witnesses signing the marriage contract. You should pay the dowry to your bride before them (i.e., in their presence) as well. You will hold her hand and pronounce her name while saying you will marry her and ask her to marry you, while you promise to treat her kindly (i.e., marriage vows) and that the Lord God is Witness to what you say. She will announce before the gathering that she agrees and accepts you as her lawful husband and she will promise to be true to you and that the Lord God is Witness to what she says. You will announce to the attendees that they are witnesses to this marriage and some of them (at least three persons) must sign the marriage contract (which may include conditions imposed by you and the ones imposed by your bride). You and your bride will also sign the marriage contract. Congratulations in advance.


A Marriage in Church in the USA
Published in October 29, 2020

Question: … Dear Sir, … I am an Egyptian man who lives and works in the USA along with my parents; my female work colleague agreed to marry me and we are in love; her parents are fanatic Catholics who agreed with extreme difficulty to allow their daughter to marry me because I am a Muslim. My parents are not very religious and they rarely pray; yet, they insist on my drawing the marriage contract inside a mosque; the stubborn parents of my fiancée insist, on their turn, that their daughter must marry inside a Catholic church. My parents refuse to hear such a thing! When I proposed a dual ceremony (one inside a church following another inside a mosque), both her parents and mine refused! What I intend to do eventually is to reject the request of my parents and submit to the will of my fiancée's parents. My question is as follows: Will my marriage remain valid within Islam if I marry inside a church and repeat the vows before a Catholic priest…etc.? This means I have to pronounce words pertaining to Christianity and not to Islam. What is your own view? Please answer me ASAP … Thank you …
Differences in religion among a peaceful married couple (since peaceful demeanor is Islam in terms of behavior) never hinder or prevent marriages; a marriage contract of any kind (inside a church or otherwise) is valid regardless of the utterances one has to pronounce within the marriage ceremonies. The contract of your marriage must be valid through mutual consent (both you and your bride sign it), paying a dowry to your wife, and witnesses signing it. Even the utterances imposed by Azharite marriage registrars in Egypt have nothing to do with Islam (since they pertain to the Sunnite religion of Satan) and yet the marriage and its contract are valid and OK within Quranism (which is True Islam). Marriages before the revelation of the Quranic Message are also OK and valid (despite mentioning names of pagan deities during such marriages) since a ceremony was held in the presence of witnesses and dowries were paid to brides. In today's marriages, words about deifying Muhammad and Jesus are being pronounced. This never removes the validity of the marriages and the contracts. Had monotheism been a condition stipulated for the validity of marriage contracts, this would have led to the invalidity of most marriages on earth since most human beings in all eras are polytheists who never believe in the Lord God unless within polytheism; this is an undeniable Quranic fact: "And most of them do not believe in God unless as polytheists. (12:106). Most human beings are misguided and misguiding as far as religion is concerned since Satan has not and will not tender his resignation until the end of days when the Hour takes place. People would have misled/misguided Muhammad himself had he obeyed them: "If you were to obey most of those on earth, they would divert you from God’s Path. They follow nothing but assumptions, and they only conjecture." (6:116). Hence, you can marry inside a Catholic church and repeat the utterances required by the priest and your marriage will remain valid and OK within Islam. Congratulations in advance.


About Aggressors
Published in November 9, 2020

Question: … Dear Sir, … Who are the aggressors as far as the Quranic text is concerned? What is meant by the Quranic term (aggressors)? Any ideas? … Thank you …
The aggressors or transgressors in the Quranic text are the following groups: (1) polytheists in general, (2) those who prohibit items made permissible in the Quranic text, (3) those who turn acts of worship and supplication into singing, jesting, and playing, and (4) military unjust fighters who launch wars of aggression. Let us exemplify such groups within the Quranic verses: "Then, after him, We sent messengers to their people. They came to them with the clear proofs, but they would not believe in anything they had already rejected. Thus We set a seal on the hearts of the aggressors." (10:74); "“Throw into Hell every stubborn disbeliever. Preventer of good, aggressor, doubter. Who fabricated another god with Allah; toss him into the intense torment.”" (50:24-26); "O you who believe! Do not prohibit the good things God has permitted for you, and do not commit aggression. God does not love the aggressors. And eat of the lawful and good things God has provided for you; and be conscious of God within piety, in Whom you are believers." (5:87-88); "So eat of that over which the Name of God was pronounced, if you indeed believe in His Verses. And why should you not eat of that over which the Name of God is pronounced, when He has detailed for you what is prohibited for you, unless you are compelled by necessity? Many lead astray with their opinions, through lack of knowledge. Your Lord knows best the transgressors." (6:118-119); "Call upon your Lord humbly and in low voices. He does not love the aggressors. And do not corrupt on earth after its reformation, and pray to Him with fear and hope. God’s mercy is close to the charitable ones." (7:55-56).

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