Issued by: Dr. Ahmed Subhy Mansour, translated by: Ahmed Fathy:
Fatwas Part One-Hundred-and-Seventy-Five

آحمد صبحي منصور Ýí 2022-08-25

Fatwas Part One-Hundred-and-Seventy-Five

Issued by: Dr. Ahmed Subhy Mansour, translated by: Ahmed Fathy

The War against Ukraine
Published in February 24, 2022

Question: … Dear Sir, … Do you think that the Russian war against Ukraine might lead to World War III or is this a mere fear-mongering narrative? Is it a regional war or would escalate into international military struggle? … Thank you …
1- In our own view, this war against Ukraine will not lead to WWIII; Russia intends only to force Ukraine to be dependent on Moscow once more. This is the only reason for such a military aggression. Of course, the intention of Ukraine to join the NATO represents an existential threat to Russia. The Russian government is bent on regaining Ukraine under its influence; the USA and the NATO can easily cede their influence in Ukraine.
2- Within WWII, the atomic bombs were 'primitive' and led to the end of WWII, and Germany and Japan were destroyed. The nuclear deterrence of today's world will prevent the rise of WWIII since it may destroy Planet Earth, and end the human race, with nuclear weapons.
3- Hitler was a megalomaniac who desired to control Europe; Vladimir Putin is a fairly reasonable person and not as crazy as Hitler. We do believe that Putin calculates his steps very well to ensure the security of Russia even while risking human losses and economic ones; Putin will always leave his door ajar for negotiations with anyone; negotiations are inevitable in such cases; we do believe that Putin may emerge as a winner within such negotiations.


Ukraine & Soldiers from Chechnya
Published in March 1, 2022

Question: … Dear Sir, … News came that some soldiers from Chechnya (or jihadists) are joining the Russian troops of Putin; what do you think of that? … Thank you …
This means that such soldiers are siding with Satan since the war against Ukraine is a form of military aggression. True Muslims never initiate military aggressions; fighting within Islam is exclusively within cases of self-defense. That such Chechen soldiers have sided with the tyrannical, unjust Russian President, Vladimir Putin, is against True Islam (i.e., the Holy Quran only). Those siding with the unjust ones are also deemed as unjust ones; Islam denounces & is innocent of all unjust aggressors in all eras and regions.


Weak Countries
Published in February 25, 2022

Question: … Dear Sir, … Regardless of the UN, the Security Council, and the International Law, should Egypt and other Arab countries side with Ukraine against Russia or not by applying the following Quranic verses: "If two groups of believers fight each other, reconcile between them. But if one group aggresses against the other, fight the aggressing group until it complies with God’s command. Once it has complied, reconcile between them with justice, and be equitable. God loves the equitable. The believers are brothers, so reconcile between your brothers, and remain conscious of God, so that you may receive mercy." (49:9-10)? What do you think? … Thank you …
Of course, the Quranic context 49:9-10 does NOT apply to the war against Ukraine or to the countries of the Muhammadans. In 49:9-10, the Lord God addresses a strong, Islamic Quran-based country or State which can deter potential aggressors with its military power and impose peace within justice. As for Egypt & any other countries you mention, every country has the right to decide its own policies. In addition, the countries of the Muhammadans are very weak and cannot afford to side with Russia or Ukraine; the countries of the Muhammadans fights only against True Islam (i.e., the Holy Quran) and imposes earthly, man-made religions of Satan to control their nations.


The 'Islamization' of the UN?
Published in February 27, 2022

Question: … Dear Sir, … Allow me, please, to imagine that a new State would emerge inside Mecca and that you are its president; you will join the UN, no doubt, in such an imaginary case; yet, what would be your stance regarding Ukraine that suffers military Russian aggression? What about 49:9-10… Thank you …
As we have mentioned in a previous fatwa, the Quranic context 49:9-10 does not apply to Ukraine & Russia. As for the UN, its laws are in need of immediate change and correction; justice requires that the UN should not differentiate among the world countries; there should be nothing called third and first worlds; there should be no (veto) for any countries. We do believe that the UN must have, one day, its own international military troops to interfere within military struggles to impose peace and justice as per Quranic values of Islam; this way, weak countries will be defended in case they suffer from any military aggressors; this is not to say that we urge the 'Islamization' of the UN. Of course, the UN must interfere in countries ruled by tyrants who violate human rights and must put such tyrants to trial (within ICC) at once and to arrest such tyrants. Of course, such tyrants launch unjust wars and buy weapons from the West. The West powers love to sell and get rid of their old weapons and to experiment with new ones sold to unjust rulers. Again, the UN laws issued in 1945 must be revised and changed since the UN, since 1945, has failed to prevent wars anywhere in the world. Of course, we exclude the possibility of the rise of WWIII; we desire that UN should prevent or end wars among countries ruled by tyrants encouraged and supported by rivaling West powers. It is high time for all humanity to side with humanistic values which mostly match with higher Quranic values of True Islam.


Ukraine & Russia Again
Published in March 30, 2022

Question: … Dear Sir, … Will Russia defeat Ukraine? Is the specter of WWIII looming in our modern era? What is your own view? … Thank you …
In our own opinion, even if Putin will manage to defeat the Ukrainian troops, he cannot possibly defeat the Ukrainian nation; the Ukrainian citizens are located within cities, villages, mountainous regions, and forests; even the mightiest military power cannot control such demography especially when such a nation hates the Russian occupiers. Of course, Putin made Ukrainians hate him after his aggression against Ukrainian civilians. It is for the benefit of the USA and the West to allow Putin to sap his own economic, military, and political power within such an unjust war as this might lead to his removal from office. Putin may be toppled by his own Russian citizens one day. Again, we repeat here that the rise of WWIII is impossible; otherwise, nuclear weapons would destroy Planet Earth and wipe out the human race. No human being (including Putin) can take such a decision now or in the near future; deposing Putin is easier than taking such a decision to destroy the world. We do believe and hope that Putin will be humiliated by a military defeat even if he would manage to force the West powers into negotiations with Moscow.


Ukraine & Palestine
Published in March 22, 2022

Question: … Dear Sir, … Of course, you think that Ukrainians have the right to defend themselves and that Quranists have the same right when their countries are attacked by military aggressors; yet, you deny Palestinians the same right when they suffer Israeli aggression; why is that?! You even side against Palestinian suicide bombers and refuse to call them 'martyrs'! …… If the Palestinians, in your own view, are too weak to engage into self-defense military endeavors, does this apply to the Ukrainians or nor? Any ideas? … Thank you …
Homeland is not merely a stretch of land or a geographical location; homeland is really the citizens themselves when the State and the government serve such citizens. Putin is a tyrant who thinks he owns Russia; in tyrannical countries, the enthroned tyrants represent homeland and the State. Free citizens refuse to be enslaved by any enthroned tyrants. The West Bank and the Gaza Strip are ruled by dwarfed tyrants who are very corrupt and side with whoever helps them to maintain their power and to keep their ill-gotten wealth. Israeli Arabs of Palestinian origin enjoy more rights that Egyptians inside Egypt, Saudis inside the KSA…etc. since the Arab countries are ruled by tyrants who own & represent homeland. There are no free Arab citizens since they allow enthroned tyrants to rob, torture, & massacre them and strip them of basic rights and dignity. It is silly when such enthroned tyrants spread the lie that the West powers and the USA conspire against them since such tyrants prostrate to the West all the time. Those who struggle for the sake of human rights must channel/direct their struggle against such enthroned tyrants; this is what we do through our videos and writings to raise awareness of everyone through Quranism. Later on, citizens whose awareness is raised regarding justice and human rights should fight against such enthroned tyrants to depose them. Suicide bombers worldwide (not only inside Israel) will enter into Hell since Islam is against the grave sin/crime of suicide. Of course, we should always remember that the African Americans struggled peacefully for their rights inside the USA within democracy and lack of hero worship; no mortals are deified inside the USA even the founding fathers. No one is above the law there. Thus, the Palestinians should work together to depose enthroned tyrants in Gaza and the West Bank.


Inheritance & Ill-Gotten Money
Published in March 21, 2022

Question: … Dear Sir, … Is it OK for me to receive my inheritance share though I know for sure that my late father's wealth is ill-gotten money? What do you think? … Thank you …
It is OK. Inheritance laws in the Quranic text must be applied regardless of the fact you have mentioned that your late father was a swindler/thief. Your inheritance money is lawful money; you can receive it without any qualms.


Selling Hard Currency
Published in April 17, 2022

Question: … Dear Sir, … Is it lawful or not within Quranism that I sell hard currency inside my native country (Yemen) where the siege imposed by Saudi Arabia & the war launched by Saudi aggressors make the exchange rates change so often? … Thank you …
It is OK. All types of trade are OK within mutual consent between sellers and buyers.


The Issue of Choice Regarding the Test of Life
Published in April 24, 2022

Question: … Dear Sir, … I am an atheist young man and I must be allowed to put this question to you: If Allah causes someone to be taken ill and commands us to implore Him to remove such affliction, why would Allah cause ailments to occur/exist in the first place?! … Thank you …
Of course, you never understand the wisdom behind the creation of human beings, by the Lord God, on Earth. The Lord God has created human souls to test them in this world; part of such test is times of adversity and prosperity. The Lord God has created human beings as free agents who can choose to (dis)believe in Allah and to (dis)obey Him. For instance, based on your own free will, you have chosen to disbelieve in Allah and in the Hereafter. This means human beings have a choice; they have the ability to choose; this pertains to the test of life imposed by the Lord God on all human souls. The result of such a test will be experienced on the Last Day: winners will enter into Paradise; losers will suffer inside Hell for eternity. This means every human soul chooses (as per its deeds and faith or lack thereof) to reside in Paradise or to enter into Hell. The Lord God is never unjust towards human beings and He never breaks His promises mentioned in the Holy Quran.


About Insurance Companies
Published in April 28, 2022

Question: … Dear Sir, … as a Quranist man who lives in France, I work in an insurance company; yet, some Arabs who reside in France are convinced by online Sunnite fatwas that it's prohibited & never 'permissible' for Muslims to work in such companies or to deal with them as clients! What is your own view? … Thank you …
It is OK and permissible to work in an insurance company and to be one of its clients. It is prohibited within True Islam (i.e., Quranism) to prohibit something legal and permitted. Within our Quranist school of thought, true Muslims must never make illegal/prohibited what is never mentioned as such in the Quranic text. We urge you never to pay attention or to take heed of any fatwas issued by clergymen of Satan of man-made religions of Sunnites, Sufis, and Shiites; such devilish religions are privately owned by clergymen who follow their own whims/desires and worship Mammon/money.


My Son and Pork
Published in May 13, 2022

Question: … Dear Sir, … I am an American citizen of Egyptian origin; my son will enter into kindergarten soon; I'm worried that the food which will be offered to him there might include pork. My wife and I will send him to school with homemade food items of course; yet, I cannot guarantee that my son will abstain from consuming pork (or any similar cooked flesh of hogs & swines) unknowingly since he is too young to understand and he might feel left out if he would not share food items distributed to other kids. Any advice? … Thank you …
It is your right to insist that homemade food items should be allowed to your son; those who run the kindergarten will never disagree to that if you will discuss the matter with them. You can tell them to never allow your son to consume any food items other than the ones sent with him inside his bag. Thus, you will be doing your best to prevent your son from consuming food items prohibited in the Quranic sharia laws. The Lord God says the following in the Holy Quran: "God does not burden any soul beyond its capacity…" (2:286).


There Is No Clergy in Islam
Published in May 16, 2022

Question: … Dear Sir, … In your previous fatwas, you mention that True Islam (i.e., the Quran-only Islam) has no clergymen of any kind; there is no mediators between Allah and human beings; yet, I cannot marry the woman I love without having to 'declare' being a Muslim and get a certificate (with government stamp in Egypt) to prove my conversion! This means Al-Azhar clergymen pose as 'clergy' of Islam! What do you think? … Thank you …
Converting to True Islam (Quranism) requires no paperwork or taking any measures since one's faith/belief is a special relation with Allah; the Lord God has no deputies on Earth. Even Muhammad is told in the Quranic text that he is no guardian over anyone among his contemporaries and that he is never responsible for guiding them since adhering to (mis)guidance is a personal, individual responsibility. Tens of Quranic verses assert such facts. If your fiancée insists you have to get any certificates to make your marriage appear 'legal' inside Egypt, you can take whatever measures/steps you have to take; yet, the Omniscient Lord knows if you will be a true Muslim or not. Submitting to laws of any country is not against Islam; if you marry your fiancée outside Egypt and you keep your religion and she keeps hers, this is OK within Quranism even if it is not OK for Sunnites. Within True Islam, it is OK when a Quranist woman marries a peaceful non-Muslim man regardless of his religion or lack thereof.


Inheritance inside the USA
Published in June 15, 2022

Question: … Dear Sir, … I am an American citizen of Egyptian origin; as per American laws, after my death, the State will get my bank account money and my house unless I have a written will and testament; I want to write my will in a way that respects Quranic inheritance laws; I have a wife and three sons … Any ideas?… Thank you …
You can write your will by making your wife receive 40% of your money and assets and the rest should be distributed in equal shares among your three sons.


Plagiarism & Stealing Quranist Ideas
Published in August 5, 2022

Question: … Dear Sir, … I'd like to inform you that many Sunnite and Shiite clergymen online sometimes repeat some of your Quranist ideas and ascribe them to themselves instead of admitting that such ideas are really yours … Why should not you expose such thieves in your videos and articles?! … Thank you …
We thank you for your message; may the Lord God bless and reward you. We love it when our Quranist ideas spread within cyberspace even without attributing them to their original author, and even when such ideas spread by non-Quranists such as clergymen of the Muhammadans. This have been done several times when we were inside Egypt (i.e., before 2001); this continues until now in Egypt and elsewhere and, of course, within the cyberspace. We welcome this very much. We never care that such clergymen maybe doing so to follow their own financial interests and their own whims; our focus is on the Last Day, and theirs is in this transient world. We care only for our entering into Paradise on the Last Day as per the mercy of the Lord God. That the clergymen of Satan employ our ideas to 'prove' erroneous Sunnite/Shiite notions is not something novel; it is their usual habit since they misguide other people; they disregard the following Quranic verse: "And do not mix the Truth with falsehoods, and do not conceal the Truth while you know." (2:42). The Lord God will settle our differences in religion on the Last Day: "The Day when their excuses will not profit the unjust ones, and the curse will be upon them, and they will have the Home of Misery." (40:52).


About Compliments
Published in October 1, 2020

Question: … Dear Sir, … As a Quranist Muslim, I adhere to piety as much as I can and I hate telling lies; yet, when I have to make compliments to others, is this a type of telling lies? … Am I a liar for having to compliment a plain woman by telling her she is pretty, for instance, within a party or any social gatherings? What do you think? … Thank you …
We do believe that compliments are not lies even if you do not sincerely mean what you say in a compliment; compliments are social phenomenon like greetings; you do not tell lies by complimenting someone since you do not intend to deceive someone in order to harm them or to serve your own interests. Hence, offering compliments is OK within Islam.


Reading the Quranic Chapter One in English
Published in October 28, 2020

Question: … Dear Sir, … I never learned the Arabic tongue; am I allowed during the five daily prayers to read the Quranic Chapter One in my native tongue (English) or not? I mean I utter a translated version of it … What is your own view? … Thank you …
It is OK to do so; you should sense piety within your heart during prayers as you reflect upon the meanings of the Quranic Chapter One.


Shiite Hadiths and the Sun
Published in October 4, 2020

Question: … Dear Sir, … In the Shiite book of hadiths titled (Al-Kafi), I've read a hadith narrated by the Shiite saint Jaffer Al-Sadeq (and ascribed falsely to Muhammad) that the earth revolves around the sun. How come such a scientific fact was known to Shiites in the Middle-Ages?! Any ideas? … Thank you …
This scientific fact was discovered earlier inside Ancient Egypt and Ancient Greece; later on, in Europe, Copernicus proved it before the Renaissance Era. All Quranists disbelieve in all hadiths and Muhammad never uttered them even if some hadiths contain scientific facts; hadiths never pertain to Islam/Quranism.


Please Read our Books
Published in October 2, 2020

Question: … Dear Sir, … I have a couple of questions about the Quran after reading it using an English translation: ……………… … Thank you …
You will find answers to your questions when you read our three books, in English, found in the following links:


Using a Denture during Ramadan
Published in April 29, 2022

Question: … Dear Sir, … Is it OK to use a denture in my mouse while fasting during Ramadan? I have to apply a certain paste between my gum and the denture and I fear that such a paste might enter into my gullet through saliva … Thank you …
This is OK; your fasting is acceptable to the Lord God as per your piety; this paste is not food at all and it will not spoil your fast.


A Good Suggestion
Published in October 14, 2020

Question: … Dear Sir, … I urge you to allow some Quranists to write/translate summaries of books of arts, science, history & philosophy so that Quranist Muslims would be cultured and knowledgeable in many ways without having to read so many books ……We have to fight ignorance in the Arab world, you know…… … What is your own view? … Thank you …
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