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Home project is made by the artists together with 6 members of the Norwich community; it is an installation of sound, photography, film and performance. Home builds bridges, explores personal and shared experience and investigates what home is in our lives, our bodies and our surroundings. 
In Norwich the artists are working with Gordon Smith, Ellie Mann, Holly Parker-Jervis, Salah Elnagar, Harry Mann and Maria Reiss 
Home is part of The Home Project, an ongoing collaboration between artsist and public the--home--project.tumblr.com/

This is my artical about ( WHAT IS THE MEANING OF HOMELAND?)

  Borders, a place, a land or a feeling?

There are not enough lines, or even pages, to write about homeland; the meaning of which includes the entire universe, the simple and the complex. Home is the first breath of life, it is the identity of a person, paints a shape and features, is the title of my book which I began and will end. It is a beloved, who relieves my wounds and pain, and gives me peace, sun and air. The homeland of most people is their home town, the place of childhood, youth and adulthood and where their loved ones reside.

The home is a place that educates the human, and imprints beautiful pictures in his mind: mountains, seas, rivers, sand, sounds of loved ones and friends. Grandparents talk about the ruins and poets write about it.

Human life does not exist without a homeland protecting it, and defending one by offering various services such as education and health. A sense of belonging to a particular country is a natural instinct of man, and a man who claims to be able to live without such is a man without principles and a meaningless life.

Home is not defined by any single phrase, it is a precious jewel, the school that arms us with knowledge of the self, the spiritual and physical belonging to the depth of your roots and your origin ... He who loves his home works for its survival and it is not to be tampered with because it is our place (where we live and we die). If lost, one loses his spirit and life.

Home is a mother, giving tender love and compassion and sacrifice, the rivers does not dry out or get tired, always flowing with kindness that never ends. There is no cushion in the world smoother than the lap of the mother. It is my mother who made me and who was my teacher who taught me the principles of life. A mother's love is ever-present, despite everything. Nothing in this world gives happiness like a mother when her son is successful. A mother's love never grows old.

While a mother’s love is deeper than the oceans, a father’s love is higher than the peaks of the mountains. My father taught me the meaning of life, led me down its path, calmed me in distress, congratulated me when right and advised me when wrong.
Home is a brother and sister. There is nothing nicer than having a brother or sister in your life, who can keep your secrets. They are there for you during the good and bad times.

.Homeland is love and love is the nicest disease, increasing the heart rate

Homeland is friendship, not absent when the sun sets; the friendship does not melt as snow does, it does not die unless your love dies, a bird without wings, the fruits of the earth are harvested each season but the friendship reap every moment, is the other face of love, but the face that does not rust, as a health rights do not feel rare value only when they lose it.

Home is like a harp, which plays a melody before going to sleep, helping you to sleep peacefully, and it constantly plays without sleeping. Home is a grain of soil which flourishes with a drop of water. Meaning of the word homeland is formed by your life and is in your character and identity; it is the water spring that penetrates the rock with ease, and yet the rocks protect us from danger. We are all trees that have grown together with interlocking branches to protect against adversaries.
Home provides an instruction manual to a book too long to read fully, it is the fragrance of the mulberry tree, the chicken house, the sound of bees, the smell of bread, and holds as many memories as the house of your grandmother and those of the land and sea and the evening breeze over Farms and Fields that tenderness; the surrounding helping hands and the watchful eyes that feed your heart and home.

Names and terminology, words, shapes and faces crowd our minds and the thousands of scents reminding us of memories, longing and stories. The tastes that remind your mouth with saliva longing or nausea recalled from the reels of memories containing every taste, from a hearty feast to a dose of bitter medicine.
The sounds and whispers and bustle and noise and screaming and wailing and sobbing.
And a break from the music.
The clip of the song.
And slapped on the face.
Happy screams and a cry of pain.
All this reserved accurately and memories recorded along with the date and occasion with the names of the people and the circumstances of the incident.
The miracle of memory.

When you leave, and the borders keep you a thousand miles away, we leave behind our years of love and good times. Or do we take all these recalled with a tremor of Joy, a moment of Sorrow. We are touched by Melancholy.
This is the Meaning of Homeland.


Best Regards,
Salah Elnagar

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