my speech in Medical Conference at Norwich University (UEA :
my speech in Medical Conference at Norwich University (UEA

salah elnagar Ýí 2017-02-24

Hello Everybody,

I am glad to meet you, thank so much for the people who invited me in this wonderful meeting.

My name: Salah El Nagar.  I am Egyptian Writer and poetry. I have been in The UK one year.

I came here as a Refugee because I had persecution in Egypt. I am quranist writer, who wrote articles for human rights and freedom plus I have been involved in political demonstrations against the government in addition to I am very relative:


DR. Ahmed Subhy Mansour  is an Egyptian American activist, whose website describes him as an Islamic scholar with expertise in Islamic historyculturetheology, and politics. He founded the small Egyptian Quranists sect that is neither Sunni nor Shia, was exiled from Egypt, and lives in the United States as a political refugee. Mansour was an advocate for democracy and human rights in Egypt for many years, during which time he was isolated by Islamic extremist clerics and persecuted by the government. He was arrested and served time in prison for his liberal political, religious, and social views.


I have many articles which were published in many magazines and newspaper, I had interview in BBC Radio Norfolk about my Religion Views, and in addition to I have interview in Conference at UEA which will publishing in T.V.

I am preparing many story about Refugees in Jungle, it is factual Stories and interested more than science faction stories.

I have story, I would like to share it with you. Eight month ago I had problem with insomnia, I could not sleep well because I was thinking so much my problems. I did appointment with doctor who stayed with me three minutes and gave me tablets for 8 days. I was happy and sad. Happy because I can sleep again, sad because what about after tablets finish. I can sleep again normal or I would be like machine, if I want sleep take one tablet and if I want laugh take two tablets.

Already when the tables had finished, insomnia came back again. I decided to help myself by myself and did not come back again to doctor.

At this time I have friend in new routes who invited me for volunteers work at the Grange (Country side), I welcomed this idea so much and I went with new routes to the Grange. After wonderful day with fantastic people, I told my self-addressing my doctor, thank you doctor I found my medicine and you lost a customer.

The countryside is the most beautiful place in my view. The simplicity, beauty, tranquillity, fresh air, clear skies, smell of the grass and beautiful aromatic flowers. The sound of trickling running water merged with the sound of birds and the rays of the sun kissed our skin.

Plus the Grange family who I felt with them that I am a member in their family who I lost, indeed.

In addition to physical work is in an essential part of human life, which gives man and woman status and the feeling of being part of society, interacting with our fellow humans.

All of these reasons helped me to make the best Antibiotics against insomnia.

I wrote many poems for justice, freedom and hope, this my poem for the hope 

Do not let anything stop you

Each imposed unacceptable....Prove to the world that you exist is

Do not let anything stop you.... Do not let life lock you up

Close the door of your sorrow fully

Open the door of opportunity and keep on working hard

The whole thing is to exert, some effort.

Do not let fear steal the innocence of your soul, imprison its determination and courage, destroy ambition and power…..and control you.

Your human inner strength will overcome the obstacles of life.

You can make it straight if it is tended…You can beat it… Power is always in your hands

Do not let anything stop you.... Do not let life lock you up

Close the door of your sorrow fully

Open the door of opportunity and keep on working hard.


I have factual story which I am writing, I would like to share a paragraph with you.

I left my tent. The dark was full of the sounds of dogs and firing of guns. I followed the familiar roads to meet the smugglers. I walked for nearly two hours alone. I looked to either side of the road through the darkness. I heard the barking of police dogs which seemed so close. I remembered my bitter memories, my time on the Mediterranean Sea and my sixty days in the jungle. To overcome this sadness, I remembered better days of joking and laughing with the smuggler. I remembered the humorous times watching lorry drivers with their surprised faces. I watched the stars which made me remember my time studying physics at university. I laughed.

Finally I found one friend who agreed to travel with me through the long dark routes. I found him in my desperate situation. His name was Hope. Without Hope we have nothing to help us carry on. Hope gives us happiness and safety. Hope motivates us to withstand and persevere. It takes us away from laziness, depression and frustration. Without Hope we remain in the darkest room, consumed by bad situations and a negative outlook. This prevents us seeing the beauty, the goodness and joy of the world. We become isolated in our sadness. The words of Hope from others are like gold. They empower us. They intensify the beauty of the world.

I spoke with Hope and asked:

“When is the end of my suffering? I try every night to escape without success. I am tired!”

“You should embrace me, Have you encouraged others to embrace me?” hope asked. 

“Yes I have written about you, but I am human. Sometimes I have much weakness and despair.” I said.

“Yes I know, do not worry I am with you always, Hope answered.  “Your journey will be fruitful in the future. Your journey will be honourable to you and your family in the future for your children and grandchildren. Keep faith in hope and be optimistic. This night may be the last of your struggles.”


Thank so much for listening.

King regards,

Salah El Nagar  







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