My speech for Clive Lewis parliament (MP):
My speech for Clive Lewis parliament (MP)

salah elnagar Ýí 2017-12-19


My speech for Clive Lewis

A wonderful meeting with Clive Lewis with other Politicians In his Office on 9/12/2017. Clive Lewis is a British Labour politician who has been the member of parliament (MP) for Norwich South since winning the seat at the 2015 general election from the sitting Liberal Democrat Simon Wright.


I was with my wonderful friends Jax Burgoyne works in BBC Radio Norfolk and Ian Nettleton a lecturer in Open University.


Firstly:thank you so much for your invitations and giving me chance to talk with you about a very complicated problems from the roots of the history. Really, I appreciate this.

Secondly: I do love this country so much and I do not want to The UK suffering with terrorism operations like my country and other country in Middle East. So, I come today to explain and talking about this complicate problem to find best solutions.

Thirdly: My name is Salah El Nagar. I am an Egyptian Quranist Writer and .I came here to the UK as refugee because I suffered persecution in my home country because I am a writer who has published articles on human Rights and Freedom. I was also involved in political demonstrations against the Egyptian government. In addition to I am related to:

DR. Ahmed Subhy Mansour an Egyptian American activist who is an Islamic scholar with expertise in Islamic history, culture, theology and politics.  I was forced to leave Egypt because of my support for his teachings. He has been in exile in America since 2001.

Fourthly: We called Quranist. The Egyptian secret police who called us this name but we are Muslims have thinking and thought. The Birthday of Quranist Started on 1973 when Dr. Mansour was in Al-Azhar University which is the oldest University in the world. Al-Azhar University for Muslim people is like Vatican for Christians.


 DR. Mansour joined Al Azhar primary school in 1960. In 1964, He received the second highest score in Egypt in primary diploma tests. In 1969, He graduated from Al-Azhar Secondary School, ranked fourth in country on national university entrance examination. In 1973, He got his Bachelor from Al-Azhar University in Muslim History, with highest honour and was appointed lecturer in department of Muslim history, College of Arabic Language, Al-Azhar University. In 1975, he got his Masters in Muslim History with honour and became an Assistant Teacher and Lecturer of Muslim History, College of Arabic Language, Al-Azhar University.

He started my dissertation for PhD titled “The effect of the Sufism in Egypt during the Mamelukes era” (AD 1250: 1517). It discussed the side effects of the very famous sacred Sufi saints in Egypt in that time and the contradiction between the religion of Islam and the Sufi human made religion. In that time, Al Azhar was under the Sufi control, and its grand Imam was DR. Abdel Halim Mahmoud, the most famous sheikh in the late four decades. He was a fanatic Sufi Scholar who believed in Sufism as the real version of Islam. So, his dissertation was refused and he was asked to change his writing to praise Sufism instead of criticizing it. He refused their request and argued that his references are the original Sufi texts that are well known inside Al Azhar and are being taught to students. All he does is to analyse and compare the Sufi teachings to the teachings of Quran.

This is his first stage of persecution which lasted three years (1977: 1980). Eventually, the university and he had a compromise to delete and omit two thirds of my dissertation, and in October 1980, instead of changing his words. He got his Ph.D. Degree from Al-Azhar University, Cairo, Egypt in “Muslim History” with highest honour and became assistant Professor of Muslim History, College of Arabic Language, Al-Azhar University in 1981.

Fifthly: Since the 1990s, the whole world has witnessed so many terrorist attacks by Wahhabis, incited by sheikhs and clergymen of the Sunnite Wahhabi religion, especially inside the Cairo-based Al-Azhar institution, in Egypt, as this institution is the religious references to all Sunnite Muslims worldwide whose number exceeds 1 billion person.


The West countries do their best in their endeavours to prevent or at least lessen the number of such terrorist crimes, but they mostly fail because they overlook the mission of drying the intellectual sources of Wahhabi terrorism; they only focus on tightening security measures. Sadly, the West countries are eager to please the KSA – the source and sponsor of the terrorist Wahhabi religion. They are also eager to please the head of Al-Azhar institution, Ahmed Al-Tayyib, who is a fanatical sheikh who propagates ad supports the Sunnite Wahhabi religion of terror. This head of Al-Azhar is in full control of the religious thought in Egypt to the extent that he has forced the Egyptian President, Abdel-Fattah Al-Sisi, to stop pursuing any efforts to reform the religious discourse. The influence of this head of Al-Azhar has led to the incarceration of two reformist thinkers who have dared to question and discuss Azharite curricula that form the minds of the Azharite students to turn them into terrorists who indiscriminately kill anyone who does not follow their Wahabi religion. It is well-known that all leaders and imams of Wahabi terrorism are either among Al-Azhar University graduates or among those who did post graduate studies at Al-Azhar University; e.g. leaders of the terrorist MB, leaders of Boko Haram, Al-Qaeda leaders like Al-Zawahiri, and Omar Abdul-Rahman. 

Sixthly: It is clear to us that since ISIS terrorists are being defeated in Iraq and Syria, they will focus their terrorist operations in many countries in the West, and this is easier for the ISIS terrorists; the Wahhabi religion of terror that has hijacked the name of Islam and speaks falsely in its name spreads all over mosques and 'Islamic' centres in the West countries, while being sponsored by the KSA and other Gulf monarchies.

The current head of Al-Azhar stops anyone from undermining, criticizing, and questioning the terrorist Wahhabi religion of ISIS, as this man is protected by the Saudi influence in Egypt. In addition, the KSA chases those who criticize the Wahhabi religion by death threats and levels accusations of apostasy at them to force them to remain silent so as not to get killed, as being put to the death is the punishment for 'infidels' in the Wahhabi Sunnite religion, which has nothing to do with Islam. Thus, the threat to be assassinated is the lethal weapon to terrorize anyone who dares to question or undermine the Sunnite Wahhabi religion, and this way, the KSA protects the Wahhabi ideology from being criticized. 

Seventhly: Islam is not a people or a group of persons; rather, it is a religion of certain commands and prohibitions, summarized in the Quranic Ten Commandments mentioned in the Quranic Chapter 6, from verse 151 to verse 153. Human beings are free to obey or disobey such commands and prohibitions, as the Day of Resurrection will come to judge each individual's belief and deeds in this worldly, transient life. So as to understand real Islam, one should read the Quran as per its unique Arabic terminology that differs a great deal from terminology of Muslims in their traditions, heritage, history, dictionaries, and other linguistic lexicons. If we read the Quran according to its unique Arabic terminology, we will be surprised to find out the fact that the values of the Western civilization are the nearest ones to real Islam in the Quran, in comparison to the values of the sharia of the man-made religions of Muslims, past and present, which differ a great deal from Quranic values.

2- Muslims are human beings with their human traditions, habits, heritage, history, as well as earthly, man-made religions that they have fabricated themselves and developed with the passage of the past centuries: chief among such religions are the Sunnite religion, the Shiite religion, and the Sufi religion. These three fabricated religions are based on sayings and traditions falsely attributed to Prophet Muhammad two centuries and more after his death.

Eighthly: the Problems began with the Muslims immigrants to Europe  after the dominance of Wahhabism within the Arab and Muslim world; most recent immigrants and refugees have learned from Wahhabism that the world is divided into two camps: ''Home of Peace'' (i.e., Muslim countries) and ''Home of War/Infidels'' (i.e., the West countries). Among the Wahhabi notions is the idea that military jihad is an obligatory duty against all West countries as much as a Wahhabi could manage. Hence, such Wahhabi immigrants and refugees are similar to a fifth column inside the ''infidels' camp'' who supposedly oppose and hate 'Islam', as per terrorist Wahhabi teachings.         

Such serious problem has been exacerbated and aggravated by the emergence of the ISIS terrorists; not only as ISIS terrorist organization has led to the increase of the number of refugees seeking shelter in the West countries, but also as ISIS members manipulate online ideological war of ideas to convince and recruit Muslims residing in the West countries to join ISIS terrorists. Thus, such youths are driven into committing massacres and bloodbaths. The problem worsens as Wahhabi centres and mosques in the West countries falsely raise the banner of Islam and claim falsely taking in its name; such centres and mosques prepare and train the youth to turn them into suicide bombers in service of ISIS and other terrorist organizations. It is logical that immigrants and refugees would suffer psychological crises, leading them to resort to mosques, where they will find those who will certainly manipulate such crises to turn them into criminals/victims who will kill themselves and others!

Nightly: The Solution:

1- All immigrants and refugees from Muslim background must be rehabilitated to acculturate and integrate into the Europe society, to turn them into law-abiding European citizens who feel loyal to their new homeland and grateful to the European nation that have hosted and saved them.    

2- Such rehabilitation process can never be within the West culture; rather, it must stem from Islam itself: within ignored, disregarded, discarded Quranic facts and values, intentionally overlooked for 14 centuries but luckily preserved in the Quranic text – if we are to read the Arabic Quran to understand it in its unique terminology while avoiding the erroneous distortions and interpretations of the Sunnites, Shiites, and Sufis. Adherents of these three religions annulled the Quranic sharia under the pretext of making hadiths replacing Quranic teachings, to subjugate the Quran to their blood-thirsty man-made sharia laws. Such overlooked facts and tenets of Islam are the same as the West values, because of which Germany has hosted Syrian refugees and other refugees of other nationalities.      

3- Strict measures should be applied against the extremist terrorist Wahhabis who control mosques in EU and turning them into terrorist centres, manipulating the freedom of speech, thought, religion, and religious proselytization to spread Wahhabism all over the EU and to preach hatred of the EU societies that host, shelter, and feed them while providing them with care and safety. Wahhabi clergymen and terrorists must be removed from their positions that influence Muslims, replacing them with moderate, enlightened Muslims in all mosques and religious 'Islamic' schools and institutes in the EU.     

4- The reform mentioned above should be coupled with amelioration of conditions of poor Muslims in the EU to care for them to earn their loyalty to the EU countries that host them.

Tenthly:  The Quranists Are the Solution:

1- The Quranists specialize in the following:

A) in reforming Muslims from within Islam by convincing them that Islam (i.e., the Quran alone) is the religion of peace, tolerance, justice, political freedom, religious freedom, human rights, and human dignity, and  

B) in the peaceful intellectual war of ideas against Wahhabi terrorism, in order to save the Muslim youth from falling into the trap of terrorist imams and clergymen. 

2- When Quranists have performed their duty within such peaceful intellectual endeavour in Egypt, they have suffered waves of persecution and arrest, and when their leaders fled to the USA as political refugees, they have enjoyed safety and managed to go on with their call via their International Quranic Centre (IQC), their website, with its Arabic and English sections, and the Ibn Rushd Media Company.

Inside the USA, the Quranists have managed with their limited sources and finances (their website and some YouTube videos) in causing considerable positive changes in the mind and thinking of millions of Muslims worldwide, and the number of enlightened Muslims and their trends is increasing. If Quranists in the USA would find anyone to cooperate with them, they would manage to create an unprecedented and unparalleled reform that will certainly save thousands of victims and save billions of money.     

4- Since 2002, Quranists in the USA have addressed the American authorities to seek their cooperation in the intellectual, peaceful war against Wahhabism and its terrorist organizations like ISIS; yet, the Saudi influence prevents such cooperation until the present moment, and that is why terrorism still poses a threat in the USA, with no radical solution. 

Clive Lewis said it is very interested. He took all the articles which I brought with me like.

 Clive Lewis told me that would do the best and he will send our message to Jeremy Bernard Corbyn is a British politician serving as Leader of the Labour Party and Leader of the Opposition since 2015. He has been the Member of Parliament (MP) for Islington North since 1983.

Also he told me that he would talk and discuss with others politicians and parliament for discussion that issue in the British Parliament.    

Also he asked to meet again for discussion.

Thank you so much for listening



















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