Professor Dr. Abdelrazak Mansour Ali:
What is the relationship between poplars and the smart fruit?

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What is the relationship between poplars and the smart fruit?
Professor Dr. Abdelrazak Mansour Ali
I affirm that I do not claim knowledge of the unseen, but rather that I strive through reflections on the verses of the Noble Qur’an.
You must remember these terms to understand this research:
Poplars (Al-Hoor): In Botany, the Genus Poplars is belonging to the willow family (Salicaceae), native to the Northern Hemisphere (1). In the Arabic lexicon, Al-Hoor changed his matter or amended it.
A raw is a source name that means everything that is found in its natural state and can be used.
We note that in the context of the detailed description of Paradise contained in Surat Al-Rahman and Al-Waqi’ah, we find that Allah Almighty divided Paradise into two types (each type is two gardens) and allocated the first type “Super two gardens” for those who feared the position of their Lord and having the best degrees of faith and honorable deeds. And because they are superior in degree, so their gardens were the largest in area, their waters flowed as rivers, and the fruits of gardens are smart, in the sense that they are programmed like a computer. As for those who won but with lower grades (the right-handers), God granted them “Regular two gardens” that are less in the area and whose water is in the form of a fountain, and the fruits of their gardens are “not smart”. The fruits of Paradise are in pairs, and this is the meaning of the Almighty’s saying (and we paired them with special beautiful fruits) in Surat Ad-Dukhan and At-Tur. That is, we coupled them means a way to present fruits to the companions of Paradise, not the well-known marriage contract.
So, the poplar is the fruit of paradise that mutates and changes color, taste, and smell. This unique characteristic is not found in the fruits of this worldly life, the same as the wine of the afterlife is distinguished by its delicious taste and does not cause diseases like the wine of this worldly life.
The division of poplars (the fruit of paradise) as stated in the Holy Qur’an:
1- Poplar i.e., the appointed one designated for a specific person + the poplar of exclusive designation i.e., programmed = smart fruit.
2- Ordinary poplar, i.e., exclusively raw= raw fruit in its original natural state, i.e., not smart.
But why the “Al-Hoor Al-Ain” is not considered the most beautiful and seductive woman? we say.
1- The sexual instinct placed by God Almighty in creatures, including man, to preserve the species from extinction and to achieve the meaning of our God's words (I am making a successor on the earth), i.e., for man to populate it with his successor. Therefore, the pleasure was incorporated with the sexual process to encourage man to reproduce and preserve his kind. As for the afterlife, there is no meaning or reason for procreation and reproduction, as the people’s number is complete and now qualified for counting on resurrection day.
2- God Almighty likened the Hoor al-Ain “fruit” to sapphire, corals, and hidden pearls, with the exclusion of all other precious things. None of us asked ourselves what the is secret in this analogy, which has no connection or logic to the beautiful woman. The truth is that when God Almighty is aiming to liken to something, that characteristically distinguishes this thing from others. So, what is the unique property of sapphire, coral, and pearls? we say:
A- Sapphire: It is unique in its extreme sensitivity to light waves, and therefore Sapphire is used in the manufacture of smartphone lenses, as well as in the manufacture of sensors of the fingerprint scanner. This means that the poplar fruit is a smart fruit, in the sense that it receives, and stores information loaded on the electromagnetic light waves, reflected from our eyes. That is, it understands and knows what we desire about the specifications of the fruit that we want, so the fruit changes and adjusts automatically to match the standards and specifications that we desire. Let us give an example to approximate:
When we place an order or request delivery service of anything on our smartphones, the order is to be received at the door of the house, and it is the same idea as smart fruit, but with more advanced and classy technology than what we are in now, but how? The order that we request in our daily life takes time and effort, such as searching on websites and writing what we want with the required specifications and conditions. In the end “The resurrection day”, just thinking about the order initiates the information to be loaded with the "specifications you want" on the electromagnetic waves sent from the brain through the eye, then the smart fruit picks them up, so they are shaped and modulated according to the information and specifications you want, and the "order" comes electronically to you right away.
And this is what we understand from God saying: (And fruits of what they choose) - Al-Waqea’ah 21, and His saying about Paradise: (And therein is whatever the souls desire and [what] delights the eyes)- Al-Zukhruf, verse 71. This means that whatever you think of and desire for fruit, it will come to you immediately.
And the method of smart fruit in preparing the “order” is smooth and accurate and bypasses the technical and personal mistakes that occur in our worldly lives. Is it logical to describe the beautiful woman that they are "neither malfunctioned nor chitchat"!?
- God Almighty described this smart fruit as an "appointed", i.e., specific and intended for a specific person, because it is innate to decode this person's password. As for describing it as "exclusively sight directed", that is, no hacker can steal the password to ask for what he wants! But how is that? Because the fruit is exclusive and programmed only to receive the waves issued by this specific person.
B- As for the comparison of the smart fruit with "hidden pearls", it has recently been proved that pearl extract powder is used to bring tranquility and psychological comfort to some mental illnesses that are characterized by insomnia, deterioration of memory, and learning ability (2). In addition, it adds vibrancy and delays aging (3)
In other words, the fruit of al-hoor al-‘iyn gives psychological comfort and freshness to the people of Paradise.
C- As for comparing fruit to coral, the characteristic that is unique to coral is the extreme diversity in its colors, shapes, and sizes.
Conclusion: Al-Hoor Al-Ain is the fruit of heaven, not the beautiful, charming woman as they claim.
A final word: How many disasters and wars have been ignited throughout history because of the racist virility interpretation and misunderstanding of the beautiful poplars? The Crooks exploited it to push the naive youth to implement the agenda of these Crooks and tempt them to enjoy the charms of the poplars in the afterlife. Indeed, the Crooks falsely fabricated hadiths about the "Prophet, peace be upon him." Which describes and flirts with the beauty and temptation of the sexual organs in the body of Al-Hoor Al-Ain, which made us a laughingstock and a place for ridicule among atheists and enemies of Islam. Unfortunately, these Crooks occupied the Muslims with eye poplars and left the non-Muslims to advance scientifically and innovate until they reached the scientific revolution that we are experiencing today.
Fact: Science has advanced to the point of copying eye cells using a 3D printer. Nanotechnology provided us with a modern treatment to target cancer cells to eliminate them without affecting healthy, non-cancerous cells. And do not forget the use of genes in the treatment of incurable diseases. The Almighty said (We will show them Our signs on the horizons and within themselves until it becomes clear to them that it is the truth) God the Great is true.
1-Britannica, The Editors of Encyclopedia. "aspen". Encyclopedia Britannica, 15 May. 2022
2-Meng Xia et al, Pearl powder reduces sleep disturbance stress response through regulating proteomics in a rat model of sleep deprivation. In the journal “Cellular and Molecular Medicine”. Volume 26, Issue 24, 2022.
3- Yamamoto H., et al. “July 29th, 2022” Nacre extract from pearl oyster shell prevents D-galactose-induced brain and skin aging. Under Review Preprint at Research DOI:
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