Professor Dr. Abdelrazak Mansour Ali:
Yes, with science, we can see the Jinn and Demons

د. عبد الرزاق علي Ýí 2022-12-10

Yes, with science, we can see the Jinn and Demons
Professor Dr. Abdelrazak Mansour Ali
The reader may be amazed by the title of the research and may think that it is just a title for excitement and suspense to attract attention, but I assure you that it is not. It is the fact that with science we can see the Jinn and Demons, and here is the evidence:
We must make it clear at the outset, the Holy Qur’an did not mention any denial of the vision of jinn and demons, but on the contrary, some verses of the Holy Qur’an hinted at the possibility of a man seeing Jinn and Demons, and the only verse that most people consider it to be definitive in denying vision, in fact, it does not negate vision, and that is the opposite of what people understand, which is verse 27 from Surat Al-Aaraf (Indeed, he and his tribe see you from whence you do not see them. Indeed, we have made the devils allies of those who do not believe).
If you contemplate the verse and think carefully with your mind, then this verse formulates a very accurate scientific fact in a few words that need to be explained in several pages. The word “where” in Arabic dictionaries is an adverb of place that refers to the location of the object, and thus we deduce this fact: “Satan sees a Human through a mediator different from the mediator of a Human’s vision of Satan, and this is the scientific basis for vision. we see objects through waves of light reflected from these objects, and the light passes through a lens and then is transferred to the retina, and the image of the visible body is imprinted on it so that the optic nerve converts it into electrical impulses, which in turn reach the vision center in the brain, where they are analyzed and interpreted into the image that we see.
As for the jinn and demons, the medium of vision is not light waves, but ultrasound waves, which are their means of perception. If the noble verse denies the vision, so the text would have been: “He and his tribe see you, and you do not see them! Based on this fact, some of the following technical applications can be concluded:
1- We can develop high-frequency, high-resolution scan Sonar devices, which have more capabilities than the ultrasound devices currently used in medical diagnosis.
2- Develop ultrasonic Cameras to see the Jinn and Demons by subjecting the bat to scientific experiments and research and taking it as a model for designing these Cameras, as it has been scientifically proven that the bat uses ultrasound to help it see at night.
3- Emphasis on the fact that all the jugglers lied and those who claim that they were able through special Cameras to photograph the jinn in some places. The evidence of their lies is very simple the Camera technology depends on light waves, and even the latest night cameras use infrared radiation, which is one of the wavelengths of the light spectrum, so these Cameras couldn’t see the jinn.
And now I present to you some of the verses that allude to the possibility of a man seeing the Jinn and Satan
- (The disbelievers will ˹then˺ cry, “Our Lord! Show us that Jinn and humans who led us astray: we will put them under our feet so that they will be among the lowest in Hell.)”.'" Fussilat 29.
- (And ˹remember˺ when Satan made their ˹evil˺ deeds appealing to them, and said, “No one can overcome you today. I am sure by your side.” But when the two forces faced off, he cowered and said, “I have absolutely nothing to do with you. I certainly see what you do not see. I truly fear Allah, for Allah is severe in punishment.) Al-Anfal-48.
How they talk (Humans and Satan with each other’s without seeing from both sides, is in our world.
- (And Satan will say ˹to his followers˺ after the judgment has been passed, “Indeed, Allah has made you a true promise. I too made you a promise, but I failed you. I did not have any authority over you. I only called you, and you responded to me. So do not blame me; blame yourselves. I cannot save you, nor can you save me. Indeed, I denounce your previous association of me with Allah ˹in loyalty˺. Surely the wrongdoers will suffer a painful punishment.)-Ibrahim-22. This debate is in the hereafter.
- (And you have been stated by those who reserved from them with your voice, and you will be overlooked by your horses and your men and share them in the money, and the children),
- (And say, My Lord, I seek refuge in You from the insinuations of the devils, and I seek refuge in You, my Lord, that they ˹even˺ come near me (Al-Momnoon 97-98)
(Its appearance is like the heads of devils) - As-Saffat 65. How does God Almighty liken the fruit of the tree to the heads of devils? This means that we can see demons.
We all know the story of Solomon,” peace be upon him” with the jinn and his harnessing of them in building and manufacturing statues, and others, in addition to their work in the weapon of diving or navy (They made for him whatever he desired of sanctuaries, statues basins as large as reservoirs, and cooking pots fixed ˹into the ground˺. ˹We ordered: ˺ “Work gratefully, O family of David!” ˹Only˺ a few of My servants are ˹truly˺ grateful). Saba-13
Jinn and Demons: They are invisible creatures to us, and this does not mean that they do not exist, as evidenced by the fact that electricity and gravity could not see them, but most of the modern technologies and applications depend on confirming the hypothesis of their existence, and no sane person can deny their existence. God Almighty created the jinn and demons from ultrasound waves, which are mechanical energy that depends in their passage and speed on the presence of a medium that they collide with to move in it, and thus:
A- Intense heat is generated because of this collision with the particles of the medium.
B- It has small wavelengths, and as a result, its ability to penetrate is high. So, the sum of “A + B” = fire of poisons = fire that penetrates pores, the Almighty said: “And the jinn We created before from the fire of poisons” Al-Hijr-27. Now, ultrasound is the only conventional wave that produces high heat in this way. Recently, we have heard about the Russian thermal weapon known as the father of bombs, whose damage results from the shock of ultrasound waves and high temperatures that reach 3000 degrees, so it is sometimes called the devil’s bomb.: Recently, researchers at the University of North Carolina developed a technique that allows ultrasound waves to penetrate bone and minerals.
The fiery and vibrational (wave) origin of the Jinn and Demons can be deduced from the Holy Qur’an as follows:
(And He created the jinn from a flurry stream of fire - Al-Rahman 15).
(Now, throw down your stick!” But when he saw it slithering” vibrating” like a snake, he ran away without looking back.)-Alnaml-10.
The “Ultrasonic and Auditory” origin of the Jinn and Demons can be deduced from the Holy Qur’an as follows:
- (We used to take up positions there for eavesdropping, but whoever dares eavesdrop now will find a flare lying in wait for them).” Al-Jinn: 9. (And provoke whomever you can among them with your voice” Al-Israa-64. Then the mechanism of perception and communication among the jinn and demons is based on hearing and sharp sound (i.e., Ultrasonic).

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