About the Big Criminals in Iraq: The Thieves of Iraq in Relation to the Bloodshed Committed There

آحمد صبحي منصور Ýí 2020-06-30

About the Big Criminals in Iraq: The Thieves of Iraq in Relation to the Bloodshed Committed There


Published in May 21, 2020

Translated by: Ahmed Fathy



1- Years ago, an old Iraqi man phoned our person and requested visiting us at home; we welcomed him, of course; he came along with his wife. This Iraqi man, who was a judge in Iraq, told us that he read our articles which reached him in Iraq through email messages with copies of our articles because our Quranism website is blocked in Iraq. We requested from him to talk to us about the conditions of Iraq; he told us that when he worked as a judge there, he worked in the Iraqi Commission of Integrity. When he did his best in his job, this was never liked at all by the big criminals there; they made some of their mobsters or gangsters throw a cannonball at his house. When this honest Iraqi judge felt that his life was in danger, he sought and obtained political asylum inside the USA to live the rest of his life in peace during his old age. This Iraqi man is a noble, honest person who never desired to serve the big criminals so as not to become among them.   

المزيد مثل هذا المقال :

2- We write the following about the big criminals in Iraq.


Firstly: about a report by the American embassy in Iraq commented on by an article from the Arabic website (Araby 21):

 (Title: (A Report by the American embassy in Iraq: The Wealth of the Leaders of Iraq is Estimated to be US$ 700 billion.) An excerpt of the article:  ....... A member of the Iraqi parliament asserted the truthfulness of the data mentioned in the report by the American embassy in Iraq regarding the wealth gained by some Iraqi leaders and politicians (estimated together to be US$ 700 billion) who are members of the parliament and heads of political parties. The head of the democratic civil alliance in the parliament said that the Iraqi Commission of Integrity received the same report from the American embassy in Baghdad; it contains the details of the amounts of wealth of each politician and political leader inside Iraq; their money, asserts, shares, companies...etc.; fifteen members of the Kurdish Alliance in the Iraqi parliament own US$ 300 billion, and Noory Al-Maliki, the former Iraqi prime minister, and his coalition members smuggled at least US$ 210 billion. The party members headed by Eyad Alawy own US$ 180  billion; Moqtada Al-Sadr and his men own US$ 150 billion. The same member of the Iraqi parliament asserted also that such immense wealth drove these political powers, through their men inside the parliament, to never pass the law regarding transparency in showing the sources of funding any political parties inside Iraq. A judge who works in the Iraqi Commission of Integrity said there was laxity in taking legal action against those among the members of political powers and parties who stole from public money of the Iraqi State; high-rank positions in such parties depend on one's tribe and religious affiliation; this hinders transparency measures and allows ample room for corruption in decision-making circles ...... No one can enumerate assets and possessions of any men who assume high-rank positions since many of their assets and possessions are overtly owned by their wives and relatives inside and outside Iraq! ........ Investigations are almost impossible as people fear they would stir sectarian sensitivities ....... An expert in economy says that many Iraqi political leaders are involved in money laundering and other illegal operations committed regularly but secretly and they smuggle billions of US$ abroad. Not all such large sums of money are deposited in banks in foreign countries; large sums are used to purchase assets, projects, companies, and shares in the USA, EU, Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan, the UAE, and countries of South-Eastern Asia; the profits of course go into the pockets of the men who control any political party inside Iraq ........ Thus, tracing the threads of the corruption network is easy in Iraq but it is a taboo topic which is hardly discussed in public and in the Iraqi media since this will lead to the condemnation of most men who assume high-rank positions in Iraq (especially inside ministries and governmental sectors) and who control political parties in Iraq ......).


Secondly: the statement of the American president Donald Trump and the names of the big criminals of Iraq and their ill-gotten wealth published in an American website:

 The statement of Trump quoted by an Arabic website: (President Trump said that the money of Iraqi leader and politicians deposited in American banks (more than US$ 583 billion) is the property of the American nation as a compensation for the American soldiers killed in Iraq in the past years.).

 The names thieves of Iraq and the amounts of their ill-gotten wealth published in an American website:

Noory Al-Maliki:  US$ 66 billion

Adnan Al-Assady: US$ 25 billion

Saleh Al-Motlaq: US$ 28 billion

Baqir Al-Zobaydi: US$ 30 billion

Bahaa Al-Araji: US$ 37 billion

Mohamed Al-Diraji: US$ 19 billion

Hoshar Zibary: US$ 21 billion

Masood Birzany: US$ 59 billion

Salim Al-Jaboury: US$ 15 billion

Saadoun Al-Dilimi: US$ 18 billion

Farooq Al-Araji: US$ 16 billion

Adel Abdel-Mahdi: US$ 31 billion

Osama Al-Najevi: US$ 28 billion

Haydar Al-Abady: US$ 17 billion

Mohamed Al-Karboli: US$ 20 billion

Ahmad Noory Al-Maliki: US$ 14 billion

Tariq Najm: US$ 7 billion

Ali Al-Elaq: US$ 19 billion

Ali Al-Yasary: US$ 12 billion

Hassan Al-Anbary: US$ 7 billion

Eyad Alawy: US$ 44 billion

Jalal Talbany: US$ 35 billion

Rafei Al-Essawi: US$ 29 billion


Thirdly: our comment on such stolen, ill-gotten money:

1- The above is only about Iraqi money smuggled and deposited in banks inside the USA; what about Iraqi money deposited in offshore bank accounts? What about the Iraqi money deposited in bank inside the EU, Asia, and Africa? 

2- The Shiite Iraqi leader Al-Sistani has no money smuggled into the USA. We have read online the following about his wealth and that of his family members.

2/1: As of 2006, his 'small' wealth is estimated to be US$ 3 billion; what about his wealth now in 2020?

2/2: As for his 'small' regular annual income, it is estimated to be US$ 500 - 700 million!

2/3: Donald Rumsfeld, the former U.S. Minister of Defense, writes in his memoirs that the USA paid US$ 200 million to Al-Sistani to make him issue a fatwa to prohibit Shiites from fighting the U.S. soldiers in Iraq so that Iraq would fall easily into the hands of the military troops of the U.S.-led coalition which invaded Iraq.   

2/4: An in-law of Al-Sistani, Mortada Kashmiri, bought a villa in London in return for US$ 6 million; another in-law of Al-Sistani, Jawad Shahristany, bought a villa in London in return for US$ 4 million. The daughter of Al-Sistani bought a villa in London in return for US$ 2 million.

3- The Shiite young leader Ammar Al-Hakeem owns US$ 33 million in the form of bank deposits, assets, and investments in oil companies in Iran, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Lebanon, and London. Besides, he has giant shipment companies inside and outside Iraq.

4- Moqtada Al-Sadr formed his wealth initially by embezzlement as he made use of his heading his terrorist organization; he owns about US$ 2 billion plus assets, possessions, and companies in Iran, Turkey, and Lebanon.


About the weak, oppressed ones inside Iraq:

 They are the Shiites and Sunnites who are followers of the big criminals inside Iraq; they suffer impoverishment, backwardness, diseases, unemployment, lack of services, and economic recession. Within their plight, there is not a way out for them to get rid of such despicable conditions except, sadly, to fight under the banners of the big criminals.


About the U.S. policy:

1- Sadly, the American policy is moved mainly by arms/weapons trade; this is why the USA encourages the existence of tyrannical regimes as well as theocrats and clergymen of all types especially in the countries of the Muhammadans – this is exemplified in Iraq with its diversity of races and doctrines. Of course, Saddam Hussein was an agent serving the USA even if he pretended to be otherwise. When the so-called 'Islamic' Republic of Iran emerged in the late 1970s and it considered the USA as (the Great Satan), the USA has taken two parallel actions as follows.   

1/1: Magnifying the Iranian threat to make Iran the arch-enemy of the West after the collapse of the USSR. Russia drew nearer to the West and the USA; hence, the enemies of the past became allies in the present time; this drove the West led by the USA to create a new arch-enemy. Of course, the Shiite imams of Iran who emerged as superiors in the so-called 'Islamic' world helped the USA in heading more in this direction; thus, while Shiite tyrants of Iran face and threat the Great Satan (i.e., the pejorative epithet of the USA inside Iran), enthroned Sunnite tyrants prostrate and submit to the USA.

1/2: The USA encouraged Saddam Hussein to wage war against Iran so that the wealth of both Iraq and Iran would be drained and used up since such a war within long borders would never allow any of the two warring parties to achieve victory especially considering the centuries-old history of enmity between Sunnites and Shiites. This means that the USA was the only winner within such Iraqi-Iranian war since it sold arms/weapons to everyone and it aborted any ambitions and plans cherished by Saddam Hussein and the theocrats of Iran. In fact, this Iraqi-Iranian war caused nothing but the destruction of cities inside Iraq and Iran and the wealth and strength of both countries were drained as expected.   

2- The USA urged and drove Saddam Hussein into yet another military adventure which is to invade and loot Kuwait; in fact, Saddam Hussein welcomed this mission allowed by Washington in order to compensate for the financial losses he suffered during his war against Iran and to promote further his image as a 'successful' leader (since Iran has cast doubt on his image); besides, he desired to distract his military troops with the mission of invading Kuwait to prevent them from planning a coup d'état against him.  

3- Of course, the USA mobilized its allies against Saddam Hussein and invaded Iraq in 2003; since the American invasion of Iraq was never going to last anyway, the USA disbanded the Iraqi military forces and supposedly destroyed its weapons, while knowing that such weapons will be hidden to re-appear in the hands of Sunnite and Shiite militias later who have committed bloodshed all over Iraq ever since. Such sectarian violence and military struggle has been encouraged by the USA since it has reinforced Sunnite and Shiite clergymen inside Iraq. The USA is to blame for allowing the emergence of ISIS terrorists inside Iraq; this has led to more fighting and bloodshed which increased the profits of the selling of weapons/arms by the USA.

4- The worst and most dangerous thing is that the USA has covered all that with a décor/façade of democracy inside Iraq. Of course, Washington knows that the worst and newest type of tyrannies is when a mere décor of democracy is made without establishing a deep-rooted culture of democracy; this culture is impossible in the Iraqi society whose citizens worship and sanctify Shiite and Sunnite clergymen and place one's religious sect above the Iraqi citizenship. Iraqis cannot feel any sense of nationalism since it Iraq is a relatively new State established after WWI as per the Sykes-Picot Agreement. What is deep rooted in Iraq for centuries is royalty either to the Shiite sect or to the Sunnite sect which fight each other. Wars between them form the history of the whole region. Rigged elections allow corrupt ones to reach power temporarily and they waste no time; they are busy stealing and smuggling money; the wealth of the Iraqi nation will disappear very soon. The big criminals of Iraq divide the wealth of the Iraqi nation among themselves (and this has occurred recently in Lebanon too). This status quo is maintained by corrupt Shiite and Sunnite clergymen who are thieves and who also control and brainwash both the masses and the big criminals inside Iraq. This is why high-rank posts in Iraq are distributed as per percentages in relation to religious sects (the same happens in Lebanon); this promotes further corruption and destroys nationalism or being loyal to the Iraqi homeland which should be placed above belonging to any religious sects.   

5- The USA did not invent the Sunnite-Shiite enmity in Iraq; it exists among the Muhammadans since the first century A.H. The USA merely took advantage of such enmity to serve its own interests and to steal the wealth of Iraq while massacring Iraqi. Hence, the motto raised by Washington regarding Iraq is as follows: The Iraqis desire to massacre one another, let them massacre one another!

6- The USA is the biggest beneficiary regarding what occurs in Iraq; many American weapons are purchased by Iraqis; besides, the wealth which the big criminals steal and deposit into American banks has already boosted the American economy and made the big criminals of Iraq under the mercy of the USA.  

7- In our own view, Trump is the worst American president; he is a racist, fanatical tyrant; yet, he is the best president for the USA at this point in time since he can deal efficiently with the big criminals who rule the Middle-East countries. In fact, Trump shows contempt towards them in public and he embezzles them to get their money. Trump has done so several times with the Saudi rulers. Trump sees that the money of Iraqi leader and politicians deposited in American banks is the property of the American nation as a compensation for the American soldiers killed in Iraq in the past years. Hence, it is never an excluded possibility that during this year of the Coronavirus pandemic (in 2020), Trump would confiscate such money deposited in American banks by smugglers and big criminals of Iraq, Saudi Arabia,...etc. Trump knows that the costs of the American invasion of Iraq have been covered by Iraqi oil and money of the American weapons purchased by Iraqis who massacre one another while shouting (Allahu Akbar) or (God is the Greatest!).

8- Iraq owes nothing to the USA; in fact, the USA has committed a grave injustice against Iraq; yet, those who committed graver injustices against Iraq are the big criminals who live in Iraq.



1- We are an American citizen and we live in VA, the USA; we worked before in American centers which offer advice to the Congress, the White House, and the Department of State. This means that our person, a Quranist reformist thinker and author, is known to American policymakers even before launching our Quranism website in 2006 and before establishing our VA-based IQC. Our Quranism matches what is announced by the USA: spreading democracy and human rights and combatting terrorism. Yet, the American policymakers refuse to help a Quranist thinker like our person; they ignore our IQC and never help it but they help other American organizations and centers. The reason for this is easily understood: the interests of American policymakers are served better by the big criminals everywhere on Planet Earth and not by reformist thinkers like us.

2- The political life inside the USA has but one law/motto: (Anything for money).   



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