A Brief Response Concerning the Difference between the Celestial, Divine Religion and the Earthly, Satanist Religions

آحمد صبحي منصور Ýí 2017-12-09


A Brief Response Concerning the Difference between the Celestial, Divine Religion and the Earthly, Satanist Religions


Published in December 7, 2017

Translated by: Ahmed Fathy


1- Those who oppose our Quranism deliberately disregard to resort to objective response or attempts to refute Quranism and our views, because they cannot engage into this intellectual activity. Instead, they verbally abuse and attack our person; this shows their moral bankruptcy and intellectual void; they verbally abuse us as if they belong to the ignorant, foul-mouthed masses. Others among our foes are apparently more cunning; they quote a word or an expression from our writings (comments, fatwas, articles, and books) published on our website, without reading and/or understanding the entirety of our archive, and assume they have found out a 'fatal' mistake to prove our person wrong – thus spreading the 'news' of it to vent their anger toward us. Such people tend to forget the fact that we repeatedly assert that our viewpoints in anything are ours alone; they are liable to be criticized, corrected, changed, etc., as no human beings are infallible. Such people tend to forget the fact that we, within our research career, since 1973 A.D. until now, correct ourselves as much as we can: this has begun when we cleansed our minds gradually from Azharite falsehoods of heritage books – the way the late imam M. Abdou did, as he said that at one time to sheikh Al-Beheiry. We never feel bad when we acknowledge the fact that we are still learning and drawing benefits from constructive criticism to reform and correct our writings and review our opinions. Even destructive criticism that include vilifying and ridiculing our person drive us to exert more efforts in research to make sure that we are in the right, as far as religion is concerned, and not in the wrong. Real researchers are – in fact – engaged in a lifelong, relentless quest for the Truth. This is in contrast to ignoramuses, sheikhs, and clergymen who assume that their ignorance and faulty views express the 'absolute' religious truth linked to Islam.          

2- The Muhammadans in their earthly, man-made religions have coined many sets of terminology within heritage books of traditions that are deemed as 'holy' though they contradict the Quran. Such terms include the following: Sunna, fiqh sharia, Sunnites, Sufism/Sufis, Shiites, holy thresholds in Iraq, Rawafid/Rafida (the derogatory or pejorative terms for Shiites used by Sunnites), Nawasib (the derogatory or pejorative term for Sunnites used by Shiites), mediation/intercession, infallibility, Naskh (i.e., replacement), interpreting the Quran, Husseiniyya, Sufi miracles, Sufi hadras, union with God, God is the universe, unity of existence, and inspired divine knowledge. Within our research methodology in 1975 as we endeavored to obtain our PhD degree, we have used the Quran as the criterion to judge such sets of terminologies. This has led to the issue of vital importance related to defining Quranic terminology only through Quranic contexts (i.e., the local context of a Quranic verse is verses preceding it and those following it in the text, and the general context is the entirety of the Quranic text itself). Our research has included how to define sets of terminology of the Sufi, Sunnite, and Shiite religions as per authoritative books and sources. The main methodology is to use the Quran as the only criterion to judge words of mortals regarding religion. Since our getting the PhD degree in 1977, we have embarked on our own Via Dolorosa when we faced Azharite sheikhs and clergymen with the findings of our research.  

3- As we have embarked within research seeking reform, we had to coin, adopt, and define new terms within Quranism and to show the Quranic terminology, as shown in our writings online. Some of the terms we have coined are repeated in many articles and books and some of them are titles to some articles. Many people reacted with animosity and antagonism toward some these terms at first, until these terms are proven right and acquired cultural and scientific legitimacy as they describe exactly the features of the religions of the Muhammadans and how such religions contradict the Quran. of course, our own coined terms are influenced by our definition of Quranic terminology.      

4- The major terms repeated within our writings are the following: adopting the European term the Muhammadans to indicate Sunnites, Shiites, an Sufis put together, to show they are non-Muslims as they worship an imaginary deity they named as Muhammad that has nothing to do with the real, mortal Muhammad mentioned in the Quran (like Christians or Jesuits who worship an imaginary Jesus that has nothing to do with mortal Jesus mentioned in the Quran and who was given the true Gospel by God), Islam in terms of behavior (i.e., peace) belief in terms of behavior (i.e., security), Islam/belief in terms of faith (i.e., monotheistic Qurnaism), disbelief/polytheism in terms of behavior (i.e., aggression and violence, esp. in the name of religion), disbelief/polytheism in terms of faith, and companions of the Arab conquests who include the earliest Qorayish caliphs.    

5- We focus now on the very important term coined by our person: the earthly religions in contrast to the celestial religion. We have coined this term in response to the misguiding myth that people accept as 'true'; namely, that there are three celestial religions: Islam, Christianity, and Judaism. Nothing could be further from the truth; besides, this is linked directly to another myth that the followers of the three religions (i.e., Muslims, Christians, and Jews, respectively) are distinguished from Hindus, Sikhs, Mages, Buddhists, Baha'is, etc. This big lie, of an international level, disregards the following undeniable facts below.    

5/1: The 'Muslims', or rather the Muhammadans, have discarded and abandoned the Quran in order to follow and adhere to books authored by men and deemed as 'holy' and 'divinely revealed'. Thus, they have made views of mortals (i.e., fiqh scholars) as part of the divine religious legislation that must be applied, though such contradictory fiqh views contradict God's Quranic sharia laws. There are countless contradictions within fiqh and hadiths books within each of the earthly religions/doctrines/sects of the Muhammadans; in many cases, there are even many contradictions within one book authored by one man. The Muhammadans deliberately forget such facts and assume shamelessly that their myths (fiqh + hadiths) pertains to God's Quranic sharia.      

5/2: The real Gospel has been hidden and deemed missing now; it is now being replaced by 'gospels' in the Bible that are nothing but fabricated biographies and false narratives about Jesus, but such New Testament writings are deemed as 'holy', and different churches have their own countless books deemed as 'holy' authored by different Christian men, deemed now as 'saints'.

5/3: The Jews before them have distorted the Torah text and authored books (e.g., the Talmud tomes) deemed as 'holy' and as replacing the distorted Torah. Hence, we personally maintain that there is no difference among (past and present) 'Muslims'/Muhammadans, Christians, Jews, Hindus, Sikhs, Mages, Buddhists, Baha'is, etc., because all of them follow 'holy' books authored by mortals and deify/sanctify their imams/clergymen; these are the features of the earthly, man-made religions of Satan.

6- Those people we have mentioned in the above points do not know that there is only one divine religion that has come from God in all divine scriptures/messages to prophets/messengers: Islam. This God's religion, Islam, descended in various tongues and conveyed by God's prophets/messengers, until the Last Message of God descended in the Arabic tongue in the Quran. God preserves and protects the Quranic text Himself; it cannot be distorted or twisted at all and it endorses and asserts the other divine scriptures that descended before it.

7- Hence, we use the terms (celestial, divine religion) and (celestial revelation/messages/scriptures/books) in this context as opposed to the myth refuted by us regarding the so called 'three celestial religions'. The other man-made religions are deemed by us as earthly religions as they never pertain to Heaven or celestial revelation from Almighty God. Thus, there is only one celestial, divine religion (found exclusively in the Quran) as opposed to earthy religions of the Muhammadans, Jews, Christians, Hindus, Sikhs, Mages, Buddhists, Baha'is, etc.      

8- As for those foes who assume they have found out some of our alleged 'mistakes', they blame us for using the coined terms (celestial, divine religion) and (celestial revelation/messages/scriptures/books), as they never found literally in the Quranic text. Those foes and haters of Quranism do not know the following facts.

8/1: The aim of these terms coined in our articles and researches is to refute the myth of the so-called 'three celestial religions'; we must assert the existence of only one divine, celestial region. The use of the adjective ''celestial'' is accentuated to oppose and refute faulty notions. 

8/2: What we write and assert in our writings is NOT religion or dogma; rather, they are our viewpoints of a researcher who shares his findings with people via our website; we have no claims as to monopolizing or possessing the Absolute Truth; and we respect the right of others to hold different views away from ours. We have hoped, in vain, that differences and disputes in opinions would be civilized and expressed in a polite manner without verbally abusing our person.  

8/3: We have written a lot about (1) proving how these earthly, man-made religions are based on Satanist revelations and devilish inspirations, and (2) divine, celestial messages conveyed to prophets/messengers as the only divine, celestial religion of God revealed in different tongues and eras. More details are found in our book (in English) titled "Islam Is the Religion of the Truth" (found on these links: (http://www.ahl-alquran.com/arabic/book_main.php?main_id=106/ http://www.ahl-alquran.com/English/show_article.php?main_id=17559). If our foes dislike very much the term "celestial religion", they can use the terms "God's religion" and "divine religion", and all of the three terms express the Quranic fact that religion with God is Islam, or total submission to Him (i.e., to His Quranic commands), and that religion must be devoted sincerely and entirely to God  



 Within this short article, we have chosen not to quote Quranic verses that we have previously quoted hundreds of times in our writings within many topics.

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