Refuting Views of Mr. Al-Wasiti Who Shamelessly Flatters the ‎Saudi Royal Family ‎

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Refuting Views of Mr. Al-Wasiti Who Shamelessly Flatters the Saudi Royal Family    

Published in April 16, 2017

Authored by: Dr. Othman M. Ali

Translated by: Ahmed Fathy

  A writer named Hameed Jabr Al-Wasiti has written an article (in Arabic) on the website to criticize the call addressed by Dr. Ahmed Subhy Mansour to President Trump in this article (in English) titled "A Call Addressed to President Donald Trump", whose link is provided below:

and Al-Wasiti criticizes the person of Dr. A. S. Mansour for no reason or based on false grounds and misunderstanding. This article of Al-Wasiti is titled: "In Response to the Article of Ahmed Subhy Mansour Titled 'A Call Addressed to President Donald Trump'", and I quote this paragraph from it below:

 (... A. S. Mansour says in his article that he is an American citizen who is loyal to his country, the USA, and he states that President Trump has made America great again ... while Obama never made America great at all when he kneeled to the late Saudi king Abdullah and when he allowed the Saudis to insult him at Al-Riyadh airport ...).

  Mr. Al-Wasiti writes that he agrees with Dr. Mansour for being loyal to the USA as an American citizen who lives in VA, and he mocks Dr. Mansour by falsely claiming that Dr. Mansour writes that Trump made the USA great and powerful again by bombardments made against Syrian regime of Al-Assad. It is clear that Mr. Al-Wasiti never understood the article by Dr. Mansour, or he is intentionally choosing to misinterpret it; Dr. Mansour writes literally this passage quoted here: (... President Trump has raised two mottoes: (Make America great again) and (Keep America safe), and we have no doubts whatsoever in his faithfulness and sincerity. Yet, some of the policies of President Trump do not contribute to realizing both mottoes ...). This means that he did not write anything about Syria or about the USA appearing powerful; on the contrary, Dr. Mansour has criticized foreign policies of the USA in the following paragraph quoted here: (... American foreign policies – as they should be – are to make the USA as real pioneer leader of the free world by guarding and protecting rights of nations, and making all these nations, and their callers for freedom and democracy, wait for the USA to save them from being tortured and oppressed by tyrants. These American foreign policies will certainly add to making the USA great indeed and protect its internal security ...).

  What Dr. Mansour has expressed is quite true; yet, Mr. Al-Wasiti seems to forget that king Salman of the KSA has been among the first persons to congratulate Trump for bombarding the military airport of the Syrian regime; even some purportedly say that king Salman called Trump minutes after the bombardment took place. One might wonder why Mr. Al-Wasiti never rebuked king Salman for it?! Mr. Al-Wasiti seems to forget to tackle the content of the article by Dr. Mansour; how to combat and get rid of ISIS terrorists and their Wahabi ideology that terrorize the globe by making use of the nearness of Trump to the Egyptian President Abdel-Fattah Al-Sisi to pressurize him to apply immediate reform to the Cairo-based Al-Azhar institution that is controlled by the KSA and Wahabism, the religion of ISIS; let us not forget that the latest victims of ISIS in Egypt are those who died and injured because of two suicide bombings in two churches of the Egyptian cities of Tanta and Alexandria. The article of Dr. Mansour asserts that by reforming curricula of Al-Azhar University and Azharite schools, Egypt and the USA and the whole world will be saved from Wahabi terrorism. Another point made by Dr. Mansour is to make Trump impose on the Egyptian President to step down and that the military leave rule to civilians and return to its barracks, in return for generals, who are allegedly involved in corruption, to get out of Egypt peacefully. This way, the enmity of Egyptian masses toward the USA will lessen or vanish, and this will undermine possible ISIS wars and attacks against the USA by recruiting American Wahabis (i.e., lone wolves) to perform terrorist crimes inside American soil. It is this way that reforming Egypt in terms of religious education and in terms of politics that will protect the USA and make it great again as Trump would wish it. Dr. Mansour writes: (...true greatness is never in what the USA has done in Vietnam, Afghanistan, and Iraq, but when it has helped the weak, oppressed ones in the Balkans and when it protects human rights.).                    

  Mr. Al-Wasiti seems to overlook the call for reform on all levels preached by the Quranist thinker Dr. Mansour, president of the VA-based IQC, as he seeks to radically reform Al-Azhar in Egypt so that Wahabi terrorists are prevented from massacring more victims worldwide falsely in the name of Islam. What makes the article of Mr. Al-Wasiti more infuriating is that he flatters the Saudi royal family by obsequiously heaping praises on the late king Abdullah Ibn Abdul-Aziz and how thousands of men used to queue before the gates of his palace to get royal gifts of money bestowed on them. Mr. Al-Wasiti shamelessly shows toward the end of his article that the main purpose of his writing this article that refutes stances and views of Dr. Mansour is to flatter, thank and heap praise on the Saudi prince Al-Waleed Ibn Talal; let me quote this final paragraph of his article:

 (... And lastly, I'd like to be permitted to thank His Royal Highness Prince Al-Waleed Ibn Talal – may God protect him and grant him long life – the great and brilliant symbol of generosity as befitting the Royal Family of Al-Saud, the greatest honor of all Arabs ... as a writer who is very objective and seeker of truth all the time, who must be, as Gandhi puts it, the seeker after truth should be humbler than the dust, I must seize opportunity to thank the Prince for his generosity to me while I lived as a political asylee for five years from 1991 to 1995 in the KSA after the quelling of 1991 uprising in Iraq, as the regime of Saddam Hussein sought me, before I was granted political asylum in Australia ... as the foundation of this great Prince granted me 2 million $ as a money gift to myself, as per the letter addressed to me ... I have to refuse this general gift, as I cannot accept it, and I care only to keep the friendship of this great Prince ... As a free writer, I cannot lose my freedom of expression by accepting this generous money gift ... But I thank you very much for offering it ... Please accept my warmest salutations and sincere regard and estimation for your Royal Highness ... Hameed Jabr Al-Wasiti.).

 It is funny that some comments under this article of Mr. Al-Wasiti ridiculed him, as some commentators mocked his flattery and praise of the Saudi royal family and some urged him to take the gift of money offered to him, as they say that this article was handsomely paid for as political propaganda. It is strange that no one writes a comment in about the article of Dr. Mansour to which Mr. Al-Wasiti has referred nor about words of Mr. Al-Wasiti that criticized views and person of Dr. Mansour. I myself can tell Mr. Al-Wasiti that he is free to flatter and heap praise on the Saudi royal family members or even to kiss the ground under their feet, but not at the expense of denigrating and ridiculing free thinkers of enlightenment and honest reformers, especially Dr. Mansour who is a great Muslim thinker. How come that Mr. Al-Wasiti has not sense of shame left as an Iraqi person when he kneels before the Saudi royal family while knowing that they participated in destroying Iraq in the past and in the present?! Is it possible that Mr. Al-Wasiti does not know that the ISIS terrorist organization that massacred thousands of Iraqis and ruined many Iraq cities is sponsored by the devilish KSA and its Saudi royal family that he praises?! Is it possible that Mr. Al-Wasiti does not know that the Saudi royal family do their best to keep Iraq unstable politically, economically, and in terms of security?! Is it possible that Mr. Al-Wasiti does not know that the KSA fights Iran and Iran fights back inside Iraqi lands, as Iraqi people suffer for it as more Iraqi blood is being shed?! Is it possible that Mr. Al-Wasiti does not know that the Wahabi terrorism is the cause of the destruction of Yemen and Syria? Is it possible that Mr. Al-Wasiti does not know that the terrorist Wahabi groups in Australia, where he lives right now, and in Indonesia are sponsored by the KSA?! Is it possible that Mr. Al-Wasiti does not care about Iraq (his country of origin) and Australia (where he lives right now) which are countries threatened by Wahabi ISIS religion and terrorism?! Let me tell you frankly, Mr. Al-Wasiti, that your hypocritical flattery, as an Iraqi citizen, to the Saudi royal family that has participated in the ruin of Iraq is very disgusting and would cause any normal person to vomit          



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