With documents; Terrorism defeats America!

د. عبد الرزاق علي Ýí 2016-01-10

With documents; Terrorism defeats America!

By; Professor Dr Abdelrazak M Ali

        A common definition of terrorism is the systematic use or threatened use of violence in order to intimidate a population or government and thereby affect political, religious, or ideological change.(1)  This article serves as analytic spotlight on the acts and/or attempts of terrorism, and other such items pertaining to terrorist activities within the domestic borders of the United States. It does not include actions by agents of the U.S. government itself, such as the 1985 MOVE bombing in Philadelphia or the 1993 Waco Siege in Texas, which are regarded by some as acts of state terrorism. Terrorism is not a new incidental phenomenon. Although historically scattered state terroristic events had taken place in the world particularly, Middle East region but Its frank emergence started several decades ago, then gradually increasing in severity in parallel with the acquisition of experiences and developing unprecedented tools and technologic supply. It is noteworthy that the Religion or Ideology is almost considered the basic title underlying the act of terrorism. Non-Muslims Carried Out More than 90% of All Terrorist Attacks in America. Terrorism Is a Real Threat But the Threat to the U.S. from Muslim Terrorists Has Been Exaggerated. An FBI report shows that only a small percentage of terrorist attacks carried out on U.S. soil between 1980 and 2005 were perpetrated by Muslims. Princeton University’s Loon Watch compiled the following chart from the FBI’s data:  

                                                                    Terrorist Attacks on U.S. Soil by Group, From 1980 to 2005, According to FBI Database

Events during the past several years, and especially the past nine months have demonstrated a new level of specialization and fragmentation within the larger terrorism landscape. New groups have emerged in the wake of the Arab uprisings in 2011. Most are located in the Middle East and North Africa and are primarily focused on achieving local gains, this was in synchronous with the rise of Islamic State of Iraq and sham (ISIS) with its ambitious vision, quick territorial expansion, extreme violence and brutality, and innovative use of social media. We might be moving into a new era in which the sporadic latent or hidden terroristic cells are widely spread and the regular centralized leadership of a terrorist organization matters less. Moreover, the group identity is more fluid and vague, and violent extremist narratives focus on a wider range of alleged grievances and enemies.

This boundless virtual environment, combined with terrorists’ sophisticated use of social media, makes it increasingly difficult to protect our youth from sometimes horrifically brutal propaganda. ISIS’s online media presence has become sophisticated at disseminating timely, high-quality media content across multiple platforms. The group’s English-language propaganda is drawing westerners to Syria. These violent extremists are making contact with terrorist groups and gaining battlefield experience, which could pose a threat to the Homeland if they are able to return undetected. In Nov.15, 2015.The Washington post had mentioned in its new report that roughly 250 Americans have attempted to join jihadists in Syria, according to government estimates. One in six are women. They display similar traits to Western fighters overall: young, digitally savvy and connected through blood to jihadism.

Many female recruits are drawn to Islamic State Web propaganda working with men to build an extremist utopia. Some teenagers, still struggling to understand who they are, may embrace the hyper-conservative and violent ideals as they reject their own materialistic cultures. Others express anger over the perceived persecution of Muslims and a desire to find a sisterhood with similar beliefs. Another report from Military times, Sept. 29, 2015 said that the Obama administration lacked a strategy to prevent such travel abroad, identify all who try to return to commit terror attacks, or cope with new recruitment practices and technology that allow extremists to communicate securely.

Trying to understand how the terroristic ideas get through to affect and to brainwash some American Citizens, I select one example that is Alexander Ciccolo, a recent convert to Islam who took the name Ali Al-Amriki, is the son of a respected Boston police captain who tipped off the bureau to his son. The son was arrested on the street after, according to authorities, trying to buy semiautomatic weapons from an FBI undercover operative on the morning of Independence Day. In his confession to the FBI, the younger Mr. Ciccolo detailed his hatred for non-Muslim Americans and the violence he was indoctrinated by the Islamic State to carry out via the Internet, according to court records.  Rasmussen in his paper on terrorism concluded that “The quantitative and qualitative scale of threat we are facing in the U.S. and the West is different from the threat in the countries and regions where many of these terrorist groups are located.(3) This consequently leads us to the emphasis on the extreme significance of diverting our interest to sponsoring the thought war through Multi-media reach out, and supporting Religious reforming centers that can overcome terrorism by demolishing and refuting terroristic claims and beliefs that may recruit and brainwash liable persons. The solidity of coordination and cooperation among the organizations serving in this thought war should be seriously considered in all levels because the routine organized sustained military fight had proved evident failure on the ground, and even drive the terrorism to develop his methods to extend and gain more territories. This war is actually of particular influence if these centers are well qualified and specialized in this field and its staffs had long history of being persecuted and chased because of their role in fighting terrorism and its allied dictators. Trustfully and long time ago, I had revised the content of some specialized figured web sites with anti-terroristic orientation I was greatly surprised at Ahl Alquran site and its related Center “The International Quranic Center” with both its Arabic and English copies. The center with its expert director Dr. Ahmed Subhy and other thinkers really have firm ability to obviously convince readers with the message of Peace, Justice, tolerance, love and guidance beside presenting the logic evidences that killing people in the name of religion is definitely against the religion itself and all terroristic basic beliefs are against the most Peaceful Merciful and forgiver God. I think that Ahl Alquran is the only site enriched and loaded with large pooled studies, texts, historical, religious books and articles that covered and fully recognized  the roots, basis,  analytical investigation of the various items of terrorism. This absolutely could qualify Ahl Alquran to be the main expert and Ideology consultant in this         http://www.ahlalquran.com/English/profilephp?main_id=1)      


1-John Philip Jenkins (ed.) Terrorism. In Encyclopedia Britannica. Retrieved, August 11, 2006.

2-Washington’s Blog and Global Research 2013,2015

3-Current Terrorist Threat to the United States February 12, 2015 The Honorable Nicholas J. Rasmussen Director National Counterterrorism Center

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