Refuting the So-Called 'Moderate Islam' of the Saudi Crown-Prince

آحمد صبحي منصور في السبت 28 اكتوبر 2017

Refuting the So-Called 'Moderate Islam' of the Saudi Crown-Prince

Published in October 26, 2017

Translated by: Ahmed Fathy


Firstly: the 'moderate Islam' of the Saudi crown-prince is utter disbelief:

1- The main tenet of Islam is the testimony of (There is no God but Allah), and it is phrased in the confining style in the Arabic tongue to indicates that nothing and no one should be deified alongside with God. There is no in-between or medial position here; one either to worship God within monotheism while devoting religion wholly to Him to be among the winner in Paradise, or to be among the polytheists in Hell because of deifying any mortals and things beside God. Thus, monotheism means to dedicate one's religion (i.e., acts of worship, sanctification, and deification) only to God. "...They have no ally apart from Him, and He shares His judgment with no one." (18:26); "...Whoever hopes to meet his Lord, let him work righteousness, and never associate anyone with the worship of his Lord." (18:110); "Such is God, your Lord - the True. What is there, beyond the Truth, except falsehood? How are you turned away?" (10:32).     

2- Likewise, real believers cannot believe in any other discourses, narratives, or hadiths beside God's Discourse: the Quran. This means that anyone who believes even in merely one hadith/narrative with the Quran is a disbeliever who rejects the Quran: ...In which discourse, beyond this, will they believe in?" (77:50 & 7:185); "These are God's Verses which We recite to you in Truth. In which discourse, after God and His verses, will they believe?" (45:6). 

3- God says the following about polytheists who die without repentance: "...Whoever associates others with God, God has forbidden him Paradise, and his dwelling is the Fire. The unjust ones have no supporters." (5:72). Those who believe devotedly and whole-heartedly in the core of Islam (There is no God but Allah) but died after committing grave sins without sincere repentance and atonement will well in Hell forever as they have transgressed God's limits and rules; this is mentioned in the Quran directly after the inheritance rules: " These are the limits set by God. Whoever obeys God and His messenger, He will admit him into Gardens of Paradise beneath which rivers flow, to abide therein forever. That is the great victory.  But whoever disobeys God and His messenger, and oversteps His limits, He will admit him into a Fire, wherein he abides forever, and he will have a shameful torment." (4:13-14). Thus, we have the right to pose this question: is there anyone in the KSA who gives women their rightful shares of inheritance? Or women there are deprived of such rights as men are the only inheritors?!   

4- There is nothing called 'moderation' in Islam or medial, in-between position or 'moderate', partial application of it; those who claim otherwise are ignoramus who know nothing about the Quran and they actually disbelieve in it. Those disbelievers will certainly see that there is no medial position between Paradise and Hell in the Hereafter.   


Secondly: what does the false term 'moderate Islam' mean in the mentality of the Saudi crown-prince?:

1- The words of the Saudi crown-prince about the return of his kingdom to the so-called 'moderate Islam' were applauded very much, as if he received a standing ovation like the Egyptian singer, the diva, Um Kulthum. We except nothing different from the slaves of the Saudi master; the culture of slaves is the norm inside the Saudi state. Those slaves will readily applaud their Saudi master if he tells them that the sun rises from the west, and their reaction will be the same if he tells them that the sun rises from the east. Those Saudi slaves are devoted to their Saudi master regardless of his name, as they deify their rulers. They are now applauding the crown-prince, Ibn Salman, and before him, they applauded to Ibn Nayef with the same enthusiasm. This is the culture of deifying the rulers; they have forgotten about their Lord God and He has made them forget themselves, as the Quran tells us about hypocrites of every era.        

2- The applause of hypocrites is never a guarantee of the success of tyrants or of keeping their authority. It is clear that the young crown-prince needs this applause badly and he will punish those who do not applaud him.  

3- This is a decisive point in this political issue; tyrants of the Middle-East are of two types: the 'light' type of tyrants that one can bear, such as the military tyrant in Egypt, and who never force citizens to applaud them. Most Egyptians disregard tyrants who rule them; they never listen to their speeches and they boycott their sham, fake elections, and when Egyptian citizens ridicule tyrants, those tyrants do not punish them. The other type of tyrants are the Pharaonic ones who commit the sin of self-deification and force people to applaud and praise them; those tyrants who imitate Moses' Pharaoh are never satisfied by the silence of people; for them, people must be forced to declare their 'loyalty' and applaud all speeches and decisions however contradictory or so many they are, or else, those who refuse to applaud will be incarcerated and tortured in prisons. This type of Pharaonic self-deified tyrants is exemplified by Saddam Hussein and Kaddafi. This type includes this young man the Saudi crown-prince who has taken decisions to destroy Yemen and to siege Qatar, and those who refuse to support such evil decision have been imprisoned. Hence, those inside the KSA who are reluctant to support the crown-prince in the topic of the so-called 'moderate Islam' will suffer veritable hell in Saudi prisons.        

4- Thus, the stance of Ibn Salman reminds us of that of Moses' Pharaoh who was too arrogant and haughty to allow the Israelites to leave Egypt to flee his tyranny and oppression, and he chased them till he and his retinue members and statesmen drowned in the Red Sea. Any tyrants who follow the footsteps of Moses' Pharaoh will be killed inevitably; the fate of Saddam Hussein and Kaddafi serves also as a constant reminder of this fact. Would Ibn Salman take heed of this warning?! Or does his so-called 'moderate Islam' make him immune to that fate?!  

5- M. Ibn Salman was never known before his father was enthroned as the Saudi king. The well-known stars of the Saudi household were sons of Fahd, Feisal, Abdullah, and Nayef who led the processions filled with hypocrites who applaud their steps all the time. Suddenly, Ibn Salman has emerged as the deputy crown-prince and then the crown-prince, and soon enough, his hidden 'genius' has appeared in the media, and his imminent enthronement as king is ushered by sieging Qatar with other countries which form an alliance with the KSA. Such extreme measures of sieging Qatar seemed as if the last step before waging an all-out war, and some people held their breath in anticipation. Yet, with the passage of time, the siege goes on falteringly and the Saudi crown-prince cannot dare to wage war on Qatar and feel too embarrassed to stop the siege. This is an unprecedented political failure; Qatar has won and Ibn Salman has lost, and he has punished those who never applauded his loss and failure. The same can be said about the war in Yemen; Ibn Salman has managed to bring total destruction to the infrastructure of Yemen and to inflict the most evil harms on Yemenis; yet, this is a lost war and may bring the downfall of the Saudi crown-prince. But who dares to say to Ibn Salman that has been in the wrong or to warn him by telling him to fear the Lord God in piety? The Saudi clergymen of the Al-Sheikh family members cannot do this; the eldest among them said that it is utter disbelief and apostasy to criticize the rulers!   

6- The self-deified Ibn Salman has suddenly decided to change the religion of his Wahabi kingdom from the so-called 'extremist Islam' to the so-called 'moderate Islam'. It is he who made this decision singlehandedly on behalf of more than 30 million people who live inside the KSA. No one took their opinion of the religion he has chosen for them! 

7- This way, the self-deified Ibn Salman raises himself above the stature of Almighty God. In fact, God grants to all human beings the freedom to (dis)believe and to (dis)obey; God says in the Quran: "And say, "The truth is from your Lord. Whoever wills-let him believe...." (18:29). In contrast, the young man Ibn Salman (who is 32 years old) confiscates the freedom of those who live inside his Saudi kingdom, even their religious freedom to choose their own religion. Ibn Salman follow the mentality and footsteps of Moses' Pharaoh who said to his people: "..."I do not show you except what I see, and I do not lead you except to the path of guidance." (40:29). The haughty self-deified tyrant, Moses' Pharaoh, was drowned and destroyed by God; would Ibn Salman take heed of this warning?! Or does his so-called 'moderate Islam' make him immune to that fate?!       

8- Ibn Salman never thinks for a moment that those who live in his Saudi kingdom have the right to question him about his deeds. Real Islam, never known by Ibn Salman, asserts that God is the Only One never to be questioned about His deeds, unlike the case with all human beings: "If there were in them gods other than God, they would have gone to ruin. So glory be to God, Lord of the Throne, beyond what they ascribe to Him. He will not be questioned about what He does, but they will be questioned." (21:22-23).

9- Would anyone inside the Saudi kingdom of Ibn Salman dare to question Ibn Salman?! This would be like committing suicide. This unwritten Saudi law contradicts real Islam: rulers and sheikhs know best. This law means that it is a grave crime to warn, advise, or preach Saudi rulers or to say to them to fear the Lord God in piety. Let us remember that the opposition movements within the last decades of the 20th century have begun with (the memo of advice), and at the time, king Fahd, his brother Salman, at the time prince of Riyadh, and his brother Nayef, the Interior Minister at the time, considered this memo of advice as a heinous crime tantamount to high treason! This lead to arrest waves of opposition figures who have been tortured in prisons, while opposition leaders such as Al-Masaary and Al-Faqeeh fled to the UK. This is the religious Wahabi culture taught to the Saudi crown-prince.       

10- This horrid Saudi culture is the source of this illogical notion of 'moderate Islam'. Real Islam knows no medial, in-between position regarding the testimony of (There is no God but Allah). The Saudi Wahabi religion practiced in the KSA deifies rulers as deities above God Himself. We refer readers to our article titled "The Testimony of the Privately Owned Religion of the Saudi Wahabism: (There Is No God but the Saudi King" (found in English on this link: This is moderation in religion inside the Saudi kingdom: they create deities alongside with God: the list of these gods include the Saudi kings, the founder of the KSA, Abdul-Aziz Al-Saud, and all saints/gods of the Sunnite religion, including the four pre-Umayyad caliphs, the so-called companions, and imams of hadiths like Al-Bokhary, Ibn Hanbal, Ibn Taymiyya, Ibn Al-Qayyim, and Ibn Abdul-Wahab, and they may add their master Mr. Donald Trump to this list of deities!

11- Thus, for the Saudi rulers and their cronies, no percentage of deification is left at all to be dedicated to the Dominant, Almighty Lord God!


LASTLY: May God curse all the unjust ones!

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