Professor Dr. Abdelrazak Mansour Ali:
What is the relationship between the expected Mahdi and Electromagnetic waves?

د. عبد الرزاق علي Ýí 2022-12-12

What is the relationship between the expected Mahdi and ?
Professor Dr. Abdelrazak Mansour Ali
At the outset, I confirm that I do not deal with some of the myths that say that the “Awaited Mahdi” is now in the sacred crypt in the city of Samarra in Iraq. Or I repeat the comic words that claim that the Mahdi lives among us and that he has a wife, children, and grandchildren, or that someone has seen him in the supermarket or the mall.
I am talking here about the idea itself and that the idea of the expected Mahdi has existed throughout human history since the beginning of the struggle between good and evil, injustice and justice. In view of the overpowering forces of Evil and the failure to ward off injustice from the oppressed in most cases, it has generated in the collective subconscious of mankind the belief that there is a force present on earth that will take the hand of the weak and oppressed people and take revenge for them from the arrogant tyrants in the land. And this force took different names in different cultures and religions, such as Suchi ant, Samson the Mighty, Christ the Savior, and then the Awaited Mahdi.
المزيد مثل هذا المقال :

Many ancient eastern religions adopted the idea of Mahdism and waiting for the Promised Person in their literature and holy books. For example, this idea was frequent in the Buddhist, Hindu, and Mazdakite religions, and perhaps the greatest manifestation of that idea occurred in the Zoroastrian religion that spread in Persia (now Iran) nearly Four thousand years ago, we find Zoroastrianism preaching to its followers the coming of a savior known as “Sushi ant” who will rid humanity of oppression and deprivation and from the pressures and oppression of rulers.
And throughout Jewish history, we find that many Jews have claimed that they themselves are the Messiah or the expected Messiah, and there were also some signs in the Book of Isaiah hinting that there will come a time when God will eliminate all injustice in the world (Isaiah, 11:1-16
As for the Christian religion, there is a belief that Christ will return to earth to hold people accountable for their actions, as stated in the Gospel of Matthew 16:27.
Many prophecies were spread in the Middle Ages in Europe about the expected person who would do something that no one else could do, including the legend of King Arthur's sword that spread in most European countries, and claimed that the promised savior would be able to remove King Arthur's sword and that he will then rule and lead his people to victory.
Rather, this idea has reached such strength and influence that it has moved beyond the limits of the traditional religious framework and breaks into Western materialistic modernist thought so that American cinema has dealt with it in one of the most famous science fiction films, which is the movie “The Matrix”, in which the famous actor Keanu Reeves embodied The role of (Neo), which symbolizes the figure of Christ the Savior in the Christian religion or the expected Mahdi according to the Shiites.
At the present time, satellite channels, YouTube, and social media are filled with talks about the imminent descent of the expected Mahdi to fill the earth with justice. The truth is that the topic has taken the character of business to get the highest views, and I warn against this approach that underestimates the minds of the simple and seduces them in their religion.
- As for Islam, the Holy Qur’an has determined the Day of Resurrection to separate the oppressors from the oppressed, if the oppressed could not take their rights from the oppressor in this world or did the oppressors not back down from their oppression and criminality. And you can review the many verses that referred to this meaning. (And the record ˹of deeds˺ will be laid ˹open˺, and you will see the wicked in fear of what is ˹written˺ in it. They will cry, “Woe to us! What kind of record is this that does not leave any sin, small or large, unlisted?” They will find whatever they did present ˹before them˺. And your Lord will never wrong anyone) Al-Kahf 49

This prompts us to ask a logical question: If there is a surprising frequency of this idea throughout human history, media momentum, and a well-established belief among most people, then why did God Almighty not mention it in the Holy Qur’an? The answer to this question does not deviate from two possible possibilities:
The first possibility: Is that the Awaited Mahdi is ridiculous that God Almighty did not want to mention so that the misguided people would not seize them, so they would throw in the fear of people (or the simple ones among them) that the Mahdi was mentioned in the Holy Qur’an, and therefore it is real, so that deceives people. This reminds me of one of the misguided swindlers when he announced his discovery that God forbade prayer and it is not obligatory on us, and the evidence is His saying, "O you who have believed, do not come near to prayer” --- He did not complete the verse “while you are intoxicated” Alnessa-43, and this meaning was confirmed by the noble verse (O Prophet!˺ If you were to obey most of those on earth, they would lead you away from Allah’s Way. They follow nothing but assumptions and do nothing but lie) Alanbiaa116
The second possibility: Perhaps the Holy Qur’an forgot to mention the Mahdi – God Almighty forbid, for He is the One and Only Creator who neither take inattention nor sleep – and because the Qur’an is a word of God Almighty, so it is all truth and trust. Therefore, the Holy Qur’an is not a book of superstitions to be concerned with this superstition (In fact, he came with the truth, confirming ˹earlier˺ messengers. As-Saffat 37
Some ignorant atheists may insult and say, "It is very normal for the Holy Qur'an to forget to mention the Mahdi because it is human speech." So, I say to them, on the contrary, the not mentioned myth of the Mahdi confirms the impossibility of the Holy Qur’an being the authorship of any human being - because the author or writer is a son of the environment and the culture in which he grew up and was raised in it, so this vocabulary of the legend of the Awaited Mahdi, in which all cultures should be mentioned by the author or writer as it is the agree throughout human history with the difference only in the name (Sushi ant - Christ the Savior - The Awaited Mahdi - etc.)
Electromagnetic waves: It is an energy that covers all parts of the universe and has multiple properties and uses, including their dangerous function in transmitting information and communications inside and outside the Earth. Indeed, life on Earth can end when the emission of these waves from the sun stops. So, an essential component of the universe, and it has this seriousness and utmost importance, so why does the Holy Qur’an not refer to it? The truth is that the Holy Qur’an has already mentioned it because it is a universal truth, and it is natural that the Qur’an does not mention it by name due to the difference of names in different languages. It is not acceptable to believe that the language of God Almighty is Arabic or English, for example. So how does God Almighty name it? He calls it in a description that indicates its nature, properties, and mechanism of action, and let us with the opportunity for logical scientific thinking and analysis.
Contemplate with me the Almighty’s saying in Surat At-Takwir (When the sun is wrapped up [in the Almighty’s saying: “And when the Clan has malfunctioned, and when the beasts are gathered.” The sun is turned up, referring to the diminishing of its energy and light, and this is the meaning of the sun’s stability, which means the cessation of the nuclear reaction within it, which is the generator of thermal energy and electromagnetic waves. This stability was mentioned in other verses (and the sun runs to a stationary position for itself. This is the predestination of the Mighty, the All-Knowing) Yassin 38, so the sun is infertile→ stopping the emission of electromagnetic energy = the Clan has malfunctioned.
So, the Clan is electromagnetic waves, yes, and here is the evidence:
1- The word “Ashar” means mixing, cohesion, and coexistence, including the clan. The most accurate description of the shape of electromagnetic waves is Ashar. To be sure, you only must click on the Google search engine, to see images of these waves, which show the extent of mixing, coexistence, and cohesion of the electric and magnetic fields to generate and form electromagnetic waves.
2- The word "electromagnetism" in Arabic and English is literally a mixture of the word’s "electricity" and "magnetism".
3- The use of the term “malfunctioned” for the Clan” Ashar” denies what some people think that the” Ashar” refers to pregnant camels. For example, if you spoke to one of your friends and told him that camels or horses were “malfunctioned”, they would certainly look at you mockingly because “malfunctioned” refers to electronic and electrical devices.
Fact: Ashar is plural of “Clan” and it is not considered a plural of the number “ten” because the number “ten” is added to tenths and tithes - and this negates what many of us think that the Ashar means camels pregnant in ten months.!
4- Disruption of electromagnetic radiation (which carries information) will disrupt communications inside and outside the globe. And because the context of Surat Al-Takwir talks about the beginning of the Day of Resurrection, therefore, none of us can call a friend or send him a text message or email to save him from what happens on the Day of Judgment, in accordance with the Almighty’s saying (And all of them will come to Him on the Day of Resurrection individually) Maryam 95
5- The context of the verses confirms that the “monsters were cornered” as soon as the Clan” Ashar” malfunctioned meaning that the failure of the electromagnetic radiation led to preventing the movement and spread of animals, especially predators (which spread in search of prey to prepare a luxurious banquet from), or migratory birds (which spread to search for a haven and weather for breeding). But what is the reason for cramming monsters and preventing their spread? This is due to the disruption of electromagnetic radiation. And how does this happen?
Disruption of electromagnetic radiation causes the sensors to malfunction in these animals because their sensors are programmed to receive information from electromagnetic radiation, which is like the GPS application that we use to locate our places and movements.
Information: 1- The sun works like a fusion nuclear reactor, meaning the merging of 4 hydrogen atoms into one helium atom, which generates thermal energy and electromagnetic energy, and this requires a temperature of more than one hundred million degrees Celsius to accomplish this interaction, and we cannot reach the production of such heat on Earth. China claims that being able to make an artificial sun, is propaganda in the Cold War race between it and the USA.
2- It is now rumored that one of the signs of the Day of Resurrection has appeared in the sheep of one of the farms in China because an imbalance occurred in the earth’s magnetic field. I think that this is a kind of fraud and scientific stunt because this limited phenomenon that exists in a very limited number of sheep farms does not constitute anything related to the Earth if it were a real phenomenon, it should include all the animals of the Earth, and I see that these animals may be infected with one of the diseases spread in sheep due to a type of bacteria called "Listeria" or Listeriosis.
And for those who want to be sure, look for the symptoms of this disease and find that they are completely identical to what happens to sheep
Abstract: The relationship between the Awaited Mahdi and electromagnetic waves or rays is an inverse relationship, meaning that the Awaited Mahdi is a myth and a historical myth. As for electromagnetic waves, they are a universal truth.

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