Rules of engagement in war of ideas against Jihadists:
Define soldiers, ammunition and battle field of our war of ideas

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 Rules of engagement in war of ideas against Jihadists

   Third part: Aspects of war of ideas

Chapter 1

Define soldiers, ammunition and battle field of our war of ideas

 Soldiers and ammunitions of our war of ideas (woi)

Because we have the religion of Islam with us against the terrorist Jihadists, it is impossible for our scholars to be non Muslims. We need our fellow Muslims to trust in us. Ordinary Muslims and the Muslim leaders and Muslim elites and figures refuse to get any guidance in religion from non Muslim scholar even if all his evidences come from the Holy Quran. It will be a great triumph for the fanatic terrorist Jihadists if the war of ideas (woi) is waged against them by non Muslim scholars. They will easily accuse it to be a conspiracy against Islam led by the Crusaders.

Soldiers of our ( woi ) against fanatic Jihadist must be a very sincere Muslims and have profound knowledge in the different fields of Islam and Muslims and Arabic Language.

The sincere Muslim scholar devotes his life for this (woi) as a religious mission to defend his Islamic religion which is hijacked by those terrorists. He is ready to sacrifice his life in this intellectual peaceful (woi) to please Allah, the Creator of the Universe. With or without any help from others, he will continue his peaceful struggle (jihad) tolerating all the difficulties and persecution. It is a straight faithful way that has not any room for political agenda or any kind of compromise. This kind of scholars is not very welcomed by policy makers, but those scholars have the full sincere commitment to handle this (woi) and have the expertise in wining it. Moreover, in spite of being helpless and persecuted, they are admired and trusted by Muslims who know them, even among some fanatic circles.

Among those sincere Muslim scholars are the Quranists.

The fanatic Jihadists use their power and different access and tools against the sincere Muslim scholars and issuing hundreds of fatwas and accusations against them. It has become sign of failure because those fanatics ignore to refute the hard evidences of the sincere Muslim scholars - or the Quranists -using only false accusations and persecution. Using violence against ideas helps the victimized side who has ideas. Actually, the peaceful persecuted Quranist Muslim scholars who are waging (woi) are helped by those terrorist trends because the campaign of attacking the Quranists and persecuting and victimizing them give the Quranists publicity and respect. It also increases their number because it makes people curious to read about Quranists and their Islamic literature. As a matter of fact, most of the new Quranists used to be fanatics, and then they have been undeceived by the Quranist writings.

The only problem the Quranists have is support and protection.

By the American support, supervision and protection, the Quranist Muslim scholars can defeat and dismantle the fanatic terrorist trends including Al Qaeda and other terrorist groups.

 Understanding the ammunitions of war of ideas

War of ideas is all about human. The victims are humans, the criminals are humans and also the rescuer noble heroes are humans. This human aspects includes also ammunitions which means the deep and huge knowledge of Muslims and their different response to their religion of Islam and their human made religions and human made history in the past and their current different situations.

This knowledge has two main fields: Islam and Arabic Language.

Understanding the Arabic Language

It is the oldest alive language in our time. For more than 25 centuries, the Arabic Language has gone through dangerous development since the seventh century as it has become the language of the Quran and the intellectual pronounced field of the religion of Islam and Muslim civilization and Muslim traditions. It still until now the religious language of most of one billion and half billion of the Muslim World.

During Muslim mighty empires Arabic Language was the first language for the middle aged civilization where the main text books and scriptures from Europe, Iran, Middle East India and China were translated into Arabic. Other languages were influenced by Arabic while Arabic Language itself was enriched by other civilizations and other languages.   Latin language- which is younger than Arabic- has disappeared leaving behind different language in Italy, Spain, France and Portuguese.

Because of Islam and its long time, Arabic Language has many serious developments inside it. These developments have many aspects. As it is shown in different Arabic dictionaries in Middle Ages, Arabic Language was widely enlarged in its vocabularies; many of them were ignored or produced over centuries. Inside it there are until now - different slangs and different accents beside the classic Arabic which still used in writing and reading. It is easy for any Arabic speaker to read and write in the classic Arabic Language while he talks in his daily life in his local slang. It is difficult for two Arabs from Morocco and Egypt to understand each other while talking, but it is easier for them to understand each other by classic Arabic and /or reading and writing it. This is not a big challenge for Arabic scholars in our field of (woi) because the biggest challenge is in the Arabic fields of different


Understanding the Arabic fields of terminology

Before the Quran, Arabic Language was simple reflecting the daily local life of Arab tribes in that time. Quran brought to it new terms and new expressions which are explained inside the Quranic context. Muslim civilization was built in about six centuries by different ethnics and different cultures in the time of the mighty Arabic Muslim empires, but its main language was Arabic. This widened and enlarged Arabic Languages and also created the wide Arabic different terminology. New terms were created in translating other culture traditions and philosophy and in creating new science and branches In Arabic Muslim civilizations. This has become real problem in the fields of human made religions, sects and cults of Muslims over the past centuries.

For example, the Arabic word (Sunna ) means in the Quran two meanings according to the Quranic context; the law of Allah and the way of Allah in dealing with humans. In Sunni sect (Sunna ) means generally the sayings or ( Hadeeth) that they attributed to the Prophet Mohamed two centuries and more after his death, claiming that this ( Sunna) is revelation from Allah to the Prophet Mohamed. Inside Sunni sect, the term (Sunna) means the theological philosophical groups in the Middle ages who were conservatives defying the open minded Muslim scholars like Al Mo’atazelah. Leaving those Sunni theological conservative groups, you find inside Sunni Shareeah or (Fikh ) Sunna term means the rituals that Muslim should do but without serious obligation, like to pray more the five daily prayers for the Prophet Mohamed, or to fast more days beside the month of Ramadan.

Samples of using Arabic fields of terminology in war of ideas

Muslims are three main sects; Sunni, Shiites and Sufism.  Every sect has its own terminology which is different from the classic Arabic Language and is different also from other two sects either. Moreover, all of them are different from the Quranic terminology itself. Every Muslim sect read the Quran not according to the Quranic terms but according to their own terminology to subjugate the Holly Quran to their religious purpose. So, Muslim sects in their interfaith war of ideas usually use the Quranic verses in the way that serves each sect against others.

All of them have a common distortion of the Quran in dealing with non Muslims. They mainly change the Quranic terms of (Islam) and (believe) to be exclusively for all of them describing the non Muslim to be infidel and idol worshipper.

Unfortunately, all the translations of the Quran have this common distortion, giving contradictions in the different Quranic laws in the fields of Jihad. This needs some explanations and some samples.

 Concept of Islam and belief

 Islam and believe in the Quranic terminology

Islam and belief in faith and in behavior

According to the Quranic terminology and its particular language, the word “believing” [Aaman], has two meanings in Quran along with the Arabic language; you can {believe in} or (Aamana be...) or you believe or trust others (Aamana le --);

The first one is related to faith as in this verse “the messenger believed in what was descended to him from His Lord and the believers. All believe in God, His angles, His books. His Messengers.” (2: 285) thus to ‘believe in’ means to have deeply rooted faith in your heart concerning the relationship between man and God.

People have had diversified faiths, even within the same religion or even within the same cult or school of thinking. And the Quranic confirms that people will be judged for the diversity of their faiths by God alone and only on judgment day (as found in verses  ( 2: 113 , 3: 55 , 10 : 93 , 16 : 124 , 5 : 48 , 39 : 3 , 7: 46 ).

The second meaning the relationship between people, namely believing or trusting others, implies that when someone is safe and secure people trust him. He is also called a ‘believer’ because he is trusted by the people, [Aamana laho al naas; Ma’amoun al janeb].

 This meaning is repeated in the Quranic especially in the Quranic stories concerning the Prophets. For example in the story of Noah, the arrogant ones told him “Shall we trust you [An’omeno Laka] while it is the meanest that follow you?” (26:111). that means how can we trust you and feel secure with you seeing that you are followed by the lowest of the people. This meaning of ‘believing’ that is trusting somebody is repeated in the story of Abraham (26 : 29 ), the story of Joseph (12 :17 ) the story of Moses (44 :21) and (23 : 47 ) , and also in the Quranic Narratives of the life of the prophet Mohammed in Medina ( 3 : 37 ). This meaning of believing is found in other subject as well.

When somebody behaves in a trust worthy manner he became safe and secure as seen from his outward behavior. According to the Quranic terminology this person is called ‘a believer’ regardless of his religion or Faith. For that matter he/she can be a Buddhist, Muslim, Christian, Jew or atheist, it is a private matter between the human and God, no creature has the authority to judge him. That is reserved to God alone on the Last Day.

The two meanings of the term ‘belief’ were simultaneously expressed in God’s Verse concerning the prophet Mohammed that says “He believes in God, trust ith in the believers [Y’omono bellah wa y’omeno Lel m’omeneen]” (9:61). In the Arabic language and in this Quranic verse the word [Y’omeno] means the two meanings: believe in and trust. Thus this verse shows that to believe in God is to worship him alone, and to believe in others is to trust them. To believe in God is to Acknowledge he is the one and only. The evaluation of this faith, which many people dispute, is to take place in the Judgment Day. Therefore what concerns and should only concern Humans among themselves is to live in trust, safety, security and peace.

Therefore faith in Islam is equivalent to peace among people, and in the same time being a believer means a man of God and a man of peace and trust. This is the understanding of faith in the religion of Islam.

What about the word [Islam] itself in Arabic Language and in the religion of Islam?

The understanding of Islam, as was the case with the word ‘believe’ in the Quran has an outward meaning concerning the dealing with people and inward meaning concerning the relationship with God .

The inward meaning of Islam is to succumb and submit to God alone, pledging allegiance and obedience to him and him alone (6:161-163).

This meaning of Islam is the same message that came with the entire prophets in all divine Messages, and in all ancient languages until it finally appeared in Arabic in the final Divine revelation of the Quran. God doesn’t accept any other religion deferent from the submission to him alone as the only God. This is the meaning of the verse (“The religion before God is Islam …”) (3:19 ) (“Whoever desires a religion other than Islam, never will it be accepted of him and in the hereafter he will be in the rank of those who had lost”) (3:85). It talks here about his future on the Day of Judgment where God only will judge all the mankind.

Islam is submitting to God alone in any language, any time or place and in all divine messages. Alas unfortunately, in our culture Islam was transformed into an Arabic description of a definite group in a specific epoch.

God is uninterested in the titles and divisions that people choose for them,  such as Muslims, Jews, Christians and Sapiens.

For this reason God confirms in two verses that those who believe in God alone as the only God, and believe in the Day of Judgment as the Divine Day of absolute justice and maintain peace and perform righteous deeds as a prove of their belief in the last day; those are the Allies of God whether they are the followers of the Quran or the old and new testament (2:62, 5:69). These two verses confirm the other two verses (The religion before God is Islam) (Whoever desires a religion other than Islam, never will be accepted of him) (3:19 &85)

 These verses imply that he who believes in God, the last day and performs righteous deeds in this world will be considered a Muslim in the sight of God on the Last Day regardless of the title he had in this world. It is up to God alone- not to us - on the Day of Judgment – not now- to judge the faith. Any one claims this right to himself is claiming divinity upon himself.

The real meaning of the inward face of Islam is submitting to God only and succumbing to him alone with the language of hearts. It is the universal language that leaves no room for discord among people or believers, and based on this language all people will be judged on the last day. This is the inward meaning of Islam in dealing with the Almighty God; the Creator, or the inner meaning of the faith that lies inside the heart which will be judged by God alone on the Last Day.

God alone is the only One who can monitor the real feelings of the human heart in this life, and the only One who- on the Judgment Day- will tell us of our religious disputes. It’s up to every human to choose monotheism, paganism or atheism; it’s his freedom of belief and he will be responsible before God alone on the last Day. This is about Islam in dealing with God, or the inner meaning of Islam.

 Islam outwardly in dealing with people is directly related to the safety and securities expressed and practicing among people, no matter how deferent their inner believes are. God says: “O you who believe inter peace wholeheartedly” (2:208). Thus God ordered the believers to inter peace reign. We remember here that the salutation of Islam is peace “ Alsalamu alikum” , or” Peace be upon you” and that “peace” is one of God’s wholly names [Al salam]. All of this expresses the confirmation of peace in Islam and it confirms the fact that belief also means safety and security.

Peace and security in Paradise will be for the peaceful believers:

The person who expresses and demonstrates his belief in goodness in his dealings with people making them trust him, and in the same time has the real belief in God alone; this person would be deserving ‘Security’, and will be secured and protected by the Almighty God on this Horrible Day.’ or in the hereafter, as a reward of being trusted by the people and had a sincere belief in God alone in this life. This is the meaning of belief in Islam and its reward in the Last Day.

The same with he who practices ‘Islam’ in his dealings with others and being peaceful and in the same time, realizes ‘Islam’ in his relationship with God by submitting to Him his heart and his behaviors. This person would be deserving ‘peace’ in the hereafter.

 On this subject God says :(” It’s those who believe and confuse not their beliefs with wrong, for them there is a security, and they are truly guided “) (6:82). That means that those who believe in God and in the same time people trust them because they do not wrong them, will be enjoying safety and security as a reward on the last day. And their reward is nothing but the outcome of their deeds, God describes them in paradise, in the hereafter enjoying peace. Their greeting upon entering paradise (“Enter ye here in peace and security “) (15:46). And God says about paradise that (“for them will be a home of peace In the presence of their lord”) (6:127).

Thus peace and security in dealing with others plus submission to believe in the One God, and obedience to him alone leads to peace and security in paradise. Such is the Islamic formula as presented by the verses of Quranic.

On the other hand, transgression and injustices inflicted on others and on god leads only to Hill.

 Concept of Blasphemy and Polytheism in belief according to the Holly Qur’an

(Kufr) : Blasphemy and (Shirk ) Polytheism comes synonymously as mentioned in the Qur’an. (9:1,2,17/) ( 40:42)

 In Arabic Language, Kufr (Blasphemy) means coverage, while Kafarah means covered, similarly the word “ Almaghfar “ is derived from Ghafarah which means is a shield that cover the face in times of war, in the same context the English word “ Cover “ carries the same meaning. In the context of the Qur’an the word “ Kuffar “ was used to describe farmers who cover the seeds with soil and water to grow.( 57:20)

When God created the human, (Al Fitrah ) or the natural instinct in the belief on the oneness of Allah, the Creator, the Supreme Being is recognized that there is no helper, protector or intercessor other than Him.

The inheritance of social environment and traditional customs ( Cover) this pure belief in Allah alone and diverts the human in their false beliefs that attributing partners and or helpers and intercessors will bring them closer in their belief besides God in false doctrines, lies and untruths, this is Blasphemy in thinking that they are worshipping the One and Only true God. This is also gross Polytheism.

The human diversion to Polytheism and Blasphemy diminishes the faith and beauty of God by devotions their allegiance to others and stones. This confirms what God revealed in the Qur’an that most people believed not in God except that they attribute partners to Him and they are described as Mushrikeen( idol worshippers ) ( polytheism ).( 12:106, 40:12)

God almighty, cursed them because of their faithless in God (4:46) and which will not benefit them on the Day of Judgment.( 32:29).

Some people believe that Kufr is Atheism which is a complete denial in the existence of God and Shirk is to associate partners with God almighty. Blasphemy differs than Polytheism.

In addition to the above, God mentioned Pharaoh in many instances in the Qur’an as model of gross Kufr and Atheism to humanity by claiming and declaring that he is the supreme lord of the Egyptians and that he denied the existence of God.79:23,24/ 28:38, 40:36,37

Pharaoh was heavily immersed in his powerful kingdom and was deceived by his priests, soldiers and his ancestry which made him feel that he is invincible against everything including his belief in God Almighty. It was only when he was overpowered by the things he coveted and there was not anyone to help him that he finally decided to go back to the embodied instinct and declared his belief in God. (10:90).

To day’s Muslims are no better in their beliefs and deeds because they do not heed the example as mentioned in the Qur’an.

The most hardened Atheists will not change the natural instinct of belief except when faced with calamities and misfortunes, then he submits himself to his Lord for the removal of adversities, but as soon as he is free from calamities, he reverts back to being an Atheist, however as his time comes closer to death, he is in constant agony, screaming for help, that is not forthcoming. In the above examples Shirk and Unbelief means both injustice and abuse. God described Polytheism as a grievous iniquity. 13:31

To create injustice to the Creator by associating other deities besides Him, who is the real Creator, sustainer and protector of all and everything that exists in this world is the essence of belief and dealing with the One and the Only God.

Concept of Blasphemy and Polytheism in behavior according to the Holly Qur’an:

In dealing with unjust people who kill, oppress and subjugate innocent people by away their lawful rights of free belief and thinking, these people are the Mushrikeen, and Kafireen by their actions; we are free from the actions of such people because we do not know what is in their hearts and belief.

The Qur’an confirms that people will not be instantly judged until the Day of Judgment.

 ( 2:113, 3:55, 10:93, 16:124, 5:48, 39:3, 7,46 )

 Shirk and Kufr have two meanings. In faith means those who associate partners to God. In behavior mean oppression and aggression. In the Qur’an God has described Kufr and Shirk as injustices. This has been repeated over hundred times in the Qur’an, and has connected Kufr and Shirk as aggression as mentioned in numerous cases in Al-Qur’an, which is forbidden by God Almighty. When people rights are taken away and their properties confiscated and then killed, this constitutes valid oppression and aggression on innocent people.   It is easy for us to judge according to people’s actions and deeds. Here we recognize the true Muslim who are peaceful and makes people feel safe in dealing with them. In the same time we – according to the Quran- leave the faith to Allah alone to judge all of us in the Day of Judgment. It is unlimited freedom of religion for all human to be responsible before Allah in that Day. But to establish peace on earth, People themselves are responsible to judge and to punish those criminals who kill and persecute others especially when using the name of Allah in their criminal crimes.

 All peaceful people are Muslims by their actions, regardless of their beliefs whether are Muslims, Christians, children of Israel, or Agnostics. By their peaceful conduct, we can peacefully incorporate them within the family by intermarried between ourselves.

 All terrorists, dictators and oppressors whether they are leaders or common criminals are infidels and idol worshippers according to their crimes, especially when they commit their crimes in the name of Allah.. It is not permissible for marriage with these people.

Concept of (Taghut)

In the current movements of Wahhabism and especially Muslim Brothers mottoes the Arabic term (Taghut) means the dictator regimes that do not apply the Sunni Shareeah. Their Jihad is to take over these regimes to apply the Sunni Shareeah. By brainwashing people, when mentioning (Taghut) people understand it as Mubarak regime in Egypt and other military regimes in Muslim World who are against the political agenda of Muslim Brothers and against the Wahhabi Sunni Shareeah.

According to the Quran, the real religious truth is found in the religion of God (Allah ) through the sacred Books, while the falsehood in religion that established human made religions comes from the Satan and his revelation through his followers. This falsehood usually corrupts the real religion of Allah and distorts its real Jurisprudence and its high values of peace, tolerance, justice freedom of religion and forgiveness. This religious falsehood alienated the real religion spreading terrorism religious persecution and religious wars, killing innocent people in the name of Allah, the Creator.

In the Quranic terminology, this satanic religious falsehood means (Taghut).

The term (Taghut) is mentioned eight times in the Quran indicating its aspects:

1- Religion of Allah is based on freedom in religion, so people have a free choice between the religion of Allah and the religion of Satan, (Taghut): (002.256)(  There is no compulsion in religion; truly the right way has become clearly distinct from error; therefore, whoever disbelieves in the  ( Taghut ) and believes in Allah he indeed has laid hold on the firmest handle, which shall not break off, and Allah is Hearing, Knowing. )

2- Religion of Allah contradicts totally the religion of Satan, or (Taghut): (002.257)(  Allah is the guardian of those who believe. He brings them out of the darkness into the light; and (as to) those who disbelieve, their guardians is (Taghut ) who takes them out of the light into the darkness; they are the inmates of the fire, in it they shall abide.)

3- All the Holy messages from Allah call people to worship Allah alone and to abandon worshipping the Satan, Shaitan or the (Taghut). This is mentioned in two verses:

(016.036)(And certainly We raised in every nation a messenger saying: Serve Allah and shun the (Taghut))

 ( 039.017 ) (And (as for) those who keep off from the worship of the (Taghut)  and turn to Allah, they shall have good news, therefore give good news to My servants. )

4 – The Arabic and the real name of (Egypt ) is ( Misr). Originally, the term (Egypt ) or ( Copt ) meant the ancient human made religion which is the oldest version of (Taghut).  This ancient version of (Taghut) spread out of its homeland carrying its religious term ( Gept). So, ( Misr ) was known in Europe by its religion as (Egypt) not (Misr). This (Gept ) and ( Taghut ) had influenced the Children of Israel while living in (Misr). It had distorted the real religion of Allah revealed to the prophets of the Children of Israel. They carried this distortion after exodus. Some of them in the time of the Prophet Mohamed supported the enemies of the Quran, the final message from Allah. This is mentioned in the Quran in this verse ( 004.051 ) (  Have you not seen those to whom a portion of the Book has been given? They believe in (Gept)  and or (Taghut) and say of those who disbelieve: These are better guided in the path than those who believe.)

Read also : ( 004.060)  (Have you not seen those who assert that they believe in what has been revealed to you and what was revealed before you? They desire to summon one another to the judgment of the or (Taghut), though they were commanded to deny him, and the Shaitan desires to lead them astray into a remote error. ). Also: (005: 60).

5- In the time of the Prophet Mohamed, the supporters of ( Taghut ) attacked the peaceful Muslims. Those peaceful Muslims were so passive that they were not willing to defend themselves. WE can understand this situation from these verses:

 (004.075 :   And what reason have you that you should not fight in the way of Allah and of the weak among the men and the women and the children, (of) those who say: Our Lord! cause us to go forth from this town, whose people are oppressors, and give us from Thee a guardian and give us from Thee a helper.)

            (004.076 )  (  Those who believe fight in the way of Allah, and those who disbelieve fight in the way of the  (Taghut) . Fight therefore against the allies of the Shaitan; surely the strategy of the Shaitan is weak). It is clear that (Taghut ) belongs to Shaitan or Satan.

According to the Quran, Shaitan or Satan is the founder of worshipping sacred tombs and the source of false revelation attributed to Allah. (5 : 90  ) ( 6 : 112 - 116 ).

Concept of dividing the world into two camps 

In manifest violation of Islam and its Quranic Jurisprudence in Jihad, the early Arab Muslims after the death of the Prophet Mohamed attacked, occupied many countries and established their mighty Arabic ( Muslim ) empire, dividing the world in that time into two camps, camp of Islam and camp of Christianity. (camp of peace and camp of war: Dar al Salam and Dar al Harb) has become since then a famous concept that ruled the relationship between Muslims and Europe. The Saudi Wahhabi Salafi Sunni has revived this religious tradition in our recent time. Accordingly, they consider Islam is theirs, only for them against the other side which is destined for war in this world and hellfire in the Day after.

This concept of dividing the world into two camps contradicts the very Islamic fact that religion of Islam is to all humans, addressing all of them as one camp for establishing peace and justice for all.

Quran has its unique way in addressing all humans from the time of the Prophet Mohamed until the end of this world.

Sometimes Allah calls humans as (Children of Adam) to confirm the fact that all of them are brothers and sisters from one father and one mother. This expression (Children of Adam) comes in the context of concern and honor.

Allah concern us as children of Adam when telling us the story of the test of our father Adam and our mother Eve, then giving us advices generated from this test.

We can see this in these verses:

(007.011)   : And certainly We created you, then We fashioned you, then We said to the angels: Prostrate to Adam. So they did prostrate except Iblis; he was not of those who prostrated. 007.012   He said: What hindered you so that you did not prostrate when I commanded you? He said: I am better than he: Thou hast created me of fire, while him Thou didst create of dust. 007.013 : He said: Then get forth from this (state), for it does not befit you to behave proudly therein. Go forth, therefore, surely you are of the abject ones. 007.014 He said: Respite me until the day when they are raised up  007.015 : He said: Surely you are of the respited ones. 007.016  He said: Now, because Thou hast sent me astray, verily I shall lurk in ambush for them on Thy Right Path.  007.017  Then I will certainly come to them from before them and from behind them, and from their right-hand side and from their left-hand side; and Thou shalt not find most of them thankful.007.018
 He said: Get out of this (state), despised, driven away; whoever of them will follow you, I will certainly fill hell with you all. 007.019   And (We said): O Adam! Dwell you and your wife in the garden; so eat from where you desire, but do not go near this tree, for then you will be of the unjust. 007.020 : Then began Satan to whisper suggestions to them, bringing openly before their minds all their shame that was hidden from them (before): he said: "Your Lord only forbade you this tree, lest ye should become angels or such beings as live forever."   007.021  And he swore to them both: Most surely I am a sincere adviser to you.

007.022 Then he caused them to fall by deceit; so when they tasted of the tree, their evil inclinations became manifest to them, and they both began to cover themselves with the leaves of the garden; and their Lord called out to them: Did I not forbid you both from that tree and say to you that the Shaitan is your open enemy? 007.023 They said: Our Lord! We have been unjust to ourselves, and if Thou forgive us not, and have (not) mercy on us, we shall certainly be of the losers. 007.024  He said: Get forth, some of you, the enemies of others, and there is for you in the earth an abode and a provision for a time. 007.025: He (also) said: Therein shall you live, and therein shall you die, and from it shall you be raised.).

After the story of our father Adam, Allah is addressing us, all of as (Children of Adam) saying: ( 007.026  O children of Adam! We have indeed sent down to you clothing to cover your shame, and (clothing) for beauty and clothing that guards (against evil), that is the best. This is of the signs of Allah that they may be mindful. 007.027O children of Adam! let not the Shaitan cause you to fall into affliction as he expelled your parents from the garden, pulling off from them both their clothing that he might show them their evil inclinations, he surely sees you, he as well as his tribe , from whence you cannot see them; surely We have made the Shaitans to be the allies of those who do not believe. 007.028  And when they commit an indecency they say: We found our fathers doing this, and Allah has enjoined it on us. Say: Surely Allah does not enjoin indecency; do you say against Allah what you do not know? 007.029   Say: My Lord has enjoined justice, and set upright your faces at every time of prayer and call on Him, being sincere to Him in obedience; as He brought you forth in the beginning, so shall you also return. 007.030  A part has He guided aright and (as for another) part, error is justly their due, surely they took the Shaitans for guardians beside Allah, and they think that they are followers of the right. 007.031  O Children of Adam! wear your beautiful apparel at every time and place of prayer: eat and drink: But waste not by excess, for Allah loves not the wasters.  007.035  O children of Adam! if there come to you messengers from among you relating to you My verses , then whoever shall guard (against evil) and act aright-- they shall have no fear nor shall they grieve. 007.036  And (as for) those who reject Our verses and turn away from them haughtily-- these are the inmates of the fire they shall abide in it. )

We find also honoring the children of Adam in this verse: ( 017.070   And surely We have honored the children of Adam, and We carry them in the land and the sea, and We have given them of the good things, and We have made them to excel by an appropriate excellence over most of those whom We have created. )

Allah also is addressing mankind, all the peoples in many verses in different subjects.

 Call for maintain righteousness:                                                                        

( 022.001 : O mankind! guard against (the punishment from) your Lord; surely the violence of the hour is a grievous thing.) ( 004.001 O mankind! Be careful of your duty to your Lord Who created you from a single soul and from it created its mate and from them twain hath spread abroad a multitude of men and women. ) ( 031.033:  O mankind! do your duty to your Lord, and fear (the coming of) a Day when no father can avail aught for his son, nor a son avail aught for his father. Verily, the promise of Allah is true: let not then this present life deceive you, nor let the chief Deceiver ( Satan) deceive you about Allah.)

 Worshipping Allah and pilgrimage to His Sacred Mosque in Mecca:

( 002.021  : O men! serve your Lord Who created you and those before you so that you may guard (against evil). (003.096 : The first House (of worship) appointed for men was that at Bakka: Full of blessing and of guidance for all kinds of beings:  003.097  : In it are Signs Manifest; (for example), the Station of Abraham; whoever enters it attains security; Pilgrimage thereto is a duty men owe to Allah,- those who can afford the journey; but if any deny faith, Allah stands not in need of any of His creatures.). 

The final message (Quran) is for all mankind:

 (004.170   O Mankind! The Messenger hath come to you in truth from Allah: believe in him: It is best for you. But if ye reject Faith, to Allah belong all things in the heavens and on earth: And Allah is All-knowing, All-wise. ). (007.158  Say: "O men! I am sent unto you all, as the Messenger of Allah, to whom belongeth the dominion of the heavens and the earth: there is no god but He: it is He That giveth both life and death. So believe in Allah and His Messenger, the Unlettered Prophet, who believeth in Allah and His words: follow him that (so) ye may be guided.")  (034.028 . And We have not sent you but to all the men as a bearer of good news and as a warner, but most men do not know. )( 010.057   O mankind! there hath come to you a direction from your Lord and a healing for the (diseases) in your hearts,- and for those who believe, a guidance and a Mercy. )( 010.108   Say: O mankind!  indeed there has come to you the truth from your Lord, therefore whoever goes aright, he goes aright only for the good of his own soul, and whoever goes astray, he goes astray only to the detriment of it, and I am not a custodian over you. )

Justice for all: (057.025   We sent aforetime our messengers with Clear Signs and sent down with them the Book and the Balance (of Right and Wrong), that men may stand forth in justice.)

 Peace for all:(049.013  : O mankind! We created you from a single (pair) of a male and a female, and made you into nations and tribes, that ye may know each other (not that ye may despise (each other). Verily the most honored of you in the sight of Allah is (he who is) the most righteous of you. And Allah has full knowledge and is well acquainted (with all things). )
 Dealing inside the one camp

From the previous verse: ( 049.013 )(: O mankind! We created you from a single (pair) of a male and a female, and made you into nations and tribes, that ye may know each other (not that ye may despise (each other). Verily the most honored of you in the sight of Allah is (he who is) the most righteous of you. And Allah has full knowledge and is well acquainted (with all things), we understand that all humans are equal in spite of different colures, different tongues and all differences, and the best among them is not the most powerful or the strongest or the most beautiful, but the most righteous. Righteousness is uphold high values, doing the best things in this life to please Allah, refrain from doing the bad thing to save your soul from the retribution in the Day of Judgment. Allah is the only one who knows the real righteous among us, and He is only who will judge us according to our belief and our behavior. So, it is prohibited to claim righteousness: (053.032 :  Those who avoid great sins and shameful deeds, only (falling into) small faults,- verily thy Lord is ample in forgiveness. He knows you well when He brings you out of the earth, And when ye are hidden in your mothers' wombs. Therefore ascribe not purity unto yourselves. He knows best who it is that maintain righteousness.).

It is also prohibited to make it trade for the vanity of this short life misusing the verses of the Holy Book of Allah: (  002.174  : Those who conceal Allah's revelations in the Book, and purchase for them a miserable profit,- they swallow into themselves naught but Fire; Allah will not address them on the Day of Resurrection. Nor purify them: Grievous will be their penalty. 002.175 : These are they who buy error for the right direction and chastisement for forgiveness; how bold they are to encounter fire.). This includes those who use the religion for their political agenda, like Muslim Brothers and other Wahhabists.

Inside the same one camp, there are people full of sins. They are not excluded from the camp as Allah gives them second chance and more chances to repent and to reform themselves in this life before the Day after. Allah says : (( 039.053 : Say: "O my Servants who have transgressed against their souls! Despair not of the Mercy of Allah: for Allah forgives all sins: for He is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful. 039.054  : And return to your Lord time after time and submit to Him before there comes to you the punishment, then you shall not be helped. ).

It is clear her that repentance and forgiveness are direct relationship between any individual and Allah where no single creature has the authority to interfere in this confidential relationship. It belongs to the faith and the ritual and the innermost of belief inside any human heart.

But some sins and crimes victimize other humans. There are people who transgress and kill humans wrongly in the name of Allah and persecute others in religion. Are they are also excluded from the one human camp?

It is religious duty to fight them back when they start war attacking peaceful people. This is the first rule in military Jihad, to fight to defend not to attack others wrongly: ( 002.190  : And fight in the way of Allah with those who fight with you, and do not exceed the limits, surely Allah does not love those who exceed the limits.). It clearly means (Fight them as long they attack you, but if they stop fighting you must stop fighting them.

This is explained in the next verses : ( 002.191  : And kill them wherever ye catch them, and turn them out from where they have Turned you out; for tumult and oppression are worse than slaughter; but fight them not at the Sacred Mosque, unless they (first) fight you there; but if they fight you, slay them. Such is the reward of those who suppress faith. 002.192  : But if they desist, then surely Allah is Forgiving, Merciful. 002.193  : And fight them on until there is no more Tumult or oppression, and there prevail justice and faith in Allah; but if they cease, Let there be no hostility except to those who commit oppression. ) .Moreover, Allah makes it announcement calling those transgressors to refrain their wicked transgression in order to forgive them, otherwise they will be punished as it was happened in the past.( 008.038  : Tell those who transgress the limit that if they cease (from persecution of believers) that which is past will be forgiven them; but if they persist, the punishment of those before them is already (a matter of warning for them). 008.039   And fight with them until there is no more persecution and religion should be only for Allah; but if they desist, then surely Allah sees what they do.)(  008.040  : If they refuse, be sure that Allah is your Protector - the best to protect and the best to help. ).

Fighting is a way of reform to establish real peace in the one camp. So, we are not against them as humans, we are against the transgression they make. We do not hate them but we hate the bad things they are doing. Once they refrain the problem vanished.

This one camp has various religions and many different sects and cults. Every group believes that they have the truth exclusively. There is no problem as Allah orders the unlimited religious freedom. Some zealot believers think it is their Jihad to fight those who are manifestly worshipping stones and idols excluding them from the human camp. The answer is clear in the Quran. People who are idol worshippers are two kinds: Some of them are peaceful. Then they are Muslims according to their behavior. Muslim State must treat them in the best way according to justice and best manner.  Some of them are transgressors who are attacking peaceful Muslims and persecuting them. Any Muslim is prohibited from allying himself / herself with those transgressors against his fellow Muslims. Read : 060.008 ) ( Allah forbids you not, with regard to those who fight you not for (your) Faith nor drive you out of your homes, from dealing kindly and justly with them  ; surely Allah loves the doers of justice. (060.009)(Allah only forbids you, with regard to those who fight you for (your) Faith, and drive you out of your homes, and support (others) in driving you out, from taking them allies . , and whoever makes friends with them, these are the unjust. )

Even inside the real scriptures from Allah, there are some differences in minute details in ways of worshipping and what is prohibited or permissible in fields of food. ( 6 : 145 / 146) ( 3 :50 ) ( 2 : 178 & 5 :45 ) ( 7 : 163 - ) ( 22 : 34 ).

These minute differences are means to make the sincere believers from the different scriptures compete each other in doing the best for their societies and for their Lord, Allah. In talking about the final message from Allah, the Quran and the messages before it Allah said to the Prophet Mohamed: (  005.048 :  And We have revealed to you the Book with the truth, verifying what is before it of the Book and a guardian over it, therefore judge between them by what Allah has revealed, and do not follow their low desires (to turn away) from the truth that has come to you; for every one of you did We appoint a law and a way, and if Allah had pleased He would have made you (all) a single people, but that He might try you in what He gave you, therefore strive with one another to hasten to virtuous deeds; to Allah is your return, of all (of you), so He will let you know that in which you differed ).

We should live in peace in our one camp, leaving our continuous religious disputes to Allah, to judge us in the Last Day. Prophet Mohamed was ordered to say it: ( 039.046 :: Say: O Allah! Originator of the heavens and the earth, Knower of the unseen and the seen! Thou (only) judges between Thy servants as to that wherein they differ.(.

As a matter of fact, all the humans are in one camp in this life, but in the Last Day, they will be in two different camps: Paradise or hellfire according to their faith and behavior in this life.

This is what in the real religion of Allah. But the early Muslims established their powerful empires against the teachings of the Quran, and then they justified it by fabricating their Shareeah. In this Shareeah they divide the world into two camps, their camp of believe and peace and the enemy camp of infidel and war. They twisted the Quranic term of ( Wala’a ) and ( Bara,a). It means Muslim is supposed not to ally himself with the enemy who is attacking his people or not to help those who are fighting hgis people. It is clear it talks about the situation of war only when Muslim State is under attack. But they change it to be against the other camp all the time in continuous state of war until the end of the world.

Concept of Jews in the Holy Quran:

The fanatics are using the Quranic term (Yahood) wrongly in their war of ideas.

1-To recognize real Islam, or the forgotten Islam, you have to read the Quran according to its unique Arabic language and its own terminology. The old fanatic Sunni scholars in the Middle Ages distorted the Quranic laws and terminology in their tradition. The Saudi Wahhabis have restored and revived this fanatic Sunni Sharee’a in our modern time under the name of Islam and Jihad. 

2- They did the same with the Quranic term (Yahood). In the Quran, it means the misled people among the (Children of Israel) in the time of Prophet Mohamed in the Arabian Peninsula.  They transformed this Arabic Quranic term to mean all the Jews and all the Children of Israel in all times. By doing so, they ignored many Quranic verses that talked about the good Jews and the good children of Israel. This needs more explanation.

3- Allah, the Almighty creator has divided mankind into three categories, according to their beliefs and deeds: The (best) in their righteous beliefs and deeds. They will be in the highest rank in Paradise. Then those who have done a combination of (good) and bad deeds, but they repented and reformed themselves in time before death. They will be in the second degree in Paradise. Then the worst people who kept up the (bad) deeds and false beliefs without any repentance until their death. They will be in the hell fire. ( 56 / 7: 56 &  88: 94 ).
4- The same three categories apply to those who believe in the Quran. There will be (the best, the good and the worst) according to their beliefs and deeds. (35 / 32).

5 - - The same three categories included the early Muslim around Prophet Mohamed. They were (the best, the good and the worst) according to their beliefs and deeds. (9 / 100 - ).

6 - The same three categories included the (People of the Book) in the time of Prophet Mohamed. They were (the best, the good and the worst) according to their beliefs and deeds. There are many references to admonish and to encourage them to repent during their lifetime. (5 / 65: 66)(3 / 110: 115)(5 / 153 : 162 )

7 – The worst of Muslims around Prophet Mohamed were named ( Al Monafeqoon ), or the hypocrites. There were tens of Quranic verses that exposed them.

8 –The worst of the Jews around Prophet Mohamed were named (Yahood). We understand from the Quran that they were specific tribes, who no longer exist nowadays, who have nothing to do with the Jews in our time. For example: They share with Christians the same belief in idolizing a human, making him son of God.( 9 : 30). They share with Christians the same belief in making themselves sons of  God.( 5 : 18). They allied themselves with the Christians in waging war against the peaceful Islamic state in the time of the Prophet Mohammed, and they had the support from the worst Muslims, ( Al Monafeqoon ) or the hypocrites. So, Allah ordered Muslims not to support those transgressors against their own state ( 5/ 51 : 52 )

 9- Those (bad) people among the Jews in the time before Mohammed were cursed also and described as apes and pigs, as a derogatory expression. This was said in the Quran to admonish people of the Book in the time of Mohammed. ( 7 : 166 - ) ( 2  / 65 - )( 5 / 60 -). The other (bad) people around Prophet Mohamed were described as, worse than animals ( 25 / 41 : 44 ). So it is, more or less, the same form of description.

10- While blaming the( bad) people among Muslims ( Al Monafeqoon ) or the hypocrites, and the (bad )people among the Jews ( al Yahood ) , Allah, the Almighty Creator , talked highly of the( good) and the( best) people among ( People of the Book, or : Ahl Al Ketab )( Those who seek guidance , or in Arabic: :Allazeena hadoo). For example: (3/ 199) ( 7 / 159 &  ) (32 / 23 : 25 ). Again , it is the same description.

11-, Allah, The Almighty Creator, will send all the( best) and the (good) people from all of mankind to Paradise, as they have the good correct Belief in God and in the Hereafter and they keep righteous, regardless of being Christians, Jews, Muslims or any converts.  ( 2/ 62 )  ( 5/ 69 ).

12 – These are but some references. There are more details in different fields. However, all these Quranic facts were ignored, along with the real Quranic jurisprudence and the Quranic values of peace, justice and freedom.

13 – Finally, the term Arabic Quranic (Yahood) has been misused by the fanatic Sunni in their current war of ideas against the West, the US and all the Jews.

 How to understand the Quran and the Real Islam

There are two different ways of understanding the Quran and the religion of Islam.

A - The first is to see Islam through its divine source, namely the Quran, provided that Quranic terminology should be solely understood based on Quranic explanation and definitions of the term concerned. Arabic language's rich history and vocabulary usually leaves room for different interpretations of any one particular term, yet our approach is to confine ourselves only to the Quranic explanation of the Quranic term. Therefore, this Quranic approach necessitates a thorough knowledge of the full Quranic text so that definitions of terms would be developed only after going through all the verses connected to the subject being researched, otherwise, interpretation may deviate and lacks precision.

B - The second way to understand Islam is through Muslim traditions. By definition, traditions is a human source as its contributors vary, ranging from the sayings ascribed to the Prophet Mohammed and recorded more than two centuries after his death, the "folklore" developed concerning Quranic stories with a view to proving or promoting certain emphasis, and the sayings of renown Muslim Scholars or ‘the Imams of the Muslim Jurisprudence and the other scholars’. Islam can be understood through the prism of the body of knowledge produced by these human resources, and the Quran, the divine source of the religion, is understood according to the views and explanations of any possible combination(s) of these human sources.

It’s thus clearly natural to face the product of these human sources in the form of contradicting views and opinions, each of which searches for supporting verses in the Quran, and in most cases leading to in slippages in interpretations as relevant verses would be interpreted based on terminology definitions derived from these human schools of thought, influenced by all sorts of political, cultural and historical factors, rather than from the Quranic definitions themselves as explained above.

 The difference between the two ways:

The second method is the one which is overwhelmingly followed by the fanatic Muslims of today, and their behavior is heavily influenced by its precepts. The main part of this human body of knowledge has stopped developing by the 12th century AD; therefore it is heavily influenced by the ethos and mentality of the Middle Ages, such as fundamentalism, fanaticism, holy wars and religious trials, and persecutions, which is found today in the behavior of Wahabism and fanatic Shiites.

This understanding of Islam, based on traditions that froze since the crusades, is the bases of contemporary judicial opinions (fatwa) which is responsible for conferring to Islam the image of a religion keen on terrorism, violence, contradiction and fanaticism (which is no wonder if the bases belong to the age of the crusades.) When Muslims established their mighty empires, it was natural that pure Quranic meanings would be twisted to fit political realities.

The main part of the traditions is Hadith or Sunnah, which is the saying attributed falsely to the prophet Mohamed. They invented sayings that served their purpose and attributed these to the prophet as holy texts that should be obeyed by believers as part of the religion. This is the belief of the Sunni Muslims. It is noteworthy that the Shiite Muslims followed other sayings attributed to the Prophet and his relatives and descendents, while the Sufi Muslims have followed the sayings of their holy saints.

Thus whoever views Islam through the lenses of these traditions will find nothing mixtures of Medieval culture, some full of superstitions (Sufi tradition), violence (Sunni tradition), and a combination of the two (Shiite tradition).

If, however, the first method is followed, the result would be surprising, as Islam would be discovered as a religion of unlimited religious freedom, peace, justice and forgiveness and other lofty values.

I chose the first method of understanding Islam first of all because the Quran is the only confirmed source of Islam. As indicated earlier, interpreting the Quran through its own explanations of its own terms yields totally different results.

Understanding Muslim history and traditions

Islamic or Muslim studies are so huge and so deep fields. It is too difficult to have many of scholars who have good expertise in it, but it is a necessary to find them in the war of ideas. The US has a lot of Islamic departments in its universities, but nothing of them is qualified enough to have the necessary expertise for this unique war of ideas, beside, the Saudi influence and the Wahhabi fund interfere to prevent discussing the Wahhabi dogmas, leaving the fanatics waging war of ideas against the US without any positive American reaction.

Al Azhar is the biggest and oldest university in the entire world. It is like the Vatican for all the Sunni Sufi Muslims, who are more than one billion people.  Al Azhar, three decades ago, had this expertise in knowledge. But now it has become under the leadership of two kinds of people: Ignorant sheikhs and /.or fanatic sheikhs. Reforming Al Azhar is extremely important to wage war of ideas against fanatics in order to dismantle their danger. This needs real pressure on Egyptian authorities, convincing them that it is an Islamic mission to clear the great religion of Islam.

However, the available way now is hiring the free open minded Muslim scholars who have good expertise and knowledgeable enough in Islam and Muslim history and Muslim tradition to tackle this mission.

Expertise in Islam means to understand the Holy Arabic Quran, its terminology, its jurisprudence, its way of telling stories and its high values and morals. It is more important to understand the gap and / or the contradiction between the Holy Quran and the different traditions of Muslim sects and cults.

Muslim history and civilizations is a very vast and deep field. It was written in different ways. Some old historians wrote it according to the time, recording the events day by day, year by year. It is (AL Hawly ), or the (Yearly ) way of writing history. Some wrote it according to the different subjects. They recorded the history of the dynasties, scholars in different sciences and knowledge, and local history of towns, countries and tribes. Understanding Muslim history is necessary to know the real environment in which Muslim tradition was written and how it was shaped and developed and its high level and its weakness. So, it is not only to understand the different terminologies of different Muslim traditions, but it is also necessary to understand its history to know its social, political and historical backgrounds.

Muslim tradition is extremely huge field and has a long age of about 13 centuries. But it has mainly two different kinds: Sacred and civil secular traditions.

Muslim civil secular tradition is the greatest fruits of the Muslim Arabic civilization in the dark middle ages. It had many fields of philosophy, medicine, pharmacy, geography and different field of Arabic Languages and its different fields of grammar (Nahw and Sarf and Balaghah) and fields of fine arts and poems. It had revived and developed the Greek philosophy mixing it with the Eastern Indian and Persian philosophies making them pronounced in Arabic Languages. The European Renaissance was established on translating this Arabic knowledge. Until now the human civilization still respect the Muslim scholars of this trend, like Jaber Ibn Hayyan ( Geber )  (721 - 815 ), AL Kindus (805  - 873 ), Ibn Sina (980 - 1037) and Al Bayrouny in the same century, Al Faraby ( 874 – 950 ), Ibn Al Haytham ( 965 – 1040 ), Al Razy ( 864 – 923 ) , Al Khawarzemy ( 780 – 850 ), Ibn Rushd ( 1126 – 1198 ), Al Edrisi ( 1100 – 1166 ), Al Zahrawy ( 936 – 1013 ) and Ibn Al Nafees ( 1213 – 1288 ).

This glorious trend was defeated by the local religious scholars who used to attribute their opinions to the Prophet Mohamed and / or Allah to avoid discussion and debate. This makes it sacred and establishes it as human made religion. Century after century, this fabrication prevailed and controlled Muslim mentality, alienating the secular scientific trend making Muslim World living in darkness since the 14th century while the  European Renaissance was established. Finally, the Europe Camp occupied Muslim Camp. In 18th century, the Wahhabi trend appeared reviving the most fanatic dogma in this religious sacred trend.

The real problem is in the sacred tradition of Muslims because it was attributed – falsely to the Prophet Mohamed and sometimes to Allah directly. They believe in it as a revelation from Allah. This religious trend has three human made religions or sects:  Sunna, Shiites and Sufism. The main subjects of this religious sects are (Fickh) or Shareeah, (Hadeeth) or the sayings that are ascribed to the Prophet Mohammed, (Al Seerah) or the human made history of the Prophet Mohamed, (Al Tafseer ) or their interpretation of the Quran, and ( Al Tawheed & Elm Al Kalam) or their theological ideas about Allah, His names and His aspects and characters. Inside these three main sects there are many sub sects and cults and thousands of scholars and text books written during 13 centuries.

Scholar in our war of ideas against fanatic Sunni and Shiites must be expert in this sacred tradition, because the fanatics in our time uphold it and use it in their terrorist criminal actions claiming it as a Jihad.

Understanding the map of the battle field of War of ideas

Let’s state briefly these facts:

1- Islam is not the Muslims: 

The religion of Islam contradicts the human made religions of most of Muslims.

If you read the Holy Arabic Quran according to its terminology, you will find Islam has the same values of the West, like freedom, justice, and equality, tolerance, beside Peace and mercy and loving humanity. The Muslim human made religions have distorted the Quranic Jurisprudence and twisted the Quranic terminology. We – as the Quranists – are preaching the real Islam in the Muslim World to make Muslims convert to the real Islam. This is the only way of reforming them from within Islam. It is also, the best way in war of war of ideas against the fanatic and terrorist Muslims.

2 – Muslims are not the same.

Muslims are hundreds of sects and cults. Let’s give some examples.

*The activist Muslims are only about one million among one billion and about half billion.

The minority among the activist Muslims has many different categories: the nationalists, the atheists, the communists and the seculars who have Western culture.

The majority of the Muslim activists are the religious leaders and scholars.

They are different types; Sunni, Shiites, Sufi and Quranists.

There are is a tough competition among them in reaching out the silent Muslim majority.

3 – beside some minorities like: Al Ebadheya, Al Mo’tazelah and the Quranists, the Muslims are generally three main sects: The Sufi, the Sunni and the Shiite Muslims.

 4: The Sufi Muslims are the biggest in numbers.

The Sufi Muslims are generally peaceful but they are thousands of different sects. Briefly they are three lines: Sufi who is Pro Sunni, Sufi who is Pro Shiite, then the minority Sufi who are extreme in the Sufi faith.

5 – The Sunni Muslims are the second in number.

They are four main schools: Al Ahnaf, Al Malekeyya, Al shafe’eyyah and Al Hanabelah.

There are many minute sects among these schools.

For example:  Al Hanabelah is the most fanatic school among the Sunni, : 

Al Hanabelah has fanatic trends, Ibn Taymeyah people are the hardest line among Al Hanabelah. However, the Wahabi sect belongs to Ibn Taymeyah, and it is the hardest cult inside Ibn Taymeya people.

The Wahabi cult has many different trends, some of them official scholars, other Wahabists are oppositions. Even the Wahabi oppositions in London are not the same. There are many disputes between the two leaders: Al Masary and Saad Al Fakeeh.

6 -Shiite Muslims are the third in numbers. Traditionally, they are three main categories: Al Ghaleyah or the extreme, Al Imameyya and Al Zaydeyya. Every one of them has different cults and schools and lines.

For example:

Al Ghaleyah Shiite has 15 cults. The powerful recent cult among them is Al Naseereyyak Al alaweyyah who rule Syria now.

Bashar Al Asad and his people belong to Naseereyyak Al alaweyyah. Their number in Syria is only about 2 millions. The Syrian Sunni used to persecute them during the past centuries. By the flag of Arabic Nationalism they control the Syrian army and Syrian State.

Al Zaydeyyah Shiite has many traditional cults, but its famous followers now live in Yemen.

Al Imameyyah Shiite: They are 24 cults.

The two most famous cults among them are Al Ithna Ashreyyah and Al Isma’eleyya.

Al Ithna Ashreyyah Shiites live mainly in Iran and in Iraq. In the beginning of the last century Al Babeyyah has separated from Al Ithna Ashreyyah, and then Al Baha’eyya has separated from Al Babeyyah.

Al Isma’eleyya Al Imameyyah established the Fatimi impire in Egypt, north Africa and Syria, and has lasted about 250 years ( 909 – 1171 ).The Fatimi Empire built Cairo and Al Azhar as the oldest university in the World.

Al Isma’eleyya has divided in 1094 into two sections: Al Nezareyyah and Al Mosta’aleya.

In about 1017 Al Dorzeyya has emerged from Al Isma’eleyya.  Al Dorzeyya is still live in Lebanon ( Waleed Jonbolat ) and in Palestine. Because of persecution Al Dorzeyya people in Palestine support Israel and have

become Israeli citizens. The Egyptian Shiites belong to Al Isma’eleyya Al Imameyyah. 

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