What’s Next for Afghanistan-Pakistan Relations?

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What’s Next for Afghanistan-Pakistan Relations?

The fragile Afghanistan-Pakistan relationship is in crisis. Each country has accused the other of harboring terrorists, and border closures have caused hardship for people on both sides. A recent British-led mediation has defused some of these tensions. However, the relationship remains troubled, and longstanding irritants—such as a disputed border and the treatment of Afghan refugees in Pakistan—continue to fester. What is next for Afghanistan-Pakistan relations? Will the new détente be sustained or short-lived? Additionally, what are the implications of all this for U.S. policy? Can or should Washington play a role in trying to help ease these bilateral tensions? This event, which is co-hosted by Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, will address these questions and others.
Daud Khattak
senior editor, Radio Mashaal, Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty
Omar Samad
former Afghan ambassador and former senior advisor to the chief executive of Afghanistan
Joshua White
associate professor of practice and fellow, SAIS/Johns Hopkins University
Michael Kugelman
deputy director and senior associate for South Asia, Asia Program, The Wilson Center
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Wednesday, April 12, 2017
10:30am- 12 pm
Sixth Floor Auditorium
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