trump disastrous policy in the Middle East:
President Trump has Taken the bait !

عبد الغاني بوشوار في السبت 08 ابريل 2017

President Trump has Taken the bait !

The new era that the world expected President Trump to inaugurate is yet to be inaugurated. The swamp that he promised to drain is engulfing him little by little. The establishment in Washington that he pledged to tame is aggressively showing its teeth. The so called members of the ‘deep state’ are plotting everyday without anyone to rein them in or neutralize their actions.

Mr. Trump’s pledge to eradicate ISIS (Daesh) has so far embloden the terrorists resolve and the world is witnessing nothing but the same agressive policies and collusion of the Obama administration. Yemen is still bombarded and destroyed by American weapons. Iraq, Afganistan, Somalia, the Sahel have all been subjected to the same military actions and policies of the previous administration.

The detractors of Mr. Trump have succeeded  in alluring him to take the bait and fall prey to their agenda of world domination and the protection of corrupt regimes for the benefit of the military industrial complex and the Christian Zionists. The recent military action in Syria is a reflexion of Mr. Trump’s fall into the tentacles of those he promised to fight. ISIS can only rejoice of this action which boosted its energy to spread more havoc in the Middle East and around the world. Could the recent terrorist actions in Germany,England,Russia and Sweden be interpreted as a defiance of Mr. Trump’s pledge of eradication and a blessing of the Washington establishment blessings ? The atrocities perpertrated elsewhere in the world on a daily basis are too familiar to be noticed and raise an outrage.

Making America great again, a slogan no genuine American can oppose, does not mean using American military might to fight other peoples wars and to destroy other countries. Ordinary moslems and ordinary citizens of the world were looking for Mr. Trump’s presidency to chart a new course in establishing peace in the world hoping that America under his leadership would mind its own business and concentrate its efforts on improving the lives of its own citizens and restoring power to the people as he promised.

World optimism and hope for justice in nternational relations ushered by the swearing in of Mr.Trump as president of the USA are quickly fading and vanishing in light of the policies and actions so far taken by the new administration. The world has not changed for the better as was hoped for.

We are recently hearing some voices of wisdom and reason warning of the preparation and mobilization of the military industrial complex for an imminant  WWIII which will plunge the world in a disastrous adventure. Engaging Russia,China, Iran, Syria and the rest of the world to seriouly mobilize all energies to eradicate all forms of terrorism including the cancerous Islamic state and Al-Qaida whose actions are encouraged  well known actors cannot wait any longer. Perhaps, this will require Mr. Trump to doubble his efforts in draining the swamp and neutralizing the entrenched ambitions and interests of the corrupt political establishment. Then and only then can making America great again be meaningful. As the saying goes,a man is only as good as his word.

Dr. Abdelghani Bouchouar

Agadir, Peaceful Morocco.

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