Professor Dr. Abdelrazak Mansour Ali:
.Turki-Earthquake is a Tectonic Weapon Executed. Erdogan is the target

د. عبد الرزاق علي Ýí 2023-02-16

Turki-Earthquake is a Tectonic Weapon Executed. Erdogan is the target.
Professor Dr. Abdelrazak Mansour Ali

The tectonic weapon is a weapon used to cause earthquakes in an active seismic environment - here it is necessary to give an idea about the tectonic weapon, as the Soviet Union was the first to develop it, and America and some Western countries followed it. If you search to get more information from the regular resources, you will not get enough information indicating that it is an intelligence weapon. A tectonic weapon works by creating a powerful charge of elastic energy in the form of a deformed volume of Earth's atmosphere in a region of tectonic activity. This then becomes an earthquake caused by a nuclear explosion at the epicenter or a massive electrical impulse. (1) – Developing tectonic weapon programs that can set off earthquakes from a great distance by manipulating electromagnetic energy – these programs have been “informally known to Western geophysicists for several years and have been conducted three tests in Kyrgyzstan and the last test of the volcano occurred in 1992 (2)
I would like to confirm that there are some mysterious events that preceded the earthquake in Turki and Syria and some events that still sit on the headlines of the American press, including the Chinese spy balloon and strange objects flying in the skies of the United States of America and Canada. And the CNN report indicated - on Sunday, February 12th that an unidentified flying object continues to occur in restricted or sensitive airspace highlighting potential concerns about flight safety. She added that the observations indicate that the unidentified flying objects that were found around sensitive US military establishments could be a foreign force spying on them (3).
As for the global events that preceded the earthquake, which confirm the use of the tectonic weapon by intelligence agencies to cause the earthquake in Turki and Syria, they can be monitored and analyzed as follows:
1- The demented extremist Guy who burned the Qur’an in front of the Turkish embassy in Stockholm, Sweden was prompted by journalist Chang Frick, who works today with pro-extreme right-wing sites in Sweden that are supported by Russia, according to the Guardian newspaper. (4) -The New Lines USA magazine also revealed documentary evidence of the extent of assistance of a major European party known for its racist policies and anti-foreign, by a major agent of Russia through funding and strategic political support (5), and let's not forget the former British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who was forced to resign and they concealed the reason, which was his involvement in working for Russian intelligence.
2- The Dutch astrologer, “Frank Hoogerbeets” who claimed to be a researcher in the geography of earthquakes, predicted in his tweet that a strong earthquake would occur in Turki a few days before the earthquake occurred. And I searched for any information about him on Google and other sources, and I did not get anything that proves that he is an expert with scientific or research qualifications that enables him to predict a major event such as this earthquake, in addition to that, it is scientifically impossible to predict the earthquake with this accuracy that was described by the Dutch agent, Frank Hoogerbeets as if he suddenly fell by parachute for the trend to work with this tweet, which indicates that an intelligence system backed and prompted him to declare this dangerous information. This reminds me of what I wrote in the article "Astrologers lied and lied" that most astrologers and fortune-tellers work for intelligence agencies that give them information to prepare people to accept the event and to remove doubts from the intelligence agency that made the event.
3- There was no impact or even slight damage on the Turkish American Incirlik base, despite its proximity to the epicenter of the earthquake, even though Turkish regions were affected by the earthquake, which is geographically farther from the American base. And if the earthquake was natural - that is, (not done by an executor), the base of Incirlik close to it would have been affected - and this could be concluded from the fact that the tectonic weapon plays in the ionosphere layer of the atmosphere, and it determines the area in which the earthquake is to be implemented as the mechanism of action of tectonic weapons depend on complex coordinates and algorithms, and then uses electromagnetic energy to carry out earthquakes.
4- The embassies of Canada, Germany, Britain, and some Western countries were closed in Istanbul a few days before the earthquake, under the pretext of the possibility of terrorist attacks.!
5- The Russians (who own the tectonic weapon) did not warn the Turks of the possibility of its use by the West to deepen the dispute between Turki and the West and get intensified- this plays in the favor of the Russian fox “Putin”, and therefore justified the issue for President Erdogan to adhere to his hardline regarding the inclusion of Sweden and Finland in NATO. At the same time, the fox Putin did ensure that the West does not use the tectonic weapon in “Crimea”, which Putin seizes.
6- When you notice confusion in ideas and statements, and ambiguity surrounding the events and preparations for a major event that will happen soon, then search for the intelligence services. This is their method, and the events of September 11, are far from our memory as both are intelligence work par excellence.
7- The aim of the earthquake is to overthrow Erdogan in the next elections after a few months - in order to bring in a government loyal to them that implements all their demands, and we do not forget what President Biden said in his campaign for the elections explicitly that he will work to remove President Erdogan from power in a democratic way. But why does the West want to remove Erdogan from power? In fact, there are many reasons that make them wish to deport him after several failed attempts to assassinate him.
A- Erdogan is good at playing cards with the leaders of major countries and knows how to benefit from that without giving up the sovereignty of the Turkish state, and as Trump said about him that he is the best chess player (of course in the game of politics).
B- Removing Erdogan from power, or at least if he succeeds in the elections, he will be weak, as this will facilitate many things, including:
1- Sweden and Finland entering the NATO group.
2- Turning Turki back to becoming dependent on the West as it was before Erdogan.
3- Weakening the Turkish industry, which has flourished, especially the arms industry and the "Bayrakdarian Akinci" warplanes, which Turki has become a pioneer in it, it has been desired and sought for and, demand from all countries such as Britain and some European countries and others.
4- In the major countries from which Turki imports weapons, Turki obtains them with the codes and the secret code, and thus it can develop it and compete with the original country that produced it. This is why America has retreated more than once from arms deals, the latest of which was the F-16 deal. A questioner may ask how you say that, and the USA gives the Arab countries F-16 planes and others? - yes, this is true, but why you didn’t ask yourself? -Because the USA sells planes to the Arabs without the codes, meaning that the program or “software” of the plane, for example, is under the control of the central “software” of American military industry, meaning that, it is actually a skimmed or scrapped weapon, because the weapon that America sells to the Arabs is under American control when it is used in an explicit sense that it cannot direct it towards Israel or any other destination that America does not want, because the weapon is programmed to send a signal to central control in America, so the response comes automatically by canceling the strike (the missile) or passing it according to the factory program. This reminds us of the scrap weapons that are sent as part of the US grant to Egypt, which is considered one of the provisions of the Camp David Accords that oblige Egypt to arm a specific weapon that guarantees its entry under US-Israeli control.
Conclusion - Since the tectonic weapon responsible for the earthquake was hidden like a bull, let us call it the "modern bull" weapon, to distinguish it from the "old bull" weapon that was discovered by the Arab heritage and hadith narrators. So, what's the difference between them? The difference is that the tectonic weapon depends on moving the electromagnetic waves by playing in the ionic atmosphere region - while the Arab bull weapon depends on moving the earth with its horns and causes earthquakes.
1- Kolyakov, Vladimir (2010). Natural Disasters - Volume I. Singapore: UNESCO/EOLSS Publishers. p. 116. ISBN 9781848267596.
2- R Clark, Nature, 10 October 1996, quoted in Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists Jan 1997, In Brief section.
3-, 2023
4 -
5- March 24, 2022.

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