Professor Dr. Abdelrazak Mansour Ali:
What is the relationship between Paradise boys and robots?

د. عبد الرزاق علي Ýí 2023-01-16

What is the relationship between Paradise boys and robots?
Professor Dr. Abdelrazak Mansour Ali

The servants (Gellman) in the lexicon from ghalama: meaning a covering, and this meaning is confirmed by the Holy Qur’an saying (and their servants go around them as if they were hidden pearls) At-Tur, verse24. describing them as “enveloped” meaning covered and concealed and added “them” which means a distinguished service reserved for some of the people of Paradise who are the best (highest rank). And this special service for them is hidden = a secret service, that is, it requires your password or your fingerprint, as it is programmed like a smart fruit, just as you open a smartphone with your voice print and order anything, so the virtual person answers you immediately, the virtual (the virtual person embedded in the phone’s memory).
This smart service differs from the primary service, immortalized by the immortality of paradise, Therefore, God Almighty described them as scattered pearls that are spread and available to all the people of Paradise, and this corresponds to the non-smart raw fruit = poplars that are exclusively raw. For example, when you book an airline ticket you get the option of economic basic service, and there is the premium class or the business class, which is a distinguished service that is reserved for some elites...
The borne children (Welldan) in the Arabic lexicon are from a thing born / something is born from something = originated from it. This suggests that the “Weld an” is a service born and emerging from the structure of Heaven. God Almighty described it as immortal, like the eternity of Heaven. It is employed for the primary basic services, and therefore it is spread out and available to all because it does not need a password, unlike the “Gellman” as they are not among the basic staff in the building Heaven. Therefore, it needs a password because it is exclusive to the superior ranked people = excellent class service, for example.
It is clear from the description of the” Gellman” and “Weld an” that they are not the children of Muslims or others who died young as claimed. Rather, we conclude through the context of the verses, keywords, and clues that they are means, mediators, or robots (humanoids) to serve and transport food and drink to the people of Paradise, and the evidence is.
1- Determining the description of Gellman” and “Welldan” as scattered pearls and as hidden pearls, which are not descriptions of children or living creatures. There is no way to compare, so it is not possible, for example, to resemble your child with a bracelet or Pearl.
2- “Tawaf” in the Arabic dictionary = rotating around a center. Among them is circumambulation around the Kaaba - Is it logic for the bellboys (Waiters) to turn and circle around you when serving you food and drink? of course not. So, what is circulating around when you offered service like food and drink? Certainly, only something instrumental like a robot could plays this role. For approximation, you remember the rotating electric belt that carries your travel luggage at the airport. The food and drink are served to the people of Paradise in a similar way.
3-None of us asked why God Almighty described them as pearls specifically? - Because there is a unique characteristic that unites them with pearls. What is this unique feature? I say we go back to the modern applications and information about pearls to know their unique feature, which is:
The pearl-inspired wavelengths could simply be integrated with cameras and sensors and serve as an alternative to digital and physical information processing (1) and the development of new high-performance optical sensors (2). By projecting this feature on the “Gellman and Weld an” boys, we conclude that the nature of the “Gellman and Welldan” is digital sensor machines like (remote control) and robots.
4-Did you know that a pearl is just a reaction to an irritant inside the mollusk (snails)? Pearls are generated when the mollusk secretes thousands of very thin, concentric layers of nacre (3). That is, the stimulation factor is the reason for the generation of pearls. By applying this to (Welldan), for example, we conclude that induction and stimulation are necessary to move and energize them. This does not happen except with digital sensors, for example, when you press your finger on your car's smart key, it sends signals that are interpreted by the car's computer. In turn, the computer sends a command to perform the specified function, such as turning on the air conditioning or heating in your car. etc.
5-Why do you impose on the people of Paradise the culture and life of the coarse backward Bedouins, like imposing the meaning of desert tents instead of the raw fruit? And you deprive the people of Paradise of enjoying the technology they deserve. And forced us to imagine that the people of Paradise live in tents and a desert atmosphere, although in this world you are blessed and live on technology applications, as you can place orders from your smartphone, inquire and ask about anything through the fingerprint of your voice, and a virtual person answers you to give you an immediate Wow, is the standard of living of the people of Paradise in the Hereafter less than your standard of living in this world?
-It means that you make the people of this world live in the luxury of technology, and you imprison the people of Paradise in the tents of the desert, so that they eat and drink on the floor of the tent, and after eating, some servants pour water on them from the jug and then dry their faces in the dirty wall of the tent.
6- Why does the primitive meaning of providing food and drink to the people of Paradise and serving them through a waiter, always come to our mind, for example and we forget that God Almighty is the one who granted us the science that brought us the technological progress we are in, and forget that God Almighty can order the establishment of the advanced technology to dominate in the hereafter. According to this primitive logic that governs our minds, therefore, (horses, mules, and donkeys to ride) will be the means of transportation in Paradise! And we omit the rest of the noble verse, (And He creates what you do not know)! - An-Nahl, verse 8.
7- The focus on making al-hoor al aiyn, the beautiful very seductive woman and the “Gellman and Welldan” are the beautiful sexy children, leads us to understand the mentality of the Bedouin Arabs who are obsessed with sex and perversion that fills and dominates their heads and leaves no room for scientific creativity. Which made us in the tail of all nations, and we only succeed in poems of praise, flirtation, and pride in the imaginary glories of our predecessors.
- Some sayings of traditionalists about Gellman: I advise those with weak hearts not to read them out of pity for their hearts, and I apologize to the readers for the indecent sayings of traditionalists. For whoever wants more, let him read their books because these sayings were not invented by me.
1- I heard our sheik Abd al-Qadir al-Arnaout, mention that the single believing woman has many Gellman whom she can enjoy within Paradise.
2- The Maliki school of thought permits intercourse with a boy. their histories, biographies, and shameful issues of their scholars, judges, fatwa masters, and imams have been reported. - and Ayatollah Sayyid Musa al-Shubayri al-Zanjani used to say: When I spoke with one of the Maliki sheiks in Madinah about. “Permissibility of intercourse with the boys”, they claimed that the Qur’anic verses (those who guard their chastity, except with their wives or those owned by their hands ˹bondwomen˺ in their possession, for then they are free from blame)- Al-Mu'minun, verse 5-6. It indicates the permissibility because his saying “what a woman possesses” is general and includes the boy and the maidservant – “knowing the Imam” (Volume 17 - Page 385)
And in the Shiites. The Grand Ayatollah Husain Sharaf al-Din al-Hashemi is related to Imam Musa al-Kadhim. He never married in his life, and he was famous for his love of beautiful boys or Gays. Therefore, everyone who graduated from his school had slept with them and got what he wanted from them, and he did not give the student a degree of acceptance until he got what he wanted. (The Shiites and the fun of Gays).
- And Christianity was also not spared from this aberration. In the Old Testament, the Prophet of God, David, practiced homosexuality, saying (I was worried about you, my brother Jonathan. You were very sweet to me. Your love for me is more amazing than the love of women - (Second Samuel Chapter 1: Number 26)
-Now, dear reader, I have confirmed how the enemies of Islam lead the traditionalists and narrators of hadiths and figure them to look like scholars to corrupt the religion of people and destroy the religion of Islam from within, and they succeeded.
Abstract: “Al-Gelman” is a delivery service for Heaven's highest rank residents and is programmed on their password. That is, they move on demand. The “Weld an” is a public service available to all Heaven residents. It works day and night without stopping, like a shuttle and it circulates with food and drinks around the companions of Paradise to take from it whatever they want.
1- Yun sang Kwak, Sang Monk Park, et al. A Pearl Spectrometer. Nano Letters 2021 21 (2), 921-930
DOI: 10.1021/acs.nanolett.0c03618
2-De Tommaso, E., Esposito, E. et al. Frontiers of light manipulation in natural, metallic, and dielectric nanostructures. Riv. Nuovo Cim. 44, 1–68 (2021).
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