Leçons tirées du massacre de la Nouvelle-Zélande: Les faibles qui sont injustes envers eux-mêmes et le Seigneur Dieu

آحمد صبحي منصور Ýí 2019-04-02


Lessons Drawn from the New Zealand Massacre: The Weak Ones Who Are Unjust towards Both Themselves and the Lord God



Published in March 25, 2019

Translated by: Ahmed Fathy



المزيد مثل هذا المقال :



1- Our articles about the New Zealand Massacre have exposed the hearts/minds and souls of the Muhammadans and their stance of animosity against the West and all non-Muslims in general. The terrestrial/earthly religion of the Sunnite Muhammadans divides the world into two territories/camps: the territory/camp of peace and faith (i.e., the countries of the Muhammadans) and the territory/camp of war and disbelief (i.e., the countries of all non-Muslims); the Muhammadans assume that they monopolize guidance and Paradise; sadly, they also assume they monopolize the Lord God as if He were siding with them and siding against any other people! The Muhammadans assume that they are in the right and are never wrong whatever they say and do and that others are in the wrong however good or upright they are. Sadly still, some of our fellow Quranists are still negatively influenced by this poisonous myth of the Muhammadans who hate the West.

2- Some of our beloved fellow Quranists on our Quranism website wrote comments to protest against what we have written about the New Zealand massacre; we replied to them indirectly within the previous article titled "The Culture of Double Standard Dominant in the Countries of the Muhammadans"; we have asserted in this article that this culture of double standard is biased and unjust and that it is an obstacle in the path of peaceful reform to which we have dedicated our life as a Quranist thinker. In fact, this culture of double standard impedes the desired democratic transition. Of course, some favorable, supporting comments came from the following Quranists: Mrs. Lotfiya Saeed, Mrs. Bint Al-Forat, Mr. Saeed Ali, and Dr. Othman M. Ali.  

3- Yet, some of our beloved fellow Quranists still adhere to the culture of double standard because they are still carrying the heavy burdens of some notions of the Sunnite religion they have rejected; besides, they are negatively influenced by the propaganda and media of enthroned Middle-Eastern tyrants which brainwash the Arab nations in order to convince them that all evils, disasters, and problems suffered in their countries are supposedly because of 'conspiracies' of Israel and the West countries who supposedly hate Islam. This brainwash aims to convince the masses that there is no need for internal reform as if corruption is caused by external factors and not within the countries of the Muhammadans. This is a very grave and serious topic and we have to cover it further here in this article.


Firstly: "...You yourselves were like this before, and God bestowed favor on you; so investigate..." (4:94):

1- Before our own conversion to Quranism as the Only True Islam, we were like those who criticize our person now; we have not reached Quranism as the Real Islam by chance or by any inspiration; at first we were a 'moderate' Sunnite person trying hard, and in vain, to reform the Sunnite religion from within its own culture, but our research has proven that the Sunnite religion contradicts Islam (i.e., the Quran) in everything; it has nothing to do with Islam; likewise, the Sufi and Shiite religions which contradict the Quran have nothing to do with Islam. Of course, the Sunnite, Shiite, and Sufi religions share certain elements such as ascribing hadiths/myths to Muhammad by force and deifying certain things, mausoleums, and mortals. Our rejection of the Sunnite religion and our conversion to Quranism as the Only True Islam happened within years of our pondering the Quran and objectively researching history and religious traditions of 'Muslims' (i.e., the Muhammadans) while using the Quran as the Criterion to judge these traditions and history.  

2- Within these years preceding our conversion to Quranism, we wrote articles and books; when we read them now, we feel astonished by the gap between our views of the 1970s and 1980s and our views now. Using the Quran, we are still purifying our heart/mind and soul from the Sunnite traditions. Let us exemplify this in the points below.

2/1: We used to take pride in 'Islamic' Arab conquests by the 'wise' and 'guided' caliphs; as a historian, we used to consider such conquests as a feat which turned international balances upside down within the military and political aspects. We used to wonder how a burgeoning State in Arabia managed to destroy the Byzantine and the Persian empires and to form an Arab empire from the south of France in the West to the borders of China in the East; this is an achievement in terms of history and politics. Yet, using the Quran as the Criterion, we know now that it is wrong and sinful to consider such Arab conquests as 'Islamic'; the caliphs who committed such crimes are sinful criminals and never wise or guided; they are never Muslims; they are the arch-enemies of the Lord God and they are worse that secular tyrants/conquerors: Genghis Khan, Hulago, Stalin, Hitler.

2/2: We used to assume that the West and the Western colonization of the Middle-East countries are the sources of all evils; we wrote articles to attack the USA and to predict its imminent collapse; we used to deem the USA and Israel as the sources of all evils occurring in Egypt and to all Arabs/'Muslims'. At the time, we were not aware of the crimes perpetrated by the Arab tyrants. After engaging into research and making many comparisons, we realized we were in the wrong; the plague inside Egypt and the Arab world is inside their culture of tyranny, corruption, injustice, and oppression. As for the West powers, they only make use of all such factors to serve their interests in the Middle-East. We cannot blame the West for this; enthroned tyrants of the Arab world prostrate themselves before the West powers, smuggle their stolen money into the West, and purchase weapons from the West to murder their Arab nations. This means that the West powers did not (and cannot) create anything inside the countries of the Muhammadans; the West powers merely make use and take advantage of factors created by the Muhammadans themselves.

2/3: The severe persecution we have suffered in Egypt in the 1980s and 1990s contributed to our insight; it was an eye-opener to discover many truths and facts. We were struggle to get our articles published, in many cases for free, in Egyptian newspapers while we suffered from abject poverty; yet, our foes accused our person of receiving bribes from the USA and the West. They accused our person of being an agent serving the USA to destroy 'Islam'; they never saw how we were never protected or funded by any country when we were living in Cairo, Egypt. In fact, enthroned Arab tyrants are the agents who serve the USA and gain power from it to oppress their nations severely. We realized that since our foes told lies about our receiving money from the West powers in their conspiracy theory to destroy 'Islam', they also told lies when they said that the West powers and the USA conspire against Egypt. When we fled to the USA as a political asylee, we realized how we lived in a quagmire of ignorance, lies, and fabrications of the Egyptian media. 


Secondly: we have learned the following from the Quran:

1- We must say the truth even if it against relatives; this is part of the Quranic Ten Commandments in this verse revealed in Mecca: "...And when you speak, be fair, even if it concerns a close relative..." (6:152); this is of vital importance and this is why it is repeated here in this verse revealed in Yathreb: "O you who believe! Stand firmly for justice, as witnesses to God, even if against yourselves, or your parents, or your relatives. Whether one is rich or poor, God takes care of both. So do not follow your desires, lest you swerve. If you deviate, or turn away - then God is Aware of what you do." (4:135); the same meaning, of saying the truth even if this would serve our foes, is repeated here as well: "O you who believe! Be upright to God, witnessing with justice; and let not the hatred of a certain people prevent you from acting justly. Adhere to justice, for that is nearer to piety; and fear God. God is informed of what you do." (5:8).

2- The world is not divided between us (i.e., Arabs) and others (i.e., the West); this is because of the fact that Islam in terms of demeanor is peaceful behavior towards all human beings; all peaceful persons are Muslims in terms of behavior regardless of their religious denominations or lack thereof; the Lord God will settle all disputes in religion among all human beings and judge them on the Last Day. The Lord Allah is the God of all human beings and not the God of Arabs alone; Islam is the universal religion for all people until the end of days (see http://www.ahl-alquran.com/English/show_article.php?main_id=17975  &  http://www.ahl-alquran.com/English/show_article.php?main_id=16795); this means that Islam is not something related only to the Arabic tongue or to the East. Besides, Islam is not responsible for the deeds/words of those who ascribe themselves to it. The religion of Islam has been completed and perfected once the revelation of the Quran ended; after the death of Muhammad, Islam has no additions. The Quran has nothing to do with deeds and words of 'Muslims'; no human beings (dead or alive) represent, symbolize, or stand for Islam; the good and bad deeds/words of 'Muslims' pertains to them and not to Islam itself; if they adopt good/bad stances, this is linked to them and they will bear the consequences in this world and the next world. Sadly, in worldwide media, Islam is presented as if it were deeds/words of 'Muslims'; this myth is grave injustice against the Lord God and His great religion. The Christian West does not ascribe deed/words of persons to Christianity; rather, they are ascribed to these persons themselves. This applies to everything, from the Crusades to geographic discoveries and scientific advancement/progress.    

3- As per the Quran, human beings are divided between two categories: peaceful ones and aggressors, or the oppressed, weak ones and the arrogant, powerful ones.

3/1: The arrogant, unjust aggressors include the caliphs, sultans, and tyrants celebrated in history and whose praises are sung by clergymen, historians, and media figures.

3/1/1: The most unjust, disbelieving ones among them are those who misuse the Holy Name of the Lord God and His religion to 'justify' conquests/invasions by making them part of religious duties; e.g., by making massacring the innocent people part of 'Islamic' jihad.

3/1/1/1: On top of the black list of arrogant, unjust, sinful tyrants are Abou Bakr, Omar, Othman, Ali, and the rest of sinful caliphs who followed their footsteps; this list includes Wahabis, past and present, especially the terrorist MB organization and ISIS terrorists.

3/1/1/2: This list is very long and it includes the leaders of the Crusades and the European travelers who, under the sign of the cross, massacred millions of native people within the geographic discoveries made in the two Americas, Australia, and New Zealand.

3/1/2: Those in the abovementioned black list are worse that secular, murderous tyrants like Hitler and Stalin. This is because those who have misused religion to make their aggression appear as if it were a religious duty have committed grave injustices against people and the Lord God; secular murderous tyrants have committed grave injustices against people only and they never ascribed their crimes to the Lord God. When the secular murderous tyrants are defeated, their influence and deeds end; in contrast, murderous tyrants who carried the banner of religions make their injustices and aggression turn into terrestrial religions which make aggression go on as long as such religions dominate within a given society. This is why the Shiite Muhammadans and the Sunnite Muhammadans fight and destroy their countries with their own hands and the hands of others as well. If they had enough power and might now, they would have invaded the West. Since they have no power and might, some of them (i.e., the Wahabis) commit suicide bombings within the Wahabi jihad inside the West countries. These Wahabi suicide bombings and terrorist attacks have caused the revival of the culture of Crusades rejected earlier by the secular West. This is the background which have caused the emergence of the Australian criminal who committed the mass shooting of two mosques in New Zealand.    

3/2: The weak ones on earth are the vast majority of human beings, past and present, from the weak believers in the Quranic stories of the Lord God's prophets and those around Muhammad in Yathreb who refused to engage into self-defense fighting to the oppressed nations in general now and in previous eras.

3/2/1: Some of weak ones on earth are oppressed and wronged only; some others were partially or wholly cleansed within genocides. Some of the weak ones experienced a bad change when they reached power and rule; they followed the footsteps of the arrogant criminals; this is exemplified in the powerful Shiites in the history of the Fatimids and in the history of Iraq. The Shiites were oppressed during the era of Saddam Hussein, but they control Iraq now. In most cases, the weak ones on earth belong to racial and religious minorities worldwide, from Asian Muslims to Christian Copts in Egypt and Christians in the Middle-East countries in general.  

4- The true Muslims side with the weak ones on the earth, regardless of their colors, races, religious denominations, tongues, locations, and eras. It is enough to side with the weak ones on earth whose rights are unjustly and aggressively violated; true Muslims hold the weak ones on the earth inside their hearts, minds, and souls.


Thirdly: less common facts we have learned from the Quran:

1- Quranists of today are among the prominent weak ones on the earth in the countries of the Muhammadans; yet, it is very grave and serious thing to belong to the weak ones on the earth and to the unjust ones simultaneously.

2- There are some of those weak ones on the earth who are unjust towards themselves and their fate in the Hereafter is Hell.

2/1: They include those who can immigrate to escape the persecution and injustices inflicted on them by tyrants and yet they do not immigrate: "While the angels are removing the souls of those who have wronged themselves, they will say, "What was the matter with you?" They will say, "We were oppressed in the land." They will say, "Was God's earth not vast enough for you to emigrate in it?" These-their refuge is Hell. What a wretched retreat! Except for the weak among men, and women, and children who have no means to act, and no means to find a way out. These - God may well pardon them. God is Pardoning and Forgiving." (4:97-99).

2/2: Those who adopt a worse stance are those who support and side with the unjust tyrants though they know how unjust and tyrannical their rulers are. This does not include those oppressed, weak people who are forced by tyrants to declare their support and loyalty in public; the Lord God will not judge or punish those who are forced; they can practice Taqiyya; the Omniscient Lord God allows this here, within threatening and warning people so that they adhere to piety: "Believers are not to take disbelievers for friends instead of believers. Whoever does that has nothing to do with God, unless it is to protect your own selves against them. God warns you to beware of Him. To God is the destiny. Say, "Whether you conceal what is in your hearts, or disclose it, God knows it." He knows everything in the heavens and the earth. God is Powerful over everything." (3:28-29). For more information about Taqiyya, we refer our readers to this article in English titled "They Ask You about Taqiyya", found on this link:          http://www.ahl-alquran.com/English/show_article.php?main_id=17632


Fourthly: the sources of our sorrow:

1- The source of lesser sorrow: when the oppressed, weak ones on earth voluntarily defend their oppressors, this means that tyrants fully control and ride them as if they were mules and force them to vociferously insult and criticize the supposed or imaginary 'enemies' as per the wishes of tyrants. This means that in this case, the oppressed, weak ones on earth are unjust towards themselves; they never protest against the unjust tyrants and they insult and verbally abuse the assumed 'enemies' of tyrants; they had better remained silent.  

2- The source of greater sorrow: when the Quranists forget that they must side with the Quranic Truth granted to humanity by the Lord God. In matters of religion, there is the wronged parties and the unjust parties. Sadly, most people forget the fact that the most unjust human beings on earth are those who ascribe lies to the Lord God and to His religion because they deny and reject His Quranic verses; their lies/myths form the basis of terrestrial religions of Satan. Those who support and side with such religions of Satan and their clergymen are supporting and siding with the unjust parties and forsaking the Lord God. Some of these terrestrial religions (e.g., the Sunnite religion) specialize in conquests/invasions, massacring, stealing, raping, etc. while misusing the Holy Name of the Lord God and attributing all terrible injustices and heinous crimes to the banner of His religion. It is the gravest injustice to ascribe one's crimes and injustices to the Lord God. When one knows this and remains silent without taking any stance, one shares the burden of their sin of committing injustice against the Lord God. The worse stance is to support and side with the unjust ones who commit injustice against the Dominant Lord God; this applies to those who support sinful caliphs and/or today's enthroned tyrants.

2/1: The sinful caliphs who conquered, invaded, and committed the atrocities of massacring, raping, enslaving, stealing, sabotaging, etc. In fact, they massacred hundreds of thousands of people among many nations. They are the most unjust people as they ascribed their grave sins and injustices to the Holy Name of the Lord God and to the name of His religion: Islam. When the Muhammadans assume that those sinful, unjust caliphs are infallible and holy, they are siding with these tyrants and siding against the Lord God. True Quranists must never do that.   

2/2: All of the enthroned Middle-Eastern tyrants rely on clergymen who are unjust towards the Lord God and who assume they speak in His Holy Name and in the name of His religion. When people side with the tyrants and their clergymen, they share the burden of the grave sin of committing injustice against the Lord God. True Quranists must never do that.

2/3: True Quranists must side with the oppressed, wronged, weak ones on earth, and before everything else, they must side with the Quranic Truth of the Lord God like all true believers; thus, their peaceful, intellectual jihad will be for the sake of the Dominant Lord God as they seek to gratify Him.  

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