How to avoid economic collapse? BY ABDELRAZAK ALI:
Immigration: How to avoid economic collapse?

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 Immigration: How to avoid economic collapse?

Abdelrazak Ali

Immigration, more than any other social, political, or economic process, has shaped the United States as a nation. Skilled migrants are becoming an increasingly important element in global migration flows, especially to more developed nations. The migration of scientists from other countries and the high educational attainment of immigrants and their children could positively affect the scientific progress which is a major source of modern economic growth and increasing the longevity of modern development that enhances the quality of life in the United States.

The objective of the research is to illustrate the productivity of immigrants and how they make a positive contribution to the American economy and society. Developing methods to improve the immigration process, to manage the major problems successfully and to continue to expand the human potential. Thus motivation and assimilation of the immigrants will be truthfully accomplished, ultimately leading to a stability in the economy and society.

Planned Methods

-The outreach includes programs that enhance the quality of life of immigrants, facilitation of citizenship practice, easy access to application and fees payment, and public service announcements.

 -Modification of the immigration policies that are highly constrained to help inclusion and assimilation of immigrants, develop local policies that manage diversity and integrate newcomers and long-established residents into dynamic social, economic, and political environments. They also must take the lead in mitigating practices of exclusion and segregation that are so acutely felt in the places where people live, managing cultural exchanges among people, organizations, and institutions, and be dealing directly with discrimination are challenges that must be faced.

-Policymakers, researchers, and media should find the ways to shape and mold mankind into a new cultural image. Fostering the immigrants is the solution to reshape the competing forces of daily life to forge a new image of a new human nature

-Boosting the scientific progress together with sponsoring the immigrant scientists are a major source of modern economic growth and other features of modern development that enhance the quality of life in the United States.

Rationale Causes of the Collapse of the Soviet Union

1-Motivation and competition, Factors that have fueled the collapse of the Soviet Union(SU) include substantial disadvantages associated with the centrally-planned economic system such as inefficiencies of resource distribution, lack of economic stability and lack of motivation for quality improvement due to the absence of competition.

2- Economic instability. The immediate cause of the Soviet collapse was economic, as the SU lost the international competition with West. Finally, the ruble collapsed as Soviet consumers turned to imports to satisfy their needs. They could not buy good television set or a computer made in the Soviet Union because all the boots and the electronics were swallowed up by military procurement. Thus, there were no quality goods to export in order to balance imports.

3- Corruption. There is an old saying, "Money is the root of all evil." While money may not cause evil in all circumstances, it certainly can sway some people toward the path of corruption and bad behavior. High levels of corruption at various levels in Soviet Union member states were clear evident.

4- Sociocultural differences between certain members of the Soviet Union coupled with dramatic reforms initiated by Gorbachev that the country can be highlighted as main reasons behind the collapse of the SU.

 The main causes of the SU collapse could be reversed to become the basic factors to avoid the collapse of the United States, these factors could potentially maintain and even strengthen the American empire. Surprisingly, the adequate policies promoting immigrants can collectively reverse the causes of collapse to be the basis of power. To interpret this reasoning, we should extrapolate the sociodemographic background of the immigrant community.   

Background of the Immigrant Community 

Skilled migrants are becoming an increasingly important element in global migration flows. Immigration is the chief reason that U.S. population is still growing. Native-born Americans reproduce below the replacement level. It is evidenced that the increased growth of imports of foreign-made goods is harmful to U.S workers, so immigrants make a positive contribution to the American economy and society. Although many institutions have not opened to outsiders on an equal footing with insiders, the immigrants are competing for entry into colleges and access to prestigious positions and institutions.-The fears of cultural conservatives is that immigrants will change American identity do oppose the ideas expressed in the founding  documents of the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights ( Gleason 1980). Unlike many other societies, the United States does not have an identity tied to an ancient lineage. Given the two wars against the British in early American history (in 1776 and 1812), the founders of the American republic did not make English origins the defining trait of American identity.

-Scientific progress is a major source of modern economic growth. How might immigration affect scientific progress?  the most direct link is the migration of scientists from other countries and the high educational attainment of immigrants and their children. Albert Einstein, the most eminent American scientist of the 20th century, was a refugee from Nazi Germany. There are many other examples of distinguished scientists, researchers, academics, and entrepreneurs who arrived in the United States as students who pursued their talents in American universities and/or industry, including Hans Bethe, the fathers of the atomic age, and recently, the Egyptian-American Noble prize gainer, Ahmed Zwail who discovered the Vimto-second.

-These high expectations for the children of immigrants generally lead to high motivations for academic and worldly success (Hao and Bonstead-Burns 1998). A large body of research shows that the children of immigrants do remarkably well in American schools with the second generation obtains higher grades in school and above average results on standardized tests and is more likely to go to college than the children of native-born Americans (Fuligni and Witknow 2004Perreira, Harris and Lee 2006)

Conclusion. The arrogance of historically unparalleled power will blind Americans not take steps to manage the unchecked erosion of their global economy. The United States will be able to profit from the exploitation of the population growth and economic evolution and thus, the breakdown of the American Empire will be unlikely.

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