Amessage to a terrorist

د.حسن أحمد عمر في الثلاثاء 12 اغسطس 2008

A Message to a Terrorist

I wonder!!
When perfidy becomes your way
When murder becomes your companion
When the Devil becomes your partner
I wonder!!
When life of others becomes worthless
And the murderer (in you) is lost in the darkness if delusions
I wonder!!
When a youth cannot recognize (even) the meaning of love
Instead, he releases the arrows of random killing
To kill a daughter, a son, or a father

Believing that this, brings him blessings from God
I wonder!!
For the darkness he lives in the midst
For the road he strayed from
(His) Oppressive thoughts
(His) Brutal heart
Where is he lost?
Where is he lost?
I wonder!!
How would you stand before God Almighty?
What will your prayers and calls upon God will be!!
Oh Lord, increase the number of children that I may kill!!
Or help me darken the days, and kill the peace!!
Lord, make me the (greatest) murderer of all times
Or Lord, give me a powerful bomb to destroy this world
I wonder!!
When, had you become, this way
Your calls upon God, this way
Do you believe that God accept perfidy
Accepts of making orphans, the children
Almighty, of Mercy accepts!!
The slaughter of love
The blazing of security
Dispersal of hopes
I wonder!!
In arguments, you’ve spent your life
Solution, is taking a man’s life
Even as people in their hearts maintain
A killer is gutless and coward
Gutless and coward
I wonder!!
Sleeping, Can you!! How do you sleep!!
Dreaming, Can you, are your eyes capable of seeing a dream!!
Automatic weapon
A grenade
That kills a score of victims
Or maybe, a knife, laced with poison
Feverishly, in some innocent chest
Drops of red color, blood
Oh, you the worst of abusers
A home you destroy
A school you demolish
The suffering of the wounded
The execution of a baby in his crib
Are your dreams full of fire and blood, that you enjoy
I wonder!!
What kind of food that you eat?
What kind of language you speak?
How is your gesture for Peace?
I wish, in casting you in a movie
I do declare, that you are suffering
Please do not rush with any replies
Please tell us the truth, not l lies
I know that you were well behaved, polite
You were the top of your class
You kept the faith and prayers
You used your time wisely
And stayed ahead of all your peers
I wonder!!
Who shattered all your dreams?
Who dried your water wells?
Who murdered your generosities?
Who contaminated your purity?
Who slaughtered your loyalty?
You’ve turned lost and blind
Pretending you’re able of seeing
You sold the noble cause
And buried the tender heart
Deep inside, a Demon took hold of you
Hatred and fire of fury took hold of you
And the best you could hope for now
Is to kill someone, anyone, somehow
Regardless of where is he from, or how
I wonder!!
Who are you!!
Have you obtained an authorization from God?
So you may fix and mend this world?
Unthinkable, absurd, impossible
Your time has come, and gone
You (gutless coward) , will be eliminated
Or maybe, thrown behind doors of steel
In either case, you will be cursed and damned
By those survivals of your attacks
Followed by those that you murdered in vain
And that is how you will end, your end!!
With curses and damns, curses and damns, curses and damns.

Writtened by the Egyptian poet : Hassan Ahmed Omar
Translated by : Fawzy Farrag

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