Muslims and Children of Israel

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>above others in the world) Cow/47, which is quite similar to his words for Muslims in their early time periods (You were best nation delivered to mankind) Aal-Imran/110. Obviously there must have been a reason for all these stories about them (Children of Israel), and this reason is not difficult to know for those who read the book of God and then look around and compare between Children of Israel and Muslims, where it can then be seen how Muslims converged to the same way Children of Israel used their path so stupidfully in their lives, and hence they earned what God inflicted upon them throughout their history:


1-   Associating gods with Allah (Allah = Al + L + Lah = The+ “Only”+God )


His words about Children of Israel (They took their scholars and their monks as gods in neglect to The Only God (=Allah), and similarly they took the Messiah son of Mary, and they were commanded to worship only one single God, there is no God but him, far glorified He is above what they ascribe) Tawbah/31. In that, some groups of Children of Israel assumed the prophet of God Moses and some of his followers as legislators in direct replacement of God’s words. Therefore they wrote books such as Talmud and Mishanh and others that tell stories about Moses and his companions and soon were annexed to their religion. Also some other group took Jesus the Messiah and some of his disciples as gods where they collected their words in a single row with the words of The only God.

On the other hand, God ordered Muslims not to commit the same mistake, saying (And He “God” doesn’t order you to take the angels and prophets as gods, would He order you to commit apostasy after you have already submitted to Him?)Aal-Imran/80. However, muslims later made Mohammad, his companions and their followers more than gods. Therefore, they wrote books such Bukhari and books of Ibn Hisham and Ibn Isaac { Those are among most sacred scholars for muslims: the last two wrote a very huge book about Mohammad biography that contained a lot of silly lies which are taken later to be main sources for muslim current religion , while the first one claimed he collected the sayings and teachings of Mohammad (PBUH), though he died 250 years after death of Mohammad – Silly, isn’t it?} who narrated (falsely) that God had sent angels to cut the heart of Mohammad and washed it out of sins during his childhood {Therefore making Mohammad more than just a human, thus all sayings from Mohammad should be seen purified for the public which contradicts the facts he is a human and can err}. Also they invented the nuclear science so-called Nasikh wa Mansookh (The Canceller and the Cancelled) { = This is the most destructive “science” that was invented more than 700 years after death of Mohammad – during Crusades and Moghol wars –  which they use efficiently to abort and cancel the meanings and commands of certain verses (the verses remain intact but they are not followed any more and thus totally ignored) in Quran because they claim some Hadiths said so. Of course the reason behind this is to give more and more power and legitimacy to Hadiths compared to Quran, so that naïve ppl will believe in them.}, and hence they cancelled the meanings of many verses, Thus they allowed the stoning-to-death of the married adulterers {Stoning is an imported thing, Quran says only lash those who commit adultery publicly 80 lashes only – For that, AT LEAST 4 witnesses of whatever gender are required to support such allegation – meaning that the incident should have taken place in somewhere publicly, See Surah of Noor “Light” } and they killed whoever thinks in changing or converting from Islam, and they made possible to kill any (resisting) body under the cover of guiding them to the “true religion” {Of course directly contradicting 100+ of verses of Quran that guarantee freedom of choice, however they used the science of Canceller and Cancelled I mentioned above to say those verses were aborted in meanings}


2-      Breaching the covenant with God:


His words to Children of Israel (And when we “God” took a covenant from the Children of Israel, that : Worship none but The only God; treat with kindness your parents and kindred, and orphans and those in need, speak fair to the people, be steadfast in prayer; and practise regular charity. Then you turned back (=rejected that later), except a few among you, and you were in wrong direction).Cow/83. Similarly God asked the Muslims to: (And serve-worship The only God and do not associate any thing with Him and be good to the parents and to the near of kin and the orphans and the needy and the neighbor of (your) kin and the alien neighbor, and the companion in a journey and the wayfarer and those whom your right hands possess (servants if any), surely God does not like the too much proud, too much boastful ) Women/36. So what did they do? – They ascribed with God what He has not revealed any evidence, using the books of the doubted and falsified Hadiths, and they made it a judge over the words of God, Also, the features of the modern Muslim these days are such that they hurt and harm the relatives, neighbors, and the poor and they eat “illegally” the money of the infants and orphans, and of course, they don’t pay Zakah (=Taxes) for the needy and nothing whatsoever is good out of them.


3-      Fabricating  lies against  God


Which is simply the fabrication of fancy talks…like the talks of the oldies nitwits, and then relate it to God directly, God says about Children of Israel (There is a party amongst them who divert from the Book “Torah” with their tongue such that you may consider it to be a part of the Book, and they say, It is from The God, while it is not from The God, and they tell a lie against God whilst they know) Aal-Imran/78. – On the other hand, what did God command the Muslims?  (Who is more aggressive than who forges a lie against God or (who) gives the lie to His verses? Surely those criminals shall not be successful) Yunis/17. So what did Muslims do? They started creating stories and fictions and said those were words from God directly, in what they call it Hadith-Qudsi (=Holly Godly narrations), of which the most famous is the Hadith of Me’eraj which is a prime in describing how women will be hanged from their breasts in hell, and that they (women) will be the majority of hell ppl,..etc..of derogation of women and to make them fearful and subdued, as if men have feathers on their heads (=means as if men are more favored to God and a lot better than women and commit no sins or mistakes).


{NOTE: Hadiths are two types: Those linked to Mohammad words and actions, and those related directly to God –supposedly told by Mohammad. Of course many current scholars consider those last ones as lies, but still others –like in Saudia now – consider them part of the religion. Anyway, BOTH types of Hadiths were written more than 200 years after death of Mohammad, and because Quran is small and was already written and distributed over an area greater than Europe before that time, and it was (and still is) a habit to be TOTALLY memorized (I myself memorize some chapters since it can be sung easily) and due to the time gap, therefore those Hadith “especially the last type” were not annexed to Quran unlike the Bible that contains A LOT of man made narrations and stories – Thus, , that’s why for myself, based on the assumption that those all were from God “somehow!”, I see Quran is abit more authenticated than others}


4-      Committing mockery of God


In addition to the story of Sabbath (Aaraf /163 and Nahl/124) God said about Children of Israel (Take what we gave you with strong will, and pay careful attention, they said We heard and we rebelled!, and the calf was ingrained into their hearts because of their disloyalty)Cow/93, This says that instead of powerfully taking what God gave them (in their Torah), they replaced it and said: We listened (understood) but we rebelled (We don’t want to follow orders) This is because the story of the calf was still having its effect in their hearts. So, did the Muslims do the same thing? God ordered muslims (And do not make fun of God’s signs/verses) Cow/231. Okay!! God!! How can those muslims make fun of your signs? The answer is ( And some of the people buy trivial tales for the sake of diverting others from the path of God and so as to make fun of his signs, those will have an inferior penalty) Lukman/6. Exactly as how Children of Israel kept the thought of the calf in their heart, the muslims kept the thought of Bukhari and Syyoty and others in their heart. Even they said Quran has no meaning!! and that you can change!! its meaning to conform to your idea.

(Bukhari (200 yrs after Moh’d) and Syyoty(900 yrs after Moh’d) are authors of books that claim and advocate trivial and silly tales about Mohammad, these tales contradict many verses in Quran itself, therefore, they have been misleading generations of muslims unfortunately because they are considered part of their religion).

 (And, the story of the calf is of two folds: First one, See Cow/67 onward, when Moses told them to slaughter a cow for a later-to-be-shown reason but they took that for sake of mere argumentation and they forgot to see the reason behind that order. Second is the story of god-like calf, see Aaraf/148 and Taha/88 onward, where they were misled by a created idol which was worshiped by others, while they were already gone out with Moses who called them to worship One Mighty God. These stories depict the idea of loving the argument for sake of argument only, and how ppl just forget about the main issue and get drifted to side subjects which can mislead them. Muslims do exactly both of those things: They like to argue, and their arguments are destructive, also they make themselves busy with silly things (like many “Fatwas” that are concerned with very trivial things as you will see later) while their living and achievements are descending into worse conditions.)


5-      Neglecting God’s message


About Children of Israel says (And the example of those who were given the Torah but they didn’t truly carry it, is like the donkey that carries books, indeed a bad example it is the people who reject the signs of God, and God doesnot guide the aggressing/oppressing people) Jumua/5. Also, his sayings about them (And when God took the covenant with the those who were given the Book (Torah) that you shall explain (them) to the public and don’t hide (them), but they threw it back their behind, and instead, they sold it with low price (i.e. made it commerce), indeed it is bad what they have earned)Aal-Imran/187. That is, the People of The Book threw (and neglected) God’s message, and they created books instead of it, such as Talmud, and Babylonian poetry (Which fake out stories about their prophets). On the other hand, what did God warn Muslims about what might happen in their future? Read (And then the prophet says: Oh God, my people considered this Quran forgotten) Furqan/30, Also, (Don’t they study Quran? or are their hearts locked!? )Mohammad/24. But then what happened?  Muslims also threw Quran behind their back, and they studied cheap books such as Bukhari books which makes fun of the minds of the public. For example, Bukhari outlines a chapter talking: (Horses are good! –for wars), then directly a chapter saying: (Horses are bad!), and this reminds me with an Egyptian theatrical comedy for Syyed Zyyan when he was comparing songs of Abdel-halim: (Any sad tear is No! No!) and (Please Cry!) ..and here I quote: (Eh!! Are we gonna cry! Or aren’t we gonna cry!! Decide! Master!!)  and same thing I say for Bukhari: Eh!! Are horses good or are they bad? )  (Book of Bukhari is basically a collection of narrations about Mohammad. It was written 200-250 years after death of Mohammad, and this book is full of contradictions, even in the same page you can see a lot of contradiction, for example in some narrations Bukhari says: “Mohammad said Never  sit with a woman alone!...Because Satan will be the third”. And just immediately after that Bukhari says: “ Mohammad was going out with some of his companions until they saw a woman and there Mohammad made his companions wait and then he took the woman and sat with her alone! Away from their sights.....etc of rest of silly talk describing how Mohammad wanted to slap and violate that woman because she didn’t want to follow him”…See here is complete contradiction and a huge slander against Mohamad in the books of muslims themselves..while they go out making chaos against a Danish silly cartoonist!.Reason is simple!...They don’t understand what they read!. )


6-      Aggression against others


His saying (Those who disobeyed from Children of Israel were cursed on the tongue of David and Jesus son of Mary, this is because of they disobeyed and because they were aggressors/oppressors)Maaeda/78. We know that in the past, Children of Israel had a kingdom adjacent to the Palestinians who had a state in Gaza and the coastline (See!! Praise God how amazing this is!! ..This was 3000 years ago!! Not only now!), so Israelites used to raid the Palestinians and destroy their cities, (exactly as how it is nowadays). On the other hand, what did God command Muslims? He says (And fight in the path of God those who fight you, and DO NOT transgress or aggress/offend, God does not like those who transgress/aggress)Cow/190. But what did they do? They started a wave of aggression against hundreds of nations (and they still do it) in the name of spreading the religion. (Directly after death of Mohammad, and in a direct violation to tens of Quranic verses, Muslims initiated waves of what they call it liberation for what is now Middle East. Further they continued their wave until they brought almost 75% of the known world at that time under their feet.- Also, some regions they couldnot reach by military, but their influence reached through trade, such as south asia.)


7-      Claiming favour onto God (I didn’t know how to translate it)


His saying (Jews and Christians said we are sons of God and his beloved. Say: Then why does he punish you for your sins? You are nothing but humans of what He created! He forgives who ever He wills, and He penalizes who ever He wills, and for God is the kingdom of the skies and earth and all is in between and for Him is the ultimate belonging)Maaeda/18. On the other hand, God ordered Muslims (Don’t not exalt yourselves. It is only He Himself who knows who is more faithful than others)Najm/32. But what did Muslims do? They patched the tag “God is pleased with him” for all those companions (People who accompanied Mohammad) and they fabricated the story of those Ten of Heaven (Ten infallible who were promised heaven – Silly talk!), which was not appealing for the Shiaahs who in turn fabricated the story of the Twelve Infallible Imams (Suggesting higher number!!). And we all know that where ever the word “God is pleased with him” is attached to the name of any companion from the days of Mohammad then his words (no matter how fake they can be) are treated as if from God! Here we say! If God is indeed was (pleased with them)!! Then why they suffered (and still suffering) bloody wars between themselves over those ages until now between Sunnah and Shia!.

(Every party from either Shia or Sunnah tries to show their sources from companions of Mohammad as infallible..which is quite silly and stupid and in direct violation to words of Quran that command them not to exalt themselves and that there is no human entity on earth is such infallible…because it is only God who knows all the things, and that always humans make errors.. That’s similar to some Jews and Christian sects who consider themselves beloved to God and they always know truth)


8-      Taking advantage of the naivety of the public simple people


His saying about Children of Israel (And from the People of The Book there are people whom you can entrust them even on mound of gold and they will return it back to you, and among them others whom if you entrust them on a penny they will never return it back to you unless you keep demanding it back. That’s because they said: “We are not to be blamed when we deal with the naïve (illiterate) public”, and they tell lies against God and they know that)Aal-Imran/75. Meaning they were taking advantage of the naïve simple ignorant people and they tell lies against God in terms of money and finance. On the other hand what God asks Muslims (God orders you to render back the deposits to their true owners, and when you judge between all people you should judge with justice. God commands you for your goodness. God is all-hearing all-seeing)Women/58. So, do Muslims indeed pay back the trusts or even judge with justice? Or they just forced every body who were not a muslim but lived there to pay the Jizya ( a tax) inside the state? Also a very sweet and nice image about the “Islamic” justice is what happened in Saudia recently, when a girl reported that she was raped, but the “glorious scientists!” there judged by wipe-lashing her!!


9-      The saying of “Jewish or Christian!” versus “Sunni or Shi'ate”


His sayings about the People of the Book from Children of Israel (Hey! People of the Book! Why do you bargain and argue against Abraham while the Torah and the Injeel (=the Gospel) were revealed quite after him! Don’t you use your minds? * ….* Abraham was not a Jewish nor was he a Christian, but he was a decent (rational) submitter and he was never from idolatress)Aal-Imran/65-67.  On the other hand, what did God order muslims? His saying (And Mohammad is nothing but a prophet similar to those many prophets who came before him, so if he died or killed you will regress back on your heels (i.e. reject and rebel)?, And whoever regress on his heel will not cause any harm to God, and God will always reward those who thank Him) Aal-imran/144, and his saying (And those who believed and did good deeds and believed in what was revealed to Mohammad which is a truth from their God will forgive them and provide them with peace of mind)Mohammad/2. So what happened? Did we believe in what was revealed to Mohammad? Or we just cancelled much of God’s words in our lives and used instead many books that came after death of prophet by centuries? Did God really provide us with peace of mind? Or just that muslims went through (immediately 25 yrs after Mohammad’s death) in organizing themselves into two camps: People of Prophet House (later Shia) and Group of Companions (later Sunna). And it is known how every group fabricated and invented Hadiths (narrations about mohammad) to justify their position and strengthen the belief of their followers that they are the one on truth. We here say that Mohammad was never Sunni nor was he Shia, but he was a decent submitter prophet (to God).


10 – The lie of non-eternal residence in hell


His sayings (That’s because they (Jews) said: “Fire will not touch us but for only few days, and they were deceived and fooled by what they themselves fabricated in their religion)All-Imran/24. Of course! They were like the one who told the lie and then believed it!! So how did such nonsense come to their religion? They came with it from the fabrications they forged and attributed to Moses in the books such as Talmud or others. On the other hand, what did God tell Muslims? Read (Indeed, whoever earned evil and his sin completely surrounded him (i.e. didn’t like to change or get rid of it or stop it), then those are people of fire, they will be there in forever)Cow/81. So did we believe in this saying from God? Or we just threw the book behind our backs and we believed in lies (of the Bukhari book) that foolishly promised muslims with the intercession of the prophet mohammad to God at the day of judgement and that he will be the savior of the whole mulsims at then!!How come!?? While God himself tells us that Mohammad himself…from his soles to his hair tips does not know what will come with him at that day? Read (Say! I am not a new style of prophets! And I don’t know what will happen to me or to you all, I just follow what is revealed to me, and I am only a simple Warner and a reminder! ) (s46-Ahqaf)/v.9

(Exactly similar to what Christians believe, Muslims generally believe (because of lies in Bukhari book and others) that Mohammad was given (from God-supposedly) the right to be an intercessor, or saviour or that the Salvation must be through Mohammad. Of course this is nonsense because God says Mohammad himself doesn’t know what will happen to himself. Also those prophets are mere humans that were good enough to be selected to deliver messages from God! That is, they are not gods with God so as to grant others heaven for ever! It is God and only God who can do this!.  The impact of such belief on Muslims is that one can commit some sins and wrongs toward others without caring that much because he thinks he will go to heaven because he loves Mohammad or follow what is forged about Mohammad )


11 – Getting busy with the trivial issues away from the core idea


The best example is the story of the Cow in the Surah of the Cow (v.67-75) which was a straight command to slaughter a cow! But instead, they (Children of Israel) get themselves busy with the trivial details of the issue (such as What color is it? About the Cow!! despite how obvious the command was!! ) until their hearts became so hard afterward. On the other hand, what did God told muslims? Read (Hey you who believed do not ask about many things that which when consequently shown to you it makes troubles to you, (i.e. don’t be such nosy pushing yourself in everything that turns to be troublesome to you-i.e. Just take things simply and easy))Maaeda/101. But what did they do? They fabricated books in the very trivial issues that are never useful to anybody. Some Muslims still believe in a need to detail everything in his life and then impose these details over entire people as part of their religion, so no wonder you hear about a book that gives you the details of rules about how to “wash your body!” as if the human needs a catalogue to show him/her how to take a bath!. And if we compare the situation of Muslims now we see them always busy in very trivial things forsaking the core idea. If you follow major “Fatwas!” of Muslims (Religious decree! from their Sheiks) you will see they are interested in the “breastfeeding of an adult” and whether it is allowed to be blessed with Mohammad urine or not!! As if he is even living among us!! Rather they even go into the details of things which trivializes and distort the purpose of the religion itself with silly things that are never useful at first place.

(The Fatwa of “breastfeeding the adult” is a very famous and recent joke you can find about what they call themselves Muslims nowadays: in it, an egyptian sheikh said as a religious decree, that, for a woman to be able to share same room (such as in work) with an adult stranger man, she can breastfeed him (i.e. let him suck her until he is full!, then he will become as her brother! So then they can work together in the same room. You can see how stupid and decadent and villain those can be. Originally they see that woman shouldnot share same room with a stranger man, so they think they have solved the problem with this “Fatwa”. All these thoughts are from the fabricated hadith in Syyoty and Bukhari and many others upon which they build their “new” religion. Also in similar level, some fatwa came out talking and discussing whether the urine of Mohammad is blessed or not!.. No need to comment on that but indeed..muslim sheiks are still going down..deeply down to the lowest stages of …well..humanity).


12- Be disdained by anyone who wants their reformation and righteousness.


And this is a strange one that one of my friends directed me to it. God said about Children of Israel how they used to respond to Moses (Peace be upon him), read (They said we had troubles before you came to us, and since you have come to us! He said: We hope your God will destroy your enemies and make you take their place in this earth so that he will see what you will be doing) Aaraaf/129. Notice with me how they said (we had troubles before you came to us, and since you have come to us) As if almost they want to say “You Moses, are of no good help to us!” He replied: “OK! We will see how good YOU! will be once you replace those folks!” . On the other hand, God told Muslims ( God will never change what is in a nation unless they themselves change what’s in their souls) Ra’d (Thunder)/11. Which means: You folks!, if you want your bad situation to change for better! Then you have to change your minds and hearts into the better! But what did Muslims do? The answer was already given from God! Read exactly what most muslims say nowadays (We found our fathers and bosses following a past nation/religion, and so forth we are guided by their footsteps) Zukhruf/22 –( i.e.: following blindly (no thinking!) what their previous bosses spoon-fed them.)


And now, after all such common trends of behavior and thinking between the two sides, what was the gain of what God inflicted upon Children of Israel because of their disbelief and slandering lies against the mighty God; He shattered them in the earth into nations (And we shattered them in the earth into nations)Aaraaf/168. On the other hand as a result of throwing the book of God behind them, what happened to the Muslims? God also shattered them into tens of nations and states such that one of those muslim nations is smaller than a vagina of an ant (according to how a poet described) (i.e. because of ingrained love for being divided). Was that everything?! Nay!! God says about Children of Israel (They were covered with humiliation and misery; they drew on themselves the wrath of God. This is because they went on rejecting the signs of God and slaying His prophets without just cause. This because they rebelled and went on transgressing.)Cow/61. On the other hand, for God’s sake!! How are the arabs and muslims nowadays in this world? Arent we in complete humiliation and misery?

I just ask God to render the muslims to their true book, and sorry for the lengthy article.


End of article


Actually the purpose of this article is to make others (muslims) feel that there is a problem, and this problem needs attention. And the talk about Children of Israel in the Quran is not mere stories to waste time reading them, but rather they give some problems in the society and that muslims themselves are going through them, so well.. it comes as a warner… hoping it will shake some hearts, and actually it did! Quite few days after I published this one in website, I got some emails thanking me for uncovering lots of blankets above their eyes and made them see that muslims are not that special or different humans, they can make gross mistakes...and once they insist on those mistakes … these mistakes can take them to hell!...It is the good people, those who do good, and behave good…righteously….justly…those will be rewarded this earth, and maybe later the satisfaction and mercy and blessings of God in the afterlife (And verily we have written in the Pslams, after the reminder: My righteous servants will inherit the earth )Prophets/105. God doesn’t care about names or what you follow as long as you truly believe in the God and the ultimate belonging to Him the Mighty and the Merciful and you do good to others, then you will surely have nothing to fear or worry about in your life. And believing in God should imply that you don’t need to receive commands or compassion from any one else other than God himself, You do not need to follow what others tell you or follow them as mediators to God!..Just believe in God alone!! Filling your heart!..No need for others (sheiks or priests or prophets or whatever).you can depend on your self and on the guidance God gives you through your mind and your heart..Thats what believe in God means!…And always feel with others..Do good to them..treat them as what you like to be treated…because if you do them wrong…then you will have a hard time in the final day of judgement when they will want their rights due.


( Those who believe (or are faithful) and those who are Jewish, and those the Sabians(Who do not follow clear scriptures-such as Budhists or Hindus or others) and the Christians:: Whoever believes in God and believes in the final day (day of judgement) and does good to others THEN those have nothing to fear and they will not feel any grief )Maaeda/69

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