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The Mountain Named Gamal Abdel-Nasser Gave Birth to a Rat Named Abdel-Fattah Al-Sisi!



Published in September 11, 2019

Translated by: Ahmed Fathy




1- The expression (The mountain gave birth to a rat) is an Arabic traditional proverb; yet, it is mentioned by the poet Horace in his poems in Latin: (Parturient montes, nascetur ridiculus mus): "The mountains will go into labor, and give birth to a ridiculous mouse", an expression to describe huge efforts that amount to very little. We assert here that despite any good intentions of tyrants – who never have any good intentions however keen they are on professing the contrary – all tyrants betray their nations and they are the enemies of their nations. Even when tyrants would make some achievements for the sake of their citizens, such short-lived achievements turn into mere myths.  

2- Gamal Abdel-Nasser manipulated the Egyptian era of liberalism (1920 – 1950 or the belle époque) to lead a successful coup d'état in 1952 which was later on renamed by him as a 'revolution'. Nasser ruled as a tyrant; he introduced the military rule in modern Egypt. Before Nasser, Egypt was a monarchy which enjoyed a very good constitution, political freedom, and intellectual liberalism; these are the components of what is known as democratic transition which takes time so that the awareness of citizens is raised and enlightenment is introduced within freedom of thought and liberalism. Sadly, Nasser aborted this hoped-for democratic transition. Of course, social injustice spread before 1952 coup; it was expected that it will lessen when Egypt became a republic as the middle-class widened and enlightenment and education increased; yet, Nasser raised the motto of social justice as an alternative to freedom. Nasser stripped the Egyptian citizens from their freedom and humanity in return for bread! Fifty years after his death in 1970, social justice vanished and freedom is not found until now; as a confirmed fact, freedom seems to be lost forever. Nasser made education, arts, media, etc. dedicated to one ideology of tyranny and exclusion in order to brainwash the Egyptian nation; most youths at the time (i.e., in 1960s) deified Nasser; we were one of these youths who deified him. Of course, deluded youths became disillusioned after the 1967 war (a.k.a. the Six-Day War) when Egypt lost its Sinai peninsula. People heard the speeches of Nasser about the corruption of his central intelligence men. People heard about crimes of torture; i.e., torturing opposition figures and members among civilians in military prisons. During the era of Nasser (1954 – 1970), it was never allowed to discuss the side effects of the High Dam and that the Aswan dam was better in protecting Egypt from floods and scarcity of water. It was never allowed to discuss the reasons for the hasty nationalization of the Suez Canal which would have been returned to Egypt anyway years later. It was never allowed to discuss nationalization and chasing Egyptian Jews and Egyptians of Greek and Italian origin out of Egypt who formed beneficial diversity. It was never allowed to question the tyrant named Nasser who was sanctified and deified by so many citizens. Before our conversion to True Islam (i.e., Qurnaism), we used to feel pain in the 1960s when we heard songs which glorify the name of Egypt; we thought at the time that Nasser was the only one who deserved to be glorified in songs. After the 1967 war, this fallen idol/deity managed to deceive the citizens (using reverse psychology) when he stepped down and declared his tendering his resignation as President of Egypt; we were among the millions of weeping Egyptian people who took to the streets within huge demonstrations to demand his immediate return to office. We remember at the time that the Egyptian newspapers wrote that Nasser returned to the presidency stronger than before. This was true; he became a more powerful tyrant; his tyranny increased. Of course, Nasser was a deity inside our heart; yet, after the 1967 war, he was turned into a helpless fallen idol or wingless god. Once he died, many people (including ourselves) stopped deifying Nasser; this is mainly because his successor, Sadat, allowed arts and media to expose and unveil some of the grave errors and drawbacks of Nasser. Many people (including ourselves) discovered how Nasser was a failure in everything; his tyranny made Egypt lose everything. During the era of Sadat, we hated him very much; we began to hate the military rule in Egypt; we were never deceived by his vain talk about democracy; it was a laughter-inducing speech of his when he said that his 'democracy' has its fangs. It was ridiculous that Sadat condescendingly said many times that he conferred or bestowed 'democracy' on the Egyptian citizens. We still find Sadat to be a mere actor or a clown – and a failure in acting, for sure. We have ridiculed him in one of our previous articles, likening him (Anwar Sadat) to the late Egyptian actor (Anwar Wagdi). Within the era of Sadat, Egypt sank into lower depths of destruction and collapse more than the Nasser era.                     

3- The many phases of sinking into lower depths of destruction and collapse began with the tyrannical ruler Nasser when he removed the first Egyptian President, M. Naguib, because he desired that the military men would return to their barracks (to defend Egypt and its borders) and never interfere in ruling Egypt. Nasser was defeated in the 1956 war (a.k.a. the Suez crisis) after his nationalizing the Suez Canal and when the USA refused to help him finance the High-Dam project. Yet, the defeat in the 1956 war was deemed as victory celebrated every 23rd of Dec. Nasser felt that Egypt was too small for his leadership and megalomania; he became a leader in the so-called positive neutrality and non-aligned movement though he submitted to the USSR. Nasser dialed to maintain the short-lived political unity with Syria; he made thousands of Egyptian soldiers lose their lives in the Yemen war in the 1960s; the Egyptian currency gold cover was lost. The unprecedented defeat was in 1967 when Egypt lost its Sinai peninsula. This means Nasser jumped from one failure to the other during his tyrannical rule. The many phases of sinking into lower depths of destruction and collapse continued within the military rule of Sadat. When Sadat achieved tactical victory in the 1973 war to restore Sinai, he was vanquished and defeated within the negotiations and the Camp David Accords. Within his leading the 1973 war, Sadat was a stubborn tyrant; his lack of good reasoning allowed the Israeli breakthrough (a.k.a.Operation Abirey-Halev) as the troops of Ariel Sharon sieged the Egyptian troops near the Suez Canal for a while. This has rendered futile the crossing of the Suez Canal by the Egyptian troops; both the Egyptian and the Israeli troops seemed to appear as equal and no one was a winner or a loser. Within the peace negotiations, 2 ministers of foreign affairs tendered their resignation (Ismail Fahmy and M. Ibrahim Kamel). The military tyrant Sadat insisted on his own wrong views; he betrayed the martyrs among the Egyptian soldiers who restored Sinai when he was vanquished and defeated in the peace accords. Sadly, until now, Sinai is not fully controlled by Egypt; in its long history, Egypt never lost Sinai before; in contrast, the military troops of the Mameluke sultans allowed Egypt to rule south of Turkey, the Levant, and the Hejaz regions. This means that the failure of the current military rulers of Egypt is unprecedented and requires sheets and sheets to be written in full.       

4- Mubarak continued the many phases of sinking into lower depths of destruction and collapse; he continued the track of stealing and corrupt business. Mubarak made use of the terrorist MB organization to instill fear into the Copts and opposition figures inside Egypt and to into the West countries which befriended Egypt. Yet, Mubarak allowed the spread of the MB cursed religion of Wahabism inside all mosques, public schools, and Al-Azhar. Mubarak imprisoned and persecuted our person because we have refuted, undermined, and stood against Wahabism. Thus, when Wahabism (the religion of the KSA and the terrorist MB organization) spread in the Egyptian mainstream culture as if it were Islam, the MB members posed as if they were alternative opposition figures though the MB members hate enlightenment figures and hate thinkers and activists who defend human rights. The MB members took advantage of the Jan. 2011 revolt and threatened the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF) who ruled after the ouster of Mubarak. The military officers tactically stepped aside to allow the MB members the chance to rule Egypt (within the rigged 2012 presidential elections) to prove how they will fail in ruling Egypt. In fact, the terrorist MB organization failed miserably. We have written before that the terrorist MB organization conspired for 80 years to reach power in Egypt and never spent 80 minutes to think how to rule Egypt. The failure of the terrorist MB members made Egyptians hate them the more; hence, millions of Egyptians during the June 2013 revolt demanded the ouster of the MB-affiliated president. The Egyptian citizens felt acutely the danger of the MB terrorist attacks in Cairo and other main cities as the MB terrorists sought revenge; the Egyptian citizens helped Al-Sisi reach power in Egypt; he was carried on the shoulders of the citizens to reach power; they made him reach the throne of Egypt easily. Al-Sisi controls the military armed forces of Egypt; he monopolizes wealth, authority, and power in Egypt overtly and shamelessly. Sadly, as a result, Egypt is sinking into lower depths of destruction and collapse.  

5- The mountain named Gamal Abdel-Nasser gave birth to a rat named Abdel-Fattah Al-Sisi!

5/1: Al-Sisi is the only Egyptian ruler in Egyptian history who was carried on the shoulders of the Egyptian citizens to power; i.e., the throne of Egypt, and once enthroned, he has punished the nation by inflicting torture and hunger!  

5/2: Al-Sisi is the only Egyptian ruler who sold some parts of Egypt and received the price; he has ceded the maritime rights of Egypt in the Mediterranean Sea.

5/3: Al-Sisi is the only Egyptian ruler who forced Egypt to run debts estimated to be hundreds of billions of US$; the Egyptian State budget will never cover the interests of such debts; many future generations will have to settle such debts.

5/4: Al-Sisi is the only Egyptian ruler who begs money from the Egyptian citizens and from other countries in order to establish imaginary projects which are deemed as failures by many experts. This means that he aims to steal as much money as possible. There is no difference between establishing the new administrative capital and building new prisons to incarcerate more wronged, innocent people!

5/5: Al-Sisi is the only Egyptian ruler who has disgraced and shamed the Egyptian military armed forces; he made the Egyptian military leave its honorable, original mission of defending Egypt and its borders to engage into trade and industry; the whole of Egypt seems to be owned by the high-rank military officers now. Al-Sisi put an end to the military honor of the Egyptian armed forces, making its only victory is to point arms at the unarmed Egyptian nation. This victory is so guaranteed that there is no need to engage into real wars; military officers are businessmen who never fought any wars; they are not very good or honorable businessmen, though; they make use of their power and authority to help in their business; they are conmen and swindlers. Thus, the Egyptian military armed forces sank into lower depths of shame represented by Al-Sisi and his military men after the honor represented by other Egyptian military generals of former decades: Abdel-Moneim Riyad, Saad-Eddine Al-Shazily, Ahmad Badawi, M. Abdel-Ghani Al-Jamsy, and Ibrahim Al-Rifaai.     

5/6: Al-Sisi is the only Egyptian ruler who has made Egypt a dependent country which submits to dwarfs like the prince M. Ibn Salman of the KSA and the prince M. Ibn Zayed of the UAE. Al-Sisi kneels before them in submission and humility; yet, he bullies the Egyptian citizens who carried him on their shoulders to power and to the throne of Egypt.

6- We have written many articles about the lower levels of collapse and destruction in Egypt in the era of Mubarak and within the one-year rule of the Wahabi terrorist MB organization. We hardly find words to describe the unprecedented lower levels of collapse and destruction in Egypt in the era of Al-Sisi. An Egyptian constructor who fled to Europe has exposed Al-Sisi military regime in videos uploaded on the internet; he shows the military regime men as conmen and swindlers who squander and steal the wealth of the Egyptian nation. This man is a small constructor who has his disputes with them and he fled to Europe and narrated some tales he knows about them; what would be the case if big constructors who know much details would flee and expose the military regime in Egypt? More scandals will be exposed for sure.      


Lastly: we assert the following points:

1- The mountain named Gamal Abdel-Nasser gave birth to a rat named Abdel-Fattah Al-Sisi!

2- The military armed forces which have betrayed Egypt monopolize power, authority, and wealth and point weapons/arms at the unarmed nation to terrorize it.

3- The military armed forces which have betrayed Egypt make it sink into unprecedented lower levels of destruction and collapse; no one could have imagined what Al-Sisi has done since he came to power in Egypt.

4- We write this article on the 9th of Sept., 2019, as part of our bearing witness against the era of Al-Sisi; after publishing our book about him in 2015, we witness the fact that Egypt sinks into lower levels of destruction and collapse. We refer our readers to our book (which is a complied series of articles) about Al-Sisi titled "A Witness of the Earliest Months of The Presidential Term of The Egyptian President Al-Sisi", found in English on this link:

5- Within its continuous sinking into lower levels of destruction and collapse, Egypt has reached unprecedented lower levels within its seven-millennia-old history.  

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