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A Message Addressed to the Egyptian President Abdel-Fattah Al-Sisi Concerning the Recent Suicide Bombing


A Message Addressed to the Egyptian President Abdel-Fattah Al-Sisi Concerning the Recent Suicide Bombing


Published in February 19, 2019

Translated by: Ahmed Fathy




Firstly: will this recent suicide bombing be the last one in Egypt?:

1- In Aug. 2006, a suicide bombing occurred in Cairo in the Al-Azhar mosque district, and we have written an article in Arabic at the time titled (About the Recent Suicide Bombing Near Al-Azhar: We Implore the Lord God that It Would Be the Last One!). 

2- Sadly, suicide bombings and other attacks by throwing or planting bombs have continued all over Egypt ever since. The recent suicide bombing occurred yesterday (i.e., Monday, 18th of Feb. 2019).

2/1: The statement of the Egyptian Ministry of Interior mentions the following: (... Within the framework of the endeavors to hunt down and arrest the terrorist who throw a bomb at the soldiers of anti-riot forces which were present in front of a mosque in Giza Square after the Friday congregational noon prayers, it was found out after thorough investigations that the terrorist took hiding in the Cairene district Al-Darb Al-Ahmar. When security forces sieged his house and tried to arrest him, he committed suicide by detonating the bomb which was with him, and this resulted also in the death of three police officers; six soldiers were wounded ...).

2/2: We quote the following from the Egyptian website Masrawy (i.e., this piece of news is originally written in Arabic on that website): (... Three police officers were killed and six soldiers were wounded in a suicide-attack in Al-Darb Al-Ahmar district in Cairo, as the police forces hunted down and tried to arrest a 37-year-old terrorist named Al-Hassan Abdullah who detonated the bomb he had with him to commit suicide to avoid being arrested for throwing a bomb near a mosque in Giza Square. Investigations show that this terrorist was not among the inhabitants of Al-Darb Al-Ahmar district; he only hid himself in it in a house owned by one of his relatives. The father of the terrorist is an Egyptian-American medical doctor; the terrorist himself held the American nationality and so are several member of his family. The terrorist who planted a bomb in Giza Square tried to plant another bomb in Al-Azhar district later on, but he failed to do so; cameras placed in the streets caught him; he was hiding his face with mask and driving his motorcycle, and when he was chased by the police, he hid himself in a house in Al-Darb Al-Ahmar district; when he was about to be arrested, he committed suicide by detonating a bomb he had with him ...).

3- This suicide bombing in Cairo took place two days after a terrorist attack by ISIS terrorists in a security checkpoint in northern Sinai, resulting in the death of an army officer and fourteen soldiers.


Secondly: the reason why this recent suicide bombing in Cairo will not be the last one:

1- Thirteen years ago in Aug. 2006, we have written that we implore the Lord God that terrorist attacks would end; we repeat the same prayers now in Feb. 2019. We hope the coming days will not witness other suicide attacks near Al-Azhar, in Cairo, in Sinai, or elsewhere inside our beloved Egypt.

2- We deeply regret to say that the recent suicide bombing will not be the last one in Egypt as long as no religious reform is introduced. The Lord God says the following in the Quran: "...God does not change the condition of a people until they change what is within themselves..." (13:11).

3- The leaders of Al-Azhar embrace now the terrorist Wahabi religion of Satan embraced by ISIS; they defend and protect it; they persecute those who discuss or question it. Those leaders of Al-Azhar insist on never changing or modifying the Azharite curricula in Azharite schools and Al-Azhar University. The current head/sheikh of Al-Azhar embraces the cursed religion of ISIS (i.e., Saudi Wahabism) and he defies in public the Egyptian president by insisting on never changing the current religious discourse in media, schools, and mosques, though it is a Wahabi, extremist one typical of ISIS. Sadly, the Egyptian president cannot pressurize the head of Al-Azhar. A book criticizing Al-Bokhary book (of course, Al-Bokhary is one of the main gods of the pantheon worshiped by ISIS terrorists) was confiscated before allowing its copies to be included in the Cairo International Book Fair inaugurated in Jan. 2019. In contrast, the cyberspace is filled with criticism of Al-Bokhary book – by the way our person is the pioneer thinker who have criticized Al-Bokhary book and refuted its supposed infallibility. Yet the ISIS-like current leaders of Al-Azhar insist on protecting Al-Bokhary book and persecuting (and prosecuting) those who dare criticize it or criticize any heritage books of Sunnite traditions.     

4- The Egyptian president has power and authority, but he seems to be unwilling to remove the power and authority of the current Wahabi head of Al-Azhar who embraces the terrorist religion of ISIS and controls the religious, cultural, and artistic aspects in Egypt and confiscates books undermining Wahabism. The Egyptian president seems reluctant to remove the head of Al-Azhar from his post; he knows that the head of Al-Azhar has achieved victory over him. Al-Sisi still addresses the head of Al-Azhar with respect, though this terrorist sheikh who protects the Wahabi religion of Satan does not deserve any respect at all. Strangely, the Egyptian president delivered a speech in an international conference about reforming the religious discourse to fight terrorism; yet, he cannot implement this religious reform in Egypt until now!   

5- As long as no radical change and immediate reform are introduced inside Egypt (which has been the case at least for the last fifty years), many terrorist attacks and suicide bombings will continue to occur.


Thirdly: we assert the following facts which sadden our heart:

1- The criminal terrorist who killed himself in this suicide bombing is pretty much also a victim like the victims who were killed in this attack. 

2- The real culprit is the ISIS-like, terrorist thought and discourse of Sunnite Wahabism offered to Egyptians in the media, schools, and mosques as if it were 'Islam', and we all know that the Wahabi religion of terrorism brainwash kid and youths so that they would consider indiscriminate killings and massacres as a form of 'jihad' for the sake of the Lord God, though we know from the Quranic sharia legislations of Islam (and even from fiqh rules of the Sunnite religion which has nothing to do with Islam) that massacring others is a heinous crime which requires exacting the penalties mentioned in the Quranic verse 5:34.

3- Because the Egyptian government cannot punish the culprit which is the Wahabi terrorist thought, it must punish those who insist on spreading, propagating, and protecting it and abuse their power and authority by imposing it on people. 

4- The Egyptian Law considers those who incite and urge the crime of murder as murderers who share the burden of this crime/sin; hence, the ISIS-like head of Al-Azhar and the terrorist Wahabi Azharite leaders are partners in the crimes of ISIS terrorists and other suicide-attackers in Egypt. 

5- If it is difficult to punish the head of Al-Azhar by putting him to trial in courts as a criminal because he seems to be 'above the Law' because of his post, it is possible that he would get fired from his post as the head of Al-Azhar. If it is difficult to force him to tender his resignation, he must be neutralized and forced to never interfere in the process of reforming and changing the Azharite curricula. A law must be issued to force Azharite sheikhs reach the age of retirement when they reach the age of 60; sadly, many of them continue in their posts for the rest of their lives, annually renewing their keeping their posts. This process of reforming and changing the Azharite curricula must begin immediately by a specialized committee with the aim of making the curricula match Quranic facts/values of Islam: absolute religious freedom, peace, non-violence, mercy, justice, charity, fighting corruption and aggression, etc.     


Fourthly: how President Al-Sisi can introduce reform and save Egypt with the least possible costs and gain billions of US$ of profits because of this reform:

1- Removing, abolishing, and repealing all restrictive laws which cripple freedom of thought and artistic creativity. The government should never interfere in the fields of arts (esp. movies and TV series) and publishing of books; let us remember that confiscating books, thought (esp. religious reform), and arts is against justice. A judge within the judiciary system cannot be the arbiter to confiscate or allow the existence of works of art and books containing any lines of thought and trend of ideas. The Quran itself, God's Word, mentions words of polytheists and disbelievers and refuted them. Of course, any school of thought must be faced only with another school of thought within intellectual debate and discussion. There is no room for violence here; yet, Wahabis who protect the Wahabi ideology resort to violence and terrorism and to imprison and persecute their detractors who undermine Wahabism because they cannot face enlightenment (esp. Quranism) and human rights. The current head of Al-Azhar is an evil man who has committed many injustices and caused the imprisonment of many free thinkers who dared to criticize Sunnite Wahabism.   

2- Launching the peaceful, intellectual war of ideas in the Egyptian media against the Wahabi terrorism of ISIS by hosting in talk-shows enlightened Egyptian thinkers and allowing them to discuss all issues and topics within free speech without terrorizing or threatening these thinkers; they should talk about religious, legislative, and political reform and other thinkers should engage into a debate with them.

3- Publishing our books in cheap editions in Egypt (or serialized for free in newspapers) and making our subtitled-into-English YouTube videos ( available in the Egyptian media. Our books and videos should be discussed within freedom of speech within talk-shows in Egyptian TV channels. Religious reform in Egypt is certain to be implemented if our tens of books (see our books in Arabic, English, and French on this link on our website: are discussed openly in Egyptian media by thinkers. This is of vital importance to fight terrorism; the Azharite and non-Azharite defenders of the cursed religion of ISIS (i.e., Saudi Wahabism) will get busy defending it in the media and they will unwittingly expose themselves as ignoramuses. Their brainwashed victims will wake up and renounce the Wahabi religion of Satan. Most of these brainwashed victims will no longer resort to perpetrating suicide attacks or terrorist attacks in Egypt. In our books and videos, we offer documented information and facts and analyze them through the Quran and books of Sufi-Sunnite traditions; thinkers are free to discuss our writings and our Quranist thought.   

4- Movies and TV series must be produced to face, combat, and undermine Wahabi terrorism of ISIS; this will result in millions of US$ of gains to Egypt (see our article in English on this link: Of course, Egypt is the pioneer in cinema and radio and television production in the Middle-East. Yet, Turkish, Lebanese, and Syrian TV series now surpass the Egyptian ones. Sadly, Turkey presents the awful, horrid Ottoman caliphate in a positive light in Turkish period drama and TV series. Sadly, good Egyptian movies and TV series which attack Wahabi extremism are censored by Al-Azhar. Sadly, many modest and bad Egyptian TV series and period drama offered a false positive view of the Umayyad and Abbasid caliphates, and this made delusional youths yearn to restore the tyrannical, theocratic caliphate system of rule which is now embraced by ISIS terrorists in Sinai, Egypt, and elsewhere.

5- Of course, legislative reform required to remove restrictive laws which cripple writers and artists must be accompanied by stopping the marginalization process (which began during eh Mubarak regime) of highly qualified free thinkers, media figures, writers, artists, etc. who are either suppressed, silenced, or forced to leave Egypt. These free people within all fields must be welcomed back to the Egyptian intellectual scene. When Egypt retrieves its pioneer status in all fields within freedom of thought and expression, this will result in millions of US$ of gains to Egypt and in peacefully getting rid of agents of the cursed Wahabi religion of ISIS inside and outside Al-Azhar by showing how much these ignoramuses who obsequiously serve Saudi Arabia hate Egypt and Egyptians.    

6- In our opinion, after introducing the abovementioned reform, Al-Sisi will deserve to rule Egypt for the rest of his life.

7- If the reform mentioned in the above points is not introduced now, we predict that we will write articles later on about more terrorist attacks and suicide bombings to come – yet, we implore the Lord God that this will not happen. Sadly, terrorist attacks will occur in the future as long as the Egyptian president is not willing to change and reform what must be changed and reformed immediately.

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