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The Head of Al-Azhar Is a War Criminal, But What about the Egyptian President Abdel-Fattah Al-Sisi?

 Published in November 27, 2017

Translated by: Ahmed Fathy

Firstly: persistent questions:

1- The Wahabi terrorism has increased during the presidential term of the Egyptian President Abdel-Fattah Al-Sisi for the following two reasons.

1/1: The Egyptian President has failed on many levels more than the president who belonged to the MB terrorist group and more than Mubarak. He is more corrupt, tyrannical, and oppressive. This is why Wahabi terrorism has found fertile soil in Egypt now, within corruption, tyranny, oppression, torture, silencing free voices of those who call for reform, increasingly soaring prices, and lack of hope for any change to the better.

1/2: The authority of the ISIS-like head of Al-Azhar has increased too much; we have written before articles (in English on these links: calling for firing and trying the ISIS-like Azharite sheikhs, along with the current head of Al-Azhar, Ahmed Al-Tayyib. Typically and as expected, no one has paid attention to what we write. 

 The question raised is as follows: Why does not Al-Sisi fire the head of Al-Azhar? The Egyptian president has fired before one of the generals and a judge who has exposed corruption. Why does Al-Sisi keep the head of Al-Azhar until now?!

2- The too much authority of the head of Al-Azhar within the Egyptian government has caused the incarceration of sheikh M. Abdullah Nasr, who is sentenced for 18 years of imprisonment; this Azharite sheikh is persecuted for criticizing and ridiculing the books of the religion of ISIS. The Egyptian president has not made anything to save Mr. Nasr who is persecuted severely by the head of Al-Azhar, despite the fact that Mr. Nasr is a supporter of Al-Sisi, but this has been of no use to him. This means that the Egyptian government is controlled by the ISIS-like head of Al-Azhar.  

 The question raised is as follows: Why does Al-Sisi who fights ISIS terrorists who committed many terrorist operations in Sinai and at the borders with Libya remain silent as the innocent Mr. Nasr is persecuted in spite of his calling for religious reform that will help to combat ISIS?!  

3- The Saudi crown-prince has disowned Wahabism now and has threatened Wahabi clergymen to silence them when he announced his adopting the so-called 'moderate Islam'. The criminal ISIS-like head of Al-Azhar is too powerful in Egypt because of the Wahabi Saudi influence in Egypt. Thus, the Saudi kingdom is now disowning the cursed religion of ISIS (i.e., Wahabism), whereas the head of Al-Azhar is still following and teaching the religion of ISIS, but he can no longer feel supported by the influence of the Saudi kingdom in Egypt. If he were inside the Saudi kingdom, he would have been incarcerated by the Saudi crown-prince who accepts no opposition. Al-Sisi supports the Saudi kingdom in its war against Yemen and its sieging Qatar. The question raised is as follows: Why does not Al-Sisi follow the footsteps of the Saudi kingdom in disowning Wahabism?!  

4- The Saudi crown-prince has announced his disowning Wahabism and his intention to introduce religious reform in his ultra-conservative kingdom. Three years ago, Al-Sisi has called for the reform of religious discourse in Egypt, but the criminal head of Al-Azhar opposed this adamantly as he derived strength from the Wahabi Saudi influence in Egypt. The question raised is as follows: Saudi conditions and circumstances have changed now and the head of Al-Azhar can no longer rely on the Saudi influence to stop and hinder any religious reform in Egypt; why did Al-Sisi stop talking about the need for introducing immediate religious reform?! 

5- The ISIS terrorists have killed many soldiers in Sinai and in the desert at the borders with Libya, and this means they so far have defeated the military armed forces and the police forces of the Egyptian President who cannot face armed terrorists but can oppress unarmed Egyptian civilians. No soldiers would sacrifice their lives for the sake of defending Al-Sisi and his generals, his corruption, and his tyranny. Besides, these soldiers embrace Sunnite Wahabism embraced by the armed terrorists who have committed massacres. This means that the real danger that undermines Al-Sisi regime is the Sunnite Wahabi religion of ISIS. The question raised is as follows: Why does Al-Sisi embrace this dangerous religion though he has talked about its danger before?!     

6- The heinous terrorist crime in Sinai that occurred on Friday, the 24th of Nov. 2017 is unprecedented, as 300 persons were killed and 200 injured as terrorists opened gunfire inside a crowded Sufi mosque. The Ibn Hanbal Sunnite Wahabi religion of Satan considers Sufis and Shiites as 'infidels'. The few Shiite Egyptians never declare their faith in public for fear of persecution; in contrast, there are millions of Sufis in Egypt who form the majority among Egyptian citizens who fill mosques with mausoleums of male and female 'saints' and festivals/moulids celebrating those saints. Let us not forget that the ISIS terrorists would have liked to massacre fans of football inside clubs when important matches are attended by thousands of fans. Al-Sisi of course knows all this, right?! ISIS terrorists have massacred many Shiites in Iraq and Syria based on fatwas of Ibn Taymiyya deified by Ibn Abdul-Wahab the founder of Wahabism. These fatwas of massacring non-Wahabis were implemented by the first Saudi state and the third, current one, and this makes the Saudi family members responsible for massacring about one million Shiites until now.    

7- The chief foes of Ibn Taymiyya during the Mameluke Era were Sufi sheikhs who put him to trial and incarcerated him, and inside his prison, he kept writing fatwas urging the massacring of all Sufis and Shiites. ThisSaudi Wahabism (based on the fatwas of Ibn Taymiyya) is responsible for massacres committed by the Wahabi army of Pakistan against millions of Sufis in the Bengal of the East who refused to convert to Sunnite Wahabism (thus deemed 'infidels' who deserve to be put to death!), and this led to the creation of the state of Bangladesh with the help of Indira Gandhi of India. Wahabism is still dominating Pakistan and Afghanistan, ruining both countries and causing bloodbaths. Al-Sisi of course knows all this, right?!    

8- The ISIS Wahabi terrorists have massacred Shiites and Yazidis. ISIS terrorists now in Sinai and the Egyptian desert at the borders with Libya are more blood-thirsty than the terrorists of the 1990s during the era of Mubarak who massacre Egyptian soldiers. ISIS terrorists are leaving Iraq and Syria and disperse everywhere else, including Egypt, where they massacre Sufis now; what about the fate of the rest of Sufis who form the majority of Egyptians?! Al-Sisi of course knows all this, right?!    

The questions raised are as follows: What if the Wahabi ISIS terrorists would target all mosques of Egypt? They form the biggest number of mosques in the Middle East, with the biggest number of believers praying there. What if the Wahabi ISIS terrorists would target all Sufi festivals and celebrations and fans of football matches? Would the military armed forces of Al-Sisi protect all mosques, Sufi festivals, and football clubs at the same time?! Would they protect al Egyptians in all streets and cities via security checkpoints?! How come this might occur while Al-Sisi cannot fire the head of al-Azhar who is a war-criminal and could not protect Mr. Nasr who criticized the religion of ISIS?!

9- The ISIS Wahabi terrorists might win this waged war against Egypt because the civil wing that protects the cursed religion of ISIS against any criticism is Al-Azhar. Al-Sisi regime defends Al-Azhar and its Wahabi religion of ISIS and it has incarcerated Mr. Nasr and Mr. Eslam Al-Beheiry before him. The ISIS Wahabi terrorists have their imam, the head of Al-Azhar, and they have millions of mosques controlled by Wahabi Sunnite clergymen who teach the religion of ISIS all over Egyptian cities and villages. We are afraid that frustrated Sunnite Wahabis in Egypt might join ISIS terrorists one day to enjoy money and sex and later on houris in paradise! They have been taught the cursed religion of ISIS in Egyptian mosques, schools, and media for decades now; they fear to be incarcerated or tortured in prisons. How come that insulted and oppressed Egyptian soldiers would fight ISIS terrorists who are willing to commit suicide attacks? Egyptian soldiers can oppress civilian citizens and cannot face armed terrorists! Al-Sisi of course knows all this, right?!

10- ISIS Wahabi terrorists aim to rule Egypt after they have lost Iraq and Syria; their grand imam/leader will be the head of Al-Azhar, and they will enjoy the worldwide historical reputation of Al-Azhar. Al-Sisi of course knows all this, right?!



 If there is a sense of nationalism or humanity, Al-Sisi and his generals must make the military armed forces and their generals return to their barracks after leaving the power and rule to an interim government that will introduce legislative reform that paves the way for a democratic regime that applies human rights, without the interference of Al-Azhar or the Coptic Orthodox Church. The sole mission of the Egyptian military armed forces is to defend the Egyptian homeland, not to rule it, to protect citizens, not to oppress them. It is enough that Egypt has suffered from the military rule since 1952; it has recently made Egypt reach the lower depths of ruin.

1- Does not this mean that the military rule of Egypt must end?

2- Is it fair and just to allow the destruction of Egypt for the sake of some military generals?

3- The military generals have stolen enough wealth; why do not they get out of Egypt peacefully to spare any future bloodshed? This is better for their sake and for the sake of Egypt.

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