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How empowering Saudi Women can undermine extremism

Wednesday, July 29, 10 AM – 2 PM on Capitol Hill

Capitol Hill Visitors Center Room HVC 201 A & B

Having Islam on Our Side in Empowering Saudi woman and to Undermine Wahhabism


The contradiction between Wahhabis and Islam

1 – It is a gross confusion to call the fanatic radical Whhabists Islamists. This gives them the right to claim Islam exclusively for themselves, and the right to fight others in the name of Islam. As a simple fact, Wahhabism contradicts Islam in its faith, its jurisprudence, and its high values.

Islam means (Peace) in dealing with people and (Submission to the one God) in dealing with the Almighty creator. Every peaceful human is Muslim regardless of his/her faith. No one has the authority to judge others in the field of religion. It is only for the Almighty creator on the Day of Judgment. Islamic faith, values, and laws are built on peace, justice, the unlimited freedom of speech and belief, tolerance, and forgiveness. You can easily confirm it if you read the Quran according to its Arabic terminology.

In the middle-ages, Muslims, for political reasons, have distorted the real religion of Islam by fabricating human made religions, like Sunna, Shiites and Sufism. The Sunni human-made religion is the most fanatic among them. In our modern age, the Wahhabism has restored the hard-line version of the fanatic Sunni human made religion. It is a great disaster, but the greatest disaster is that they claim the name of Islam in doing their dirty work.

So, we help them when we call them Islamists, while in fact they are the ardent enemy to Islam.

2 – Having the religion of Islam is the right way in empowering the Saudi woman, and the best way to undermine the fanatic Wahhabi human made religion. Let’s give some examples of contradiction between Islam and their human made Wahhabi religion:

* The Sunni Wahhabism divides the World into two camps, (Dar Al Harb / Dar Al Salam) or the camp of war/infidels and the camp of peace/believers. Their Jihad is to fight the other camp until the end of this world.

In Islam , God says in  the Quran : (O mankind! We have created you from a male and a female, and made you into nations and tribes to know each other. Surely, the most honorable among you with God is the most righteous. Surely, God is All – Knowing, All – Aware.) (49: 13). According in Islam, all the humans are brothers and sisters in one camp. The differences among them in color and culture are to let them know each other peacefully, not to fight each other. The best among them is not the most powerful, nor the most beautiful, but is the most righteous. Knowing the most righteous, however; only belongs to God.

The fanatics uphold the following false saying and attribute it to the prophet Mohamed: This saying was fabricated two centuries after Mohamed’ death. It says: (I am commanded to fight all the people until they testify that there is no god but one God and I am the messenger of God).

On this false saying or Hadeeth, they build their terrorist Jihad, making it against the infidel camp continuously until the end of this world.

This contradicts the rules of Jihad in the religion of Islam in more than 50 verses in the Quran. For example God says (And fight in the cause of God those who are fighting you, but do not transgress theist. Truly, God does not like the transgressors.) ( 2 : 190 ).

This Hadeeth also contradicts more than one thousand verses in the Quran that confirm the unlimited freedom of religion in Islam.

They believe in the religious state in which the ruler owns the people and wealth and the state, while in Islam, the Islamic State is owned by the people according to the direct democracy and justice.

3- The woman in Islam has her rights according to the Quran, 14 centuries before our time. The woman has the right to be president in the Islamic State but in the Wahhabism she does not have the right to drive her car. In Islam and in early Muslim history, Muslim women emigrated from Mecca three times and one woman was the leader of Muslim army about two decades after the death of the Prophet Mohamed. But in Wahhabism, the woman can not travel without a guardian or sponsor.


Wahhabism is the real axe of evil in this world since 1745

Attributing Wahhaby Sunni to Islam makes Wahhabism the real axe of evil, not only for Arabian women but for the entire world since the establishing the first Saudi State in 1745.

Let’s give some examples:

·         The first Saudi State (1745 : 1818 )  Killed more one million Muslims, women, children and men in the Arabian Peninsula, Syria and Iraq.

·         The current third Saudi State by its (Ikhwan) or its tough fanatic soldiers has killed more than one million Muslims during 1911:1930, including women , children and men in the same  Arabian Peninsula, Syria and Iraq.

·         Muslim Brothers in Egypt was founded by the Saudis along with other fanatic Egyptian organizations between (1926 : 1928 ). The Egyptian Muslim Brothers have spreaded the Wahhabism in the entire Muslim Arab world, causing religious conflicts and terrorist actions.

·         Indian Muslim leaders have become Wahhabists as early as 1803. They had spread it among Muslim Indians, paving the way in dividing India into India and Pakistan. Creating Pakistan was one of the biggest mistakes in the twentieth centuries. The so- called Islamic university in Islamabad is responsible of creating the Taliban in the Pakistani Afghani borders. The Taliban in Afghanistan today is acting exactly as the first Saudi State used to do two centuries ago in the Arabic peninsula.

·         The Saudi money and the Muslim Brothers control the Islamic schools and mosques in the West and the U.S.

·         Ben Laden is a very sincere Wahhabist, but he has one face. The hypocrite Saudi leaders are more dangerous than him. They still spreading the Wahhabism in the name of Islam, persecuting the open minded Muslim Scholars who call for reforming Muslims from within Islam.

Finally: How to get rid of this Wahhabism:

1- The Saudi Kingdom has to payback to help reform because they are responsible for creating the Wahhabism and its terrorist religious culture. If they will refuse to pay back, a pressure from the international society must be used to save the world from this Wahhabism .We have the truth in our side. It is fair to hold them responsible for all bloodshed that has happened since they establish their first Saudi State in 1745 until now. Millions of people get killed since then because of their Wahhabism. This must be stopped. They must help in stopping it. For their ego, millions of people get killed, and other millions will be killed in future unless they help in stopping this Wahhabism.

Actually, it is useful for them to terminate the Wahhabism. They can keep their kingdom without Wahhabism like the dynasty of Morocco and Jordon. The Wahhabism is the source of problem for the current third Saudi State. All the ardent oppositions to the Saudi Royal Family come from within the Wahhabism.

2- The Quranists are waging the war of ideas from within Islam against Wahhabism, but the Saudi influence in Egypt has persecuted the Quranists, making them suffer four waves of arrest. This proves that the Wahhabism needs to be imposed on Muslims, and needs to be defended by the power and money to still alive. Once Wahhabism stands alone in the field of discussion it will be finished and terminated. This is a brief of our 30 years of expertise and suffering in facing the Wahhabism from with Islam. 

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