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 Having Islam in our side against Wahabists  

Islam is a religion of peace, tolerance, unlimited freedom of speech and belief, justice and human rights. But this was mostly forgotten by the influence of the fanatic Wahabi Saudi State. The real Islam is what was revealed to the prophet Mohammed in the Quran in its unique Arabic language and writing; the Quranic Arabic language has its special terminology. Till now, reading the Quran according to its terminology will convey Islam as the religion of peace, tolerance, justice and unlimited freedom of speech and belief.


The Saudi State is responsible for the rising of this fanatic Wahabi trend all over the Muslim World and inside the Islamic schools, centers and mosques in the U.S and the West.  Through Saudi funding and influence, this terrorist Wahabi trend is hijacking the name of Islam and the Western freedom of speech and belief, threatening America and all the free world.


The Saudi state has blocked any attempts of reform from inside Islam and as a result the Wahabi fanatic sect has remained reflective of the culture of the middle Ages.  Moreover, those influenced by the Saudi state persecute the free Muslim thinkers struggling to reform the religious Muslim life by proving this contradiction between the religion of Islam and their Wahabi Hanbali Sunni thoughts.


For 25 years, I have struggled against Saudi fanatic influence in Egypt. Coming to the U.S as a political asylee, I found the same Saudi influence in Sunni Islamic mosques, centers, and schools, most of them controlled by the fanatics who advocate the Wahabi fanatic culture of terrorism as the only religion of Islam. For example, the official Saudi translation of Al Fateha, the opening of the Quran, which is recited 17 times through the daily Muslim prayers, purposely mistranslates the final two verses. Al Fateha says, “Guide us to the straight path, the path of those on whom you have bestowed your blessing, not of those who earned your anger, nor of those who went astray."  The official Saudi translation comments on these verses describing the Jews as those who earned the anger of God, and the Christians as those who went astray.
This is only one example in this translation that has hundreds of examples of misinterpretation or mistranslation. Thousands copies of this translation are usually distributed in the Islamic centers, schools and mosques in the U.S. to confirm that Christians and Jews are infidels, and according to the Wahabi faith, they should be fought and killed.

Two Kinds of Fanatic Muslims


This international misrepresentation is one component of the Jihad of the so-called moderate Muslims who pretend to be against the fanatic Muslims.  Fanatic Wahabists are of two types.  The frank people, including Osama bin Laden, explicitly profess their discourse and seek to apply it.  Alternatively, hypocritical scholars and leaders claim Islam as the religion of peace in front of non-Muslims, but secretly advocate and support the overt fanatics and terrorists, considering them to be Mujahedeen.


Those hypocritical leaders and scholars are more dangerous than Osama bin Laden because they keep the religious culture of terrorism untouchable, ready to produce thousands of fanatic Muslims like Osama bin Laden.  The only way to expose them is to face them from inside their culture, prove their enmity towards Islam and show the stark contradiction between their tradition and Islam by discussing and criticizing their tradition in light of Islam and the Quran.


The two kinds of the fanatic Muslims may tolerate you if you prove Islam as the religion of freedom, tolerance, justice and human rights and as long you do not prove your argument by using only the Quran and neglecting the contradiction between this and what is mentioned in their tradition – a tradition that is still controlling their life.


 It Is Imperative to Use the real Islam against the Terrorists


The Soviet Union as an ideological empire collapsed because its communist ideology was defeated from inside by Western culture and the new religion of our time, the human rights culture. The Soviet Union was proven impotent when its ideology became outdated; it collapsed without one bullet giving us the sample of the late dinosaur.


Shortly after the fall of the Soviet Union, a new enemy confronted the free world: that of the fanatic Muslims and their terrorist culture.  They are more powerful and dangerous than the late Soviet Union because they belong to a different culture, have a long history in battling the West, and have religious justifications to fight the West.  Just as the Soviet Union had nuclear weapons, the new enemy has human suicide bombers who are obsessed by their religious tradition and eager to destroy the West.  They see this as their way to go to Paradise.


The West may kill thousands of Muslim fanatics in the battlefields but these quick victories will certainly produce millions of enemies for the coming decades. The only way to truly defeat them is to fight them peacefully and intellectually from inside their religion and culture.


There are three intellectual and peaceful ways to fight them:


1.    By using the secular Western culture.  Western institutions can terminate Al Azhar and other Sunni and Shiite foundations, and can attempt use Western culture to inform the public through education, media and mosques rather than allowing Muslim tradition to be the sole source of influence. However, this is equivalent to using the atomic power in fighting them; it will succeed only in strengthening the fanatic trends and increasing their base of followers and partisans.  The secular regimes in the Arab and Muslim world once supported a modified Western model, but in response, fanatic trends emerged to defend the homeland Muslim culture against Westernization. It is useless to argue in any Muslim society using Western quotations, because they simply consider the Western scholars infidels and enemies of God.  If this is the case, how could you convince any ordinary Muslim to change his mind by this “foreign” culture?


2.    By using the so-called moderate Muslim scholars.  These hypocritical cultural figures could be employed to reform religious Muslim life, as is currently being implemented in education and mosques. Those hypocrites are more dangerous than the frank fanatics. In this case, the U.S will not control the new kind of war that has emerged, but the hypocrites will. As the most ardent enemies of the West and the U.S, those hypocrites will deceive the U.S and use their power and status against America and the West.



3.    By using the real Islam: Real Islam mean the Holy Quran if we read it according to its terminology and codes and proving the contradiction between the Quran and the bloody culture of the Wahabism. This was my successful way in confronting them intellectually and peacefully for 25 years in Egypt. The only way they had was to persecute me because they were unable to refute my Islamic Quranic arguments. It is the only perfect way to defeat them in this new peaceful intellectual war.  



 That explains why it is imperative to institute many Islamic centers to preach the Islamic values among American Muslims and to face the Wahabi Saudi terrorist culture


New Muslim centers must be established to fight the Wahabi movements peacefully and intellectually from inside the Islamic culture itself by using the true and original Islamic values that are the same American Western values. 


Encouraged by the absence of a solid distinction between Islam and the terrorist culture, the Wahabi fanatics are hijacking the religion of Islam and the American Western freedom to prepare a new generation of Western Taliban. These Centers can easily disclose the contradiction between the Wahabism and Islam through irrefutable proof: Here I give only two examples:


[1] According to their sacred untouchable religious tradition, they believe that the prophet Mohammed said” I was commanded to fight [all] the people until they testify that there is no God but one God, and I am his messenger.” It means simply that all the non- Muslims should be killed or fought as a Jihad. 

As it was impossible to kill all the Jews and Christians inside the Muslim world, they invented other sayings and attributed it to the prophet Mohammed to persecute and humiliate them, like: “Do not begin the Jews and the Christians by greetings, and when you meet one of them in the street harass him to let him walk into the narrow lane.”

As it was –also- impossible to continue in Al Jihad, every Muslim  is commanded to keep Al Jihad in his innermost belief according to this saying attributed to the prophet Mohammed: “ Whoever [ Muslim] dies without {performing actual ] conquest, or without talking with himself about conquest, he will die as hypocrite.”. Conquest means Jihad.

These false sayings were attributed to the prophet Mohammed over two centuries after his death and were written in the fanatic Sunni scriptures of the Middle Ages before the birth of the Wahabi trend. But the Wahabists revived this bloody culture in our modern history and have it as an Islamic Jihad and used it in establishing the Saudi State three times from 1745 until now.


This contradicts the rules of Jihad in Islam.  In the Quran, Fighting is just exception and in one case to defend your peaceful country. The Holy Quran usually condemned the transgression and compulsion in religion. The Wahabi Saudi usually commits these two gross sins violating Islam and tarnishing its name.


[2] It is not to just kill the Jews and the Christian, but also to kill other peaceful Muslims who are not Wahabists or scare them to death to force them to convert to the Wahabism as the only version of Islam. In this regard, the Wahabists have revived the false penalty of killing any Muslim after accusing him/her to be infidel, or excommunicate him/her for any reason or for no reason.


The penalty of apostasy contradicts the real faith of Islam as it is approved in my book [The Penalty of Apostasy], but it is usually applied by the Saudi Wahabi State until now.

Any one may be accused of this deadly penalty if some people testify that he/she pronounced some words that may contradict the Wahabi culture. Mohammed Ibn Abdel Wahab, the founder of Wahabism, said:” Man becomes infidel by a word uttered by his tongue, he may say it unaware of its meaning, but it is not excuse for him. He may say it to please God as the idol worshippers think.” By this Wahabi rule many people were convicted and executed unjustly.


Finally, these center can Help the victims of the terrorist crimes inside the U.S and the West to sue the Saudi State because it insists maintaining its fanatic Wahabi dogma without reform and insists on advocating these positions inside the Islamic centers and mosques in the West and the U.S.  Furthermore, it continues to persecute free Muslim thinkers and intimidate them to prevent them from discussing the Wahabi culture.

There are tens of thousands of victims of the Wahabi terrorist attacks.  Some of them are already suing some Saudi individuals, but on different grounds. These centers can help provide evidence to prove the responsibility of the Saudi State. These cases will put great pressure on the Saudi regime even if we lose the cases.


To save thousands of victims in the future the international community must play its role in forcing the Saudi royal family to reform its Wahabi faith. 



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