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The Testimony of the Privately Owned Religion of the Saudi Wahabism: (There Is No God but the Saudi King)! 

 Published in June 18, 2017

Translated by: Ahmed Fathy



  The Arabic website of the CNN has mentioned this piece of news under the title "The Saudi Council of Senior Scholars: all political loyalties outside the KSA breach the legal allegiance to the Saudi King": (...The Saudi Council of Senior Scholars has issued a statement last Saturday asserting that all political loyalties outside the KSA breach the legal allegiance to the Saudi King, and such violators are to be punished to protect the unity of the KSA, as per the twitter account of the Council, because the KSA is established based on the Quran and the Sunna ... Thus, all citizens must side with the King in all his royal stances and views for the interests of the KSA and all Saudis, as per the legal allegiance sworn to the Saudi King ... It is a great honor to serve the Two Holy Sanctuaries in Mecca and Medina by all means ... and this is among the bounties of the unity of all Saudis in their stances, words, and deeds like their rulers, as this unity is based on the Quran and the Sunna as per the traditions of late King Abdul-Aziz Al-Saud, may God have mercy on his soul ...). 


Firstly: our analysis of such piece of news:

1- The statement about breaching the 'legal' allegiance to the Saudi king means that an Arabian man is to ally himself only to the Saudi king, while allying oneself to any other country (e.g., Qatar, as we infer from in between the lines in this piece of news) is considered as breaching of such 'legal' allegiance. 

2- The Sunnite term ('legal' allegiance) means to blindly obey tyrannical rulers, as per the notions that dominated the Middle-Ages caliphate; such notions have been revived by Saudi Wahabism in the 20th and 21st centuries. This is like slavery contract as if Saudi kings own their 'subjects' who are forced to swear allegiance to them! Punishing such breaching of such 'legal' allegiance is to put people to death and/or to exact any punishments on 'renegades' as per what the Saudi king would see fit!  

3- This piece of news alludes to the 'right' of the Saudi king to put opposition figures to death in prison cells! The hadith alluded to here (in talking about the so-called 'unity') is the one by Ibn Taymiyya about putting to violent death those who leave their religious groups! 

4- This phrase is repeated twice (...based on the Quran and the Sunna...), and this is a hackneyed phrase by Wahabi Sunnites who misuse the Quran to pass off their falsehoods named (Sunna hadiths concocted by their ancestors and forefathers) forcibly as part of Islam and as the only perspective to 'interpret' the Quranic verses or to overrule and replace them!

5- As for siding with the king for the public interest of the KSA, this is to justify submission to tyranny as per the modern-day slavery of 'legal' allegiance to Saudi kings! 

6- Thus, since the 'legal' allegiance to Saudi kings is a modern form of slavery, absolute tyrannical Saudi kings are to inflict punishments (or the death penalty) on disobedient ones: to incarcerate or kill them as per Wahabi sharia legislations serving the whims of the Al-Saud royal family members!

7- This tyranny leads the KSA to place the Saudi king above Almighty God Himself! God, our Creator, preaches His human creatures in a dialogue in the Quranic text to call them for guidance and gives them the absolute freedom to obey or to disobey. In contrast, the self-deified Saudi king assumes that it is beneath him to hold a dialogue with his 'subjects', as per the Saudi/Wahabi motto (sheikhs know better than anyone else); sheikhs here refer to senior males who are rulers and/or clergy, who are assumed to know better in affairs of theocratic rule and their Wahabi religion as per what serves interests of the country! How silly!  

8- These Wahabi Saudi clergymen have no conscience and no qualms at all as Saudi royal family members destroyed Iraq, Syria, Libya, and Yemen and as the Saudi king Salman kneels before President Trump, as the latter left Riyadh with deals that worth about half $ trillion. The Wahabi Saudi clergymen are annoyed ONLY by some daring comments against firm measures taken against Qatar; they consider such comments as breaching of 'legal' allegiance and as allying oneself to outside political loyalties against the king!   

9- This is hardly surprising; this is the application of the ever-present contract or pact between Ibn Abdul-Wahab and Ibn Saud since 1745 A.D., a pact that led to the emergence of the very first Saudi state. Within this pact, the author and fabricator of Wahabism, M. Ibn Abdul-Wahab, has given the right to Ibn Saud and his family (of Al-Saud) to declare non-Wahabis as 'infidels' who deserve to be massacred, conquered, occupied, robbed, enslaved, etc. and the right to enslave Arabian people as 'Saudi subjects' owned by the Saudi king (as per the so-called 'legal' allegiance), and this makes their possessions and rights confiscated by the Saudi king!     

10- The ongoing-until-today alliance between Wahabi clergymen (of the Al-Sheikh family members, descendants of M. Ibn Abdul-Wahab) and the Al-Saudi royal family of tyrants makes Al-Sheikh family members confiscate Wahabism (religious authority and life) inside the KSA as the only clergy there, while leaving Al-Saud royal family members to confiscate political power/tyranny. Thus, they divided authority, wealth, and power among themselves. Al-Sheikh family members have but one mission: to make sure that the 'Saudi subjects' remain loyal to Al-Saud family members and their whims; otherwise, the Saudi tyrant will put "the subjects" to death or incarcerate and flog them as per Wahabi sharia legislations owned by Al-Sheikh and Al-Saud, serving their whims and caprices!  


Secondly: the testimony of the Wahabi religion: (There Is No God but the Saudi King):

1- It is very tragic that such tyranny is presented as if it were the application of Islam, though it is the exact opposite of Islam (i.e., Quranism).

2- Let us confine ourselves here to the topic of allegiance. Within Islam (the Quran only), allegiance is obeying God and to be loyal to mortals/rulers/leaders only if they never command disobeying God, as we infer from this verse: "O prophet! If believing women come to you, pledging allegiance to you, on condition that they will not associate anything with God, nor steal, nor commit adultery, nor kill their children, nor commit perjury as to parenthood, nor disobey you in anything righteous, accept their allegiance and ask God's forgiveness for them. God is Forgiving and Merciful." (60:12).  

3- There are other types of allegiances with God; e.g., in cases of emergency and within times of danger to engage into self-defense fighting for God's cause and for His sake to stop religious persecution and NEVER to commit aggressions, as Islam is the religion of peace, justice, absolute religious freedom, and charity/kindness: "Those who pledge allegiance to you are pledging allegiance to God. The hand of God is over their hands. Whoever breaks his pledge breaks it to his own loss. And whoever fulfills his covenant with God, He will grant him a great reward." (48:10); " God was pleased with the believers, when they pledged allegiance to you under the tree. He knew what was in their hearts, and sent down serenity upon them, and rewarded them with an imminent victory." (48:18). We note that this was applied by Muhammad as a leader of the Quran-based ruled of the Yathreb city-state.     

4- Consequently, allegiance to the Saudi king/tyrant is slavery for Arabian people and deification of that king, who is even placed above Almighty God! such Saudi tyrants have the Wahabi religion at their command and service. The testimony of Islam is (There is no God but Allah), whereas the real,de facto testimony of Saudi Wahabism as per the Saudi notion of allegiance is (There Is No God but the Saudi King)! For the sake of Saudi tyrants/kings, many obsequious cronies, clergy, and followers serve Al-Saud royal family members, and thus, they disobey our Lord God, while assuming that they are doing well: "Say, "Shall We inform you of the greatest losers in their works?" "Those whose efforts in this world are misguided, while they assume that they are doing well."" (18:103-104). 



Thirdly: blind, absolute obedience to Saudi kings is an unprecedented extremism within disbelief and tyranny:

1- The Umayyad caliphs were tyrants who confined their tyranny to the political field; they were like tribal leaders and not deified rulers, and there were some limited room for religious tolerance provide that people would not revolt. Despite the fact that the Abbasid caliphate was a full-fledged theocracy, there was some room for religious freedom that dwindled once the Sunnite Ibn Hanbal doctrine followers and imams controlled the religious field, in the manner we have shown in our book published on our website titled "The Extremist Sunnite Ibn Hanbal Doctrine (that Evolved into Wahabism) and the Destruction in Iraq in the Second Abbasid Era".   

2- In general, The Abbasid Era witnessed the emergence of many sub-creeds and doctrines of Sunnites and Shiites as well as the emergence of the Sufi religion and its orders/groups. This means that religious freedom of some measure existed at the time. The Saudi Wahabism, in contrast, has established a tyrannical State that imposes on people to blindly and absolutely obey kings/rulers in all deeds and words and the same obedience to members of Al-Sheikh family members who are owners and inheritors of the Wahabi religion, as they are the descendants of sheikh M. Ibn Abdul-Wahab. Those Arabian citizens who dare to question both families (Al-Saud & Al-Sheikh) are put to death after being accused of sorcery, apostasy, and/or being a renegade that forsook the nation/Umma!   

3- We are to bear in mind that the Umayyad, Abbasid, and Fatimid caliphates were matching with the culture of tyranny and powerful clergy that dominated the Middle-Ages. In contrast, the third current Wahabi Saudi state (a.k.a. the KSA) is the most extremist and tyrannical one in comparison to the Middle-Ages theocracies because it is a State that violates human rights in the modern age of democracy, freedom, and human rights. Such Saudi tyranny and Wahabi culture are never confined to its Arabian "subjects" (they can hardly be called citizens!), but they are being propagated for decades until the present moment to all countries worldwide as if they represent sharia laws of Islam, whose name is hijacked by Saudi tyrants. All our writings on our Quranism website refutes and undermines Sunnite Wahabism and exposes it as the arch-enemy of Islam (i.e., the Quran). There are countless discrepancies and contradictions between the two religions: Wahabism and Islam, as per articles and books of ours published online in English and in Arabic.    


Lastly: (It is about God's law, O unjust man!):

1- The Abbasid caliphs used to combine the temporal political authority and the ecclesiastical authority over Sunnite clergy, and this negatively influence the judicial authority as we have shown in our book (in English) titled "The Judicial Authority between Islam and the Muhammadans" found on this link: (; let us quote this paragraph from Chapter VIII of our book under the title "It is about God's law, O unjust man!": (...We make a comparison here between the judge Shourih Ibn Al-Hareth who lived in the 1st century A.H. and another fair and just judge who lived during the Second Abbasid Era, when corruption and injustices dominated lives of people and when Turkish military leaders controlled the Abbasid caliphate and murdered and massacred many people. At the time, the heartless and fierce Turkish military leader Moussa Ibn Bagha controlled the Abbasid caliphate with all injustice and tyranny, but the fair judge who never feared Moussa Ibn Bagha (the leader who terrorized Abbasid princes and dynasty members!) was Ahmad Ibn Badeel (died in 258 A.H.). the story began as Moussa Ibn Bagha bought a large farm except for a piece of land inherited by an orphan, and he knew he could not buy this piece of land except with the prior permission of his guardian, the judge of the city: Ahmad Ibn Badeel. This judge refused to allow such purchase as the orphan did not need the money right away as he was taken care of and provided for handsomely, and he was a child who could not be asked to sell anything. Inherited money of orphans are protected within the Quranic sharia laws. Moussa Ibn Bagha tried to convince, coax, bribe, and pressurize Ahmad Ibn Badeel, but in vain. Eventually, Moussa Ibn Bagha shouted to the judge that he did not know who was he among the noble and powerful people, and Ahmad Ibn Badeel quickly retorted to Moussa Ibn Bagha by saying, "It is about God's law, O unjust man!". Moussa Ibn Bagha felt ashamed of himself and wept, asking God for forgiveness, and before he went away, he decided never to come near the piece of land owned by the orphan all his life. This means that the pious words of a pious judge awakened the dormant conscience of the redoubtable, callous, tyrannical leader who controlled fully the Abbasid throne at the time. ...).

2- Is there any member of the Al-Sheikh family who would be courageous enough to preach Saudi tyrants to fear God, as in the story we have quoted above from our book? Would the Saudi tyrannical king in that case weep and implore and supplicate God to attain His pardon? Is there anyone among the Arabian citizens to preach of the Al-Saud and Al-Sheikh families that their heinous crimes in Yemen and against Yemeni children have passed all limits?! Would such a preacher be flogged to death in a prison cell as he would be accused of breaching the 'legal' and 'legitimate' allegiance to the Saudi king?!   

3- The members of the Saudi Al-Saud and Al-Sheikh families have reached the senile age and they still cling to Wahabism, the worst of all Satanist religions.    

4- We implore and invoke our Almighty Lord God to punish severely such unjust Saudi tyrants in this world and the next!   

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