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Saudi Hackers Have Deleted This Article from our Website: And We Re-publish it here from Modern Discussion Website

Saudi Hackers Have Deleted This Article from our Website: And We Re-publish it here from Modern Discussion Website


Published in September 6, 2016

Translated by: Ahmed Fathy




1- This article has been written by us on 6th of Nov., 2009, titled "Until When Will this Violation of Almighty God's Sharia Go On? Until When Will the Sacred Kaaba Mosque and Pilgrimage Remain Confiscated by the KSA?" Later on, we have written another article on 30th of Nov., 2009, titled "On Liberating the Sacred Kaaba Mosque from the Saudi Control: Awareness Conferences Are Needed". We publish our articles only on two websites: on our website,, and on the Modern Discussion website,, which is a secular website of articles in Arabic by various writers.

2- Our website has published a piece of news at the time, asserting that a high-rank Shiite clergyman attacked the KSA and called all Muslims around the globe to manage and administrate pilgrimage. We have written a comment under this piece of news, asserting that we are the first person to call for the liberation of the Sacred Kaaba Mosque from the KSA control or the Saudi occupation, by writing two articles on that subject in English and in Arabic. We have urged the launch of a series of conferences to raise the cultural awareness of Muslims to mobilize them and to stir the international public opinion to establish a specialized international company that will supervise pilgrimage and ensure the safety and security of pilgrims to make the Sacred Kaaba Mosque safe for all peaceful people visiting it, regardless of their creeds and religion, as per God's commands in 22:25. We still stick to this call, hoping that one day the Sacred Kaaba Mosque will be liberated from the Saudi occupation. We give praise to Our God that we are always pioneers in all true items in the route of reform. We invoke and implore the Almighty to answer our prayers regarding the liberation of the Sacred Kaaba Mosque.

3- At one point in time, we have checked the archives of our articles in our website, and we suddenly discovered that the Saudi hackers had infiltrated into our website to delete our article titled "On Liberating the Sacred Kaaba Mosque from the Saudi Control: Awareness Conferences Are Needed", while leaving comments under it written by Quranists.

4- We, the Quranists and their leader, are poor group made weak in this earth by our foes, and we struggle peacefully using our words to reform all Muslims using the Quran alone; we face the KSA and its Wahabism and terrorist groups stemming from it: the MB, Al-Qaeda, and ISIS. Our website was attacked by hackers three times to destroy it, but we have retrieved it after hardships. We are still standing alone, facing the Saudi tyranny and oppression and the Wahabi terrorism. We offer our thanks to the secular Modern Discussion website that it allows us to publish our articles on it; it is the best archives for our articles now. We have retrieved the deleted article from the Modern Discussion website. Here is the article, in its entirety, below.


Ahmed Subhy Mansour

Modern Discussion, Issue No. 2845, 1st of Dec., 2009

Article type: secularism, political religion, and criticism of religious thought



1- Despite the fact that the Saudi royal family members' occupation and control of the Sacred Kaaba Mosque is a violation against Islam and requires Islamic jihad, to retrieve it by force, against such royal family of the Saudi State, the lack of courage and determination to discuss such topic has led to submission to and acceptance of this status quo. With the passage of time, such submission and acceptance have metamorphosed into a sort of faith/belief in the ''Islamic duty'' or ''right'' of the Saudi royal family to own and control Mecca, and this false belief has given ample room for the KSA and its Wahabism to lead the Islamic world and to claim that both the KSA and Wahabism represent Islam.

2- The number of the Saudi royal family members that control pilgrimage and the Sacred Kaaba Mosque and other holy locations for Muslims is nothing when compared to the number of Muslims: about 1.5 billion people. Moreover, the number of those who belong to the extremist Ibn Hanbal Wahabi doctrine or creed is nothing when compared to the number of non-Wahabi Muslims who belong to other doctrines and schools of thought. Hence, Wahabi Saudis have no proof from God to justify their control of pilgrimage and the Sacred Kaaba Mosque; such control has been achieved by conquest, aggression, and massacring innocent civilians, and this fact in itself destroys any meritocracy to the Saudi royal family to control pilgrimage and the Sacred Kaaba Mosque and it entails armed jihad for God's sake against them to liberate the Sacred Kaaba Mosque.

3- Of course, our aim is NOT to wage a war to liberate the Sacred Kaaba Mosque to make its control by another country; we do not wish that such a war might break out so as to preserve the sanctity of the place and to preserve lives of people there. Our aim is to raise awareness and to form a public opinion and international political movements that will pressurize the KSA to leave such holy lands in Hejaz to be controlled by a neutral international administration that will ensure the safety of all peaceful pilgrims and guarantee freedom of worship to all people there by facilitating traveling and stay there to apply 2:125.

4- The Saudi royal family members imposed hits status quo since their occupation of Hejaz and the Sacred Kaaba Mosque in 1924 A.D., and they managed to distract Muslims from discussing such occupation in terms of legislation, sharia, and Islam (the Quran) by making them engage into local and regional wars and by imposing Wahabism on all Muslims, to enable the KSA to lead the Islamic world. The KSA aims to make the so-called Islamic world as the camp of faith that will wage wars against the camp of disbelief: the West.

5- Hence, generations of today's Muslims believe in the KSA and Wahabism more than their believing in God and Islam, and even some of the cultural elite members say that the KSA is the cradle of Islam! They assume that the prophet of Islam was born and had lived in the KSA! Such nonsense could be refuted only via raising awareness.

6- By raising awareness, the truth will be made clear: this Saudi State and royal family are like Bedouins and desert-Arabs mentioned in the following verse: "The desert-Arabs and Bedouins are the most steeped in disbelief and hypocrisy…" (9:97), as they move others away from God's path of Truth: the Quran. They also move others away from the Sacred Kaaba Mosque; they are the arch-enemies of Islam not only by their tyranny, oppression, injustices, and history filled with massacres and bloodshed, but also essentially by their committing crimes of aggression, tyranny, injustices, massacres, and oppression in the name of Islam. Because of the KSA, Islam is being accused of terror, fanaticism, bloodshed, bigotry, extremism, and backwardness.

7- The worst historical error of the 18th century was the establishment of the very, first KSA in 1754, destroyed in the 19th century in 1818, but the same 19th century witnessed the establishment of the second KSA and its collapse. Hence, the worst historical error of the 20th century is the establishment of the third, current KSA during the period of 1902:1932.

8- We hope that the 21st century will witness the disappearance of the third, current KSA to save the world from its evils; suffice it to say that these Saudi royal family members and their Wahabism have caused the death of more than 4 million Muslims within massacres, struggles, persecutions, and wars staring from Arabia to India, Pakistan, Cashmere, Afghanistan, Indonesia, the Levant, Iraq, Egypt, North Africa, and later on in Europe and the USA in the 21st century. This Saudi Wahabi epidemic made its aggressions and crimes disguised as ''Islamic'' jihad, which is, in fact, based on the Sunnite religion on the one hand, and on the Saudi control of Hejaz, pilgrimage, and holy sites there on the other hand. Hence, raising awareness of Muslims is a must and an inevitable endeavor.

9- Raising awareness begins with launching a series of conferences attended by all non-Wahabi Muslim clergymen and scholars: non-Wahabi Sunnites, Shiites, Ahmadiyya scholars, Sufis, and Quranists. The very first conference session must discuss the illegitimacy of the Saudi occupation of Hejaz and its holy sites and the Saudi control of pilgrimage there, in terms of Islam, history, and law, within the framework of presenting the general plain facts of the case or the problem, and such conference sessions must end up in planning and setting certain specialized deep agendas for the next conference sessions and to form follow-up committees. We propose to hold such conference session in Washington, as the ideal location in terms of the political aspect. It is important to allow all free Muslims to participate in such conferences, among political and religious leaders, thinkers, intellectuals, scholars, and media persons.



1- We wonder very much at the silence of free Arabs and Muslims who are reluctant to encourage and propagate such an idea of holding awareness conferences.

2- We wonder more at the silence of Shiites and Sufis in Iraq and the Levant, despite the fact that the Saudis of the past had killed their ancestors in Arabia, Iraq, and the Levant, and the Saudi royal family members are still killing them and destroying their holy sites and mausoleums.

3- Apart from wondering, we still cling to hope.

4- This hope will be realized on day, if Almighty God is willing.


 Thus ends our article, but the war waged against our poor Quranism website by the Wahabi terror and Saudi tyranny does not end. We do not wonder at that at all; rather, we wonder at the passive stance of the foes, victims, and enemies of the KSA and its Wahabism whom we defend and they leave us alone without supporting and aiding us!        

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