Repeating the same mistakes, a letter to Secretary Rice

عمرو اسماعيل Ýí 2006-10-06

emocratic, well-governed states that will respond to the needs of their people -- and conduct themselves responsibly in the international system…Transformational diplomacy is rooted in partnership, not paternalism""
So , Either to be up to your words , and up to the Principles of Democracy and mostly the Principles of T=the American Constitution or pull back from the Middle East and leave us to our Destiny. At the time being you are doing more harm than good and your last trip to the Middle East is a good proof , tying to make a coalition among regimes that are not Democratic and hated by their people. You only made radical Islamic movements win more grounds and Popularity.
I hope I could convey the message as a Middle East Citizen who is dreaming of the Day that Real Democracy will be a fact in the Region, the same Democracy the Western Citizen is enjoying, there is no compromise in that aspect and US should not make any Compromise about what kind of Democratic Governments States that we will be considered partners in this troubled region.
It is the time of real Transformational Diplomacy.

Dr Amr Ismail
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