Atheists and Salafists

عثمان محمد علي في الإثنين 16 ابريل 2018


Atheists and Salafists


Published in March 8, 2018

Written by: Dr. Othman M. Ali

Translated by: Ahmed Fathy

  After I have watched videos that feature dialogues that have occurred among atheists and Salafists, I would like to assert here that both parties are in the wrong religion-wise, for sure. The Egyptian and Arab atheists place their atheism on a non-scientific basis, unlike their overt claim of adhering to scientific facts that drive them to deny God's existence. In fact, they are merely and verbally expressing their impossible wish that God would seem nonexistent to all human beings. Inwardly, within their inherent instincts and the inner recesses of their minds/souls, no human being can know for sure or believe 100% that God does not exist; it is wired inside our souls/minds that the Lord God the Creator is the Originator of the universe and all human and non-human creatures. This is why I assert that atheists are merely voicing their wish to make themselves and others disregard God's existence and the metaphysical world and to disbelieve in the Hereafter. This is why atheists pretend that God does not exist; they know that He exists; mortals and other creatures have not come into being of their own free will; they do not die and leave this world willingly, either. Atheists try in vain and desperately to 'prove' their stance of rejecting the belief in God by citing any philosophical and/or scientific notions. They disregard and negate their inherent instinct into which many facts are wired, including the facts that God exists and that there are resurrection and judgment after death. This inherent instinct is exemplified by Moses' Pharaoh; at first he announced his self-deification: "...I am your Lord, the most high" (79:24); yet, when he was about to drown in the Red Sea, he declared his monotheistic belief in God and submission to Him (i.e., Islam) when it was too late for him; i.e., while he was dying: "...Until, when he was about to drown, he said, "I believe that there is no God except the One the Israelites believe in, and I am of those who submit."" (10:90). Atheists of the Arab world mostly reject Islam (i.e., the Quran) and they, not surprisingly, accommodate and tolerate the other religions; they hate the Quran and this drives them to criticize the Sunnite misunderstanding of it (and not the Quranic verses themselves, though they claim they criticize the Quran) along with heritage books of traditions of Muslims, who are called as the Muhammadans by Quranists. Arab atheists rarely criticize the Bible or any other books and traditions of Christianity and other religions. In fact, I find that Arab excused are to be excused for their stance; they are deluded persons who never know, read, watch, or study anything related real Islam. The notions that they criticize have nothing to do whatsoever with Islam; they are related to the Sunnite religion and its endless books of heritage and traditions; e.g., books of hadiths, fiqh, interpretation, theology, history, etc. The deceived Arab atheists assume wrongly that such books of garbage and base, vile Sunnite thought represent Islam. In fact, such books represent only the Middle-Ages mentality, thought, and the crimes of the Muhammadans throughout history, which have nothing to do with Islam per se, which is the Quran. Islam has but one book: the Quran itself. The image and name of Islam are distorted now by ascribing endless authors and books to God's religion.

As for Arab Salafists and worshipers of heritage books of traditions, they are immersed up to their ears into the quagmires and swamps of countless polytheistic notions; they deify and sanctify mausoleums/tombs, items, relics, etc. as well as saints/mortals who are the deified authors of their revered books: Al-Bokhary, Moslem, Al-Shafei, Ibn Hanbal, Ibn Taymiyya, etc. Of course, Quranists in general should not care about the beliefs of both Arab atheists and Arab Salafists, as their judgment (like that of Quranists and all humanity at large) rests only with God on the Last Day. The duty of Quranists, I think, is confined to peaceful preaching, warning, and giving pieces of advice via cyberspace regarding what real monotheistic faith is all about, while believing in the absolute religious freedom of all human beings and they are to choose for themselves, and this is part of the individual responsibility of each human being before the Almighty Lord God.

Regarding how both Arab atheists and Arab Salafists deal with others in a given society within the civil level, I assert here that all atheists are  better, a thousand of times, than all Salafists. The reason: because atheists in general are peaceful people when they deal with others in any given society; they are never too proud to serve others when they work within the domain of public service; they do their jobs meticulously, in peace/silence, and as best as they can, and they perform acts of charity, donate money to the poor and the needy, and help all people without expecting a reward or a verbal thank-you from anyone. In contrast, Salafists or worshipers of heritage books of traditions are too arrogant and proud to serve society or offer any type of help to anyone who is a non-Salafist; they are only keen on having the overt signs of Wahabi religiosity; i.e., the so-called mark of prostration on their foreheads (i.e., dried-up, dead skin cells!) and their long beards (which are often not very clean and attract many insects!). Thus, even if a Salafist man is employed within a low-rank governmental post, he will be too reluctant to do his job and serve other citizens, except when such citizens are Wahabis/Salafists with long beards! Such arrogant Salafists love to control others and shower them with incessant pieces of advice regarding religion, politics, and all worldly affairs! Salafists are mostly nosy fellows who impose their stances on others around them and expect others to be 'thankful' for such interference! This 'thankfulness' expected by Salafists is being blind followers of their Salafism as the 'best way' in life; Salafists in their working place expect others to listen attentively to their sermons, views, and quoted hadiths, especially hadiths of Abou Hurayrah! Yet, when non-Salafists are engaged into any dealings with Salafists, in most cases, Salafists will try to get as much money as they can by exploiting others within various swindling and dishonest means, since non-Salafists are under their control in a given situation and Salafists assume that it is OK to deceive, manipulate, and tell lies to any non-Salafists among the citizens! Hence, Salafists are like time-bombs and one cannot guess when they will explode at one's face; yet, such time-bombs inevitably explode sooner or later!

Of course (dis)belief in God and monotheism/polytheism are issued judged only by God on the Last Day as part of the Last-Day judgment of all human beings; Quranists are not to assume the role of God and judge others in terms of religious beliefs in this world; Quranists should focus only on peaceful dealings with everyone in daily life and within all affairs. There must be civil laws to protect the freedom, possessions, security, and rights of all citizens so that they are relieved from the dominance, embezzlement, and control of such Salafist/Wahabi demi-gods. I assert here the vital importance of annulling and removing of all laws and legislations that hinder absolute religious freedom; e.g., the laws used in order to prosecute others within laughter-inducing accusations of 'showing contempt' to religions, disturbing 'social peace', or 'tempting' others to reject faith.                                                



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