war with Rusia:
Thank you Mr. Trump

عبد الغاني بوشوار في الجمعة 13 ابريل 2018


Thank you Mr. Trump

You have not received the thanks you deserve for getting rid of ISIS in parts of Syria. The job is not over yet and the butchers are still active in many part of the world killing and destroying at will. They are  still being financed and equipped by the regimes you are well aware of.

Your fight against your detractors and your campain promises to drain the swamp and make America great again are yet to be materialzed. Some members of your administration and your recent appointment of Mr. Bolton at the head of your security council are going to torpedo your agenda inaugurating a new era for America and the world. Everybody knows the attitudes of Mr. Bolton and his close relation with the Isreli regime, as everybody also knows your constant struggle with the madia and the fake news they are spreading, not only about you,but also about world affairs to gear you to launch a attacks on countries to achieve their objectives of world domination and control of its resouces.

Your detractors succeeded once in alluring you to bombard Syria on the alleged fake news that the Syrian regime gazed its people. Again these days, the same allegations are being cooked up to sway you to launch a war on the Russians and destroy what is left of Syria and change its regime without consideration for the vital interests of the peace loving citizens of America who elected you to safeguard those interests. The beneficieraries of American belligerence are none but the rogue regimes and the Zionists.

You are surrounded,for sure, by very well intentioned  top notch advisors,but one wonders if the allegince of some of them is really to the American flag and the constitution of the United States. Your bold decision to call president Putin to congratulate him is to be commanded and reflects a statemanship of the highest caliber. You are the boss of the white House and the reprsentative of the American people . The decisions are yours not those of your advisors. Your agenda of the new era in American and world history has a resonance all over the world.

Your idea of bringing American troops home if executed, inspite of the opposition of the media and the deep state and Mr. Bolton, will make you the greatest president in the history of the United States of America. Ordinary people all over the world are looking forward to a new world order based on international law, cooperation and peaceful relations between all peoples regardless of their creed, color,language,ethnicity and social origins. These are the values stipulated in the constitution of the USA.

Thank you again Mr. President for avoiding the world a calamity whose consequences are diffiicult to predict. As you know, ISIS has not outlived its usefulness yet. As you also know, ISIS has nothing to do with Islam or any religion for that matter. It is the creation of those who want to conquer the world, the greedy abusers who want to use the American mlitary might to achieve that objective even at the price of sacrificing the American vital interests or destroying America for that matter.

 In this context, no American should assume any office of responsibility if their priority is not to abide by the constitution of the USA and if their allegence and loyalty is not to America and only to America.Only in that way can your presidency charter the course for making America great again and a mdel to emulate by other countries.

The pre-requisite is continuing your efforts to drain the swamp and rein in the abusers of the American might and the abusers of your confidence and trust !

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