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The State Security refuses Visitation to Reda
in 09-01-04
Aldestour Egyptian Newspaper

For the fifth time, the state security officers forbid visitation to the Quranist Detainee Reda Abdelrahman, despite a court ruling of his immediate release! Such prohibition come against official permits to visit Reda, which is a severe abuse of Reda's civil and Constitutional rights.

Heba Abderlrahman, Reda's sister, told Aldestour that she had gone to the Tora prison, gave the visitation permit, but one of the guards came and said that there are instructions from the State Security Officer not to visit Reda. Moreover, The Warden refused to deliver him the food we brought him.

Heba stated that all she wants is to make sure here brother is safe. She feared he had been abused so badly, the reason why he gets no visit. She also said that Reda asked, during his session with the District Attorney, for pain killers from his lawyers, which further point the possibility of torture.

As a result of visits-prohibtions, Mahmoud Ibrahi, Reda's lawyer who was appointed by the Andalus Center for Tolerance Study, filed a complaint at the District Attorney's office against the Warden for abusing Reda's legal rights.

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