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Why Does the Interior Minister Prohibits Visiting Reda Abdelrahman?
in 09-01-04

For the third time, the state security officers forbid visitation to the Quranist Detainee Reda Abdelrahman, despite a court ruling of his immediate release! On Wednesday, December 23rd, 2008, the State Security Officer in Tora Prison disallowed two or Reda's lawyers to visit him (Reda), despite obtaining an authorization to visit from the Detainees Affairs at Algalaa Court.

This is the third time to refuse visits to Reda, the First was during Al'adha Eid, when visits are allowed to all detainees and prisoners, and the second was on December, 17th 2008, when his mother and siblings obtained an authorization from the District Attorney. What is striking is that such refusals come amidst Reda's acquittal by the court from all charges pressed by the Interior Ministery, which made Reda's lawyers wonder, "Why would the Minister allow visits to the radical and extremist detainees as soon as one week from arrest, and disallow visits to the peaceful and moderate Quranists?"

Some worry that the potential reason for prohibiting the visits could be that Reda was severely tortured and his body still shows. May Allah (SWT) save him and all innocent Egyptians.


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