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Problem of time
By: - Ahmed Mansour

Dear Sir, Salamun Alaikum, In your article titled “Quranic Terminology: Al-Halqoom” and a recent Quranic Moments youtube show No.1010 dated 30th April 2020, you mentioned that at the point of death souls entering Halqoom will be told of their destination of either Paradise or Hell, quote “5 - They cannot see that the dying soul is in a state of acute awareness as it sees the angels of death informing it of its irrevocable fate, either in Hell or Paradise, as per the deeds and faith of this soul.” giving the impression that a decision has been made. The narratives of the Day of Resurrection in the Quran, however, indicated that individual will stand before the Lord God to be judged of their deeds /misdeeds, and if allowed by the Lord God, the angel will intercede, and thereafter marched to their final place of abode either in Paradise of Hell. Appreciate if you could throw some light on this, possibly a confusion or purely a misunderstanding on my part. Thank you.

It is the problem of understanding ( Zaman ) time in Barzakh and the other day. Our feeling of time is influenced by this life. The deads in Barzakh do not feel the time, when reserruction they will feel that it was just an hour or so. Time in the hereafter will be so different ,there will be no past, no present and no future.

We discuss the problem of time in many books like : ( Al Barzakh , The book of death )

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