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Pieces of Advice Addressed to the Palestinians for the Fifth Time: Say (No) to the Vociferous Devils

Published in April 9, 2018

Translated by: Ahmed Fathy


Firstly: who are the vociferous devils?:

1- The vociferous devils those who deliver false speeches and discourses enthusiastically, usually in loud voices, to brainwash the masses, through the media and microphones, in pulpits of the houses of worship and those pulpits within the political arena. The vociferous devils caused the late thinker Abdullah Al-Qassimi to declare that Arabs are nothing but a sonorous phenomenon. Hence, Arabs typically voice their daydreams loudly, and then, they have some rest from shouting; as if talking endlessly and aimlessly fulfill one's dreams and completes one's mission in life. For instance, Arabs failed to defeat/face Israel; they make up for such failure by launching an anti-Israel rhetoric and an intellectual war of brainwash within loud voices of speeches delivered to appeal to the hearts of the Arab nations who are duped into believing what they hear as more-than-enough information, as most of them do not read anything.

2- This sonorous struggle of the vociferous devils aims at making the gullible masses vent their fury and frustration, because of many failures, by channeling such sentiment towards Israel and the USA as 'enemies' instead of the real enemies: the Arab tyrannical rulers and their regimes; Arab tyrants prostrate before Israel and the USA all the time and therefore oppress the Arab nations simultaneously.

3- The features of the empty rhetoric within the speeches delivered by the vociferous devils in the Arab world include using the following phrases.

3/1: (... This is a decisive phase within the history of our nation ...); this hackneyed phrase is used all the time since the 1960s; we never know when each phase begins and when it ends; in fact, it is one, long phase of failures and defeats that has begun in 1948 until the present time.

3/2: (... The international community must bear its responsibilities ...); would the international community 'fight' or 'face' Israel on behalf of Arabs? Why would not Arab leaders who deliver sonorous, empty rhetoric assume this mission? Besides, Arab tyrants do not realize the fact that the West nations elect presidents who serve the interests of citizens and not the interests of any tyrants who are among the vociferous devils and who serve their own interests and never care about the interests of their Arab nations.

3/3: (... The rights of the Palestinian nation ...); instead of tyrants talking about the rights of the oppressed citizens inside their countries, they talk all the time about the rights of the Palestinian nation; why would not such vociferous devils talk about the rights of Israeli Arabs which are never dreamt of by the oppressed Arab nations?!

3/4: Hence, we conclude that the empty rhetoric of tyrants, or the vociferous devils, is based on mixing the policies of accepting and succumbing to the fait accompli and the dreams that are impossible to realize. Israel is a victorious, deep-rooted state and it cannot be faced or defeated by millions of speeches of empty rhetoric delivered by the vociferous devils. The Arab tyrants who do nothing but delivering speeches suffer many successive defeats; Arab tyrants now fight and curse one another and their fate is in Hell; they will have no supporters to avoid such fate in the Afterlife.     

4- The corrupt Palestinian leaders in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip constitute a miniature of the Arab tyrants who are the vociferous devils; they are not less efficient in delivering speeches of empty words to brainwash the masses; they are failures like all Arab tyrants, especially regarding taking any military action. This is why the Hamas terrorists resort to committing the heinous terrorist crimes and indiscriminate killings of the innocent civilians. The Hamas terrorists gain lots of money by mobilizing the gullible masses to demonstrate while carrying arms, burning tires, and launching rockets at Israel; the media coverage of empty speeches and silly rhetoric would serve the purposes of Hamas, as money donations will be received by its leaders/thieves under the pretext of 're-building' Gaza; they grow wealthier by allowing the masses to get killed, as Israel has the right to defend its borders. 

5- The pivotal question now is as follows: until when would this madness go on?!


Secondly: who are the leaders/imams of the vociferous devils?:

1- The no. 1 leader/imam of the vociferous devils is the late president Gamal Abdel-Nasser of Egypt; in our view, he is the worst ruler of Egypt and his failures are too many to enumerate here. In fact, he failed in all fields and all endeavors, except in the sonorous struggle of empty speeches and silly rhetoric to dupe the masses in the 1950s and the 1960s. Because of his being a vociferous devil par excellence, this deity/idol, Nasser, is still being worshiped by some Egyptians and some Arabs until now; he is indeed a deity that symbolizes utter failure and total loss. In Egypt, the late thinker Dr. Taha Hussein was optimistic about the establishment of Israel, as it will serve as an example so that Arabs would learn what democracy is. The very first Israeli measure taken was to hold free elections. Nasser dashed the hopes of Dr. Hussein by imposing the military-regime tyranny under the pretext of fighting Israel; the military rule in Egypt until now has made Egypt sink into lower depths of failure on all levels. As a vociferous devil, Nasser developed his speeches of empty rhetoric from enmity towards Israel to enmity towards what he deemed as the 'oppressive colonization' powers, and this was linked to his deeds or rather his mistakes; e.g., the ownership of the Suez Canal would have returned to Egypt in Nov. 1968, as per prior agreements; 12 years before this date, Nasser nationalized the Suez Canal in July 1956, and thus, he violated the International Law and the prior agreements; he was never ready for the war known as the Suez Crisis in Oct. 1956, as Britain, France, and Israel attacked and invaded the city of Port-Said, and Israel invaded Sinai after it destroyed the Egyptian air forces which were on the land of Sinai and had no chance to take off. Nasser suffered a humiliating defeat; yet, the USSR and the American president Eisenhower pressurized Britain, France, and Israel to withdraw in Dec. 1956. Israel forced Nasser to let its ships have the right to pass through the waters of the Egyptian Island Tiran in the Red Sea. The vociferous devil, Nasser, turned this defeat into 'victory' celebrated annually, as if the Egyptian armies were the factor behind this 'victory'. Nasser made Egyptians suffer the worst military defeat ever in the 1967 war, a.k.a. the Six-Day War. Israel invaded Sinai and Moshe Dayan defeated Nasser by the same way; the Egyptian air forces on the land of Sinai were destroyed before they would have the chance to take off. The Egyptian troops withdrew within disgrace before Israeli bombardments. Because of the brainwash of the Egyptians at the time, instead of exacting revenge on Nasser as many Egyptian soldiers died, millions of the masses took to the streets to demand from him to withdraw his resignation announced in a public speech aired on Egyptian TV at the time. In fact, we were one of those who participated in these demonstrations, when we were duped as a young man at the time, before we got cured of the culture of enslavement and before our political awareness is raised.         

2- Many Arab leaders and tyrants followed the footsteps of the vociferous devil Nasser; they offered nothing but empty rhetoric in silly speeches to dupe the masses and they had national songs composed upon their commands; they continued issuing empty anti-Israel statements that brainwashed the masses, without ever daring to launch a military attack against Israel. For instance, the vociferous devil Saddam Hussein, who punished Egypt by imposing a political siege on it because of the Camp David Accords signed by Sadat, had the largest Arab military army and he never fought against Israel with it; he fought against Iran twice and failed, and he committed the heinous crime of invading Kuwait; his recklessness and folly caused the collapse and downfall of Iraq now. Kaddafi was another vociferous devil who moved from pan-Arab nationalism to African nationalism, while keeping two things: announcing hatred and animosity towards Israel while never launching military attacks (or engaging in any conspiracies) against it. We are sure that he, and other Arab tyrants, learned the lesson as they saw what happened to Nasser, the imam of all of the vociferous devils who are failures, when he defied and threatened Israel.  

3- Even the devilish Sunnite Wahabi terrorist groups (e.g., ISIS and Al-Qaeda) never attacked Israel at all.

4- Yet, the devilish Shiite terrorist Hezbollah group in Lebanon attacked Israel many times; Iran is using this group to terrorize Israel to a certain extend and so that Iranian tyrants would prove to themselves that they are better than the Sunnite Arab tyrants and vociferous devils; yet, Lebanon paid the heavy price eventually. 

5- It is quite impossible that the vociferous devils in the Arab world today would achieve their daydreams of defeating or vanquishing Israel and removing it from the map. The Arab media have troops of the vociferous devils who launch a very successful anti-Israel campaigns to make Arabs hate Israelis and Jews within an intellectual war so as not to let them vent their frustration and fury against Arab tyrants; yet, those tyrants like Al-Sisi and Ibn Salman remain in their positions only by gratifying Israel and the USA; how come that any Arabs would imagine those tyrant launching military attacks against Israel one day?!         


Thirdly: the occasions when the vociferous devils shut up:

 The untold, heinous crimes of the Arab tyrants and of the Wahabi opposition movements against them stir the condemnation and disgust of the whole world; yet, the vociferous devils in the Arab media and Arab politics remain silent about such heinous crimes or tackle them by falsifying history and offering illogical, unconvincing justifications. Despite the competition among them, Arab tyrants/rulers condone one another's heinous crimes. We provide some examples in the points below.

1- The Syrian Hafiz Al-Assad (and his son and successor, Bashar Al-Assad) of the Syrian Baathist Party are among the prominent vociferous devils; yet, their armies never tried to retrieve the Golan Heights from Israel; their armies massacred many people of the Syrian nation; Bashar Al-Assad is accused now of using WMDs against his people; he has caused the total ruin and destruction of Syria and he has turned it into a battlefield that involves regional and international powers; he would have imposed media blackout on all this, if it had not been for the international media attention that Syria receives today. Yet, media blackout was imposed on the unspoken-of crimes of Hafiz Al-Assad that include the following ones.  

1/1: The massacre of Tel Al-Zaatar in June 1976 was perpetrated by the forces of Hafiz Al-Assad and the Maronite militias of Pierre Gemayel; the victims were about 3000 Palestinians in their camps who were slaughtered by knives.     

1/2:The Jisr Al-Shughour massacre of March, 1980, against rebels, and the Syrian forces massacred more than 100 men, women, and children and mutilated their corpses.  

1/3: The massacre of Tadmor military prison, where about 1200 prisoners were killed after one day of an assassination attempt against Hafiz Al-Assad. 

1/4: The massacre of Aleppo in 1980, when 100 persons were killed in one district, and this is not to mention the number of victims in four other districts of the city.

1/5: The massacre of Hama, when the Syrian army attacked the city and massacred between 12 to 60 thousand people during the whole month of Feb. 1982.

2- The massacres perpetrated by Saddam Hussein were suffered by Kurds, Shiites, and Sunnites as well; he was accused of using WMDs against his people; his record of heinous crimes would take sheets and sheets to be enumerated; since this is beyond the scope in this article, we mention only two examples below.

2/1: The massacre of Halabja in March 16th – 17th, 1988, when Saddam Hussein attacked this region with cyanide and 5 thousand civilians died and other 10 thousand were injured.

2/2: The Anfal genocide in March-August, 1988, was perpetrated by Saddam Hussein against the Iraqi Kurds; about 2000 villages were sabotaged and more than 500 thousand Kurds were killed in Kurdistan. About 500 thousand Kurds were forced to relocate and live in the plains to be controlled easily; more than 1000 Kurdish man were arrested and massacres and then buried in a mass grave.

3- The massacres of Omar Al-Bashir in Sudan:

3/1: The Wahabi MB-affiliated Al-Bashir caused the separation of South Sudan after a terrible civil war; his racist bias for Arab Sudanese people and against the Sudanese people of African origin in Darfur led the dwellers of this region to demand reform; the armies of Al-Bashir and the Janjaweed militias committed a genocide in Darfur that began in 2003; hundreds of thousands of civilians were massacred and others suffered forced displacement, looting, sabotage, rape, etc. The American Secretary of State at the time condemned this genocide, and the International Court of Justice (ICJ) has accused Al-Bashir of committing the crime of genocide; he is now a wanted war criminal. In Sept. 2007, about 2.2 million homeless people lived in camps in Darfur and more than 200000 fled to Chad to live also in camps; the UN mentions another 2 million people in Darfur who suffered the aftermath of the genocide and they are in need of medical help, food, etc., as the economy and trade collapsed in this region. Our Jewish American friend, Charles Jacobs, has helped many Muslim Sudanese persons from Darfur and so have many American activists.    

3/2: The worst unspoken-of genocide was at the Nuba Mountains (or the Nuba Hills) inside Cordovan, in Sudan, as the Sudanese government has bombarded villages, schools, and hospitals there and prevented any form of aid (i.e., food and medical help) from reaching this area. These events did not get enough media coverage maybe because it is too difficult to reach this area in Sudan.

4- As for the vociferous devil Kaddafi, he imitated Saddam Hussein and Nasser in using the microphones and the media to deliver long speeches of empty rhetoric and statements that duped the masses; his statements included anti-Israel ones to prove to Arab tyrants that he was better than they are and also better than the Palestinian leaders who are vociferous devils as well. Because Kaddafi was against the Oslo Accords, he drove the Palestinians who worked in his country out of Libya and forced them to stay at the Egyptian-Libyan borders to let the Mubarak regime solve this problem instead of him; he also confiscated their possessions and money; many of them were without luggage and had only the sleeping clothes on! In 1993, Kaddafi sent some Libyan Christian pilgrims to Jerusalem and they went there by passing through Israel first. At the time when the Palestinians were being driven out of Libya, we were attending a conference there ( One of the attendees was a Palestinian man who was about to weep as he was telling us that we were lucky because we have a homeland to return to it (i.e., Egypt), whereas he was told to leave as soon as possible, but he and his wife and children had no homeland to return to it, and he never knew where to go.   

5- The Algerian civil war broke out because of the conflict between the military regime and the Wahabi terrorist groups who won the majority of seats in the parliamentary elections held in 1991 whose results were annulled by the military regime. Many heinous crimes and savage massacres were perpetrated during the Algerian civil war; many peasants were slaughtered indiscriminately (men, women, children, babies, and elderly people), and more than 500000 people were killed, injured, and deemed as missing; many women and girls were raped, and whole villages were ruined and wiped out; hundreds of innocent people were incarcerated.  

6- What about the war launched against Yemen now and the current crisis there as many Yemenis suffer cholera, impecuniousness, and hunger?!



 These vociferous devils among Arab tyrants have oppressed and massacred their nations in a worse manner when compared to what Israel has done to its Palestinian enemies. Until when would the Palestinians follow blindly the vociferous devils among the Arab tyrants and among the Palestinian corrupt leaders in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank?!





(1) Forat Al-Forat: As an Iraqi woman who lives in the West, I'd like to assert that the support of the ordinary Palestinians and their corrupt leaders to Arab tyrants and their criminal regimes has resulted in more ordeals and plight and in making the international community disregard the Palestinian cause. For instance, many Palestinians supported Saddam Hussein when he invaded Kuwait; after the liberation of Kuwait, Kuwaitis expelled the Palestinians from Kuwait where they worked; after the fall of Saddam Hussein, the Palestinians in Iraq were humiliated and lived in camps/tents before many of them were expelled; the same occurred to most of them in Libya after the fall and murder of Kaddafi. Yet, when Saddam Hussein and his sons were killed, some Palestinians mourned their death and give some streets in the Palestinian territories their names; this has been utter disregard for the feelings of hundreds of thousands of victims of the Saddam Hussein regime. Besides, when more than 1200 Palestinian suicide bombers committed their heinous crimes in Iraq in the period 2007 -2013, and they killed themselves and many innocent people there, the Palestinians in Gaza considered such criminals as 'martyrs' in Heaven, though such heinous crimes (killing oneself and killing innocent people) are against Islam (i.e., the Quran). Hence, I advise the Palestinians to reconsider their stances and choices and to decide to avoid the vociferous devils.       

(2) Saeed Ali: I'd like to say that the ideas of the francophone thinker and author Dr. Taha Hussein in Egypt and the leader Bourguiba in Tunisia are good seeds that never grow within the soil of the Arab world because of the vociferous devils; in fact, the hopes of Dr. Hussein about changing the conditions of Arabs to the better precedes all his contemporaries (thinkers + politicians); when he quoted the example of Israel about democracy, he suffered character assassination by Azharite Wahabis because of his liberal views, and they accused him of being a traitor and an agent of France to destroy Islam! Bourguiba had hopes, in vain, that the Palestinians would accept the UN resolution of 1947, and he was accused of being a traitor. The Arab world has many true thinkers who are pioneers of enlightenment and their reformist views fit to be applied today: Mohamed Abdou, Abdel-Rahman Al-Kawakibi, Ibn Khaldoun, Ibn Rushd, and Dr. A. S. Mansour. The question still persists in my mind: why do all Arab countries suffer backwardness, injustice, tyranny, oppression, poverty, ignorance, and obscurantism? Arab regimes are collapsing and no one accepts them in our modern era of the internet and telecommunications. The era of the vociferous devils and orators ended in the First-World countries; yet, the vociferous devils and orators who brainwash/mobilize the masses are alive and kicking in the Arab world until now. The Arabs will not live long to regret their non-application of the direct democracy of the Quranic Shura consultation and the Quranic human rights we see in the writings of Dr. Mansour; the Arabs might suffer extinction very soon! Even Friday sermons in most mosques in the Arab world contain nothing but empty rhetoric of Sunnite/Wahabi ignorance; they are supposed to remind people of the Quranic message and help them repent; this is not the case now. The only light and glimmer of hope in such darkness is the Quranism website; other websites of Salafists (thousands of thousands of Wahabi websites) offer nothing but the empty words of the deified (dead and alive) vociferous devils.                 

(3) Lotfiya Saeed: Within the world-history, Hitler comes as the number one vociferous devil; he was an unparalleled charismatic orator who knew how to influence and brainwash the masses and win them to his side within nationalistic sentiments and inciting their enmity towards communists, Jews, etc. The policies of Hitler cause the death of millions of civilians and military men within WWII; this is why Hitler is on top of the list of historical figure that caused bloodshed within an unprecedented scale in modern history. As for Arab rulers whose empty rhetoric makes them among the vociferous devils, their speeches delivered to the masses lead to nowhere; such speeches have become the end, and not the means, in themselves; this is why Arab nations and their rulers hate those who provide them with pieces of advice about religious and political reform and they accuse reformists of being traitors and of being agents of the West. God says in the Quran: "...and I have advised you, but you do not like those who give advice." (7:79). Thank you.   

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