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To Our Beloved Quranists: It Is Time for Hard-Work Efforts and Endeavors before It Is Too Late

To Our Beloved Quranists: It Is Time forHard-Work Efforts and Endeavors before It Is Too Late

Translated by Ahmed Fathy


1- We have spent an hour the day before to copy and paste the link of our previous article/statement about the carnage of Orlando in the websites of CNN Arabic channel and other similar websites, but eventually we got tired and fatigued; such follow-up of news and events is beyond our energy and capacity. We are an old man, and it is enough that in our old age, we stick to writing fatwas and a new article on a daily basis, and we reply to several email messages and telephone calls daily. With the passage of time, our efforts lessen, especially that we work alone without any assistance of a secretary or any person of the kind. That is why we are writing this very article to all of you, our fellow Quranists.

2- Years ago, we have written and authored, in English, projects about how to put an end to terrorism peacefully, and we had to market such projects by wasting precious time in attending conferences in Washington and meeting with countless persons, within the spaces and time slots in our busy schedule filled with writing articles, books, and researches. We found out that we have to face the truth: we are to choose either to spend our time to market our above-mentioned projects or to dedicate our time entirely to writing our articles, books, and researches. Obviously, we have chosen the latter, of course, and the above-mentioned projects still lie inside our library at home like corpses.

3- Within such projects written by us years ago, we have also written about all of you, our fellow Quranists, as the ones responsible for implementing such projects, as they entail specialists like all of you. Within forums and conferences attended by us, we brag and take pride in all Quranists and their intellectual efforts in the form of articles and comments submitted to our website. The West countries believe in teamwork; our main obstacle is that we, Dr. A. S. Mansour, are crying alone like a voice of one crying in the wilderness. Most of you leave us crying alone until our voice grew weak! Yet, when all of you stand by us and undertake the follow-up mission in knocking every door worldwide to present Quranism as the solution to fight terrorism, all of you will bear the fruit of such endeavors when we are gone.

4- Terrorism today is sweeping over the USA, Europe, Canada, and even Russia, and all authorities of such regions are unable until now to face terrorism in terms of the security, military, and intellectual levels. Thus, Quranists are the right solution in the right time, but we require diligent hard work to consecrate our efforts and cooperate and coordinate together our endeavors by distributing tasks so that our voice, as Quranists, would reach all parties concerned for reform of religious thought of Muslims worldwide and for defeating religious terrorism. If all of you, our fellow Quranists, remain lazy and reluctant until the moment of our death, we fear that after our demise, the West would wake up and look for us once we are gone from this transient world, and then, opportunists would make use and manipulate our intellectual work (projects, website articles and books, videos, etc.), whereas all of you, our fellow Quranists, would be away from bearing the fruits of it. It is serving the interests of each one of you, our fellow Quranists, to cooperate with us to bear such fruits that all of you deserve.

5- There are no risks or fatigue whatsoever in such endeavors we are talking about here; an average person nowadays spends hours daily browsing the internet websites, especially the social media websites. If each one of you, our fellow Quranists, would spend the same time in hard work that would produce vital benefits for the cause of Quranism, our lives would be better in all aspects; this is your specialty, deserve, and merit, so do not lose them.

6- It is available now to contact and reach directly the White House in the USA, and the Presidential locations in most countries, as well as websites of embassies of all countries online. Quranists should contact as well all anti-terrorism apparatuses worldwide that need every possible help and aid offered by everyone. The same applies to satellite channels in the West, such as BBC, CNN, Fox News, Russia Today, and all of us must contact such websites and channels via messages in Arabic and in English. We have to add as well thousands of websites launched in Europe and the USA by various societies, foundations, organizations, personalities, and individuals interested in facing and defeating terrorism, as all of them receive thousands of messages daily that are being sorted and classified, and hence comes the importance of following up and knocking all possible doors and being patient, waiting for a response. We, ourselves, as you see our fellow Quranists, cannot do this alone, and we wait for your efforts to continue this intellectual jihad.

7- We seek to form a group or a panel from among the Quranists to follow up with such websites and work together by coordination and task-distribution within a teamwork that will show Quranists' diversity and efficiency in how to direct and manage the peaceful intellectual war of ideas against terrorism and how to implement and apply the programs and projects that we, Dr. A. S. Mansour, has authored, which include the following: 1) reforming mosques in the West, 2) reforming curricula in the so-called 'Islamic' schools in the West, 3) intellectual war of ideas using cyberspace, and 4) how to integrate and acculturate Muslim immigrant groups in the West. All this means that TV programs, drama series, websites, and enlightened Quranist schools have to be produced and created to prepare and train Quranist efficient cadres to replace extremist imams in mosques and extremist school teachers in the so-called Islamic schools in the West: in the USA, Europe, and Canada.

8- As we are talking about potentials and financial abilities of countries like the USA, France, Britain, Germany, or Canada, it will NOT be impossible to establish Quranist satellite channels, production companies, as well as enlightened Islamic Quranist institutes, within the above-mentioned countries, with us and all of you, our fellow Quranists, working in them, as this will entail hundreds of Quranists and holding conferences for them constantly.

9- The costs of ten years of such intellectual war of ideas, launched by Quranists, will never reach the price of one military plane or the costs of one day of military war. A bullet can be used only once, whereas the arms and weapons of the intellectual war of ideas can be used incessantly for ages and eras to come: such weapons include books, articles, websites, programs, channels, movies, documentaries, and drama series. Moreover, all military wars never succeed except in killing, whereas the intellectual war of ideas aim at avoiding bloodshed, saving the souls of both the victims and the culprits. We assert without exaggeration that not only the intellectual war of ideas cost much less in comparison to military wars, but also that the intellectual war of ideas is lucrative business with guaranteed profits and gains; the arms and weapons used in the intellectual war of ideas such as movies, drama series, websites, channels, books, articles, and researches make profits, especially when managed and used within profit-seeking companies that will invest in them. Such companies will succeed in profits-making within these two factors of success: 1) a great market that stretches from the countries of the Islamic World to the countries of the Western World, and 2) a controversial topic that is thought-provoking and interesting for all targeted audience: Quranism (i.e., real Islam) as the solution to end religious terrorism forever. Thus, this topic will pique the interests of millions worldwide: how to reform Islam and Muslims is certainly the topic of the hour and the coming hours. A capital that will cover such projects will be procured easily as long as profit-seeking companies will undertake the implementation. Success is guaranteed as well because 1) Quranists are saying, calling, and preaching something novel and unprecedented, and 2) most people grew tired and weary of the traditional thought of Muslims.  This is what we say and write within our above-mentioned projects that we have failed so far to market them anywhere, and that is why we need all of you, our fellow Quranists, to help us and to gain the fruits that these will projects will bear once they are materialized.

10- Such fruits will change the course of your lives forever for the better, with the will and the aid of Our Lord Almighty God, and such fruits entail every possible hard-work endeavor you can contribute within diligent, conscious efforts on a daily basis. As a start, we need to translate our statement about the carnage of the nightclub in Orlando, Florida, into French and German, so as to make it reach all levels possible worldwide as mentioned above. It is high time to strike while the iron is hot; we have to warn against coming carnages and massacres that can be avoided and foiled when Quranism spread, after the failure of all military and security solutions to combat religious terrorism, as this failure means more victims in the future in Europe, the USA, and the Middle East.   

11- Needless to say, your work and efforts, our fellow Quranists, is considered a peaceful intellectual jihad for the sake of God and His religion, Islam, by sowing real facts and tents of Islam, a religion whose image has been tarnished for years by some of those who claim to be affiliated to it. All of you know this very well, but we assert to all of you here that the best of acts and deeds are the ones that combine the reward in both this world and the next in the Hereafter. Please consecrate and coordinate your endeavors to make Quranism known to the whole world as real Islam.

12- So as to consecrate and coordinate our endeavors and work and yours, a group of you must be formed to go on with the follow-up efforts, and such group members must be in constant, steady contact with us. Those who would like to join such group should contact us via our email address:


1- We have called before many times to urge each one of you, our fellow Quranists, to make Quranism and its only website known to the whole world via the cyberspace, but very few of you have responded to our call, such as Mr. Abdullah amen, may God preserve and reward him, and it is high time now to begin a teamwork that will bear its fruit for all of us in this world and the next, in the Hereafter. Previously, we have failed to convene in a meeting or a conference to know one another, as fellow Quranists, face to face. Yet, we sincerely hope that our planned teamwork proposed here will not fail to be realized, and if it does, then we would have made our excuses to Our Lord, Almighty God, as we have done our best within our capacity, and God does not burden any soul beyond its capacity; see 2:286. If our fellow Quranists would remain lazy and reluctant to help, this would be our excuses to Our Lord, Almighty God.


2- We want all of you to remember the divine word related to enticement and to intimidation:

"O you who believe! Shall I inform you of a trade that will save you from a painful torment? That you believe in God and His Messenger, and strive in the cause of God with your possessions and yourselves. That is best for you, if you only knew. He will forgive you your sins; and will admit you into gardens beneath which rivers flow, and into beautiful mansions in the Gardens of Eden. That is the supreme success. And something else you love: support from God, and imminent victory. So give good news to the believers." (61:10-13). "O you who believe! What is the matter with you, when it is said to you, "Mobilize in the cause of God," you cling heavily to the earth? Do you prefer the present life to the Hereafter? The enjoyment of the present life, compared to the Hereafter, is only a little. Unless you mobilize, He will punish you most painfully, and will replace you with another people, and you will not harm Him at all. God has power over all things." (9:38-39).

God says nothing but the Truth. 

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