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About our YouTube Show "Quranic Moments": A Call for our Dear Fellow Quranists

About our YouTube Show "Quranic Moments": A Call for our Dear Fellow Quranists

Published in December 14, 2017

Translated by: Ahmed Fathy


1- We have received this email message from our fellow Quranist, Mr. Abdullah, about Episode No. 190 of our YouTube show "Quranic Moments" (subtitled into English and found on this link: (... I do believe, my dear Dr. Mansour, that this Episode No. 190 will guide people who seek the Quranic Truth as God's True Religion, even if they would not read your archive of writings; they will know that there is nothing after the Quran but falsehoods ... Thank you for being in our life ...).  

2- We feel very glad by this message, but it has saddened us; when we re-watched Episode No. 190, we have discovered we have made the following mistakes.

2/1: This Episode No. 190 was supposed to be two episodes, but they are merged as one, and this is very apparent in the editing (i.e., montage) of the director of the episode, our eldest son, Mr. Mohamed Mansour.

2/2: we have discovered that we have uttered a certain Quranic verse in a wrong way; this has occurred with some other verses in the previous episodes.

3- It is human to err; we implore God for forgiveness and pardon if we forget or make a mistake; yet, some mistakes in the episodes could have been avoided if we have the means and equipment. 

4- This lack of means and equipment forces us to video 15 episodes in one day, whenever possible. The studio is a room at our house without air-conditioning; it is sometimes too cold or to hot; this studio lacks other equipment that would relieve us as a speaker before the camera, ease the recording of the videos, and ameliorate the quality of the video. This is very tiresome and painstaking for an old man like ourselves; we are getting nearer to our 70th birthday. We feel sorry that the quality of our videos is not as we would like or expect. We have to bear with it until God will conclude a predetermined matter.   

5- Within our show titled "Quranic Moments", there are two people who help us voluntarily, and May God bless both of them; namely, our eldest son the director, Mr. Mohamed Mansour, and our son in Islam, the translator Mr. Ahmed Fathy. Frankly, we feel very much indebted to both of them; we implore Almighty God to reward them. Mr. Ahmed Fathy devotes much of his time to provide the English subtitles to our videos and to translate my articles diligently on a daily basis; he has also provided the English subtitles to our episodes of "Exposing Salafism" and to our Friday Quranist sermons, and he goes on translating our books into English, within unprecedented diligence and endeavor. Moreover, we implore God to reward the following people who voluntarily dedicate much of their time and efforts to help our person; we feel greatly indebted to Dr. Othman Ali for supervising our Quranism website, to Ms. Lotfiya Saeed (a.k.a. Aisha Hussein) or copying document for our next book titled "Our Jihad against Wahabism", to Mr. Mohamed Dandan who spreads our writings within cyberspace, and finally to Mr. Amin Rifaat who has made our books available in PDFs to be downloaded from this link:

6- What saddens us is that many Quranists are reluctant to make the simple effort, or peaceful jihad, of spreading links of our videos, articles, and books and to make them available within other links and websites, because our Quranist website is blocked inside some countries such as the KSA and Bahrain. Yet, our YouTube channel is available there; most of those who watch our "Quranic Moments" videos are from the KSA, Morocco, Algeria, and Egypt. We receive complaints that our Quranist website is blocked inside the KSA in particular, and people there ask about where to find the books of Dr. A. S. Mansour. We have noticed that most viewers of our "Quranic Moments" videos are not among those who have access to our Quranist website; they are novices who pose the same old FAQs. To solve this problem, we hope that some of our fellow Quranists would dedicate little time on a daily basis to respond to these comments and FAQs and to spread links of our videos, articles, and books within the cyberspace. We would like that some of our fellow Quranists would establish new websites to publish online our articles and books to make them available for everyone for free within the countries that block our Quranist website.      

7- We have uploaded 190 episodes within our YouTube show "Quranic Moments", and we have videoed until now 261 episodes, and we continue recoding more videos next week – God willing – as we hope one day to reach 1000 episodes in 2018, and then to begin a new show about the Ibn Ishaq fake biography of Muhammad and how the Quran contradicts and refutes it. We plan also to begin a 1000-episode show about history of caliphs and the gap between Islam and Muslims/Muhammadans since the 1st century A.H. All this will be possible only by the help of our dear fellow Quranists, and the good deeds will benefit their doers on the Last Day.    

8- Many of those who log into our Quranist website and YouTube channel are francophone Arabs, especially from France, Algeria, Morocco, and Tunisia. Some of our dear fellow Quranists write articles in French within our website. Mr. Ahmed Fathy, translates some of our articles into French and English. We hope one day in 2018 to have a French section within our website that will be as good as our English section, with articles in French by our dear fellow francophone Quranists and our own articles which are translated into French.  

9- By the way, why do not our dear Quranists in France establish a Quranism center that will cooperate with our VA-based IQC? This is not difficult and this center will be a venue for Quranists on the other side of the Atlantic, and hopefully, it will provide help for free for everyone and to spread Quranism in the French language.  

10- Our Quranist website has been launched since 2006 and it still stands despite hackers who attempted to destroy it three time and despite wars waged against it and the media-blackout imposed on it.  Our Quranist website now contains tens of thousands of articles, apart from comments, books, and fatwas as well as links to all of our YouTube videos. We have achieved all this with our bare hands and very modest means as well as voluntary work of many of our dear fellow Quranists; this proves there are among the Muslims noble ones who support religious reform and compete within the performance of many good deeds for God's sake. 

11- The biggest challenge is that Quranists are intellectuals who are ahead of their era within the field of religious reform that shows the greatness of Islam and how it contradicts the Muhammadans who distort the image of Islam. This makes Quranists the target of criticism and attack by clergymen of Sunnites, Shiites, and Sufis as well as Middle-Eastern tyrants as well as those haters of Islam, including some fanatics and extremists among the People of the Book. Quranists are progressing and marching ahead, while their critics and haters cannot refute them at all.  

12- Sadly, those whom Quranists defend and care for their rights never care about Quranism and Quranists. Our mission to reform Muslims/Muhammadans using only the Quran inevitably means to undermine and debunk Wahabism and to reform youths so that they would not turned into victims of the devilish Wahabi ideology and its clergymen. We, Quranists, are very successful in refuting and undermining Wahabism, the religion of terrorism; this is in contrast to the miserable failure of the West, especially the USA, when they face Wahabi terrorism only with weapons, and are unable to stop it. Quranists offer for free the solution to end religious terrorism forever; in contrast, the military actions of the West, especially the USA, exacerbate the terrorism problem. The Quranist intellectual peaceful endeavor and war of ideas is the only solution to combat Wahabi terrorists, and Quranism is available and accessible online for free, and it will thrive as long as there are readers and viewers. Our intellectual endeavors costs very little while they are very successful in combating Wahabi terrorism, whereas the military actions of the West, especially the USA, cost US$ billions and result in nothing but failure. The Quranist intellectual endeavors please Almighty God, and the military actions of the West, especially the USA, please only Satan.      

13- Twenty-five years ago, the religious reform we have proposed has been too difficult to announce and discuss in public; in contrast, it is very normal and commonplace now to talk about religious reform. Twenty-five years ago, no one in the Arab world would imagine refuting and smashing Al-Bokhary or declaring the four pre-Umayyad caliphs as infidels who betrayed Islam; this is now old news tackled by so many people. In the future, our Quranist trend of thought will spread the more and will be deemed as ideas necessarily known and derived from Islam as a religion. Thus, our intellectual endeavors of today will never be wasted, will liberate the minds of the coming generations, and will be rewarded by Almighty God Who will not waste the reward of those who perform good deeds in piety.



Dr. Ahmed Subhy Mansour

Springfield, VA, the USA  

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