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Is it possible to reform the Saudi State?


 Is it possible to reform the Saudi State?


           The Saudi State must be reformed

 But they refuse the reform to keep their dictatorship

The Saudi crown family has to choose either the Wahabi faith  or reforming it from inside the religion of Islam, meaning the real Islamic values of peace, tolerance, justice, total freedom of speech and belief, and human rights and democracy.

 Because of democracy, the Saudi regime will choose the Wahabi faith because it gives them the dictatorship they want and the Wahabi religious legislation to monopolize the power and the wealth.

The Saudi Family will deceive the international society and the U.S by some actions and decisions that will enable them to enforce their political tyranny and oppression under the title of eliminating the radical terrorists without harming the Wahabi faith itself.

Also they will delay and postpone the real reform in educational and cultural and political fields.

This needs some explanation.


1- The Saudi Crown family is against democracy and reform


The Saudi family has two great sins, its dictatorship, and its Wahabi bloody culture. This family represents in our modern time the worst of the Middle Ages culture in the political and religious life. The worst sin is to attribute all these vices to the religion of Islam, while Islam is the religion of peace, tolerance, freedom of belief and speech, justice and human rights. For 25 years I have cleared this fact but the Saudi State by its influence inside Egypt has persecuted me during these 25 years, proving one fact: they insist to keep their Wahabi faith without any reform, even if this reform comes from inside the core of Islam.

It is so clear that the Wahabi faith gives the Saudi family the religious justification to monopolize the wealth and the political power for themselves exclusively, as it used to be in the Middle aged Muslim Empire when the [Khalifah] used to own the people and the land as well. This is their mentality and their understanding of Islam.

It explains why they give the kingdom their Saudi family name. It reflects the Middle Ages culture in naming the state by the name of its dynasty like the Abbasy, the Fatemy, the Omawy, and the Ottoman Empires. Every one in this modern world has the citizenship of his country to prove the equality, as no difference between the regular poor person and the president of this country. In the Saudi official document they have another term for the other people who are not from the Saudi family members. It is [Al Tabe’eyah] means they belong to the Saudi family, while the Saudi family members are only those who are citizens in their owned country and kingdom.

To own the country, its wealth, and its people as well, they are not accountable before any one about how they spend the income of the country. After the Saudi army was unable to defend the Saudi border during the crises of Gulf War, some scholars asked about all these hundreds billions of dollars alleged spent to build a strong modern army. This was equal to crime of treason because the Saudi King is not responsible before any human being, although he has the unlimited authority to do whatever he wants. The reports of the CDLR analyzed the mentality of the Saudi family in one key word; “the slavery”, arguing that they believe that all the people inside the kingdom are owned by the Saudi family as any assets and the assets has no right to protest.


2-The official scholars of the Saudi Family are fanatics also


Here the media can provide some aspects of the Saudi State as a fanatic State. Here we are not talking about the past, but about the current time before and after September 11, 2001.


A -According to the human rights organizations, the Saudi State has a notorious reputation in violating the human rights and in its corrupted system of justice. These reports are available. In January 26, 2001, A UN panel criticized the Saudi State for discriminating against women, harassing minors and for punishments that included flogging and stoning. In May 2002, Saudi diplomats clashed with the UN committee against torture over whether flogging and the amputation of limbs are violation of the 1987 convention against torture.

It is easy inside this state to be killed by its system of justice. If you are accused to be an apostate, you will be beheaded. If you are married or being married before and accused by adultery, you will be stoned to death. In 1995, a record 192 people were beheaded. In December 1996, Abdul –Karim Naqshabandi, a foreign worker, was executed after refusing to falsely testify against another employer. In September 2003, the number of beheadings in the kingdom was to 41.


 B -The Wahabi jurisprudence is centered on forbiddance, interdiction and prohibition. Whatever the Wahabi official scholars hate or doubt or ignore, they quickly ban it by [Fatwa]. Sooner, the Saudi authority prevents the people from using it.

In March 25, 2001, The Higher Committee for Scientific Research and Islamic Law claimed that Pokemon games and cards have “possessed the minds” of the Saudi children. In April25, 2002, the Saudi government cracked down on factories producing women’s cloaks that violated the Wahabi religious rules. In January 2004, the higher Mufti of the Saudi State blamed the appearance of women in the conference of Jeddah, and publishing their photos in the newspapers. In February 2004, the Saudi State has forbidden the celebration of the “Love Day” and ordered to confiscate all the red roses and flowers and presents if they were prepared for such celebration because it is belong to the Pagan Christian people. Any one would like to celebrate this feast will be punished according to the official Saudi warning.

In March, 2004, you can read this news:

* Saudi judge gave a fatwa that prohibits Muslims from watching the Arabic T.V Channel, broadcasting from the U.S.

* The official administrations were transferred from Mecca to Jeddah, because many Christians used to come to these administrations while according to the Wahabi culture it is forbidden for the [filthy] non Muslims to enter Mecca.

* The new phones which have cameras were banned and confiscated because it will show the woman face.

* The famous T.V program “Academic Star” is forbidden to be watched.


C - Al Takfeer, or excommunication, is usually practiced by the official Saudi scholars and religious agencies. The famous victim of Al Takfeer is Sheikh Mohammed Al Alawy Al Maliky, the popular figure in Al Hijaz. Because he is a Sufi not Wahabi, he is usually threatened by the death penalty of apostasy. He is alive until now, because of his people in Al Hijaz, and because he does not discuss the sacred side of the Wahabi side.

The penalty of apostasy contradicts the real faith of Islam as it is approved in my book [The Penalty of Apostasy], but it is usually applied by the Saudi Wahabi State until now.

Any one may be accused of this deadly penalty if some people testify that he pronounced some word that may contradict the Wahabi culture. Mohammed Ibn Abdel Wahab, the founder of Wahabism, said:” Man becomes infidel by a word uttered by his tongue, he may say it unaware of its meaning, but it is not excuse for him. He may say it to please God as the idol worshippers think.” By this Wahabi rule many people were convicted and executed unjustly.

One teacher in a Saudi school was accused - by his pupils- to be apostate. Accordingly, he was arrested in January 2001. In the court, the teacher denied the accusations proving his Islam and Wahabism. In March 10, the charges of apostasy were dropped, but he was punished by three years in prison and to be flogged 300 whips.

Until March, 2004, a Saudi journalist was in trail because he wrote a report calling the women to work in the cosmetic shops. These are just examples, but what is hidden is more.


3- The Saudi regime confiscated my efforts to reform the Egyptian education


After I was fired from Al Azhar University because of the Saudi influence, I have advocated my reform in the field of secular and human rights centers.

From 1995 to 2000, I worked at Ibn Khaldoun Center in Cairo moderating its weekly conference from 01-02- 1996 until it was shut down in June 2000. In 1997 some leaders of the Egyptian Copts came to my conference to discuss their proposal of the Coptic University. In the discussion I said the most important is to reform Al Azhar and the religious curriculums of the Egyptian general education to ease the persecution which most of the Copts suffered in that time, but their proposal of their university would incur more persecution and suffering.

After that I published an article in the magazine of Roza Al yousef on June 23, 1997, calling for reforming the religious curriculums in the Egyptian general education and Al Azhar as well. It was the first cry, in the entire Muslim World before it becomes one aspect of the U.S policy towards the Muslim World after September 11.


Dr. Sa’ad el Deen Ibraheem and his Ibn Khaldoun center responded to my cry by the famous proposal to reform the Egyptian general education. I was chosen to write suggestions in reforming the religious courses instead of the official curriculums which are full of bigotry and fanaticism. I prepared two books in this regard, one of them for the teacher to guide and to convince him, and the other book contains an alternative subjects advocating the forgotten Islamic values of peace, tolerance, justice , democracy, freedom and human rights.


After finishing our suggestions, we called the Egyptian officials and intellectuals to discuss them and to correct them if they could.

Although we only presented merely suggestions to be discussed, we were severely insulted in the Egyptian media, and in the Egyptian cabinet and Parliament.


It was obvious that the Saudi fingers were behind this severe campaign against me and Dr. Sa’ad and the Ibn Khaldoun Center. The Saudi Egyptian agents used this campaign to convince the Egyptian regime to arrest me and my family and my Quranic trend. So, the fanatic media targeted me and my Quranic trend, paving the way for to the regime to arrest us under the accusation of “Defaming Islam”. Some of my family and Quranic people were arrested, but I escaped to the U.S as a political asylee.


In my suggestions for the religious curriculums I proved Islam as the religion of peace, tolerance, freedom of speech and belief, justice and human rights. They forgot all this because in my suggestions I explained the contradiction between these values in the forgotten Islam and the roots of bigotry, fanaticism and terrorism in their Sunni tradition and proved its false attribution to Islam. That is why the Saudis are after me.


4- Could the Saudi State and the Arabic regimes reform education according to the U.S demands?


I still have the same negative feeling as long the U.S leaves the Arab Muslim regimes handle it by their own scholars, the same people who destroyed our suggestions before. All what they will do is to delay and deceive and make some funny reforms in some marginal details which will not touch the core of the sickness.

Let us give this brief account as it mentioned in and in asharq alawsat, the Saudi owned newspaper.


After September 11, it became imperative for the U.S to call for reforming the Muslim education, but the fanatics of the Saudi regime refused it in their declaration on April 28.2002. The Saudi officials confirmed it on July 2, 2003 saying that their curriculums had nothing to do with terrorism asking the U.S itself to reform its education which produced Timothy MacAfee who destroyed Oklahoma Federal Building.


On October 27, 2002, the crown Prince Sultan Ibn Abdel Aziz confirmed not to reform the Saudi education saying that the religious courses are untouchable just like the Saudi sovereignty. He changed his mind after serial terrorist attack inside the kingdom during year 2003, so he said on December 5, 2003: reforming the education is to advocate modification and to encourage the students to understand the Quran and Sunna better.

Gulf States concentrated in their conference on December, 18, 2003 on reforming their education to confront terrorism. Accordingly the Saudi State held a conference in Mecca on December 29, 2003 to discuss – in a confidential meeting -the extremism and modification.

On January 4, 2004, they announced their declaration calling for some political, social, economical and religious reforms according to the Quran and Sunna. Crown Prince Abdullah Ibn Abdel Aziz, the sponsor of that conference received the scholars of the conference and welcomed them on the same day, while other scholars - led by Safar Al Hawaly and Salman Al Oudah - refused the declaration and warned the kingdom from changing its education, describing this policy as response to the infidels and corruption.

This was on December 3, 2004, and then on January 5, Usama Bin Laden in an authentic tape attacked the same declaration of reforming the education. Muslim Brothers in Jordon and Kuwait parliaments attacked this reform on January 3, 2004 and December 31, 2003.


There is no real difference between those who call for reform based on the Quran and Sunna and those who refuse this reform because they are together uphold Sunna which contains the core of the religious terrorism and fanaticism and bigotry; the untouchable sacred side of their culture, beside the teachings of Ibn Abdel Wahab himself which are more bloody and fanatic than other Sunni sects. They could not touch the Wahabi teachings, then what about other teachings which were – falsely -attributed to the prophet Mohammed eight centuries before Ibn Abdel Wahab himself?

All of these teachings are attributed to Islam. So, we can understand what the Saudi Crown Prince Abdullah said in this regard: “the Saudi Government calls for dialogue, but without touching the Islamic faith.”


The so –called- moderate officials in Kuwait put one intellectual in prison accusing him of apostasy because he criticizes some followers of the prophet Mohammed according to what is mentioned in the historic texts. The Kuwaiti Parliament ordered the media not to publish about this case on December 9, 2003. 

In the Saudi State, they put a teacher in prison accusing him of apostasy because his young pupils said that he told them that the song and smoking are not prohibited in Islam and he advocated in his lessons the western ideas. This case was mentioned in Al Sharq Al Awsat on December 9, 23, 2003.then the case was ignored during the so- called moderate conference.


Those moderate scholars are hypocrites and more dangerous than the frank fanatics. As it is imperative to the U.S to defend itself by itself, and as it is imperative to the U.S to clear the Muslim education from the culture of terrorism to win this war against the terrorists, it is also imperative to the U.S to handle this reform directly by the real moderate Muslims who have struggled for that cause. It is easy to bring all those free minded Muslims together to preach the Islamic values among Muslims to guide them from inside their own religion.


5- The Wahabi Faith spreads the culture of dictatorship inside Arab Muslim World


The Wahabi faith gives the Muslim ruler unlimited political authorities, according to the Middle aged political culture, that’s why the Saudi crown family keeps it to face the democratic waves. However, the current Wahabi opposition while believing in absolute authority of the Muslim ruler or [the Caliph] they are dooming the Saudi regime as the real enemy of Islam.

The other Wahabi oppositions in the Muslim World, or the so- called Islamic political trend – have the same feeling against the military despotic regimes, and condemning them as the followers of the [ infidel West] aiming to take over instead of them. So while the political oppositions around the world uphold Democracy, human rights and freedom of speech and belief against their regimes, we find the  Wahabi political oppositions inside Muslim World are against the [Infidel  West] and its democratic culture and values.


The Military despotic regimes in Muslim World support that Wahabi oppositions to some degree to scare the intellectual oppositions and the masses as well, as if they are saying who is better: us or them?, that’s why they are keeping the Wahabi culture controlling the masses, in the same time they use the military power against the wahabi terrorists who accept that culture as the real Islam.


As a result of dictatorships of the regimes and their religious oppositions, the wave of democracy abandons the Muslim World while it invades other nations.


6- Because of them, the Muslims Streets are hostile to the U.S and the West


Those two continuous dictatorships [the regimes and the Wahabi opposition] have hatched continuous corruption and chaos in the Muslim World. To distract the masses, the regimes and the Wahabi oppositions convince them that the [Infidel West], the ardent enemy of Islam, is plotting against Muslims to keep them behind all nations. This “complex of conspiracy” is the motive obsession of the Wahabi mentality. That explains the reason of September, 11.


Under this complex of western conspiracy, the fanatic Wahabi trend throughout the Muslim World is working to rally the masses behind him against the west and its allied regimes. Its’ great aim is to divide the world into two nations, the believers and the infidels. To achieve this aim, they are working to take over Egypt, Saudi State and Pakistan as a ground building for the One Islamic United Nation which will defeat the Christians and the Jews on this century. Unfortunately, the Saudi States and the Egyptian regimes and the all the Muslim dictators are helping this terrorist plan by refusing the political religious social economical reform. It is inexcusable after September 11.


7 - September 11 is the final result and the beginning of the third world war.


September 11, is the consequence of this Wahabi Saudi Kingdom and the beginning of the new third war.

In such unique war the military actions alone will not win, it will strengthen the fanatic trend and increase the numbers of the innocent victims. It should be an Islamic peaceful intellectual war against the terrorism. This is the role of CIP.

So, to save the Saudi State itself, the Muslim World, the West and millions of innocent people, the Saudi State has to reform its Wahabi faith from inside Islam by the support of the U.S and the free minded Muslim scholars who devoted their lives for this Islamic cause. This is the real Islamic Jihad.





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