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The Massacre of New Zealand and Signs of a Different Type of World War that We Implore God to Never Allow it to Happen (1): The Differences between the Terrorist Wars and Ordinary Wars



Published in March 29, 2019

Translated by: Ahmed Fathy





1- The very first world war occurred between the two sons of Adam as one of them killed the other, while their parents were still alive. The 20th century witnessed WWI and WWII and so many other ordinary wars which were not within an international level; i.e., wars between two countries or two groups of countries and civil wars inside a given country. Of course, the second half of the 20th century witnessed a new type of war: terrorism. Terrorists have committed their heinous crimes in several locations worldwide and their threat continues until now; among the terrorist crimes is the massacre at the two mosques in New Zealand committed by an Australian criminal.   

2- In the following lines, we provide an overview of the differences between the terrorist wars and ordinary wars.


Firstly: about ordinary military wars:

  The very first world war between the two sons of Adam (within their Quranic story) had the features of most ordinary military wars;  i.e., being preceded by signs of struggles and ended by one party annihilating the other; of course, one of the parties was peaceful and never desired to be engaged into a war, the other party was an unjust aggressor. Within other wars in the history of humanity, the cause of engaging into wars was mostly the struggle over power/authority and borders; there were parties who were aggressors and other parties which were wronged. There were wars launched by the sinful conquerors/assassins who sought to annex and occupy others' countries; the names of such conquerors occupy the main headlines in books of history. Some of the sinful conquerors covered themselves with a cloak of religion as a pretext to justify their conquests; raising the religious banners was the factor leading to ongoing wars after the death of such conquerors. In contrast, the legends of the secular conquerors who never raised the banners of religion ended in their death. The following points trace the features of ordinary military wars whether they are within a local or an international level.  

1- Political confrontations and verbal disputes are followed by military confrontations.

2- Each of the parties involved has its military troops/forces recruited, trained, and armed as per the authority and sovereignty of the State.

3- The military mobilization occurs within the preparation for a war expected by everyone.

4- The military troops/armies fight in certain, determined time and location; however long the ordinary, military wars among countries might be, they never last forever; this is because politicians have certain political goals to achieve; thus, such wars end in victory/defeat, truce/armistice, negotiations, treaties/agreements, and peace.

5- There are no wars for merely the sake of engaging into warfare; all ordinary, military wars aim to serve political interests and to achieve political goals.

6- On the margin of all ordinary, military wars, victims who die are mainly military people; yet, many civilians may also die unintentionally.

7- The enemies in all ordinary, military wars are defined and known; the aim is never to annihilate these enemies; within postwar negotiations, enmity may turn into amity. 

8- In all ordinary, military wars, there may be POWs held by the warring parties; these POWs are protected by several laws.


Secondly: about terrorist wars:

1- They are the wars waged by terrorists by committing terrorist crimes and operations; terrorists do not belong to any country or State; rather, they belong to overt or secret terrorist organizations which pretend to be non-terrorist ones. 

2- The terrorist wars have their own political goals declared by groups who have a certain (religious) call and control their terrorists; the aim is mainly to take revenge against certain parties.

3- The victims who die within the terrorist wars are mainly unarmed, peaceful, innocent civilians, as most terrorist organizations are unable to face armed soldiers; there are no POWs at all; terrorists commit indiscriminate, heinous massacres against everyone else.  

4- Any locations are potential ones for terrorist operations and attacks, especially crowded places like streets, markets, houses of worship, and means of transportation.

5- Un like mobilization within ordinary, military wars, terrorist wars have no mobilization and they cannot be expected; terrorists strike anywhere anytime in a least expected manner.


Thirdly: recruiting terrorists to join the terrorist wars:

1- Personal interviews between terrorist groups and potential terrorists were the bases to recruit, train, and arm these terrorists sent for 'jihad' or prepared for terrorist operations. Now, the cyberspace is the best medium to recruit potential terrorists who are willing to join the terrorist wars. This applies to the Australian criminal who committed the massacre of the two mosques in New Zealand. This is why the internet has made the terrorist wars reach an international level. Of course, for instance, the ISIS terrorists are experts in using the cyberspace to recruit more terrorists. The ISIS terrorist incite and teach millions of unknown people through websites; they provide plans for the 'best' times and locations for launching terrorist attacks and how to make explosives, etc. National security apparatuses may arrest and neutralize terrorist groups before they launch their attacks and execute their evil plans; yet, recruiting terrorists, via the cyberspace, from ordinary people unknown to national security apparatuses is very difficult to detect. The tragedy here lies in the fact that somewhere worldwide, ordinary persons (or the so-called lone wolves) are turned into movable time bombs ready to explode anywhere anytime in a least expected manner.   

2- These terrorists might be among the following categories.

2/1: Frustrated immigrants in the West who have troubles and cannot integrate; their despair might lead them to commit suicide, through committing a terrorist suicide attack, while assuming that this way, they will enter into Paradise (which includes houris opening their arms [and legs!] waiting for suicide bombers and dead jihadists – as per the claims of Sunnite Wahabis).

2/2: Not immigrants but among those who were born in a West country within an Arab minority, and they suffer from inequality and lack of education and employment opportunities. France exemplify this; French people of Arab origin suffer many troubles never faced by white, European French people. when such frustrated people sense despair as their despicable conditions seem unchangeable, the alternative for them is to commit suicide, through committing a terrorist suicide attack, while assuming that this way, they will enter into Paradise (which includes houris opening their arms [and legs!] waiting for suicide bombers and dead jihadists – as per the claims of Sunnite Wahabis).

2/3: Religious Wahabi persons in the West who believe in the myth of dividing the world into a territory/camp of peace/believers and a territory/camp of war/infidels; those Wahabi persons hide their intentions and belief system, until they are encouraged either by imams inside Wahabi mosques or by the terrorists' websites and persuaded to become terrorists whose aim is to commit suicide, through committing a terrorist suicide attack, while assuming that this way, they will attain their only hope of entering into Paradise (which includes houris opening their arms [and legs!] waiting for suicide bombers and dead jihadists – as per the claims of Sunnite Wahabis).

2/4: People who live in the West countries and are adapted to the West lifestyle they enjoy to the full, but when they suffer psychological crises, they might became 'religious' and frequent Wahabi mosques in the West, where Wahabi imams take advantage of them and turn them into terrorists who engage into indiscriminate mass killings and may commit suicide through terrorist suicide attacks while assuming that this way, they will enter into Paradise (which includes houris opening their arms [and legs!] waiting for suicide bombers and dead jihadists – as per the claims of Sunnite Wahabis).

2/5: We remember a very painful, sad story, written in American newspapers years ago and in the Middle East Newspaper in Arabic in 2003, about two Arab male Moroccan youths who were best friends, living in one apartment in LA, the USA, and both young men shared a close friendship and the love of life; one of the pair was a Muslim and the other was a Jew. When the Muslim young man faced a psychological crisis one day, he resorted to a Wahabi mosque in LA, where he got brainwashed, ending up in killing his peaceful Jewish friend inside the apartment, in the name of Jihad., just because he was a Jew! This Muslim youth had lost his future and killed an innocent victim: his lifelong compatriot friend. He had wasted the life of his friend for no reason at all! This Moroccan murderer is also the victim of the Wahabi imam who misled and misguided him.

3- The existence of Wahabi centers, schools, and mosques is the main factor which helps recruiting potential terrorists among the Arab minorities in the West and the USA. These Wahabi centers, schools, and mosques enjoy huge influence and authority and receive huge amounts of money though they propagate Wahabi jihad (i.e., terrorism), and sadly, they are protected through laws in the West and the USA formulated before the secular West and the USA discover they have to face the Wahabi culture.

4- The Arab minorities in the West countries are supposed to help introduce reform in their native Middle-East countries through raising awareness of democracy and spreading the culture of democracy there. This is easy now through the revolution in telecommunications; yet, the exact opposite occurred; i.e., the imams of Sunnite Wahabi minorities in the West countries are controlled by imams and leaders of extremism and terrorism in the Middle-East countries. 

5- This is why the minorities of Sunnite Wahabi Arabs in the West countries differ a lot from other minorities. Of course, in the West countries, there are centers, institutes, and houses of worship for minorities of Hindus, Jews, Buddhists, Sikhs, and freemasons. These minorities never commit terrorist crimes.

5/1: Similarly, there are millions of Shiites and Sufis (and both are Muhammadans) in the West countries who have thousands of centers, schools, and mosques but they never commit terrorist crimes.

5/2: In contrast, some Sunnites (mainly among Wahabi Muhammadans) immigrate into the West countries or arrive there as political asylee who fled persecution in their native countries; they are embraced ad helped a lot by the West countries. Yet, once such Sunnites have the chance, they rebel against the West countries which have dealt with them within generosity and goodness and they commit terrorist crimes; this terrorism is based on the Sunnite Wahabi terrestrial religion of Satan. 


Fourthly: the factors leading to the success of terrorist wars waged by Sunnite Wahabis in the West:

1- The deep-seated belief in the psyche of the Arab Sunnite minorities in the West countries in (1) the historical background of the struggle between Arabs and the West powers, and (2) the conspiracy theory about the West countries as the territory of 'infidels' and 'enemies' of Islam who are conspiring against Arabs all the time.

2- Among the Sunnite Muhammadans who immigrate into the West countries are those hypocrites who believe in the 'religious' duty of deceiving non-believers; thus, they imitate the sins of the disobedient ones among the People of the Book in Arabia during Muhammad's lifetime: "Among the People of the Book is he, who, if you entrust him with a heap of gold, he will give it back to you. And among them is he, who, if you entrust him with a single coin, he will not give it back to you, unless you keep after him. That is because they say, "We are under no obligation towards the gentiles." They tell lies about God, and they know it. Indeed, whoever fulfills his commitments and maintains piety-God loves the pious ones. Those who exchange the covenant of God, and their vows, for a small price, will have no share in the Hereafter, and God will not speak to them, nor will He look at them on the Day of Resurrection, nor will He purify them. They will have a painful torment." (3:75-77). This 'religious' permission of deceiving non-believers is also applied by the sinful caliphs in their Arab conquests. This is why this deception is part of religious legislations of Sunnite Wahabi Muhammadans. On the other hand, there are white extremists who commit injustices against minorities and take advantage of them. Of course, we cannot generalize here but we will never overlook the magnitude of the danger resulting from such injustice.

3- The experience of Wahabi Sunnites in launching terrorist wars comes from their struggles against enthroned tyrants in their native countries and their struggles against Shiites.

4- Terrorists among Wahabi Sunnites cannot face the military forces and armies of the West countries within ordinary wars or combats; they always resort to terrorist operations in the least expected times and locations.

5- It is very easy now to recruit the so-called lone wolves via the internet to encourage them to commit a terrorist suicide attack by persuading them to commit suicide while assuming that this way, they will enter into Paradise (which includes houris opening their arms [and legs!] waiting for suicide bombers and dead jihadists – as per the claims of Sunnite Wahabis).

6- Any of the military forces and armies cannot deal with terrorists who launch terrorist wars; the national security apparatuses are the ones who deal with terrorist organizations; sadly, they mostly deal with terrorists within a reaction after terrorist operations have taken place. It is very rare to see the national security apparatuses act peremptorily to prevent potential terrorist attacks.  

7- In general, the West countries lack the experience necessary to engage into intellectual war of ideas (necessary before military or security confrontation) in order to face and foil terrorism. In contrast, the Wahabi Sunnite ISIS terrorists and their likes launch an intellectual war of ideas which misuse the name of Islam while claiming to fight the West 'infidels' who are labeled as 'enemies' of Islam! Sadly, the West media help terrorists by labeling them as 'Islamists', and thus, unawares, making the West powers who resist Wahabi terrorists appear as the 'enemies' of Islam.  


Fifthly: how the policies of the West, especially the USA, help in the success of the terrorist crimes committed by Sunnite Wahabis:

1- The West countries sell arms and weapons to the enthroned tyrants and overlook their grave injustices, oppression, and educational policies which help spread the Wahabi culture of destruction and terrorism; sadly, the West countries are keen on maintaining their relations with enthroned tyrants and they leave peaceful reformist thinkers to become the victims of both terrorists and tyrannical rulers. 

2- Sadly still, the West countries have cordial relations with Wahabi clergymen who are, in their turn, loyal to the Arab tyrants who acts as guardians to the Wahabi religion of Satan.

3- Saudi Arabia, who is the source of evil Wahabism, has its very strong lobbies inside the USA and in the West countries in general. of course, these Saudi lobbies sometimes provide some information about its power-seeking Wahabi enemies in exchange for protecting Wahabi mosques, schools, and centers which are spread like cancerous cells in the West in general and in the USA in particular.


Lastly: the Sunnite Wahabi terrorism achieves victory over the terrorism of white extremists/supremacists:

1- It is never part of the West culture to commit suicide in order to enter into Paradise in the Hereafter. This is why within the confrontations between Sunnite Wahabi terrorists and terrorists who believe in the so-called white supremacy (like the Australian criminal who committed the massacre of New Zealand), the Sunnite Wahabi terrorists win all the time. The white extremists/terrorists massacre innocent people and then surrender themselves to the authorities without committing suicide, and everyone curse them. In contrast, Sunnite Wahabi terrorists commit suicide operations or suicide bombings, within which they die, and they receive moral support and supplications of mercy by other Sunnite Wahabis!  

2- It is impossible that any military forces or the policemen of the West would defeat terrorists who have decided to commit suicide, (i.e., within a suicide bombing), as they do so while assuming they will enter into Paradise (which includes houris opening their arms [and legs!] waiting for suicide bombers and dead jihadists – as per the claims of Sunnite Wahabis).

3- Yet, such potential suicide bombers and their potential victims can be saved only in the case if such terrorists would know that as per Quranism, their heinous crimes will make them the arch-enemies of Islam (therefore, they will enter into Hell if they commit suicide bombings) and never "Islamists" as per the claims of the West media.

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