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The Australian Criminal as a Preacher and a Combatant within Favorable Circumstances and Suitable Conditions: The Scenario of Total Destruction after the New Zealand Massacre (2)


The Australian Criminal as a Preacher and a Combatant within Favorable Circumstances and Suitable Conditions: The Scenario of Total Destruction after the New Zealand Massacre (2)


Published in March 18, 2019

Translated by: Ahmed Fathy




 Within the field of religious wars (or rightly named as religious terrorism), there are preachers who do not participate in fighting (such as Al-Qaradawy and the pope Urban II), there are combatants and military leaders (such as Bin Laden and Al-Zarqawi), and there are those who belong to the more dangerous type: combining between being preachers and combatants in religious wars (such as M. Ibn Abdul-Wahab and Peter the Hermit). Of course, the Australian criminal who committed the New Zealand massacre belongs to the third, more dangerous type. We demonstrate the difference between this Australian criminal and his likes in the points below.



1- Peter the hermit roamed Europe on the back of his donkey to urge the Europeans to launch a 'holy' war, or Crusade, to liberate Jerusalem and the Holy Land from the Arabs; he found a very enthusiastic welcome and the first popular crusade was led by him before his participation in the very first formal Crusade led by princes and kings of Europe.

2- Favorable circumstances and suitable conditions existed when the Europeans marched en masse within the Crusades; in fact, the Crusades offered a solution to several social and political problems in Europe at the time.

3- Many historians have explained these circumstances and conditions which encouraged launching the Crusades; yet, most of these historians overlooked a very important factor: Europe was overpopulated at the time; several Europeans in densely populated countries had to settle elsewhere by conquering new areas. The words of pope Urban II at the Council of Clermont in 1095 A.D. indicate this, as he urged the Europeans to join the first Crusade (the Princes' Crusade) to recapture the Holy Land which is a land flowing with milk and honey. This description of the Middle-East shows that sources of Europe began to be scarce at the time and could not cope with the overpopulation; the solution was to conquer new regions while adding the religious aspect to such conquest.

4- Ironically, the same meaning of the words of pope Urban II was repeated by the Arab conqueror and military leader Khaled Ibn Al-Waleed when he encouraged his soldiers and military troops, as per the historical account by Al-Tabari: (... Khaled Ibn Al-Waleed delivered a speech to his soldiers to make them love to settle in the foreign lands and to stop yearning to living in the Arab lands; he said: "... Food here is scarce and mixed with dust and sand; we need this jihad not only for God's sake but also to keep off hunger and live in the plenty of the countryside and orchards of the lands we conquer ..." ... This is why Khaled Ibn Al-Waleed did not kill off peasants in the conquered lands, he imposed taxes on them after they surrendered to him, and he enslaved the wives and children of the killed soldiers of the enemies ...).



1- At the time of Arab conquests, Europe was underpopulated, whereas Arabs had to face the problem of overpopulation and they felt the urgent need to conquer new regions in the north, east, and west. In fact, books of Arab history and literature indicate the overpopulation among the Arabs as they provided many reinforcements of soldiers in several battles and conquests to establish the Arab empire from the borders of China to the Pyrenees south of France. Yet, the Arabs suffered low birth-rates in the Second Abbasid Era, when compared to non-Arabs at the time, while Europe began to have its overpopulation gradually. 

2- It is very important to remind readers of what we have written in 1997 in Cairo, Egypt, in this article we sent to the Cairo-based State-owned Al-Ahram newspaper, but it never got published. The title of the article is as follows "Islamic Minorities in the West are Time Bombs; When Will Such Bombs Explode?", and here is a passage from this article: (... And there is an invisible and yet very decisive factor; namely, the discrepancy between the higher birth-rates of Muslims in the West and the lower birth-rates of the West population. This factor influences the relations between Muslim communities in the West and the rest of the West population. This is a lengthy topic filled with details; we say here briefly that higher birth-rates of Muslim communities is linked to lower birth-rates of the West population (in Europe); when there are higher birth-rates of the West population, there are lower birth-rates of the Arab/Muslim population. Struggles resulting from this discrepancy means that if the densely populated side is strong enough, it will conquer the scarcely populated side or will immigrate to it if the densely populated side is weak and cannot conquer. Thus, Arab conquests are directly linked to Arab overpopulation while the Europeans suffered under-population. At another era, the Arabs were underpopulated and Europe before the colonial period had its overpopulation. The exact opposite occurs now; namely, the number of European population decreases now, whereas Muslim immigrants there have their higher birth-rates and this is deemed like a peaceful invasion, unlike the case of Arab conquests of the 7th century A.D., and the Europeans feel threatened because the 'Muslim' immigrants establish their Wahabi mosques and centers which spread and propagate the ideology of hate, extremism, and terrorism in the name of Islam, and such ideology is an extension of the Middle-Ages culture of struggles between the Europeans and Arabs ...).

3- We assert and add here that geographical discoveries by the Europeans (especially the Catholic extremists among the Spanish and Portuguese) who carried the sign of the cross made the new settlers massacre millions of the native people at first; this lessened gradually, but the white man kept the gains resulted from geographical discoveries to only him (in the two Americas, Africa, Australia, and New Zealand); yet, because making use of such vast areas was beyond the number of white Europeans, black slaves were imported from Africa, and later on, the white man reluctantly and grudgingly allowed restricted immigration waves from among other races. If Australia had less restricted immigration policies, hundreds of millions of Asian people would have settled in it.      

4- Thus, in modern times, the white man is filled with anxiety as lower birth-rates spread among the West population, in contrast to higher birth-rates of 'Muslim' immigrants in the West and in Arab/Muslim countries near Europe; the white man is never worried about billions of non-Muslims in India, China, Japan, and South-East of Asia. Yet, because of certain historical roots, the white man is worried because of hundreds of millions of Muslims/Arabs living in countries adjacent to Europe; yet, the white man knows that those Muslims are too weak to conquer Europe and the West (as done by their ancestors within the Arab conquests of the 7th century A.D.), but the worry is focused on Muslims/Arabs who immigrate into the West; such immigration may be tolerated by non-extremists white people who assume that new immigrants will integrate into the West communities and increase the racial and cultural diversity which is deemed as a source of strength.   

5- Extremists white people and white supremacists consider such immigration waves of Arabs/Muslims as a type of invasion of the West; they worry very much about the low birth-rates of the white people in the West, as the white people may die out later one and this offers a bleak prospect of the future; they are also anxious about the spread of the evil Wahabi ideology among the 'Muslims' of the West through Wahabi centers and mosques which prevent the success of integration endeavors. Wahabis of the West organize demonstrations to demand the application of Wahabi sharia laws in the streets of the West cities; they misuse free speech and freedom of expression and movement in the West to propagate the Wahabi ideology everywhere. The white people in the West see now that Wahabi terrorists recruit immigrants (and Syrian refugees) who commit terrorist operations and crimes; this has increased the rates of Wahabi terrorism in the West. This means that most of the white people fear that in the future, they will be a minority in their own countries, whereas Arabs/Muslim immigrants and their children will be a majority who embrace the cursed Wahabi religion of ISIS! 

6- The Australian criminal Brenton Tarrant has the same anxiety regarding the immigration waves of Arabs/Muslims into the West; this is the motive behind his heinous crime; this anxiety/fear is shared by so many conservatives, right-wingers, and racist and extremist white people.Tarrant killed men, women, and children in two mosques in New Zealand as he sees them as a type of invasion which must be stopped, and he assumed he must take revenge because of the crimes of Arab caliphs and Ottoman sultans in history. 



1- Tarrant did not have to ride a donkey like Peter the Hermit to urge others to commit crimes of hate against what he deems as 'invasion'. The Internet is enough for propagating any good or bad ideas. The West media asserted the fact that the Australian criminal (Brenton Tarrant began preparing for the attack and discussed it via the Internet platforms [especially on the websites of Facebook and 8chan] two years before he committed his crime; he expressed his intention of committing a terrorist crime against Muslims somewhere. The website 8chan welcomes racists, homosexuals, and haters of Islam. Prior to the 15 March 2019 Christchurch mosque shootings, its perpetrator posted his manifesto detailing his reasons for the attack. The killer shared links to the live stream video only minutes before the attack on 8chan and Facebook, among other platforms. Many members of 8chan re-shared it and applauded the violent murders. This means that many people like the ideas spread by Tarrant ...).

2- Unlike Peter the Hermit, Tarrant knows that the West governments will never accept the idea of launching crusades against Turkey and Arab/Muslim countries; the era of military colonization ended; another more cunning and 'decent' type of colonization replaced it; namely, Arab and Middle-Eastern tyrants humiliate and rob their nations (and they never trust their nations) and submit to the West powers by smuggling into the West the stolen thousands of billions of US$ and by purchasing weapons from the West. It is impossible that the enthroned or deposed tyrants (and their children and/or successors) would retrieve parts of the smuggled money (e.g., the deposed Mubarak of Egypt and the children of the murdered Kaddafi of Libya). Even before his death, the Saudi king Abdullah tried but failed to retrieve some money deposited by the Saudi royal family in the USA; the American government allowed him only to spend a certain amount of money inside the USA; he had to use that money to send some Saudi men to be educated inside the USA. Thus, the West powers do not have to invade the Arab countries since money are smuggled willingly into the West. Thus, the West powers do not have to suffer losses in money and soldiers; this fact is realized by the Europeans in the 1950s; the USA realized this fact recently, and this is typical of extremists American leaders who understand after it is too late; this is why they withdrew their military troops recently from Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria.     

3- This means that Tarrant knows that West governments will never accept the idea of launching crusades against Muslim/Arab immigrants; he discussed his ideas via the internet among ordinary people who shared his racist views; this means Tarrant used the internet to recruit others and to urge them to follow his footsteps by committing terrorist crimes in the future; this means that Tarrant imitates ISIS terrorists and other Wahabi terrorists.



1- The Australian terrorist Tarrant has emerged as a reaction to Wahabi terrorism before and after the emergence of ISIS. Tarrant did not go to any university but he is well-versed in history; his modest salary as a personal trainer did not prevent him from visiting Egypt, Turkey, Israel/Palestine, the Balkans, Greece, and Pakistan in order to get to know the locations of military struggles between the Europeans and Arabs/Turks. Tarrant has committed his heinous crime without any regrets of pricks of conscience; he believed in what he did and videoed everything to recruit tens of potential terrorists. Thus, he is a pioneer in combining the call for religious war/terrorism and implementing such crimes at the same time.  

2- This means that Tarrant has found supporters who helped him to travel and to get the necessary weapons for his terrorist crime; in their investigations, the police suspect that Tarrant has received support, though he committed his terrorist crime alone. many commentators have posed questions about how Tarrant received a license to carry arms in New Zealand and how he received weapons modified in an illegal way.

3- The media mention that the 28-year-old Tarrant smiled in court and did not speak; he made a gesture with his hand to indicate white supremacy; he did not request to be released on bail; he will remain under arrest until tried in court in the 5th of April, 2019. This means that Tarrant desire to turn the court into a platform or a conference for his racist ideas of white supremacy, especially that he will represent himself in court (he desired no lawyers to defend him) in the same manner ofthe Norwegian right-wing terrorist Anders Behring Breivik who killed 77 persons in 2011. This means that Tarrant is bent on propagating in court his racist ideas among his supporters of extremist white people.

4- Many people who are sick at heart expressed their support for Tarrant and applauded his terrorist crimes; we think that millions of people in the West inwardly admire Tarrant and his ideas but are afraid of being condemned and rebuked if they express their sentiments openly and they prefer to conceal them. There is a YouTube video by an American director of a university urging the massacre of all Muslims in the West and offers free courses to help those who are willing to commit this crime! Sadly, some articles by some journalists side with Tarrant and offer excuses for the crime he has committed! Thus, Tarrant has paved the way the era of terrorist attacks and operations which will target 'Muslims' in the West in the near future. This may result in more Wahabi terrorist crimes in the West as a type of retaliation.

5- This will lead to a religious world war in the modern era by the Wahabi ISIS of Arabs and a West ISIS of white supremacists. We are worried about many terrorist attacks, committed by both sides, which may occur soon! We implore the Lord God that this religious world war will never take place. 

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