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The Australian Criminal and the Other Terrorists between the Might of Weakness and the Weakness of Might



Published in March 22, 2019

Translated by: Ahmed Fathy





1- The Australian criminal employed the highest level of available might to attack, kill, and wound as many peaceful, innocent, weak people as he could; yet, a mightier force defeated him and arrested him. The weak victims of the Christchurch mass shooting have received the support of most people worldwide. Thus, there are three elements here: (A) the weak party (i.e., the victims) whose weakness provides moral might and support, (B), a mighty party (i.e., the criminal) whose extreme might led him to commit a heinous crime, and (C) the stronger, more powerful might which arrested the criminal.

2- We infer from this the concept of the might of weakness and the weakness of might.



1- If we reflect deeper, we will perceive the fact that the weakest human beings are in fact the mightiest of human beings. For instance, babies are the weakest human beings, and when they cry, we feel they are the mightiest human beings as they make us obey them unquestionably. This means that it is enough that the weak parties would show their weakness to be mighty as they receive the sympathy and support of other people. Likewise, a weak, old man weeping in the street will attain might once he receives the sympathy of passers-by who gather around him. Likewise, women, with their instincts and tears, are mightier than men and they can control men who are apparently mightier that women.  

2- The might within human beings is relative; a man may appear mighty to those who have less strength and may appear weak to those who are mightier than he is.

3- The Australian terrorist employed the highest level of available might to massacre innocent, weak people; a mightier force, i.e., the police, defeated him and arrested him; the weak victims became mightier as they won the support and sympathy of most people worldwide; the victims here are winners and the Australian terrorist is a loser. This logic is never understood by the Australian terrorist and other terrorists in the West and in the Middle-East.



1- The abovementioned logic was understood and applied by the noble people of our modern era: Gandhi (1869 – 1948), Martin Luther King (1929 – 1968), and Nelson Mandela (1918 – 2013). Each of them employed the might of weakness to address the good side in their mighty enemies; their enemies had plenty of good side within their souls. Each of the three great leaders achieved success peacefully and managed to get what they wished for without resorting to violence and their names are written in gold in the lines of history.    

2- The abovementioned logic was never understood or applied by the Irish revolutionaries; within their weakness before the mighty Britain, they had resorted to terrorist operations against innocent civilians; this is why they lost their cause and old Britain defeated them.

3- The abovementioned logic was never understood or applied by Hitler who employed the highest level of available might against both his mighty foes and weak enemies alike. Hitler murdered millions of weak, helpless Jews. Eventually, a mightier party defeated Hitler and he died (i.e., he committed suicide) as a cursed, defeated man. Hitler's fate is the one reserved for those who follow his footsteps among white supremacists and racist white extremists including the Australian terrorist.   

4- Within the Middle-East, the story of Moses' Pharaoh (mentioned in the Old Testament of the Bible and in a much better way in the Holy Quran) is a lesson to avoid tyranny; Moses' Pharaoh is the imam/leader to all mighty, arrogant, self-deified tyrants who murder the weak, innocent people. The fate of tyrants of all eras is as bad as that of Moses' Pharaoh; yet, the polytheistic Muhammadans never heed this lesson and are never warned by the Quran. 



 Enthroned Arab tyrants strike with their highest levels of might when they feel threatened; both Arab tyrants and their Wahabi rivals employ with their highest levels of might against the unarmed nations. 

1- Within the political struggle in Algeria between the military regime in power and the power-seeking terrorist Wahabis, both sides employed the highest level of might against civilians in cities and villages; massacres were committed for a decade (1992 - 2002) against men, women, babies, children, and old people; about 200 thousand victims lost their lives; this is worst stigma and disgrace in the history of Algeria.   

2- When the former Iraqi president Saddam Hussein escaped an assassination attempt in July 1982, he employed his highest level of might and committed a massacre as a form of revenge; when some Kurdish people resisted him, he massacred 5500 Kurdish men, women, children, and old people using chemical weapons in March 1988, apart from the Al-Anfal massacre. Saddam Hussein was subdued by the American might which surpassed his own might, and he was arrested, tried in court, and sentenced to death by hanging. 

3- The former Syrian president, Hafiz Al-Assad, employed his highest level of might by committing massacres against the Syrian nation: he murdered thousands of Syrians in Aleppo (in 1980 - 1981) and in Hamah (in 1982), he murdered between 17 and 40 thousand people. His son and successor, Bashar Al-Assad, is worse; Hafiz Al-Assad lived in almost complete isolation, but Bashar Al-Assad caused the destruction of Syria and the death and displacement of millions of Syrians, and now, he is controlled by, and in service of, Russia. 

4- Omar Al-Bashir, president of Sudan, employed his highest level of might to massacre the Muslims of the Darfur region since Feb. 2003, and hundreds of thousands of people were killed: some were slaughtered and some died of hunger and ailment in one of the worst genocides in modern history. Al-Bashir is a criminal as per the International Criminal Court (ICC); his fate must be like the killer and former Serbian president Slobodan Milosevic.    

5- Before ascending to power as the President of Egypt, Abdel-Fatah Al-Sisi employed his highest level of might to end the MB members sit-in in Cairo, Egypt, in Aug. 2013. Despite the assertion of the Egyptian media at the time that this MB sit-in comprised armed MB members who terrorized the Madinet Nasr district in Cairo, the Human Rights Watch report of Aug. 2014 (i.e., prepared after one year of investigation) considers that peaceful and unarmed demonstrators in this MB sin-in were massacred en masse in one day, in one of the worst mass killings in modern times committed on purpose by the Egyptian government at the time, and not out of lack of training within the anti-riot police force and not out of misuse of extreme strength. Of course, Al-Sisi ascended to the presidency of Egypt because most Egyptians voted for him, and he won a landslide victory in the2014  presidential elections because most of the Egyptians hate the Wahabi terrorist MB organization. We tend to think that the MB sit-in could have been ended in an easy, peaceful manner; the agents of Al-Sisi were inside this sit-in; they could have arrested and got rid of the MB leaders inside it away from the crowds of this sit-in; the police forces would have sieged the sin-in and forced people inside it to surrender without shedding any blood. Yet, Al-Sisi preferred the needless use of the highest level of might to end the MB sit-in after 45 days of its beginning to get rid of as many MB members as possible on the 14th of Aug., 2013. The Egyptian media assert that the dead victims were 120 persons and thousands of injured victims, and other non-Egyptian sources mention that 2200 persons were killed and 4000 were injured. This mass killing is a black line in the history of Al-Sisi; this paved his way to use the highest level of might during his presidential terms; this is because he must protect himself against possible revenge; he is frightened by nightmares haunting him; his regime imprisons those who express different political views and they are being tortured, though the Egyptian government denies that torture occurs in prisons. At the same time, Al-Sisi enlists the help of the West by purchasing needless weapons; he is appeasing the West to win it to his side and to fill the banks of the West countries with money and commissions of selling weapons to Egypt.   

6- The ISIS terrorists employed their highest level of might to control several regions within the Iraqi-Syrian borders and were keen on posting via the cyberspace their bloodshed and mass killings; the main victims were Shiites, Christians, and Yazidis; the wings of ISIS in Egypt and Libya go on massacring civilians; e.g., some peaceful Coptic Christian Egyptian victims who worked in Libya were slaughtered by ISIS terrorists. The ISIS terrorists in Sinai, Egypt, massacred hundreds of peaceful Sufi Egyptians on a Friday inside a mosque. Another massacre by the ISIS terrorists after controlling Tikrit, in Iraq, was the Camp Speicher massacre in June 2014; between 2000 and 3300 Shiite men were captured and put to death; some of them were buried alive. The savagery and brutality of this Wahabi jihad for the sake of Satan caused the indiscriminate killing of hundreds of thousands people and the destruction of Syria. Later on, the ISIS terrorists and their state almost ended; yet, the Wahabi ideology of ISIS is still defended by Wahabis worldwide; e.g., the head of Al-Azhar institution in Egypt refused to declare ISIS terrorists as infidels and non-Muslims; he insists that they are 'Muslims' since they pray daily in the direction of Mecca! The ISIS terrorists employed their highest level of might against the weak, oppressed, innocent people; yet, the ISIS terrorists faced greater might which defeated and crushed them. The ISIS-like Australian employed his highest level of might to commit a heinous crime in New Zealand and he murdered peaceful, innocent people, but he was defeated and arrested by a greater might.    



1- In the West and in the East, figures like Gandhi, Martin Luther King, and Mandela emerged and faced might with the weapon of weakness and they succeeded; we find the same thing in the Quranic sharia legislations which entail that the weak parties must never resist violence using violence and to never engage into self-defense against aggressors unless they are ready and well-prepared for deterrence in advance. When believers are tortured within religious persecution, the Lord God in the Quran allows them to utter words of blasphemy/polytheism and to ally themselves to aggressors to get delivered and to avoid severe persecution since their hearts are filled with monotheism; see 16:106 and 3:28-29. Those monotheistic believers who are religiously persecuted must immigrate if they can to avoid such persecution of evil aggressors who monopolize power and authority; see 4:75 and 4:97-99. In any case, those weak monotheistic believers must never resist their enemies who are mighty aggressors because such resistance means suicide.        

2- The Palestinians did not adhere to these Quranic teachings in their facing higher levels of might which surpass theirs. Sadly, the Palestinians have not resorted to the peaceful weapon employed by Gandhi, Martin Luther King, and Mandela, despite the fact that the Palestinians have no military army to face the Israeli army. The inherited culture of the Palestinians does not acknowledge peaceful jihad. This is why the Palestinians have resorted to fight back by committing terrorist crimes; only the innocent ones pay the price for this Palestinian terrorism.  

2/1: The Palestinians have initiated their terrorism by hijacking planes and murdering innocent, unarmed civilians inside them who had nothing to do with the Palestinian cause.

2/2: The Palestinians had some measure of might under the auspices of King Hussein of Jordan; they rebelled against him and planned his assassination; they tried to establish a Palestinian state inside Jordan; this treachery resulted in their being expelled out of Jordan.

2/3: The Palestinians have committed the same treachery in Lebanon and became among the factors leading to the Lebanese civil war (1975 – 1990) which resulted in the death of about 120 thousand people; later on, the armed Palestinians were driven out of Lebanon.

2/4: When the terrorist group Hamas reached power in the Gaza Strip, many writers praised it; we warned against the evils of Hamas and its Wahabi religion of Satan, and this is why many writers attacked our person harshly. Sadly, what we have predicted regarding the Wahabi danger of Hamas became true; several Hamas terrorists infiltrated into the Egyptian Sinai peninsula and killed many Egyptian soldiers. The Hamas terrorists typically launch rockets against Israel and take hiding inside the densely populated Gaza; this means that Hamas applies the evil Sunnite notion of taking human shields among civilians and never to care when such civilians are harmed or killed while causing as many losses as possible to the enemy.     



1- We, and all other Quranists, are the only people who call for peaceful solution and reform; this is why the Wahabis have accused us of being 'infidels'/'disbelievers' and they have persecuted and imprisoned many Quranists including our person.

2- We remember that when we were incarcerated in an Egyptian prison (in Nov. - Dec., 1987), that one of the cell inmates was a Palestinian man who belonged to the so-called Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO); he had a transistor radio and he invited other inmates to listen to news of the intifada of children who threw stones at Israeli soldiers. When we told him that it would be better if the Palestinian children would demonstrate peacefully and carry flowers to offer them to Israeli soldiers; this will make them earn sympathy worldwide so that they can demand their rights and win the West countries to their side; this Palestinian man refused to believe what we have said to him.

3- We have written many articles to advise the Palestinians to resort to the peaceful struggle for their rights and to indicate to them within modern culture the difference between truth/right and meritocracy/might (e.g., see our book, in English, titled "Our Journey to Israel and Palestine", found on this link: The Zionists believe that they have a right in Palestine and they have meritocracy/might to deserve it; i.e., military and political preparation as armed troops established Israel in 1948 within legal approval of the UN. The Palestinians believe that they have a right in Palestine and never earned any measure of meritocracy; they have undermined their right by committing terrorist operations and suicide attacks inside Israel.       

4- We see the features of right/truth and might/meritocracy as per the following points.

4/1: Within the Quranic story of Moses, Moses had right/truth on his side, but he had no might to impose anything; in contrast, his enemy, the Pharaoh of Egypt, monopolized might though he was on the wrong because of his tyranny and self-deification. This is why the Lord God has commanded Moses and Aaron to speak leniently to Pharaoh: "Go to Pharaoh. He has tyrannized. But speak to him leniently. Perhaps he will remember, or have some fear [of God]."" (20:43-44).

4/2: Within the Quranic story of Muhammad and his contemporaries, the Meccan aggressors of the Qorayish tribe launched many military attacks against Muhammad and the early believers once they settled in Yathreb (see 2:217). At first, the early believers in Yathreb were commanded to never resist when they were attacked; they were later on commanded to get militarily prepared to deter aggressors (see 8:60). Once they were prepared, they were given permission by the Lord God to engage into self-defense fighting (see 22:39-40). When some peaceful believers protested against this and desired to postpone the battles of self-defense, their stance brought Quranic reproach addressed to them (see 4:77-95 and 2:216).

5- We, peaceful Quranists, face with our faith and writing the two evil powers dominating the Middle-East countries and other countries of the Muhammadans: tyranny and Wahabism. The enthroned Middle-Eastern Sunnite tyrants defend Wahabism and maintain its existence; they delight in having Wahabi Sunnite clergymen who support the and sing their praises. Sadly, Wahabi military and political opposition in the Middle-East comprise its own clergymen and armed terrorists. Yet, both enthroned Wahabis and power-seeking Wahabis unite in hating and persecuting Quranists everywhere, because Quranists, including our person, are against injustices, corruption, and tyranny and are siding with those weak, oppressed ones on earth. Quranists side with the true Islamic sharia legislations found exclusively in the Quran; this Quranic sharia is based on justice, freedom, charity, mercy, peace, fraternity among peaceful people, and human rights. Because we propagate and call for such true Islamic culture of the Quran in our writings, we suffer persecution and marginalization, because it serves the interests of our enemies to spread among the Muhammadans the culture of sacred hatred of the West; this is the culture on which ISIS and other Wahabi terrorists live and thrive. This is the Wahabi culture of animosity and hatred which has caused the extremism of white supremacists to emerge in the West; this is why we are quite sure that the New Zealand massacre of the two mosques will not be the last act of violence against 'Muslims' in the West.           

6- Gandhi, Martin Luther King, and Mandela succeeded in their endeavors mainly because they emerged in societies of non-Muhammadans and they addressed the good side within the West people. If Gandhi were to re-appear in today's Egypt, he would be tortured severely in a frightening manner in prison.   

7- There is a huge difference between Middle-Eastern tyrants and Western colonialism. This topic entails a separate article.

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