Rashad again

الإثنين 27 فبراير 2012

نص السؤال:
Dr. Mansour, I am sorry for stirring painful memories but this is important for me to know. Edip Yuksel lives here in Tucson, Arizona and I\'ve actually talked to him over the phone and in person when I had him over at my home one night. Edip is a very intelligent person and has written many books on Islam and religion including a translation of the Quran (https://www.irshadmanji.com/PDFS/ReformistTranslation.pdf). Edip first met Rashad in 1989 but he corresponded with him before that. Edip is convinced that Rashad is a messenger and that those 2 versus in the end of Surat Tawbah are a fabrication. My questions are: 1- Do you know Edip yuksel? (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Edip_Yuksel) 2- Why would someone as intelligent as Edip let himself be deceived by Rashad? Was Rashad that charismatic? 3- From your email below it seems that you met Rashad in 1988 and left him in the same year, is that correct? 4- Regarding Edip\'s claim that you were influenced by Rashad, I have to ask: Did you learn absolutely nothing ( as a Quranist) from your interaction with Rashad? 5- Do you think Rashad stole some of your conclusions and attributed them to himself? I ask this because there are things that you and Rashad have in common such as denying Naskh and the illiteracy of the prophet, etc, etc. 6- Do I have your permission to share our correspondence with Edip or should I keep it private?
آحمد صبحي منصور :
Dear Eyad
Please forgive me for being so busy. I will make it the last response. Hopefully to consider it. 
1- I met Edip in a conference and he talked to me over phone several times. But - as usual -I have no time to look at his site or his work.
2- Intelligence has nothing to do in Human guidance. Guidance needs a person who seeks the truth from Allah and ready to sacrifice himself for it. Rashad was a normal American Egyptian Sufi man who had the ability to make people like him by his Egyptian attitude.Every one of his people has his own reason to follow him. In my opinion, it is every one's ego.
3- Rashad visited me in 1986, twice- I think - at my home in Cairo, but it was shortly and quickly , and I honored him as guest according to our culture. He was different one when coming to his mosque after that.
4- In our discussion, it 's supposedly learn something from him. This is common in my debates and discussions. Even from my enemies, they make me stimulate my mind to respond and to get a new ideas from the Quran. I said this to a Canadian writer who is writing a book about the Islamic reformers and met as one of them. One of her questions: who inspired you to bring all these new Quranic ideas? I said my enemies, they challenged me and I respond by research to give the answers.
5-Denying Naskh and the illiteracy of the prophets and torture of the tomb and many new ideas, all of them are mine. Please read all my writings. Some of them were published as early as 1980's and republished in our site. As an Azhari scholar, who is specialized in Muslim history and traditions, I usually examine all of this in the light of the Quran. So , our work is to destroy the Muslim fabrications and to build instead a new Quranic reforming. Do you think that Rashad with his career in agriculture and his chemical back ground was able to tackle this mission?
6- You have my permission of course.
Best regards.

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