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Necessary Questions about the Muslim Brotherhood Party
in 07-05-31
Middle East, Middle East

On May 19, the Egyptian daily Akhbar al-Yawm carried a piece by Hamdi Rizq that said: "It is one of the secrets that the outlawed group did not want to name its proposed party. This party's draft programme just used the phrase "party programme," in order not to abandon the name of" Brotherhood," which they like. The fifth guide of the MB Mustafa Mashhur said that "we worship God in the name of the MB." Leaked information from the headquarters of the MB deputies in Jisr al-Suways said that the group saw it as enough to tackle general frameworks and not to discuss the crucial issues, for which we need answers from a group that used to accuse the government of political dimness and lack of transparency. "Concerning the identity of the state in its draft, the MB did not distinguish between two important issues. It did not clarify whether it sees state as a civil entity according to the recently-amended constitution "it does not care about this constitution," or it regards the state as an Islamic entity. They believe that an Islamic state and Islam are the same. The MB group did not decide this issue in order to avoid any criticism by the people if it undervalues the constitution and the law. The MB also accuses everyone who is infected with political duplicity of being obscure. "The group did not dare to approach the Camp David Treaty. The normalization with Israel is a mine that might explode within the group and tear it apart. The proof is the internal controversy over Dr Abd-al-Mun'im Abu-al-Futuh who dared to suggest the notion of a Palestinian secular state in the occupied territories. If such a suggestion was introduced by the cultural official in the National Party, the MB would consider it a crime and request that he be tried to for high treason and would say that the National Party is just a party of prodigals. Thank God that the MB guide swallowed what Abu-al-Futuh had said during a moment of political openness. "The reason for the MB's deliberate silence concerning the Palestinian cause is that they fear the reaction of Hamas, the Palestinian wing of the MB. I think that this chapter in the proposed party's draft programme will be edited by brothers in Hamas and the MB of the good king will comply with it. We already know that the group will not introduce the party's draft programme to the Parties Committee. [This means] that it categorized as an illegal party from the beginning. However, the MB is forced to introduce this programme to the public in spite of its shortcomings, whatever the consequences are. This does not mean that the group is adopting a democratic inclination or it firmly believes in mutual consultation, but the fact remain that the MB is subjected to foreign pressure to declare its political programme. Western human rights and civilian groups and lobbies, to which the MB used to plea through its organized demonstrations, do not care about a political group with obs cure features and will not ask for political freedom for underground organizations that pursue schemes and recruiting plans and deal with the people of the nation on the basis of the MB identity. "Away from the duplicity that infected some people, the fair political elite await what will come out from the MB Party in order to judge the claims of this political group, the level of its internal democracy, and the level of its programmed religious conservatism. This political elite need to know how the MB will deal with the regime, the government, the opposition, the political, civilian and legal forces. The MB sees that they are the only force in the arena and they believe in involving and containing all groups under their umbrella to introduce themselves as the only force in the arena. [They claim that] the MB is Islam itself. The MB is forced to accept what they do not like. The MB likes the group itself more than what ordinary people call on them to do. The people have started to doubt the political intentions of the MB after the continuous exposure of their terrible secret documents. The MB suffers from political scandals, so they want to form a party to conceal the ir defects. "The MB party's draft programme did not determine the fate of the organization, which Deputy Guide Muhammad Habib sees as the only way to achieve unity of the mission. How come a party is established on the bases of an outlawed group, and who will accept a double-faced party that operates both in the open and as a secret organization? Will this party have dark rooms similar to what the group has? Does the affiliation with the party lead to the affiliation with the group or vice versa? The duplicity lies in the question whether the president of the party and the leader of the group will be the MB guide, or will the party assign one of its double-faced officials in an attempt to deceive? Will the party be directed by the MB political section as professional associations are directed by the MB professional section? Will the principle of obedience to the guide be under experiment? Will guide Mahdi Akif turn to be just a religious guide or will he combine both posit! ions? In this case we will face a religious-based party, which is legally and constitutionally rejected. "Will the MB membership be available for those who seek it, or will it be only a means for recruitment like what is happening now as the MB is offering membership applications. Will the party apply the rule of the "creme de la creme," which is applied now among the MB according to the hierarchy of the organization starting from a supporter, a strong supporter to active member? Will the party's ID include a rank called "very strong supporter"? The group believes in the mastership of the scholar, and the MB calls its guide as Master Guide. Will a foreign country accept the mastership of an Egyptian party? Will a foreign country accept the opening of branches on its own territory for an Egyptian party emerged from the MB, which spread throughout the international organization to the entire world? Can the MB separate between its proposed party and the international organization? Do members of the international organization have the right to affiliate themselves with the Egyptian party as they are also members of the MB? From the MB's Egyptian homeland, it seems that the foreign communication committee will play a role in this issue. "What are the boundaries between the finances of the group, the finances of the international organization, and the finances of the party? Membership fees represent 8 to 10 per cent of the group's income. Where will this money go? Will these amounts be devoted to the party, the group, the mission, the elections or they will be devoted to the leaders' expenses for Hajj purposes, during which the meetings of the international organization are held? The MB party will be a hell fire whose flame will burn the faces of the MB Guidance Council members. Although the guide temporarily closed the door to this issue in order to introduce the programme to the public after the Consultative Council elections, some people see that the door should remain closed to the party, since the proverb that says "the door from which the wind comes, close it" applies for the MB." - Newspaper -
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