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Statement from the International Quranic Center:

Statement from the International Quranic Center:


The (IQC) by condemning the sentencing of a Lebanese citizen charged with sorcery, declares


1st :


On Wednesday March 31st 2010, Arabic site for CNN published a news item titled, (Lawyer: Saudi State will execute my client on Friday charged with sorcery). (It is expected that the State will carry out an execution sentence imposed on a Lebanese man convicted of sorcery and witchcraft, this Friday, as told by his lawyer on Wednesday. According to said lawyer, her client, a Lebanese 48 years of age with 5 children, used to foretell future events for callers on a private satellite channel named (Scheherazade), through witchcraft and fortunetelling, advising them how to cope and deal with issues they might encounter. The Lawyer said her client visited Saudi Arabia to perform Umra, (minor pilgrimage) during May 2008, where he was arrested by religious police- also known as Al-Mutawwe’, The Enforcer- charged with sorcery. She added that (SABAT) was tried and convicted by a court in Medina, last November 2009. Previously, Amnesty International had appealed to the Saudi Monarch to commute the sentence and issue a pardon. His lawyer continued that her client admitted and signed documents attesting the charge on the promise that, it will open doors to settle his case, but those documents were used against him to convict him and sentence him to execution. Amnesty International stated that the Medina Court considered SABAT’s practice of sorcery removed him from (the folds of religion), and it is difficult to verify his atonement, if he were to declare it pointing, that by executing him, it will deter other (foreign scorers) whose numbers increased drastically in Saudi Arabia. Some Medina newspapers quoted court officials that SABAT deserves execution because he regularly practiced BLACK MAGIC on his show, adding that his execution will deter others from doing the same. According to Amnesty International, Saudi Arabia arrested tens charging them with sorcery, and had already executed few of them, last one being the Egyptian Mustapha Ibrahim, on 2nd of November 2007. The organization remarked those executions, due to different charges and convictions are still ongoing in Saudi Arabia, including 158 executions during 2007, 102 during 2008, in addition to 69 in 2009, 20 of whom were foreigners, and beginning this year, at least 8 had been executed.



We have a comment on this issue.

  • The penalty of execution in Islamic Law is enforceable in 2 cases only

a)-Retribution : for willfully murdering another person

b)-Mass Murder: as it is taking place in our times, like terrorist attacks.( Penalty of Haraba)

In the first case, the penalty can be commuted by offering (blood money)  (indemnity) to the relatives of the deceased, and by observing other conditions mentioned in chapter 2-verse 178



And in the second case, if that mass murderer declared his repentance before being apprehended and gave himself up, as in chapter 5 verses 33-34.


  • Outside this Quranic parameter, it is absolutely vehemently forbidden, to execute anyone for any reason. This prohibition has been repeated and emphasized in the ten commandments in the Glorious Quran chapter 6 verse 151, and in other chapters, like 17 verse 33, also in chapter 25 verse 68.


 Even more severe than that, Allah (SWT) decreed whosoever gives fatwa or order to murder, kill, execute beyond boundaries set by Allah(SWT), as if he murdered all of mankind, and whosoever stands up to and against such a fatwa as if he gave reprieve to all mankind. Chapter 5 verse 32.

A singular murderer kills one or group of people, but the one who issues a fatwa for others to go by, kills endless number of people, and this is exactly what the Sunni law has committed, and is exactly what Wahhabi Saudi Arabia is applying, then attributing that to Islam, whereas it is totally innocent of that law and of its application.


C-According to Sunni Sharee’a or law, applied by Wahhabi Saudi:

     C/1- Execution of the Muslim, who leaves the folds of Islam, if he does not repent, according to the penalty of Apostasy, which we proved its contradiction to Islam:


      C/2- Execution of Zindeeq, who is a Muslim with a different perspective, even if he was a Sunni who believes in Hadiths, but differs with Sunni Imams and contends and argues with them. They decreed that he should be killed when found, should be killed without trial and should be killed even if announced his repentance.

       C/3- The one who abandons regular daily prayers

       C/4- The one who dissents from the body of believers, a very loose stretchable accusation that could be applied to any social or religious reformer.

       C/5- A married, or previously married, male or female who commits the act of adultery. Here they enforce death by stoning, which we proved its contradiction to Islamic law:



D-All this, add to it the politically motivated murder. For in the Sunni law, it is within the rights of Sultan or Imam to put anyone to death under the guise of Sharee’a, and that is what was rampant during the Umayyad, the Abbasid, the Memluk, the Ottomans and now the Saudis. The Sunni jurisprudence broadened the authority of the Sunni ruler to the extent of granting him the right to extinguish 1/3 rd of the population in order to reform the remaining 2/3.


E- This is as far as dealing with Muslims inside their territories, but as far as dealing with non Muslims outside their realm, then through Sunni Jihad, contrary to rules of engagement and warfare in Islam. In Islam, fighting is strictly defensive, as in chapter 2 verses 190 through 194.   

But the Sunni Jihad, the Saudi and Al-Qaeda believe in is the one that divides the world into two camps theirs, the camp of Faith and Peace (Camp of Islam), and the camp of the others, camp of disbelieving Christian and Jewish West (Camp of War). They believe in mandatory continuous conflict and war with the West until Resurrection Day.

In a recent lecture of mine, titled (Saudi Arabia needs Al-Qaeda), I pointed out the agreement between Al-Qaeda and Saudi Arabia on matters of Doctrine, Sharee’a and Jihad, with differences on Tactics, where Al-Qaeda is open, blunt, one-faced, forth ward in its approach, and whereas Saudi Arabia is double-faced, hypocritical, conniving, deceiving and uses many approaches in its dealing with the West.


In the case of that poor accused Lebanese fellow, the true Saudi face appears shining like a star in a dark night, for if he was an American, he would have been sent home with all kinds of accolades, salutations and fanfare, with all kinds of excuses, but never with that Lebanese Arab Nobody.



  The (IQC) condemns the arrest of the Lebanese citizen, condemns the accusations leveled at him and finally condemns sentencing him to execution.

More so, it condemns the Saudi pandering as genuine representative of Islam, blaming all its Wahhabi Sunni injustices and atrocities on Islam.

Islam needs those who would defend him against the Wahhabi Sunni fabrications and against all those corrupt oppressive tyrannies within the so-called Muslim World         



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