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About our YouTube Show Titled (Quranic Moments)
We Thank the Noble Ones who Offer Donations to the Peaceful Quranist Jihad for the Sake of the Lord God

We Thank the Noble Ones who Offer Donations to the Peaceful Quranist Jihad for the Sake of the Lord God

 About our YouTube Show Titled (Quranic Moments)




Published in May 22, 2020

Translated by: Ahmed Fathy






1- When a noble man from Qatar (who never told us his name) donated to our person a large sum of money years ago, we have managed to achieve one of our dearest wishes; i.e., to shoot videos and upload them within a YouTube Quranist channel of ours: ( We have shot videos in a certain location, and our first YouTube show titled (Exposing Salafism) which has several episodes appeared in 2011. We stopped shooting new episodes for a long while and moved the equipment of shooting to our own VA-based home and IQC; later on in 2016, we began shooting the videos of our second YouTube show titled (Friday Sermons), uploaded every Friday for many weeks; yet, we had to stop again for lack of financial means. At one time, the USA pressurized Saudi Arabia until Saudis began to introduce partial reform to Wahabi curricula; an institution was established for that purpose; millions of US$ were spent on such an institution. This has reminded our person of what happened before our two-month imprisonment in 1987 in Egypt when Saudi Arabia donated four million US$ to some Azharite sheikhs to help them establish an institution in order to defend Wahabism; this short-lived institution was given the name (Sunna and Biography of Prophet Muhammad); the aim was to refute the claims of the 'leader' of the Sunna-deniers (i.e., our person, as per the Egyptian press at the time!); simultaneously,  Al-Shaarawy (the Wahabi sheikh who died in 1998) wrote articles to urge 'Muslims' to punish our person with the penalties found in 5:33. More than thirty years later, rulers of Saudi Arabia began to realize how Wahabism poses a veritable danger to them; yet, they continue to block our Quranism website in Saudi Arabia; besides, Saudi Wahabi hackers never stop their attempts to destroy our website! As a response, in our VA-based home and IQC, we began shooting episodes of short duration within our YouTube show titled (Quranic Moments); we continue to produce more episodes thanks to the generous contributions by noble people: Mr. Fares Qarieiya, Mr. Hossam Al-Sisi, Mr. Fares Abou Qamar, Mr. Ahmed Al-Hindawi, Mr. Ibrahim Dadi, Mr. Saeed Ali, Mr. Abou Ayoub Al-Kuwaiti, Mr. Mohamed Dandan, Mr. Ahmed Abdel-Haleem, Mr. Abdel-Majeed Al-Marsaly, Mr. Ahmed Bajaber, Dr. Hisham Al-Saeedy, Mr. Mutlaq Al-Hitlany, among others whose names we would not mention here because they wish to remain anonymous. We have uploaded more than 1000 episodes and we have begun to shoot and upload the second group of 1000 episodes; this is done by the voluntary help and efforts of our eldest son, Mr. Mohamed Mansour, who shoots, directs, edits, and uploads the videos and he also inserts into them the English subtitled provided by Mr. Ahmed Fathy the Egyptian translator who also translates our writings (books, articles, and fatwas) into English. Our ardent wish is to be able to complete the second group of 1000 episodes of (Quranic Moments) before we die. Fortunately, our YouTube channel is never destroyed by hackers; this is in contrast to their tireless endeavors to destroy the contents of our Quranism website.          

2- Our Quranist website (, with its both Arabic and English sections, has been launched by our third son, Mr. Amir Mansour, in 2006, within the means available to us at the time; our website still needs to be updated and secured, but this is beyond our means and efforts right now; hopefully, this may happen within the next months. Fortunately, our Quranism website still exists despite the tireless endeavors of Quranism-hating hackers to destroy it; both our webmaster Mr. Amir Mansour and our nephew Dr. Othman M. Ali (may the Lord God grant him a better health) voluntarily supervise the website.

3- There are noble persons who support our Quranism website; among them is Mr. Amin Rifaat who publish our books on; he has also created this Facebook group for our books found on this link:

As for Dr. Mustafa Ismail Hammad, he voluntarily edits our Arabic writings and corrects any spelling mistakes and typos. As for Mr. Mohamed Amin, he has published our fatwas (in Arabic) from Jan. 1019 until now on the following links:

 Mr. Mohamed Amin has also published most of our writings (in Arabic) on the following link:

As for Mr. Mohamed Dandan, he has created this Facebook group found on this link:

Some anonymous friends have created this Facebook group for admirers of our person (as a Quranist thinker) found on this link:

4- We have received this email message from a noble man from Jordan; may the Lord God bless and reward him: (... Peace be with you...With all love, admiration, and respect, I follow all videos and writings of you, dear Dr. Mansour, as you correct all notions and offer new ideas and shed light on forgotten ones from within the Holy Quran. I testify to the Lord God that all Quranists like myself are greatly indebted to you; we thank the Lord God for being what you are to us, dear Dr. Mansour, and all of us feel we are guided by the Light of the Quran through your Quranist school of thought. I feel grateful to you for showing to me what True Islam really is; I implore the Lord God to bless and reward you for correcting faith notions and I supplicate to Him to grant us guidance within the rest of our lifetimes by our holding steadfastly to True Islam...I wish to repay you as much as I could; I always fear that your efforts might be lot one day since hackers attack your website more often than not; this is why I have enclosed within this email message an Excel Sheet, done by a friend of mine, containing links to all your YouTube videos, with their numbers and titles in Arabic, in their chronological order; it should be shared via the cyberspace by you, dear Dr. Mansour, to make the links available for everyone. If any problems might be faced in using this Excel Sheet, please contact me...May the Lord God bless, protect, and reward you and all Quranists who spare no efforts in spreading Quranism...Please accept my sincere regards...Your brother from Jordan:...).

5- Our eldest son, Mr. Mohamed Mansour, have copied this abovementioned Excel Sheet on this link:

In case our YouTube videos are deleted, they are downloadable on the following links:

* From Episode No. 1 to Episode No. 600:

* From Episode No. 600 to Episode No. 1023:



1- The big criminals who are both enthroned tyrants and clergymen/sheikhs have their thousands of preachers, religious institutions, satellite TV channels, websites, centers, YouTube channels,...etc. They spent billions of US$ within them to spread lies/myths and thus repel others from the True Religion of Allah and the Straight Path of the Lord God; i.e., the Holy Quran. What they transmit, teach, say, and write is being followed by millions of recipients/followers; yet, the content of what they advocate and propagate is soon forgotten sooner than expected. The reason: such preachers are like cattle/camels that regurgitate the same tedious, centuries-old myths and erroneous notions ad infinitum ad nauseam.    

2- What we write on our Quranism website, and what other Quranists write on our website, is read by hundreds of people only; in contrast, our articles published (in Arabic) on our page within the Modern Discussion website ( are read by thousands of people on a daily basis. The subtitled-into-English episodes of our YouTube show titled (Quranic Moments) are watched by hundreds of viewers; in contrast, the subtitled-into-English episodes of our YouTube show titled (Exposing Salafism) are watched by thousands of viewers (

3- We are making a difference; we achieve progress slowly but steadily; we create a positive influence and raise awareness of others by correcting many notions and concepts; we are in no hurry at all; we not only address the current generation but also the future generations.  

4- Of course, both money donations and voluntary work (by dedicating time and efforts for Quranism) for the sake of gratifying the Lord God are part of good deeds recorded in one's Book of Deeds. All what we hope for is that the following Quranic verses, about those who will regret in vain upon dying after it is too late for them, would not apply to us (i.e., to all Quranists): "Until, when death comes to one of them, he says, “My Lord, send me back. That I may do right in what I have neglected.” By no means! It is just a word that he utters. And behind them is a barrier, until the Day they are resurrected." (23:99-100); "And give from what We have provided for you, before death approaches one of you, and he says, “My Lord, if only You would delay me for a short while, so that I may be charitable, and be one of the righteous.” But God will not delay a soul when its time has come. God is Informed of what you do." (63:10-11).

5- As always, the Lord God says nothing but the Absolute Truth.

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